MLB Trade Rumors: Willie Bloomquist 'Most Likely Royal To Be Dealt'

Here's all the latest information on the Royals and the MLB trade deadline. For more on the Royals, check out Royals Review.

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MLB Trade Rumors: Willie Bloomquist 'Most Likely Royal To Be Dealt'

The MLB trade deadline date is getting closer and the trade deadline rumors are coming more frequently.

Jerry Crasnick of is reporting that Royals' Willie Bloomquist could be on his way out.

Willie Bloomquist most likely Royal to be dealt before deadline. Angels, Yankees, Phils & Padres have kicked the tires on him.

Bloomquist can play every defensive position except pitcher and catcher so he's intriguing to some teams. This wouldn't be any sort of blockbuster deal but if some team is willing to match the Royals price, then why not?

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MLB Trade Rumors: Royals GM Dayton Moore Says Contract-Year Players Could Be Moved

The Royals have made two trades over the past two weeks. They shipped Alberto Callaspo to the Angels and Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers.

Now they look forward to what's next with just over 48 hours remaining in the MLB trade deadline.

"Guys in the final year of their contract, we'll be more aggressive with potentially moving them," GM Dayton Moore said Wednesday.

That would include guys like Jose Guillen (drawing interest from a number of teams including the Giants), Willie Bloomquist (drawing interest from the Red Sox, Phillies and Yankees) and Bruce Chen.

It appears guys like Zack Greinke, Billy Butler and Joakim Soria are safe.


MLB Trade Rumors: Rick Ankiel, Willie Bloomquist Drawing Interest

The Royals traded Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers on Wednesday but according to Jon Morosi of there may be more coming.

Royals might not be done dealing. Some interest in Bloomquist and Ankiel, too.

Bloomquist has been linked to the Red Sox, Phillies and Yankees over the past few weeks according to the MLB trade deadline rumors floating around. He's attractive because he can play anywhere and would cost about $850,000 the rest of the way.

Some have speculated the Red Sox could be a destination for Ankiel. Peter Gammons recently said Ankiel should be considered for some teams.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reportedly Send Scott Podsednik To Dodgers For Two Minor Leaguers

Well, you can't say the Royals weren't active at the deadline. Two weeks after trading infielder Alberto Callaspo, the Royals have agreed to trade Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers, according to Jayson Stark of

Rumors have been surrounding Podsednik all day and those teams included the Dodgers, Padres and Giants.

For more on the Scott Podsednik trade, check out this StoryStream.


MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers Have Options Beyond Royals OF Scott Podsednik

The Dodgers are reportedly making a strong push for Royals OF Scott Podsednik. If they don't acquire him, they have options according to a couple of reports.

First from Ken Rosenthal of

Source: Dodgers considering second OF option along with Podsednik. Also looking at Jays' relievers; Downs "a longshot."

And then from Jayson Stark of with more details:

Now hearing Dodgers not just focused on Podsednik. Appear to have interest in Ryan Raburn of Tigers.

The Giants are also still considered contenders in the Podsednik sweepstakes (sweepstakes?).


MLB Trade Rumors: 'Nothing Imminent' With Royals OF Scott Podsednik And Dodgers, Giants Talks

The Royals are reportedly talking to both the Giants and Dodgers regarding OF Scott Podsednik. The most recent report indicated that the Dodgers are making the strongest push to land him because of concerns with Manny Ramirez.

The Kansas City Star's Bob Dutton passes along this nugget regarding the talks:

Hearing nothing is imminent on Royals trading OF Scott Podsednik to Dodgers or Giants but talks are ongoing.

Both teams have a need for Podsednik.

The Giants and Royals reportedly talked prospects regarding David DeJesus before his injury so there may be the framework of a deal there.

The Giants are also interested in OF Jose Guillen.

The baseball trade deadline date is coming closer. Stay here for more MLB trade rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth Is Fine After Injury, Still Available

We told you on Tuesday about the Kyle Farnsworth injury. He was pulled from the game and the Royals labeled it a hamstring cramp.

With the Royals luck recently with David DeJesus and Gil Meche, some thought the injury would be more serious and making Farnsworth untradeable.

Apparently, that's not the case.

Royals manager Ned Yost says RHP Kyle Farnsworth is available today after exiting Tuesday because of a cramp in right hamstring.

Farnsworth is presumably still available for trade.

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MLB Trade Deadline: Worried About Manny Ramirez, Dodgers Making Push For Scott Podsednik

Giants beat writer Hank Schulman confirms what several others have reported that the Giants are interested in Royals OF Scott Podsednik. Several outlets have reported that three NL West teams -- Giants, Dodgers and Padres -- are in the running for Podsednik.

Schulman now reports that the Dodgers may be the team to watch in this.

Source: Giants are in on Podsednik, but the team making the strongest push is the Dodgers, who fear they won't get much more help from Manny

The Giants were linked to David DeJesus before his injury as well as Jose Guillen.

No word on the Padres interest although we did hear yesterday that they're "not a fit" for Podsednik.

The way it's going someone will offer up a package enough to get Podsednik and that someone will be from the NL West. However, with 72 hours remaining until the baseball trade deadline date, anything can (and will) happen.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reliever Kyle Farnsworth Pulled From Game With Injury

Well, well, well. Let's call this the Royal luck.

The latest Royal to join the infirmary is reliever Kyle Farnsworth. Facing backup catcher Drew Butera in the sixth inning, Farnsworth threw a fastball that missed the strike zone and the bespectacled righty immediately hunched over. Yost and Royals trainer Nick Kenney emerged from the dugout, and Farnsworth joined them on the way back in.

Royals manager Ned Yost says he'll be ready on Wednesday but, you know what, Gil Meche was only supposed to be out for a couple weeks. The Royals are officially saying it's a right hamstring cramp and does not appear to be a strain.

Knowing the Royals luck, this will turn into a serious injury.

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MLB Trade Deadline: On Royals OF Scott Podsednik, Giants Are In And Padres Are Out

Scott Podsednik's name is reportedly being thrown around in the NL West with teams like the Giants, Padres and Dodgers interested.

The latest reports indicate the Padres are "not a fit" for Podsednik, according to Tom Krasovic of

Meanwhile, Jeff Fletcher of reports the Giants are definitely interested in Podsednik.

In fact, the Giants and Royals had reportedly agreed on prospects regarding a David DeJesus trade before the injury so in theory the parameters of a deal have begun.


MLB Trade Deadline: Phillies, Blue Jays Scouted The Royals, Twins Game On Monday

Add the Phillies and Blue Jays to the teams that have been scouting the Royals in-person. Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star reports both teams sent reps to Kauffman Stadium on Monday for the Royals and Twins game.

Yeah, the same game that saw the Royals get shelled 19-1.

I'm not sure what the angle is on the Blue Jays and where things might match up for them.

As for the Phillies, they could use reliever help so Kyle Farnsworth could interest them.

Recent reports have suggested the Royals are "done" on the trade market because of a lack of interest.


MLB Trade Deadline: With Jason Bay To DL, Jeff Francoeur To Royals Very Unlikely

The Mets were reportedly dangling a number of players to the Royals, including Jeff Francoeur, who the Royals liked. Multiple reports confirmed the two sides have had discussions and Francoeur was at one point an option.

The latest reports, however, indicate that the Royals and Mets aren't likely to do a deal.

ith Jason Bay heading for DL, that's a wrap on talk of Mets trading Jeff Francoeur.

With Bay now out for a little while, the Mets will need to hang onto Francoeur.

So it looks like Dayton Moore won't have to make the "most predictable Dayton Moore move of all time."

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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Might Be 'Done,' Little Action On Available Players

Those who wanted the Royals to make a lot of trade deadline deals won't like to hear this. From ESPN's Jayson Stark:

In fact, the same source speculates KC “might be done.” DeJesus hurt. Very little action on Guillen, Bannister, Davies, Farnsworth.

Both the Giants and Red Sox were considered to be serious contenders for DeJesus before he was injured.

Stark reports that one source tells him the Royals have "no real options" on Guillen. This is in contrast to Jon Heyman of reporting on Tuesday that the Giants were "heavily scouting" Guillen. However, it does go along with Heyman's report that the Royals are "peddling" Guillen hard, trying to move him.

Apparently they're having trouble doing so.

Brian Bannister's name isn't one we've heard come up often in trade talks but Kyle Farnsworth has drawn some action on the rumor market.

Stay tuned to Royals Review for more Royals trade rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees On Joakim Soria's No-Trade List

The Yankees reportedly made a "big proposal" to the Royals in order to acquire closer Joakim Soria, Per published reports, the offer included top catching prospect Jesus Montero. The Royals aren't interested in the deal but the MLB trade deadline date is getting closer.

The Yankees are trying snag Soria to be their set up man (and possibly a Mariano Rivera replacement) but one problem standing in the way is that they're on Soria's no-trade list, meaning he can avoid a trade to New York, according to

While it seems unlikely he would do that, the no-trade list is likely aimed at giving Soria a bit of leverage in the instance such a trade rumor would get serious.

The fact the Yankees are on Soria's no-trade list should not be read to mean he would decline a trade to New York. It likely gives Soria some leverage if a deal were struck. Soria's current contract is for three years, $8.75 million, with three club options that top out at $8.75 million for 2014.

The Royals are reportedly asking for quite a bit of talent in return. Montero is one of, if not the best prospect in the Yankees system so that should tell you want the Royals would want for him.

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MLB Trade Deadline: Before Injury, David DeJesus Deal Could Have Included Rays AA P Jake McGee

Before David DeJesus suffered what appears to be a season-ending injury last week, the Royals were listening to offers from others teams as the MLB trade deadline date got closer.

Ed Price of reports that one of the players the Royals were eyeing was Rays AA pitcher Jake McGee.

MLB Trade Rumors has more on McGee:

The southpaw McGee returned from Tommy John surgery last year and has 91 strikeouts in 76.6 Double A innings in 2010.  Baseball America ranked McGee eighth among Rays prospects heading into the season, but he might be first or second on another team.

That gives you an idea of what the Royals might've wanted in return for DeJesus.

Of course that's all for naught with the best-case scenario has DeJesus returning in September.


MLB Trade Deadline: Giants 'Heavily Scouting' Royals OF Jose Guillen

Jose Guillen continues to draw interest. The Giants are a team that have reportedly been interested for several weeks (if not months). They were also in on the David DeJesus sweepstakes before his injury so it's clear they're looking for a bat and a possible outfielder.

Jon Heyman of confirms that the Giants have been "heavily scouting" Guillen. He also says Guillen "wouldn't cost much."

He also reports that the Royals are "peddling Guillen hard" and if they can't land Corey Hart or Jose Bautista, "they may consider" trading for Guillen.

Guillen is in the final year of his contract and is one of the Royals players most expect to be traded.

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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Getting 'Bombarded With Interest' In Scott Podsednik By NL West Teams

We've known Scott Podsednik has been a trade chip judging by the MLB trade deadline rumors but Ken Rosenthal of reports the Royals are now getting "bombarded" by teams about Podsednik.

Source: Royals getting bombarded with sudden interest in Podsednik from NL West contenders. Would fit for Giants, Padres, Dodgers.

Podsednik, like Jose Guillen, is entering the final year of his deal. Sure, he says he wants to stay but if a team was interested in him and offered the right amount, it would be irresponsible not to trade him.

He's reliable in the field, hits for average and has speed. That's what teams are looking for in the at MLB trade deadline. He's a pro, too, and could fit a lot of places.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reportedly Not Interested In Mets Trade

Over the past 24 hours reports have surfaced that the Royals and Mets were talking trade and the names being throw around included Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth and Gil Meche on the Royals Side and Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur on the Mets side.

Yeah, that's not happening, according to several reports.

Ken Rosenthal of

Hearing Royals aren't enamored of possible Mets deal.

Jayson Stark of

All that Ollie Perez/JeffFrancoeur/Gil Meche/Jose Guillen Mets-Royals talk has been fun. But source says KC has "no interest."

It seemed to dramatic and blockbustery (Is that even a word?) for me anyway. Swapping Perez for Meche made no sense.

The Royals interest in Francoeur did make sense on a number of levels so that's something to at least keep an eye on.

Stick here for more MLB trade deadline rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Listening To Offers But Price Tag On Greinke, Butler Very High

There have been reports that the Royals are telling teams that Zack Greinke and Billy Butler are not available on the MLB trade market. Other reports have suggested that some teams are making a run at those players, namely Greinke.

Jayson Stark of seems to harmonize those reports saying that, while the Royals will listen, no one is likely to meet their asking price.

An official of one club that called said it was told: "We'll always listen. So if you want to throw enough names at us, feel free." But what the Royals actually want is a package led by multiple future ace-type starters. And that's a price no team would pay in this prospects-are-gold era we live in.

This is good for the Royals to keep an open mind, as I'm sure they usually do.

Never say never when it comes to trades. Once you do, some team will come up with an absolutely ridiculous offer that you can't turn down. Still, though, I'd be shocked if Greinke or Butler went anywhere.


MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees 'Big Proposal' To Royals Was Top Prospect Jesus Montero For Joakim Soria

Last week ESPN's Buster Olney reported that the Yankees had determined they wouldn't trade catching prospect Jesus Montero for anybody available on the market. He was in play when Cliff Lee was available but that was a special case, Olney reported.

Today word came from Jon Heyman of that the Yankees made a "big proposal" for Joakim Soria.

That "big proposal", according to Jayson Stark of, was a package that included Montero.

Lots of Zack Greinke and Joakim Soria rumors flying in Kansas City. But teams we've surveyed say they see no sign either is going anywhere. The Yankees just made another run at Soria, as first reported by -- even dangling Jesus Montero. But the Royals weren't interested. And they've shown no serious inclination to deal Greinke, either.

He's considered the Yankees top prospect at the moment and the heir apparent to Jorge Posada.

So if the Yankees had their chance to replace Posada or Mariano Rivera, apparently they would choose Rivera.


MLB Trade Deadline: Rays Were 'Kicking The Tires' On Royals P Zack Greinke

Several reports have indicated that the Royals have placed pitcher Zack Greinke on the "untouchables" list telling other teams that he, along with Billy Butler, is not available.

Apparently that didn't stop the Tampa Bay Rays from doing a little investigating.

A bat and the pen are their stated areas of need, but there was a TV report out of Tampa saying they were "kicking the tires'' on Royals ace Zack Greinke. While there are reports Kansas City is willing to listen on anyone, one source said the Royals have told some teams they will keep Greinke, Soria and Billy Butler, which is no surprise.

Two words: Good luck.


MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees Made 'Big Proposal' For Royals Closer Joakim Soria

Last week Ken Rosenthal of wrote that the Yankees "would love" to have Royals closer Joakim Soria. Well, that's no surprise. Who wouldn't love one of MLB's best, young closers?

According to Jon Heyman of, the Yankees wanted him so bad they made a "big proposal" to the Royals, which they apparently didn't go for.

Soria was reportedly not on the Royals "untouchables" list but Heyman reports the Royals have told some teams Soria isn't available.

Last week ESPN's Buster Olney suggested it would be "impossible" for the Royals to trade Soria because his contract is so team-friendly, which is very important for the budget-conscious Royals.

But executives with other teams say that the contractual options contained within his long-term deal with the Royals make it almost impossible for Kansas City to trade him, because it contains almost no risk for the club. Soria's deal contains options for 2011, at $4 million; for 2012, at $6 million; and for 2013 at $8 million; and for 2014 at $8.75 million. The team can buyout the options for just $750,000.

Teams like the Yankees can pay a lot of money for another closer. The Royals can't so they need to keep Soria


MLB Trade Deadline: Red Sox Were 'Serious' About David DeJesus Before Injury

It's already been reported that the Giants had made "genuine progress" regarding a potential David DeJesus trade before the Royals outfielder suffered a season-ending thumb injury.

Now another one of the teams that were interested pre-injury, the Red Sox, were apparently getting serious, according to Jon Morosi of

Rival exec believes Red Sox were serious on DeJesus before injury. "They always seem to pull something off late," exec said.

Ah, but the Royals waited. To be honest, I can't blame them for waiting. You certainly can't predict injuries and, from Dayton Moore' standpoint, DeJesus' value would only increase as the deadline got closer so hanging onto him until the last minute was probably the best strategy.


MLB Trade Deadline: Jeff Francoeur Would Be 'Most Predictable Dayton Moore Move Of All Time'

Will McDonald of Royals Review has offered up his thoughts on the reports that the Royals are talking to the Mets about Jeff Francoeur.

It's a must-read for Kansas City Royals fans. Here's a snippet:

Jeff Francoeur's career began brilliantly. We always act like these things are a sure fire portent of a future star, but they actually happen all the time. Through his first 53 games, Jeff Francoeur hit .332/.370/.631. He had an OPS over 1.000. He slumped the rest of the way in 2005, and essentially, he's been in a slump ever since. From that point on, Game 53 of his rookie year, Francoeur is hitting .264/.306/.413. But hey, what's 748 games and over 3082 plate appearances between friends? He probably just needs an organization and fanbase that's fully behind him and gives him regular playing time, right? Oh wait, already had it. He needs a change of scenery. Yea, definitely that. We can't overlook the human element, can we? Oh...

Warning: Some heavy sarcasm from Will in his post and certainly worth the read.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reportedly Interested In Francoeur If Guillen Is Shipped Off

We passed along the report from Ken Rosenthal of that the Royals and Mets are talking trade with several names involved. The trade deadline rumors don't stop there, according to Andy Martino of the NY Daily News.

Two major league sources said that the Mets were in talks with the Royals about Jeff Francoeur, who has expressed a desire to see more playing time elsewhere. The source said that Kansas City would be interested in Francoeur if they trade outfielder Jose Guillen to a team other than the Mets. Royals reliever Kyle Farnsworth could be a welcome addition to the spotty Mets bullpen.

OK, so the Royals would be down with Francoeur if Guillen can find a home elsewhere. The Giants, Red Sox and Yankees are a few of the teams that have been connected to Guillen but, as Martino reports, "nothing [is] imminent" at this point.

Meanwhile, Jon Heyman of reports that Francoeur is definitely on the trade block and a trade with Kansas City "might happen."

Stick around for more MLB trade deadline rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: Mets, Royals Talking With Several Names Involved

Ken Rosenthal of reports the Royals and Mets are definitely talking trade as the deadline looms. Per Rosenthal, there are at least six names that have been discussed.

Royals: Gil Meche, Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Guillen.

Mets: Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and Jeff Francouer.

With the exception of Castillo, we've heard all these names thrown about at one point or another.

Meche and Perez are both pitchers and their salaries match up exactly with both due $12 million in 2010 and 2011. Remember, the Mets reportedly offered up Perez for Meche recently and the Royals reportedly said no.

Rosenthal was careful to say that they're just talks at this point and he's not sure how advanced they are.

Royals GM Dayton Moore recently said the Royals are talking to 3-6 teams and checking in with others.

Here's a little more on what Rosenthal had to say:

Royals def like Francoeur. Guillen FA, Farnsworth club opt for 11, Castillo signed thru 11.

Reports surfaced this week of the Royals interest in Francouer.

Farns' money, Frenchy's also match up well. 4.5M for Farns in 10, 5.25M club opt in 11. Frenchy 5M, then final yr of arb.

Others teams are "sure" the Royals intend to trade Farnsworth this season.

The Royals have scouted the Mets this season so it appears there's at least some intrigue on both sides here.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.


MLB Trade Deadline: At Least Four Teams In On Royals OF Jose Guillen

Ken Rosenthal of passes along word that there are at least four teams interested in the services of Royals OF Jose Guillen as the baseball trade deadline nears.

We've already told you the focus on the Royals and the MLB trade deadline has moved onto Gullen with David DeJesus out for the season with a thumb injury.

Rosenthal reports the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets and Giants have "at least passing interest" in Guillen.

We've heard the Red Sox and Giants connected to Guillen quite often. The Padres at one point were thought to be in on Guillen but that's apparently not the case anymore, Rosenthal reports.

The Mets are fairly new and we know the Royals have scouted the Mets before because they have some interest in Jeff Francouer. Rosenthal was also the one to report the Royals have interest in Francouer.

The Mets also reportedly offered the Royals Oliver Perez in exchange for Gil Meche so there's at least some familiarity there.

The Royals have also sent a "top talent evaluator" to a Giants game, too.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF Rick Ankiel Not Forgotten

The Royals activated OF Rick Ankiel from the disabled list this week as they made other roster moves that created the space.

Ankiel hadn't played since April 24 because of a strained quad meaning, with three months out already, this season with the Royals is basically already a waste.

But Ankiel does apparently have some value to contenders, according to Peter Gammons.

I’d still pick [Rick] Ankiel if he shows he can play, the problem is he came back off the DL last night, hasn’t played any rehab games, so it’s hard to tell if you can take him.

The Royals will surely put Ankiel in every position they can to "showcase" Ankiel but I'm not sure if that will help much.

I mean, this is the same guy that saw the Yankees walk Jason Kendall to get to him on Friday night. Not exactly the best endorsement from his peers with the baseball trade deadline nearing.

But, if anyone wants him, I'm sure the Royals wouldn't have a problem moving Ankiel.

Stay here for MLB trade deadline rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: With David DeJesus Done For The Year, Focus Turns To Jose Guillen, Others

With David DeJesus now done for the year with a thumb injury, the focus as the MLB trade deadline gets closer turns to Jose Guillen, Scott Podsednik and Kyle Farnsworth.

All three players have had somewhat significant buzz surround them in the trade season. None will get draw the attention (or prospects) DeJesus would but teams are still interested.

Gulilen is probably the best trade chip out of that group, as a scout tells Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star.

“Guillen has done it (and stayed healthy) for almost four months now,” another scout said. “So there’s no reason to think he can’t go for another two months. He’s not a three-four-five guy, but lower in the lineup, say sixth or seventh, he could be a real plus.”

Guillen has been injured on and off throughout his career so hoping he can stay healthy the final two months? Do so at your work risk.

Same goes with Farnsworth. He's playing some of the best ball of his career and someone's going to convince themselves that's not an anomaly and they can be the ones that pull of a great trade.


MLB Trade Deadline: Giants, Royals Had Made 'Genuine Progress' On Trade Before David DeJesus Injury

The Giants were among a number of teams reportedly interested in the services of David DeJesus. Of course, now that he's out for the season with a thumb injury, there's no such trade.

But they were close, writes Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News.

According to a source, the Giants had made genuine progress on a deal for David DeJesus before the Kansas City Royals outfielder sustained a season-ending thumb injury Thursday night.

Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle also writes that the two sides were close.

According to a major-league source, the Giants were well along in talks with the Royals on a deal for outfielder David DeJesus, perhaps finalizing the details, when he crashed into the fence at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night and tore a ligament in his right thumb.

Sigh. DeJesus' value was really moving up. What frustrating timing.

MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Like Jeff Francouer, Have Scouted The Mets

Last week a report emerged that the Royals had sent a "top talent evaluator" to a game between the Giants and Mets. There were a couple possible reasons for that.

First, the Giants had reportedly showed interest in both David DeJesus and Jose Guillen so we figured the Royals were doing some due diligence in the instance a trade were to occur between the two clubs.

Second, the Mets reportedly offered up pitcher Oliver Perez in exchange for Gil Meche so that was another situation to keep an eye on.

Now here's another reason: Ken Rosenthal of reports the Royals "like" the Mets' Jeff Francouer. The connection is that Francouer was with the Braves while Royals GM Dayton Moore was there.

This is a situation to monitor. The Royals appear willing to move some pieces before the deadline.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reportedly Have 'No Untouchables' Including Greinke

The New York Post had an interesting report out on Friday morning. Apparently, there are "no untouchables" on the Royals roster which means everyone, including Zack Greinke, is available.

According to several baseball executives the Royals haven't told other clubs there are any untouchables on their roster.

"They will listen on all of them," an NL source said yesterday, 10 days from the July 31 trading deadline.

The previous word on this was that the Royals were telling teams across the league that Greinke and Billy Butler weren't available, which made sense. Though we haven't heard Joakim Soria land on the "untouchable" list, his reporting price tag made him virtually untouchable.

I'm not sure what to make of the Post report because there's no way they can be proven wrong so it's possible they're just making a prediction without consequence. The previous report on Greinke and Butler not being available, comes via Jon Heyman of


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals GM Dayton Moore Says He's Talking To 3-6 Teams

Royals GM Dayton Moore talked with Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio and FOX Sports Radio on Thursday and indicated the Royals are dealing with a handful of teams at the trade deadline.

Dayton Moore is talking to 3-6 teams, but checking in with other teams....Royals will be moving players on last year of contracts

That would include Jose Guillen, and Scott Podsednik at least.

Though I haven't heard the audio, Bowden strongly suggests the Royals will be trading Guillen.

Dayton Moore is looking at deals for Jose Guillen and the 5m left on his contract has effective discussions..but they are dealing him

Move Guillen and open up room for Alex Gordon in the outfield? It's possible but Guillen's move needs to come regardless of who's in the minors. He doesn't serve a purpose on the Royals anymore.


MLB Trade Deadline: Not Everyone In Padres Organization Sold On DeJesus, Regardless Of Price

The Padres are one of the (at least) five teams believed to be in on the David DeJesus sweepstakes. However, reports there may be some conflicting opinions inside the San Diego front office.

From what I'm hearing, not everyone in the Padres camp is sold on Hart or DeJesus. Regardless of asking price.

With the DeJesus hand injury now, it may not matter a whole lot.

If the injury is no big deal, there are several teams interested in his services so the Padres interest (or lack thereof) likely wouldn't affect a whole lot.


MLB Trade Deadline: Maybe The Royals Shouldn't Have Waited On DeJesus

Though more and more people have come out recently predicting the Royals will hang onto David DeJesus, there was a report last week that they were going to hang onto him until at least closer to the deadline, presumably in an effort to drive up his price tag.

Rival teams say they sense the Royals want to wait until closer to the deadline before deciding whether to trade David DeJesus.

I suggested one of the reasons for this would be leverage. The closer you get to the deadline, the more desperate a team might get. At the time, it was sound logic by the Royals front office. Emphasized on "at the time", as ESPN's Jayson Starks notes.

Royals have been taking time waiting for a team to pay hefty price for David DeJesus. Hurt thumb tonight. Might be out past deadline. Oops!

The last we heard, at least five teams were in on the DeJesus sweepstakes. Most of those teams were contenders meaning a trip to the disabled list for DeJesus would do them no good down the stretch.

Maybe the Royals asking price won't be so "silly" anymore and maybe they won't get that major league ready player they wanted.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Send IF Alberto Callaspo To Angels For P Sean O'Sullivan, Minor Leaguer

The Royals traded infielder Alberto Callaspo to the Angels on Thursday in exchange for pitcher Sean O'Sullivan and minor league pitcher Will Smith.

It was previously reported the Angels had offered O'Sullivan and a "fringe prospect" to the Royals for Callaspo, a former Angel.

Before the deal took place, ESPN's Buster Olney was asked if he would do the hypothetical trade.

"Absolutely, no chance," he said. "I think he's got more value than that. You get the feeling that Callaspo's going to be in the big leagues a long time. Sean O'Sullivan is a space holder and when you look at the Royals and where they are now, by the time they start to turn the corner he wouldn't even be part of the team because his service time's gonna advance so absolutely not."

Interestingly, SB Nation's Angels community, Halos Heaven, suggested a couple weeks ago the Royals include David DeJesus in a hypothetical trade.

Check out our StoryStream for the most up to date information on the Alberto Callaspo trade.


MLB Trade Deadline: Other Teams Are 'Sure' Royals Intend To Trade P Kyle Farnsworth

Kyle Farnsworth is in the midst of a solid year. Will McDonald of Royals Review has gone on record to predict his ERA won't hold up but he's been playing well through one half of the season.

Entering the final year of his contract and seemingly no plans by the Royals to extend him, he's a prime candidate to be traded in the looming MLB trade deadline.

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that other teams are figuring he'll be moved.

Heard this: Other teams are sure that the Royals intend to trade Kyle Farnsworth, to take advantage of his value in a weak market.

It's not a great reliever market and Farnsworth is better than average. That's a perfect storm for the Royals to get a solid deal on Farnsworth. He's one of the players I included in our list of five players the Royals should trade.

Stick around for more MLB trade deadline rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: More People Think Royals Hang Onto David DeJesus

We posted an item from MLB Trade Rumors that suggested the Royals were likely to hang onto OF David DeJesus as the MLB trade deadline looms.

On Thursday, Joe McDonald of seemed to agree with that.

The Rays could be the front-runners, but the Red Sox source indicated Boston has strong interest in Werth, along with Royals outfielder David DeJesus. A league source, however, believes DeJesus will stay in Kansas City.

As we've said before, his contract makes him fit nicely in Kansas City. Unless the Royals are blown away, they'll be hanging onto DeJesus (but it's also possible someone does blow them away).


MLB Trade Deadline: It's 'Almost Impossible' For The Royals To Trade Joakim Soria

Joakim Soria's name has popped up in trade rumors over the last few weeks and the Royals haven't done anything to dispel those rumors on or off the record. One report said the Royals are saying two players are unavailable in trade talks -- Billy Butler and Zack Greinke.

So seemingly, for the right price, Soria is available.

But would the Royals trade him? ESPN's Buster Olney says no because his contract is so good for the Royals.

But executives with other teams say that the contractual options contained within his long-term deal with the Royals make it almost impossible for Kansas City to trade him, because it contains almost no risk for the club. Soria's deal contains options for 2011, at $4 million; for 2012, at $6 million; and for 2013 at $8 million; and for 2014 at $8.75 million. The team can buyout the options for just $750,000.

Usually it's the other way around with teams trying to dump bad contracts so this is nice to see that they did something right with Soria. He's young and among the elite closers in the game. The Royals are generally considered 2012 contenders and Soria would still be young and under contract at that time so moving him doesn't make a lot of sense right now, especially with the Kansas City minor leagues so stacked right now.


MLB Trade Deadline: ESPN's Buster Olney Says 'No Chance' He Would Do Possible Royals, Angels Deal

A report surfaced this week that the Angels offered the Royals pitcher Sean O'Sullivan and a "fringe prospect" for third baseman Alberto Callaspo.

ESPN's Buster Olney was asked on 810 WHB's Border Patrol whether he would do this deal.

"Absolutely, no chance," he said. "I think he's got more value than that. You get the feeling that Callaspo's going to be in the big leagues a long time. Sean O'Sullivan is a space holder and when you look at the Royals and where they are now, by the time they start to turn the corner he wouldn't even be part of the team because his service time's gonna advance so absolutely not."

Callaspo will draw some interest and with Mike Moustakas coming up the Royals have the motivation to move him. This is an interesting situation to keep an eye.


MLB Trade Deadline Predictions: Royals Keep Both DeJesus And Guillen

As we've been wading through this MLB trade deadline business, it seemed apparent that someone from the Royals would be traded. Nearly half the team has been brought up in trade talks because the Royals are now perceived to be sellers at the deadline and they've got a nice bevy of talent in the minor leagues.

The two biggest names -- David DeJesus and Jose Guillen -- are expected to be given serious consideration in any trades assuming the deal is right.

I've previously argued that the Royals should take just about anything in return for Guillen considering he doesn't bring much to the table in the last few months of the season with the Royals out of it.

Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors recently hosted a chat and opined that there's a 60 percent chance Kyle Farnsworth gets traded -- this is a good thing considering Farnsworth is in a similar situation as Guillen. Then he said there's only a 20 percent chance Guillen gets moved and he predicted DeJesus would stay.

Now, these were all just predictions, but I don't think I would be too happy if Guillen was a member of the Royals following the deadline. DeJesus I would prefer not to trade (depending on the offer, of course) because he's so valuable to the Royals.


MLB Trade Deadline: Scott Podsednik Would Like To Stay With The Royals

The Royals signed Scott Podsednik to a one-year contract in January with a one-year option for 2011. Podsednik's name has come up in plenty of MLB trade deadline rumors and likely has the opportunity to go someplace else should GM Dayton Moore get an offer he can live with.

But would Podsednik want to leave? Apparently not, he tells Jeffrey Flanagan of FOX Sports Kansas City.

"I would like to stay here, yes, because we're moving in the right direction," he said. "I like the challenge that's presented here in terms of getting things turned around. It's one thing to go to a team that has won and expects to win and it's another thing, another challenge to go somewhere where they haven't won and turn expectations around. That's the situation here and I like it."

Interesting thoughts. I respect his opinion but I'm not sure if these words accurately reflect how he feels because of course he's not going to say that he wants to leave the Royals.

Podsednik is up there in the Royals most likely to be traded because he still has value even at age 34.


MLB Trade Deadline: Should The Royals Be Sellers At The Deadline?

According to Jon Paul Morosi of, the answer to that question is yes.

The market for outfielder David DeJesus will be robust, as long as the Royals ask for a reasonable return. The Red Sox and Giants are among the interested parties. Infielder Alberto Callaspo could be moved, too. There is no indication at this point that ace Zack Greinke will be available; Greinke isn't eligible for free agency until after the 2012 season, but his salary will increase to $13.5 million next year.

I can't envision a scenario in which Greinke becomes available. If the Royals price on DeJesus is high, it would be astronomical on Greinke so don't expect him to go anywhere.


MLB Trade Deadline: At Least Five Teams Reportedly In On Royals OF David DeJesus

The interest in David DeJesus continues to grow. So far, the rumors surrounding the Royals outfielder has centered around the Giants and Red Sox. According to Jon Paul Morosi, you can add the Padres to the mix as well as two other mystery teams.

Morosi reports that "at least" five clubs are interested in his services.

As for the other two teams, the Braves and Reds have been tied to DeJesus but other reports have denied that so we're not quite ready to declare them the other two teams.

This is great news for the Royals. Their asking price on DeJesus has been described as "silly" and reports have also suggested they're looking to "hit a homerun" in any deal with him so the more teams interested, theoretically the higher his price tag rises.

Here are a few stories we've had on DeJesus with each of these teams:

The Royals are reportedly looking for one major league ready player in addition to a prospect for DeJesus.


MLB Trade Deadline: Angels Reportedly Offer Up P O'Sullivan, Prospect For Royals 3B Callaspo

For the Royals, the Angels are an interesting team to deal with. Their AAA and AA systems are "depleted" according to various reports so they don't have a whole lot to offer as far as prospects go. That's why any trades will probably include a major league-ready player.

Enter Sean O'Sullivan.

The Angels are believed to have offered pitcher Sean O'Sullivan and another "fringe prospect," in exchange for Callaspo, but the Royals passed on the deal. Callaspo, 27, entered Tuesday batting .276 with eight home runs and 42 RBIs and has played third and second base for the Royals.

Callaspo is a former Angel himself and O'Sullivan has made a few appearances for the Angels this season.

Callaspo hasn't really been on anyone's radar thus far in MLB trade deadline talks but, as with most of the rest of the team, I'm sure he's available for the right price.

Now, if the Royals move a guy like Bruce Chen or Kyle Farnsworth, they may need someone like O'Sullivan. Like some of these other talks, I think the Royals are setting themselves up in case any other trades go down.


MLB Trade Deadline: What The Padres Could Offer The Royals For David DeJesus

Dan Haynes of the North County Times in San Diego is posting some intersting tweets regarding the Padres potential interest in Royals OF David DeJesus.

Padres believe Royals OF David DeJesus 2 be better fit than Ross. Hits RHP, has good glove. Hear price is ML-ready pitcher & top prospect

Great average hitter. Quick. Good glove. Hits righties well. Under contract thru next season. Think he's a great fit.

Major-league ready pitcher and another top prospect. That's either Luebke or Castro and maybe Sampson.

Pretty much nailed it all. Anyone in the Padres farm system is available if the Royals were interested in making an even bigger deal but it appears if the Padres wanted DeJesus, they would have a few pieces in place to make it happen.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Asking Price On David DeJesus Is 'Silly'

The Royals are reportedly listening to offers for OF David DeJesus. It's a weak trade deadline to some degree so a player like DeJesus, who does a lot of things well and nothing outstanding, is drawing some attention.

The Royals recognize this and that's why their asking price for DeJesus is "silly", one front office exec told Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports.

Kansas City knows that, and its asking price, one interested front-office type said, is “silly.” The Royals want a major league-ready prospect, along with at least one midlevel prospect or a pair of lower-level players. Perhaps it’s not so silly when considering the options Kansas City holds on DeJesus.

The Royals can pick up an affordable $6 million option and dangle him again in the offseason or next trade deadline. They can decline the option, offer him arbitration and take a couple draft picks. They can pick up the option, hold on to DeJesus and hope their farm system – quickly becoming the best in all of baseball – starts spitting out enough next year to patch together a contender.

As I've said before, the Royals are willing to wait until they get an offer that pleases them. If they don't trade him, then they get a solid player relatively cheap through 2011. Or, as Passan suggests, they can dangle him again. It's a win-win situation.


MLB Trade Deadline: Will Royals Reliever Kyle Farnsworth Be Moved?

Will McDonald of Royals Review is taking a closer look at all of the Royals potential trade candidates. Up today is reliever Kyle Farnsworth.

As McDonald notes, the Royals overpaid for Farnsworth in 2009 but, through the first part of this season, it's actually paid off.

The Royals overpaid for Farnsworth in the 2009 off-season, both in terms of years and money spent. However, in an odd way, while the money remains an issue, that patented extra year of Dayton Moore's (see Pods, Kendall, etc.) has paid off. Farnsworth was unmovable last season, but that isn't true in 2010. There's a minor deal for Farnsworth out there to be made, it simply comes down to how motivated the Royals are to make it. It is unlikely that the Royals will receive a future Major Leaguer back in return, but not impossible. For both Farnsworth and the Royals, the clock is ticking.

However, Farnsworth's numbers are unlikely to last. Check out Royals Review for the full rundown on why that's likely the case.


MLB Trade Deadline: MLB Execs Predict 'Robust' Trade Deadline

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that while executives around the league don't think there will be a lot of money thrown around in the upcoming MLB trade deadline, there will be a lot of movement.

"I don't think there's going to be a lot of big names on the move," said one GM, "but I think you've got a lot of teams looking to fill specific needs, and there are a lot of conversations going on."

As we saw with the report this week regarding the Red Sox apparent unwillingness to add salary, teams just aren't interested in big money deals. If the Red Sox are unwilling to take on big money, then hardly anyone is.

The Royals are the ideal team to be involved in a few of these moves. Guys like Kyle Farnsworth (little over $2 million) and David DeJesus (little over $2 million and $6 million next year) are relatively cheap and might make some teams eager to make a move.

You'll see attempted trades like the one the Mets tried to pull with the Royals. They reportedly wanted to trade pitcher Oliver Perez for Gil Meche. I'm not sure why they would make that move because it's not like Meche is doing a whole lot better than Perez. Both players have been on the DL since late May, both have high salaries ($12 million) and both have struggled this season.

The point is, there will be more attempted trades like that where the money and perceived talent level of each player is the same or similar.


MLB Trade Deadline: Mets Called About Gil Meche, Royals Said No Thanks

The Mets are interested in trading for Gil Meche...sort of.

The Mets, with their own Meche in Oliver Perez, reportedly called the Royals looking to make a swap, according to Adam Rubin of

In one scenario, the Mets approached the Kansas City Royals about exchanging Perez for right-hander Gil Meche (0-4, 6.66 ERA in nine starts). Meche hasn't even pitched since May 25 because of shoulder bursitis. Meche's contract, like Perez's deal, runs through 2011 and is for an identical $12 million a season.

There's no reason for the Royals to make this deal. The two players appear to be very similar. Both injured at the end of May and trying to come back. The money is the same (and high) and both players are on the disabled list.

So the Royals were smart to stick with the guy they know the most about.

Meche is expected to make a rehab appearance next week. Perez's last rehab appearance?

Perez's next rehab appearance is Saturday for Triple-A Buffalo. In his most recent outing with the Bisons, he walked five, hit two batters and had two wild pitches in five innings.


MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees 'Would Love' To Get Royals' Joakim Soria

If you scroll through all of our MLB trade deadline rumors, you'll notice that there are two players the Royals have reportedly told other teams that are off limits: Zack Greinke and Billy Butler.

So what about Joakim Soria?

The Royals haven't given any indication they wouldn't part with him if the right deal came along. According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Yankees "would love" to have Soria.

Two players Yankees would love to have: Dunn, Soria. Nationals' price on Dunn exorbitant. Royals would need to be overwhelmed.

Just because they apparently covet him doesn't mean they'll get him, as MLB Trade Rumors explains.

The Royals would need to be "overwhelmed" to part with Soria, who makes $3MM this season and is under team control through 2014. He has 25 saves already and has posted 11.1 K/9 this season, which makes him one of the more appealing relievers available. The Yankees have had inconsistent performances from righties Joba Chamberlain, Chan Ho Park and David Robertson, which no doubt contributes to their interest in Soria.

I don't see the Royals giving up Soria because no one will match their offer. He's a better deal for the Royals than for anyone else.


MLB Trade Deadline: Giants May Be Targeting Royals' Jose Guillen, Not David DeJesus

The Giants have long been connected to Royals OF David DeJesus as a possible trade deadline candidate. While that may be the case, the player they have a better chance of acquiring is Jose Guillen, according to Chris Haft of

But that also drops Guillen's "price." Since he's a potential free agent, the Royals can't expect to get top-level prospects or a starting pitcher like Jonathan Sanchez for him. That, in turn, might make him more attractive to the Giants, though DeJesus is batting .324 to Guillen's .279, is only 30 years old and has an extremely affordable $6 million club option on his 2011 contract.

Haft's report goes against a lot of other reports. One recent report suggested the Giants may be interested in Guillen "for the right price."

The Giants are reportedly not looking for rental players. Guillen is a rental player with his contract expiring at the end of the year.

DeJesus can play any position in the outfield. Guillen is more of a DH but capable of playing in the field.

DeJesus is hitting over .320. Guillen is hitting .279.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Send 'Top Talent Evaluator' To Giants, Mets Game

The Royals recently sent a "top scout" to the check out the Mariners prompting some to look over at Seattle to see what they might have brewing. Now comes word from Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle that the Royals scouts are staying busy on the west coast.

Top Royals talent evaluator is in the house. Just sayin'.

The Giants were playing the Mets on Thursday night.

The Giants are one of the teams rumored to be interested in Royals OF David DeJesus. They reportedly showed interest early in the process. They also reportedly showed some interest in OF Jose Guillen, but they're also not interested in rental players. Guillen is entering the final year of his deal.

We'll see if the Giants can "hit a homerun" on DeJesus, which is what the Royals expect if they're to trade him. The Royals are expected to look more closely at dealing him closer to the deadline (July 31).

Here are a few other stories we've had regarding DeJesus and the Giants:


MLB Trade Deadline: Luxury Tax Will Make Red Sox A Tough Trading Partner For The Royals

So far in our discussions surrounding the MLB trade deadline, the Red Sox are the team that's been mentioned the most as a possible trading partner. The player in those rumors is generally Royals OF David DeJesus.

Now comes word that the Red Sox may have a tough time making a deal for DeJesus even if both clubs come to an agreement on the players involved.

Ed Price of reports that the luxury tax will cause some financial headaches for the Red Sox moving forward. You can read Price's detailed explanation but here's the bottomline:

The source said the front office would have to "jump through hoops" -- make a strong case to ownership -- just to add $500,000 in salary over the rest of the season. That's the equivalent of a player making $1.1 million for the year.

You normally don't think of the Red Sox and financial issues but if Price's report is accurate maybe the Red Sox won't be DeJesus' destination after all.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Want At Least One Major League Ready Player For David DeJesus

It's been reported that the Kansas City Royals are looking to "hit a homerun" in any deal with David DeJesus. According to the Boston Herald, DeJesus wouldn't be a salary dump for the Royals, meaning they would have to "win the trade".

The Red Sox and Royals have discussed DeJesus according to multiple reports and, according to the Herald, the Royals want at least one major-league ready player.

Three weeks ago, a major league source told the Herald that the Red Sox had spoken with several teams about numerous outfielders, including Kansas City’s David DeJesus. At the time, the Sox were told that the Royals wanted a major league-ready player in addition to prospects.

That would be in addition to prospects. The Royals really are in a good position because there are plenty of reasons to hang onto DeJesus.

If they trade him, it means they got a coup. If they don't, then they've got a heck of a player through 2011.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals, Red Sox Have Discussed David DeJesus

The Royals and the Red Sox discussed OF David DeJesus, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Here's what we know:

  • The two sides discussed DeJesus about 10 days ago
  • The Royals are scouting the Red Sox minor league system
  • The two sides have yet to exchange names

This is about what we thought was happening but with a little more detail.

Recent reports have suggested the Royals want to "hit a homerun" in any deal with DeJesus but the report suggests the Red Sox are "unlikely to pay a steep price for a hitter who is more of a complementary player than a difference-maker."

The Royals are also expected to wait until closer to the trade deadline before deciding on DeJesus. The two sides agreed to stay in contact.


MLB Trade Deadline: What Is Royals P Kyle Farnsworth's Value?

Kyle Farnsworth is a name that's being floated around as a possible candidate to be traded from the Royals at the upcoming MLB trade deadline. He's a reliever that's struggled in the past but is actually putting up decent numbers at this point.

MLB Trade Rumors takes a closer look at Farnsworth's value relative to the other relievers available.

But lucky or not, there aren't a ton of available relievers who induce ground balls, strike out three times as many batters as they walk and have 95 mph fastballs. Farnsworth has about $2MM plus bonuses remaining on his 2010 contract. If he's traded, the 34-year-old can choose to void his team's $5.25MM option for 2011 and collect a $500K buyout.

Kerry Wood, David Aardsma, Jason Frasor, Octavio Dotel and Matt Capps are among the late-inning right-handers who could be traded this year. Some of those players (like Capps) would require better prospects than Farnsworth and others (like Wood) would require a bigger financial commitment, so the Royals should draw interest in Farnsworth this month.

They conclude that many of Farnsworth's numbers aren't likely to hold over an entire season.

He's entering the final season of a two-year, $9.25 million contract which means he's got a little over $2 million remaining. He'd be a decent option because every team can always use reliever help.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Waiting On Any Possible David DeJesus Deal

The Royals are expected to entertain offers for David DeJesus, Jose Guillen and Scott Podsednik, among others. The big steal in that crowd is DeJesus and it appears the Royals won't be going the route of the Cliff Lee trade and moving him weeks before the deadline, according to ESPN's Buster Olney.

Rival teams say they sense the Royals want to wait until closer to the deadline before deciding whether to trade David DeJesus.

What's the point in doing this? Two reasons.

1. Leverage.

The Royals, by many accounts, are content keeping DeJesus, In fact, that's probably their preferred scenario. Absent a mind-blowing offer, that's the result many of us feel might happen.

If the Royals wait longer and longer, teams interested DeJesus that are in a pennant race, will get more and more desperate. The longer they wait, the more they're willing to give up.

So, the Royals will wait. They're fine with that. It'll only increase the offers.

2. Maybe they really are in this thing

If the Royals started selling now, and then continued their team and got within a couple of games of the A.L Central or, hell, if they made it all the way to the top of the Central, they'd be kicking themselves for being sellers.

The Royals are right on the cusp of being good enough to justify not being sellers and trying to make a dent in the division lead this season.

So they'll wait until the end of July and see where they stand.


MLB Trade Deadline: With Deadline Looming, Royals P Kyle Farnsworth In Midst Of Career Year

Kyle Farnsworth is currently sporting a 2.04 ERA which, if held over the course of the season, would be the best of his career.

Good timing, huh?

“Isn’t it fun to watch?” pitching coach Bob McClure said. “He looks like a pitcher out there, doesn’t he? It’s been so consistent. It starts with his ability, and now he has more ways to get guys out now.

“He doesn’t just have to hit corners. He’s not out there thinking, `I’ve got to come in with the cheese, or `I’ve got to come in with the slider.’”

Like David DeJesus, Farnsworth is coming on at a good time. His name has been tossed around in trade rumors and for good reason. His ERA over the last four seasons has been over four so you can't expect him to hold this pace for much longer but he may be worth a rental for a year.


The Tigers recently sent a top scout to watch Royals and Mariners relievers while hhis name has popped up in other rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: Tigers Sent A 'Top Scout' To Check Out Relievers At Royals, Mariners Game

The Tigers on Monday sent a "top scout" to SafeCo Field to check out relievers in the game between the Royals and Mariners, according to Ed Price of

So who are they looking at?

If we assume they were looking at just Royals relievers (and there's no evidence to suggest that), speculates the possibilities include:

  • Kyle Farnsworth
  • Joakim Soria
  • Bruce Chen

Farnsworth has been the subject of trade rumors so far because he's playing better in the last month. Joakim Soria's name hasn't popped up a whole lot but, according to SB Nation's Kansas City's Matt Conner, the Royals shouldn't think about dealing him. This is the first time we've heard Bruce Chen's name come up in rumors.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Make A Minor Trade Over The Holiday

The Royals on Sunday traded minor league catcher Edwin Bellorin to Houston for cash, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. The Royals promoted Manny Pina from AA to AAA.


After spending the first six years of his professional career in the Dodgers' farm system, Bellorin was with the Rockies' Triple-A affiliate from 2007 through 2009.  During that span he made eight big league appearances with the club.  With Triple-A Omaha in 2010, the 28-year-old hit just .162/.231/.185.


MLB Trade Deadline: Looks Like The Royals Will Be Important As July 31 Nears

Maureen Mullen of Comcast Sports Net New England has come out with an article that everyone is doing these days: Team X could be interested in player X as the trade deadline nears because XXX.

As the deadline nears, everyone is looking at what potential help is out there.

To demonstrate how much of a role the Royals might play in the upcoming trade deadline, take a look at Mullen's article.

She lists eight players that could help the Red Sox at the deadline. Of the eight, four are Royals: David DeJesus, Jose Guillen, Scott Podsednik and Rick Ankiel.

I suspect at least one of those players will be moved, if not more.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals' Willie Bloomquist Doesn't Mind Trade Rumors

For some players, the MLB trade deadline represents a stressful time because their name is quite often throw out in trade rumors. For Royals' Willie Bloomquist, it's a different story.

“It shows that people still know who you are. If there’s some interest in you, that’s not a bad thing. That means people like you, and you’re doing something right.”

As Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star points out, Bloomquist has been linked to the Red Sox, Phillies and Yankees.

Bloomquist would cost about $850,000 the rest of the way and his versatility -- he can play everywhere except pitcher and catcher -- is the big selling point.

MLB Trade Deadline: Braves Not Hot On The Trail Of Royals' DeJesus

Last week, Jim Bowden of reported that the Red Sox, Braves and Reds were discussing a deal for Royals OF David DeJesus.

Since then, a report has surfaced (from Cincinnati) that the Reds are not discussing a deal like that. Also, a report from Jon Morosi of contradicted Bowden's original report that the Braves were interested. Morosi has once again tweeted that the Braves are not interested in DeJesus and are not discussing a deal for him.

So basically it looks like Bowden got it flat out wrong on two of the three teams, right?

Considering the fact that he has since deleted that tweet linking the Red Sox, Braves and Reds to DeJesus, I'd say he knows he got it wrong, too. Ouch.

Maybe some sort of editor needs to clean up some of these competing reports


MLB Trade Deadline: Baseball Execs Are High On The Royals Farm System

This isn't necessarily related to trade talk but interesting nonetheless.

One GM that has recently scouted the Royals farm system told ESPN's Buster Olney that the Royals have some intriguing prospects coming up:

  • Eric Hosmer is "tearing it up" in A ball
  • Mike Moustakas is the best player in the Texas league
  • And the pitchers are a "solid group"

From various accounts, it sounds like MLB is high on the Royals farm system. This may not have a direct effect on the Royals and the MLB trade deadline but it may make them more confident dealing away veterans considering what they've got coming up.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF DeJesus Is A Better Deal Than Granderson, Damon

Jon Heyman of reports on two of the hotter names for the Royals as the MLB trade deadline looms: Jose Guillen and David DeJesus.

The Royals would love to ship Jose Guillen, and if he gets hot again and they're surely willing to eat a lot of his $12-million-a-year salary, perhaps they could find a taker for the perennial malcontent.

David DeJesus looks like the real potential prize, with several teams, including possibly the Red Sox, interested. "He's better than (Curtis) Granderson or (Johnny) Damon,'' one GM opined about two outfielders who changed teams last winter.

Guillen's latest comments probably didn't help shed the "malcontent" tag and it's fairly obvious that DeJesus is among the best (if not the best) center field options that could be on the market.


MLB Trade Deadline: No Surprise But Royals Telling Others Greinke, Butler Are Not Available

I think most folks knew this -- or assumed it to be the case -- but Royals pitcher Zack Greinke and first baseman Billy Butler are not available, Jon Heyman of reports.

One GM in the league has been told both Greinke and Butler are not on the market.

However, that GM wondered if Joakim Soria might be available for the right price. Last year he was reportedly available so, presumably, he is this year.


MLB Trade Deadline: Angels Fans Want In On David DeJesus Talk

As we've said, it seems like everyone is or will at some point express interest in Royals OF David DeJesus as the MLB trade deadline nears.

Today we've got SB Nation's Halos Heaven -- our Angels community -- who is interested in DeJesus.

Trade Hank Conger, Will Smith, and a player to be named later to Kansas City for David Dejesus.  Dejesus projects as a +9 hitter and a +10 fielder.  He has range we could sorely use in the outfield corners, and could lead off or bat second.  He's having a career year, hitting .331.  He gets on base, can play all three outfield positions, and has a strong throwing arm.  He also has a cheap option for a 2011 contract.

My answer: Stand in line.


MLB Trade Deadline: ESPN's Buster Olney Says Royals, Padres Could Be Good Trading Partners

On Thursday afternoon, speculated that the Padres could be interested in someone like David DeJesus and it seems ESPN's Buster Olney agrees.

The Padres looking for offense, and here's why -- their RFers rank 24th (among 30 teams in OPS), CFers rank 25th, LFers 30th [.]They would seem to match up well with KC, which is willing to deal either David DeJesus (a very high price) or Jose Guillen (KC will eat $).

The two sides seem to match up.

From the Royals perspective, here are a couple of good articles from Royals Review on Scott Podsednik and Jose Guillen. They are both considered trade candidates (as most players are for something). But I don't think the "stabilizing but still bad" description is a good thing.


MLB Trade Deadline: Red Sox Need Bullpen Help But Don't Expect Them To Look At Royals' Kyle Farnsworth

The Red Sox -- who have reportedly been connected to the Royals' Mike Aviles and David DeJesus -- are also expected to be looking for bullpen helping entering the MLB trade deadline.

One name that's been creeping up lately is Royals reliever Kyle Farnsworth but he's not likely to be a target, according to the Boston Globe.

OK, so we're not breaking any news here with that. Farnsworth is entering the final year of a two-year, $9.25 million contract.


MLB Trade Deadline: Might As Well Throw Royals OF Rick Ankiel's Name Out There

Jill Seward of is doing what everyone else is doing right now (except for that whole, "Where will LeBron go?" thing): Speculating on the MLB trade deadline.

About the Red Sox, she writes:

The outfield is definitely a place where the Sox could use some help, especially with Hall moving in to play second base for Pedroia. Discussion with the Royals could lead to possible deals for Rick Ankiel or David DeJesus. Ankiel, a lefty center fielder, and DeJesus, a multiple-position player batting .332 this season, could each bring necessary assistance to the Sox.

I think the Royals probably regret going after Ankiel at this point. A "minor" injury back in April still has him out so I'm not sure what they expect to get out of him. Might as well call it a wash and move him for what you can.


MLB Trade Deadline: A Solution To The Nationals (Lack Of) Interest In Royals OF David DeJesus

On Wednesday we passed along a note indicating that at one point the Nationals had interest in Royals OF David DeJesus but they're apparently satisfied with Roger Bernadina.

SB Nation Washington D.C. has a solution:

Here's a novel idea: trade for DeJesus, then move Bernadina to center field and bench Nyjer Morgan. See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Everyone wins.

Of course the usual caveat here applies. If the Nationals admit interest in DeJesus then all they're doing is driving up his price tag so we're not sure where they really stand.


MLB Trade Deadline: Speculation Says Padres Could Be A Destination For David DeJesus runs down a story from's Corey Brock on the upcoming MLB trade deadline. Based on Brock's information, MLBTR speculates that Royals OF David DeJesus could be an option for the Padres.

The Padres survive with stellar pitching (MLB best 3.10 ERA) and defense (MLB best 31.5 UZR), though they have obvious offensive shortcomings. Their shortstops have hit just .234/.295/.338, their left fielders .196/.294/.288, and their center fielders .234/.328/.360, so they could have interest in someone like David DeJesus or Xavier Nady.

Anyone else think every team could use someone like DeJesus?


MLB Trade Deadline: More On What The Royals Could Possibly Get For David DeJesus reporter Mark Bowman has a tidbit on the Braves as they enter the MLB trade deadline.

Bowman acknowledges that Royals OF David DeJesus would be the type of player the Braves need but questions the asking price (as others have).

But it appears the Braves aren't entering July with the intention of making a big splash. They will simply be looking for players who could provide more certainty than the players who currently form their outfield mix. Some of the Braves Minor League pitchers who could be available to interested clubs looking to make a minor deal include J.J. Hoover, Brett DeVall, Chris Masters, Scott Diamond and Jacob Thompson.

DeJesus could definitely provide more certainty. The question is whether the Royals would accept in a trade any of the prospects mentioned.


MLB Trade Deadline: The Royals May Have Trouble Dealing With Giants, GM Brian Sabean

One of the most popular destinations for Royals OF David DeJesus among pundits around the league is the Giants. Their need for someone who hits consistently and plays good defense and DeJesus's current contract along the Giants available supply of minor leaguers make many think San Francisco is a good landing spot for the Royals outfielder.

However, ESPN's Buster Olney offers up a curveball indicating that Giants GM Brian Sabean isn't the easiest person to deal with.

Olney reports that multiple execs around the league find simply getting ahold of him difficult as he reportedly doesn't return messages all the time. Some go straight for his assistant because of this and call the lack of return calls "disrespectful" to the rest of the league.

This is something to keep in mind as the deadline nears. If San Francisco is such a good spot, it's important that GM Dayton Moore and Sabean develop some sort of working relationship.


MLB Trade Deadline: For The Giants, Royals OF David DeJesus Is 'Exactly What The Doctor Ordered'

Dave Cameron of takes a closer look at Royals OF David DeJesus and how he might fit with the Royals. Ultimately, Cameron concludes that DeJesus' ability to hit the ball consistently and play good defense would be a "major upgrade" over Aaron Rowand and he could be just what the Giants are looking for.

I don't think anyone disputes that.

But what about the other side of the equation? The Royals are reportedly looking to "hit a homerun" in any deal with DeJesus since he's affordable both this year and 2011.

Per Cameron:

While Posey and Madison Bumgarner got all the headlines, there are some interesting young players in the system besides those two. They could offer up players like 20-year-old shortstop Ehire Adrianza, outfielder Thomas Neal, or lefty reliever Dan Runzler, who would have value to the Royals but wouldn’t cripple their future. The Giants system has enough depth to pull of a trade for pretty much anyone they want, and Sabean has shown he’s not shy about trading young for old.

The Giants name has been floating around DeJesus for quite some time so I suspect we'll see some legitimate interest on their part. I think the Royals are willing to move DeJesus but on their terms, which could be expensive for any trading partner.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reliever Kyle Farnsworth Playing Well At A Good Time

This week the Kansas City Star's Bob Dutton wrote that Royals reliever Kyle Farnsworth is a name to keep an eye on as the MLB trade deadline nears. recently posted a few of Farnsworth's recent statistics demonstrating that he's been stepping it up recently:

Kyle Farnsworth has allowed three earned runs in his last 17 appearances, spanning 24 1/3 innings for a 1.12 ERA. In that span, which began on May 3, he's allowed 15 hits in 83 at-bats for an opponents' batting average of .181.

Like David DeJesus and Jose Guillen, Farnsworth is playing well at a good time. With the trade deadline right around the corner, the Royals could showcase him a bit during July.

Farnsworth is in the final year of a two-year, $9.25 million contract.


MLB Trade Deadline: More Speculation Royals IF Mike Aviles Could Interest The Red Sox

Earlier this week Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star said the "Red Sox see infielder Mike Aviles and veteran utilityman Willie Bloomquist as candidates to replace injured second baseman Dustin Pedroia."

We've got another reporter who is speculating on the future and Mike Aviles and the Red Sox involvement.

ESPN's Buster Olney speculates in an Insider article that Aviles would make a good fit in Boston with Pedroia out.

He points out that Dayton Moore and Theo Epstein have had some success doing deals together.


MLB Trade Deadline: Nationals Had Interest In Royals OF David DeJesus At One Time

More and more teams are or were interested in David DeJesus.

Bill Ladson of reports that, at one time, the Nationals were in on the DeJesus sweepstakes.

The Nats had interest in Royals outfielder David DeJesus, but appear satisfied with Roger Bernadina in right field.

Interesting. It seems more and more teams are coming out of the wood works in regards to DeJesus.

The Royals really are going to be building a market for him. They're expected to be asking for a boatload in return so if they get enough teams interested and drive up the price, they may just get that boatload.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF Jose Guillen Says Trade 'Depends On What Happens Over The Next 30 Days'

Royals OF Jose Guillen knows he's one of the players that will be talked about nearing the MLB trade deadline. In an interview with Jeffery Flanagan he seems to indicate that a hot streak by the Royals through July might make the team more likely to keep him.

"It all depends on what happens over the next 30 days," Guillen told "If we start doing well, if we start winning, you never know what can happen.

"I don't know. It all depends if we're winning. If we're out of it? Well, if we're out of it, and I'm making all this money, it's hard for them to keep me. I understand that."

To be honest, I think it'd be the opposite. If the Royals are winning -- and Guillen is playing well -- then his stock would rise and thus the asking price in a trade would rise.

He seemingly doesn't have a future in Kansas City but he did indicate in the interview that he wouldn't mind staying in Kansas City.

And as trade rumors about Guillen heat up, he would like the Royals to know he wouldn't mind staying in Kansas City to make the Royals better. He sees some better things ahead with Yost.

"He is bringing back something here again," Guillen said, smiling. "You see that? He's old school. We need that."

Yep...just don't see him returning either way.


MLB Trade Deadline: Braves Reportedly Looking For Right-Handed Batter, Rules Out Royals OF David DeJesus may want to clean up some of their competing reports.

On Monday, Jim Bowden of reported that the Braves were among the teams that were interested in Royals OF David DeJesus as the MLB trade deadline nears.

On Wednesday, Jon Paul Morosi, also of, issues a report that would contradict Bowden's report.

Even though the Braves lost a big left-handed hitter to injury – Rookie of the Year candidate Jason Heyward – they remain focused on upgrading their offense with a right-handed slugger, one major league source said.

DeJesus, of course, is left-handed.

Granted, Morosi characterizes DeJesus as a "less-appealing" option for the Braves and doesn't outright say they're not interested but I found the competing reports interesting.

Considering the Royals are reportedly looking for a king's ransom for DeJesus, I suspect the Braves won't be going hard for a "less-appealing" option like DeJesus.


MLB Trade Deadline: David DeJesus Fits Into Giants No 'Rental Players' Plan

We previously passed along a note from Giants GM Brian Sabean that his team isn't interested in "rental players" which, if taken at face value, would eliminate Royals OF Jose Guillen.

At the same time, it would leave the door open for another Royals OF, David DeJesus.

DeJesus has previously been connected to the Giants so the seeds have been planted.

It's unclear what exactly the Giants would be willing to give up because the Royals are looking to "hit a homerun" if they deal DeJesus, who is $6 million in 2011, the final year of his contract.

If the Giants are interested in DeJesus, they'll have to stand in line.


MLB Trade Deadline: Giants Not Interested In 'Rental Players', May Rule Out Royals OF Jose Guillen

The Giants won't be looking for "rental players" at the MLB trade deadline, according to GM Brian Sabean.

"We are not interested in free agents," Sabean told FanHouse. "We don't want to rent players. That doesn't make sense for us. We've got to find someone we can control, much like the Freddy Sanchez deal, and hope that presents itself."

Considering it's liars' season, I'm skeptical of this.

Sabean has no reason to publicly suggest he's interested in a player like Royals OF Jose Guillen -- whom they're reportedly interested in -- because all that would do is drive up the price. He has a reason to expressly state he's not interested in Guillen-like players, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

The Royals have reportedly made other teams aware that they're willing to take a hit on Guillen's $6+ million remaining he has on his contract so he would be a bargain.

That said, Guillen would have to play the field everyday in San Francisco so I'm not sure if he makes a ton of sense but, for half a season, he might be worth the risk because he's motivated by securing another contract.

Royals sources have previously been floating Guillen's name.


MLB Trade Deadline: Jose Guillen May Be A Good Deal Because He Is 'Motivated By Money'

Ken Rosenthal of cites one league executive who believes Royals OF Jose Guillen may not be a bad deal for the stretch run because he's motivated by his next contract.

"He is motivated when it’s time to earn money for the next year," one rival executive says. "He’s always been that way, a one-year contract guy. Somebody may get him and get themselves a really motivated player."

This is hardly restricted to Guillen. I would say the majority of players are like this. It's not unusual for guys to put up career numbers in a contract year.


MLB Trade Deadline: If Royals Deal David DeJesus, They'll Want 'To Hit A Homerun'

We've already heard reports that the Royals will have a very high asking price for David DeJesus, Ken Rosenthal of backs that up with this snippet from a non-Royals team executive:

One more word on the Royals: An exec who has spoken with them said they would “want to hit a home run” in a deal for outfielder David DeJesus, who is 15th in the AL in OPS.

The Royals hold the upper hand here and that's why they're in a good position. They can deal DeJesus if it means robbing someone blind or they can hang onto him at an affordable price.


MLB Trade Deadline: Poll Results Say Royals OF David DeJesus Most Likely To Be Traded

MLB Trade Rumors conducted a poll this week asking fans who was the position player most likely to be traded.

As of this posting, David DeJesus is in the lead with 50.1% of the votes.

You could vote for multiple players so others are near DeJesus's numbers but it appears most feel he's likely to be dealt.

DeJesus has been connected to a handful of teams including the Red Sox, Braves and Reds (who deny they're interested).


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF David DeJesus Not Letting Rumors Get To Him

Royals OF David DeJesus has, in the early goings of the MLB trade season, been the subject of the most talk. He's playing the best ball of his career, has a reasonable contract and can help a team in a variety of ways so his attractiveness is fairly obvious.

That said, he's still got a job to do and still needs to produce since he is, as of today, a Royal. So, for now, he's not worrying about the trade talk, according to Jeffrey Flanagan of FOX Sports Kansas City.

"I hear the rumors but I can't think about them," DeJesus told me. "My friends will text me like they did last weekend and say 'Hey, we hear you're going to Boston.' I just can't let it bother me."

"I'll let my wife worry about the trade stuff and yes, she does do that. But I'm not going to, and like I said, it doesn't really bother me. I just go out there every day and try to do what it takes to help us win."

That's a good attitude.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Reliever Kyle Farnsworth Another Name To Keep An Eye On

More and more names continue to pile up as the MLB trade deadline gets closer (Actually, it's still nearly five weeks away).

One scout tells Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star that Kyle Farnsworth is a name to keep an eye on as the deadline nears. He says the reliever could be appealing to other teams.

It doesn't sound as if any discussions have taken place.

Farnsworth is in the final year of a two-year, $9.25 million contract.


MLB Trade Deadline: Reds Not In On David DeJesus Sweepstakes, Reports Say

On Monday, Jim Bowden of came out with a report that the Reds were among at least three teams that were interested in Royals outfielder David DeJesus.

Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer John Fay, citing a "Reds insider" says there are no discussions with the Royals about DeJesus.

So, a Kansas City source says the Reds (and a number of teams) are talking about DeJesus while a Cincinnati source says that's not the case.

There are a few possibilities, which we've touched on before.

First, it's possible the Royals floated the Reds name when talking about DeJesus because they want to create the perception that there are teams lining up for his services. The more teams interested, the higher the price goes. I'm not saying this is the case, but it's possible.

Second, if the Reds have had conversations about DeJesus -- and I suspect they have, formally or informally -- the last thing they want is for that to get public. What if you're a Reds outfielder and you hear that the team is interested in a player that would step in and immediately replace you? Would that help your confidence? Probably not.

So there are reasons for this story to get out there from both sides. What's the truth? We'll find out on July 30.


MLB Trade Deadline: Mike Aviles, Willie Bloomquist Being Linked To Red Sox With Dustin Pedroia Out

On Monday, we've had the Red Sox linked to Royals outfielder David DeJesus and the Giants reportedly interest in Jose Guillen (for the right price).

Here's another one: Mike Aviles and Willie Bloomquist are on the Red Sox radar, according to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star.

The Red Sox see infielder Mike Aviles and veteran utilityman Willie Bloomquist as candidates to replace injured second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

It seems to make sense since the Red Sox may need someone for up to six weeks and money isn't a problem. It's unclear what kind of compensation the Royals would be seeking for either player.

Add in Scott Podsednik being rumored to a few places and more than half of the Royals starters are viewed as available.


MLB Trade Deadline: Giants Reportedly Interested In Jose Guillen If Royals Pay Most Of Salary

The Jose Guillen rumor mill continues to churn.

Hours after ESPN's Buster Olney reported that the Royals were willing to take a hit on Guillen's salary if it meant trading him for prospects, Jim Bowden of reports there is a team interested.

That team is the Giants ... if the Royals pay "most" of the $6-plus million he has remaining on a three-year, $36 million deal signed in 2007.

It's unclear at this point if there have been any legitimate discussions between the two sides.

One point to keep in mind here is that Bowden cited a Royals source. Now, the Royals want to drive up interest in Guillen in order to secure the best deal possible, right? So a quick way to do that may be to float the Giants name out there to give the perception that there are teams getting in line to take a closer look at Guillen.

We're not sure if that's the case, but the month of July, with the trade deadline looming, can fairly be characterized as liars' season.


MLB Trade Deadline: David DeJesus Suitors Reportedly Include Red Sox, Braves And Reds

The David DeJesus trade talk is getting more interesting. Jim Bowden of reports that there are at least three teams discussing DeJesus with the Royals including the Red Sox, Braves and Reds.

The Red Sox discussing him is no surprise. We've been hearing those rumors for a while.

The Reds and Braves are new at this point, though we're likely to hear quite a few teams connected to DeJesus.

As we've explained before, DeJesus is attractive because his salary is relatively cheap, he can play multiple outfield positions and is having what might be the best year of his career.


Report: Royals Are 'Really Pushing' To Trade Jose Guillen

This shouldn't come as a big surprise but Jose Guillen is considered trade-able by the Royals.

Common sense tells you that a guy whose hitting is up close to the trade deadline, nearing the end of his contract and isn't part of the future would be considered trade bait.

Per ESPN's Buster Olney, Guillen is available and the Royals are pushing the issue:

Heard this: The Royals are really pushing to move Jose Guillen, and continue to tell teams they will eat a lot of dollars.

Again, this shouldn't be a surprise but the Royals need to do the right thing, move Guillen and get something for him while they can.

He's stepped up his game in recent weeks -- even if it is a lot of singles -- and his current 21-game hitting streak is evidence of that.

So who could acquire Guillen?

The money shouldn't be a huge issue because, as Olney reports, the Royals are willing to eat some of it. Guillen signed a three-year, $36 million contract in 2007. He's in the final year and is due $6.39 million, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

Which contenders could use a potential offensive boost?  An American League club makes the most sense.  The White Sox and Rays don't have much at DH.  The Yankees are another consideration.  The Padres and Giants could be suitors, if they'd dare let Guillen play the outfield full-time again.

Logic would say AL since he's not really a reliable everyday player anymore. However, we're only talking half a season here. It's possible some team is willing to take that gamble (and if you're in a pennant race, you're usually willing to gamble).

David DeJesus is the hot name being thrown around, but it appears his name will have some company in the rumor mill.


MLB Trade Deadline: David DeJesus Stays Hot

Looks like the Royals will have a difficult decision to make at the MLB trade deadline.

What to do with David DeJesus?

For DeJesus' part, he's not making things any easier (but that's a good thing).

He went 3-for-4 with a RBI against the Cardinals on Saturday afternoon.

For the month he's batting .404 with one homer and 14 RBIs. He's also scored 11 runs.

The best case for the Royals is DeJesus stays this hot up until the trade deadline and, either they've got a player who's on a great streak that they'll keep, or a player whose value couldn't be any higher.


MLB Trade Deadline: More Talk Of Red Sox, David DeJesus

Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald is the latest Boston-area media outlet to drop David DeJesus's name in connection with the Red Sox and the MLB trade deadline.

While they wait for Jacoby Ellsbury's broken ribs to heal, the Red Sox have contacted several teams to gauge potential trades for an outfielder.

One such discussion centered around the Kansas City Royals’ David DeJesus, according to a major league source. However, with DeJesus under contract next season for only about $6 million, the Royals are looking for a big league-ready player and at least one prospect.

The newsy item is that that the Royals want a big league player in return. It wasn't clear if they would settle for prospects.

This will be an interesting year. The Royals could be big players at the trade deadline.

Expect the DeJesus talk to heat up moving forward.


Allard Baird Connection Could Help Royals, Red Sox At MLB Trade Deadline

On Thursday, the Boston Globe speculated on where the Red Sox might fit in the event they pursue the Royals' David DeJesus near the MLB trade deadline.

There's one other note to consider when talking about the Red Sox: The Allard Baird connection. Baird is working in the front office for Boston. It's normal for scouts, personnel evaluators and GMs to dip into what's known versus the unknown (Did you know Dayton Moore worked for the Braves?).

Just last week, Ryan Shealy was the benefactor of the Baird connection.

Baird recently recommended that the Sox sign Ryan Shealy, a big first baseman who never quite made it in Kansas City, and he has started strongly for Pawtucket.

Would the Baird connection be the reason a deal got done? Of course not, but it makes things a lot easier when someone is very familiar with your team.


MLB Trade Deadline: Where Do The Red Sox Fit Into The David DeJesus Talks?

The way things are moving along, the Royals will definitely be listening to offers for David DeJesus.

But will they make a move?

Just about every report that's out there says there's a high price tag associated with DeJesus because he's just as valuable (if not moreso) to the Royals than other teams. Plus, his price tag is a Royals-esque $4.7 million this season and $6 million next.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe speculates where the Red Sox may fit into the DeJesus deadline talk.

League sources indicate that the price tag for DeJesus has been quite high, with the Royals feeling he is their major chip and they need to get a quality prospect or two in return. Their organizational people love Boston prospect Jose Iglesias, but the slick-fielding shortstop would appear to be an untouchable.

I think the Royals are taking the right approach with DeJesus. They're not in the position to be giving up good players unless they're getting exceptional value in return.

Meanwhile, Cafardo also drops another name that, I think, helps demonstrate what a value DeJesus is.

The Cubs have been shopping Kosuke Fukodome all around baseball. Fukodome, 33, is hitting .281 and is a decent right fielder. He hasn’t fulfilled expectations, but he hasn’t been a bust by any means. But he makes $13 million this year and $13.5 million next season.

DeJesus has better stats, is younger and significantly cheaper than Fukodome. If he's part of the competition out on the trade market, then the Royals have to be feeling good.


MLB Trade Deadline: Should The Royals 'Deal Now, Worry About Return Later'?

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star had an interesting article this morning about the Royals and the MLB trade deadline. He says the always-rebuilding Royals should be treating this deadline as if they were going to contend in 2013.

Deal now, worry about the return later. It is time for the Royals to let go of any faint hopes that 2010 would be anything other than another losing season and take tangible steps to make sure it doesn’t become another lost season.

He suggests trading Jose Guillen to get Kila Ka’aihu in the lineup and trading Scott Podsednik to make room for Alex Gordon, who is tearing it up in AAA.

Both players have been rumored in trades the past few weeks. Royals GM Dayton Moore indicated that they're at least willing to listen to offers.

He goes on to say that both Ka’aihu and Gordon are producing in the minor leagues so it wouldn't be "baseball malpractie" to bring them up, even though they're not expected to replicate those numbers in the major leagues.

Should the Royals go ahead and start shipping all veteran talent out? I can see the logic and, frankly, it's probably the only logical option remaining. That said, I have a hard time agreeing with moves that ship good players out of town.  But, as Mellinger suggests, there's no reason to try to improve from 68 to 70 wins if it won't improve your team in the long-haul.


MLB Trade Deadline: What Kind Of Prospects Could The Royals Get For David DeJesus?

I came across an interesting article trying to predict what the Royals could get for David DeJesus. As the article says, it's easy to determine who won and lost a trade when it's a major leaguer for a major league. But when it's a major leaguer for prospects, things get a little tricker.

Using this prospect table, the Royals could expect a pitching prospect in the 76-100 range.

Here's an example of those prospect rankings and what 76-100 is.

Prospect rankings are fluid. But just to give a very rough idea of what sort of farm talent that is, Chad James, Jordan Lyles, Drew Storen, Phillippe Aumont (though he wouldn't come close to this range now), Andrew Cashner, Jay Jackson, Jake Arrieta and the Royals' own Noel Arguelles ranked in that range prior to 2010. Perhaps you feel that wins are more valuable to a playoff contending team, or that DeJesus' 2011 projection is too modest. If that's the case, Kansas City could snag a top 76-100 hitter. Austin Jackson, Fernando Martinez, Tony Sanchez, K.C.'s Mike Moustakas (he'd rank higher now), Travis d'Arnaud, Jaff Decker, Adam Moore, Hank Conger, Mike Trout (ditto), Austin Romine, Lars Anderson, Wilmer Flores (he'd be higher too), Mat Gamel, James Darnell, Miguel Sano, Thomas Neal and Peter Bourjos placed there during the spring.


Giants Official On David DeJesus Trade Rumors: 'Nothing Happening'

On Tuesday morning, Joh Paul Morosi of reported that the Giants had "interest" in Royals outfielder David DeJesus. There are a few reasons to be intrigued with DeJesus so the report made sense.

However, Mychael Urban of reports that there's nothing to the rumors.

It’s my job, and my job today is to tell you what I was told by a high-ranking Giants official when relayed the latest flimsy rumor. “A lot of guys will fit in [the] DeJesus category over the next month or so. Nothing happening [right now].”

In other words, “Dude, seriously? On June 21? Call me when you have something that doesn’t make me stifle a laugh.”

It may be fair to say that the Giants have interested, as was originally reported, but it's also fair to say that GMs will change their minds a handful of times between now and next month.


MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Are Expected To Be Sellers

When the MLB trade deadline comes around next month, the Royals are expected to be selling off some talent, according to Bruce Levine of

American League teams ready to dump players include the Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics. Productive left-handed RBI men like Washington's Adam Dunn and Houston's Lance Berkman are names that will be out there over the next 40 days before baseball's trading deadline on July 31. Baltimore outfielder Luke Scott, a big-time fly ball hitter, will be on the radar for teams like the White Sox who are desperate for left-handed run production.

A few names that will inevitably float around will be David DeJesus, Jose Guillen and Zack Greinke (though I'm not sure if that last one has any legs at the moment).

DeJesus is a good outfielder and holds a solid average. In addition, he's got just a $6 million team option next year so he's not a problem for most clubs financially. Guillen is starting to become an intriguing option. He's healthy now and has been playing better so there will likely be some talk around him. And then inevitably Greinke's name will come up. It will be very interesting to see how the Royals handle that situation.

For more Royals commentary, check out Royals Review.


MLB Trade Deadline: Giants Reportedly Showing Interest In Royals' David DeJesus

David DeJesus is expected to be a relatively hot commodity this summer as the MLB trading deadline nears towards the end of July.

According to a report from Jon Paul Morosi of, the Giants are the latest team to show interest in DeJesus, an outfielder.

The Giants have interest in Royals outfielder David DeJesus, two major league sources said, but it doesn't appear that the clubs are engaged in serious talks.

DeJesus would be a good fit for a number of contenders, including the Padres, Red Sox and Braves.

Implicit in Morosi's report that talks haven't been serious is that they have indeed talked. So the Royals are at least willing to listen to offers for DeJesus.

He's a good fit just about anywhere for a number of reasons:

  • There's no shortage of teams looking for a center fielder. The Royals, by the way, started DeJesus in center four of the last five games. Perhaps a bit of showcasing?
  • He's a good hitter. Throw out all the Sabermetrics you want but the dude is hitting .328. That's a good average and teams like the Giants could use it down the stretch.
  • He's cheap. How often can you get a solid centerfielder who can hit well? He has a $6 million club option for next year.

The same reasons the Roiyals should trade him are the same reasons they should keep him. The Royals aren't in the business of giving up good players.

Ultimately, the Royals hold the cards and won't be pressured into trading him (in fact, fan support may pressure them to keep him). If the Royals do trade him, you can bet it'll be a deal slanted in their favor.

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