NCAA Announces Missouri Recruit Tony Mitchell Is Ineligible

The NCAA announced Missouri basketball recruit Tony Mitchell is ineligible despite an appeal from the school.

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Missouri's Mike Anderson On Tony Mitchell Ineligible Ruling

The NCAA released a statement on Wednesday announcing Missouri basketball recruit Tony Mitchell is indeed ineligible. The NCAA originally made that ruling on January 5, the release said, and Mizzou appealed before the NCAA again made a ruling on January 13 that he was ineligible. The NCAA's public resolved the issue: Tony Mitchell isn't coming to Missouri.

Missouri head coach Mike Anderson said in a release issued by the school that he was "disappointed for Tony". 

"I'm very disappointed for Tony and his family. Tony is an outstanding young man, someone that has worked diligently to attend our university. He has shown great resolve during a difficult situation and we will continue to do whatever is allowable to help him as we move forward."    

It wouldn't have been the easiest transition for Mitchell considering the college basketball season is already half over. Missouri will be fine without Mitchell as they've been a top 15 team without him all year.

Check out Rock M Nation for more on the news. 


NCAA Statement: Tony Mitchell Ruled Ineligible

Missouri Tigers basketball recruit Tony Mitchell has been ruled ineligible, according to an NCAA statement. The statement says Mitchell was originally ruled ineligible on January 5 but Missouri appealed the decision. The NCAA's decision to keep him ineligible was upheld on January 13.

Missouri then revealed new information to the NCAA but they did said the new information did not change their mind. 

"Membership has made it a priority that prospective student-athletes be academically prepared. The standards are clear and serve as the foundation for the other NCAA academic requirements that must be met once a student-athlete enters college," stated Kevin Lennon, vice president for academic and membership affairs.    

This is about the way we thought it would go down. The light at the end of the tunnel for Mitchell and Mizzou has been very dim for a while. Today's announcement completely shuts the door on it.

Check out SB Nation's Rock M Nation for more on the news.


Report: Missouri Recruit Tony Mitchell Trying To Enroll At North Texas

We've been talking about the case of basketball recruit Tony Mitchell and the Missouri Tigers. The latest news has been that there is no news. The deadline to enroll in classes for the spring semester passed on Tuesday, although there's some thinking that, if the stars align, Mitchell could enroll in March for the second half of the semester.

Or maybe he won't be enrolling in Missouri at all. Here's the latest report on Tony Mitchell from the Denton Record Chronicle, a paper covering Denton County, Texas:

Tony Mitchell, a former Dallas Pinkston standout who was rated 12th in the Class of 2010 by, is in the process of trying to enroll at UNT, a source close to the situation said Wednesday.    

University of North, what?

Nicholas Smith, Mitchell's coach at Dallas Pinkston, declined to confirm that Mitchell was in the process of enrolling at UNT, but said he would issue a statement on Mitchell and his future today.    

The report states the only "potential snag" is whether Mitchell could get into North Texas (that was a pretty big snag at Missouri) but the writer characterizes it as "very likely" that he will end up at UNT.

So....this was unexpected.


Tony Mitchell, Missouri Tigers Eligibility Question Could Go Into March

The deadline to register for classes at Missouri for the spring semester passed on Tuesday meaning Tigers basketball recruit Tony Mitchell, who has yet to be ruled eligible by the NCAA, couldn't enroll and play for the basketball team this year.

Unless he can.

Tuesday was the deadline to register for a full spring semester. Mitchell could, in theory, enroll for an eight-week semester starting March 14, according to Mike DeArmond of the KC Star. Could he, in theory, then play for the Tigers this year?

"As long as a student was admitted and enrolled as a full-time student and met all NCAA requirements, they would be eligible to practice and compete," Kim Humphrey, MU's athletics certification officer and assistant to the Vice Provost of Enrollment, told The Star on Tuesday.

He would also have to take a full-time student schedule which Humphrey said "would be difficult" but it's possible. We're not sure where Mike Anderson or Tony Mitchell stand on this because neither is saying much about the process. 

In other words, this Tony Mitchell question will continue on for a few more weeks.


Tony Mitchell Enrollment Deadline Passes For Missouri Tigers

The final day to register for classes at Missouri has passed and basketball recruit Tony Mitchell has not (as far as we know) enrolled in school as he continues to wait for clearance from the NCAA regarding his high school transcripts.

The easy answer is to say that this now means Mitchell, ranked the No. 12 recruit in the country by Rivals, won't play for the Tigers this year. At this point, that appears to be the most likely scenario. It's been several months since I thought there was a realistic chance of Mitchell playing in Columbia this year.

But for anyone who has dealt with an academic institution, you know there are plenty of exceptions, and things can change, especially for athletes. Vahe Gregorian of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch passed along a couple of potential options for Mizzou now that the registration deadline has passed.

MU said students can register for an eight-week semester within the semester that begins March 14 or for online classes and be eligible if they are taking at least 12 hours. Left unclear is when they could participate in those circumstances.

KOMU-TV in Columbia also reported that a late registration form would enable enrollment beyond Tuesday, but that could not be confirmed and it's unclear how late that could be extended.

In other words, this thing isn't dead yet. We've received no answers and no statements from anyone throughout the majority of this process so it seems fitting that it continues to drag on with no real answers from anyone.


Tony Mitchell Eligibility: Missouri Tigers Still Not Sure

The Missouri Tigers still aren't sure if recruit Tony Mitchell will be playing on the Mizzou basketball season this spring. If they do know the answer to the Tony Mitchell eligibility question, they're not saying. Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson was asked Monday morning if there were any updates to the Mitchell situation and Anderson declined comment but said he was hopeful.

The KC Star reported last week that Mizzou had been told Mitchell, a top 15 recruit according to Rivals, was ineligiblebut the school was appealing that decision. reported last week that it looks like a "longshot" either way but that Missouri had recently received some information from one of Mitchell's Florida high schools that could potentially provide some more information. The NCAA was said to be reviewing that new information last week.

The deadline to add/drop classes at Missouri is today -- January 25. So if Mitchell is coming, a decision would presumably have to come today, unless there were special circumstances granted.

Missouri is having a fine season without Mitchell and even if he were cleared I'm not sure when he would be able to start contributing. The Tigers have already played more than half the season and, if you haven't heard, they're not too shabby.


Tony Mitchell Missouri Case: NCAA Reviewing New Information

The case of Tony Mitchell and the Missouri Tigers continues on. CBS Sports Seth Davis relays new information on the situation that, as of now, has Mitchell ineligible for Missouri's spring semester. Davis characterizes this as a "longshot from the beginning." 

Mitchell is currently short of the NCAA's requirement on core courses following the "questionable circumstances" surrounding his departure from high school. One of the reasons the case has gone on for so long, according to Davis, is that Missouri has had trouble getting information from the Center of Life Academy in Florida, Mitchell's former high school. 

Via Seth Davis:

Last week, the NCAA informed Missouri that Mitchell will not be declared eligible for the second semester. The school and the NCAA were preparing to make that decision public, but late last week Missouri received a FedEx package from Center of Life Academy which it hopes will help Mitchell's status. The NCAA is reviewing that new information, and we should have a final word by the end of this week.

So until this new information came along, Missouri was ready to announce that Mitchell wouldn't be coming to Columbia, Mo. The deadline to add/drop classes for the spring semester is next Tuesday, Jan. 25. 

The key to take out of this -- we're expected to find out by the end of this week.


Will Tony Mitchell Ever Make It To The Missouri Tigers?

The Missouri Tigers thought they were getting one of the country's top recruits in Tony Mitchell. He would be a good fit with Mike Anderson's team and paired with a few other impact newcomers the Tigers could be a very good team. Missouri has shown signs of being a good team anyway but Mitchell has yet to make it to Columbia.

Because of some academic issues, he was ineligible to play for the Tigers last semester and it appears we're on the way to that being the case in the second semester. The KC Star's Mike DeArmond reported last week Mitchell has been ruled ineligible but Mizzou is working with the NCAA to appeal the decision. It's unclear if he has a chance to be cleared.

CBS's Seth Davis wonders if Mitchell will ever play college basketball. That's a fair question at this point with Mitchell on his way to missing an entire year. 

Missouri's second semester starts on Tuesday, Jan. 18 and the following Tuesday after that, Jan. 25, is the final date to add/withdraw classes. Perhaps there's a way to extend that but for now that appears to be the deadline in this case. 

Mizzou has lost two of their last three games but overall they've had a solid season. They're 15-3 on the year but just 1-2 in the Big 12. 

If anything is going to change with the status of Tony Mitchell, obviously the sooner the better. 


Report: Tony Mitchell Ruled Ineligible, Mizzou Appealing Decision

Like it always seems to be with the NCAA, we're all waiting and waiting on a ruling. Tony Mitchell, one of the top basketball recruits in the country, is awaiting word on whether he can attend Missouri in the second semester after missing out on the action in the first semester.

Mike DeArmond of the KC Star has the latest on the situation:

The NCAA has ruled Mitchell ineligible, generally because of high school grades at two schools, what grades were transferred to the second school in Dallas, and also the fact that Mitchell did not graduate on time with his high school class.

Missouri - my sources contend - has appealed that ruling. And the NCAA has not yet ruled on that appeal.

As DeArmond points out, no one is making any sort of public statement on this, so nothing is official. But there is a key date coming up -- Jan. 25. That's the last day to add/drop classes for Mizzou in the second semester. While there may be a way around there, it appears that's an important date in this process.

The issue has to do with Mitchell's grades and which ones count after he transferred high schools. It's a long, confusing situation that almost no one understands at the moment.

It's possible the NCAA continues to delay this until it's too late for Mitchell to join the team this year. 


Mizzou Coach Mike Anderson Hopes Recruit Tony Mitchell Will Be Back At Semester

While Kansas awaits word on Josh Selby, Mizzou already knows the fate of one of its top recruits: Tony Mitchell is ineligible.

Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson confirmed that back in September but hinted on Tuesday at Mizzou's media day that they're hoping to get him back in just a few months.

One of the pieces of course is Tony Mitchell who is still waiting and hopeful that he will be able to join us, possibly at semester. I won't divulge any more but we're just hopeful. Hopeful that the process will work but I don't think you can worry about what's not taking place.

Semester would be big for Mizzou because there's still a couple of months left in the season at that point.

It's good that Anderson is hopeful but he also said over the summer that he expected every player to be there and every player was not there so he's been wrong before.

We'll see how this plays out closer to December and January.


Mizzou Coach Mike Anderson Confirms Recruit Tony Mitchell Is Ineligible

MIzzou head basketball coach confirmed that recruit Tony Mitchell will not be coming to Mizzou in the fall.

Here's his full statement, via the KC Star:

“Tony’s case with the NCAA Eligibility Center remains under review, as has been the case for quite some time," Anderson said in a statement released by MU on Wednesday afternoon.

"However, with our fall enrollment deadline having passed; he will be unable to join our program at this time.

"We remain hopeful Tony will be able to join us at a point later in the season."

At the end of June, Anderson said he expected everyone on campus but that won't be the case.


Mizzou Recruit Tony Mitchell Reportedly Going To Juco, Hoping To Enroll 2nd Semester

Mizzou recruit Tony Mitchell was reportedly not cleared by the NCAA in advance of last Monday's deadline and therefore will not be eligible to enroll at Mizzou.

He does hope to enroll at some point, though.

Per Jeff Goodman of

I've been told Missouri hopeful that Mitchell will go to junior college in hopes of re-joining team for 2nd semester.

As I saw someone on Twitter say moments ago, "You mean just the important games?"

We'll see what Mizzou has to say about this.


Mizzou Basketball Recruit Tony Mitchell Reportedly Ruled Ineligible

News of Derrick Washington's suspension broke a couple hours ago and now this from reporter Jerry Meyer:

Just found out that tony mitchell has been ruled ineligible to play at missouri. Talked w his former aau coach

Mitchell of course was a top-15 recruit whose academic eligibility had been called into question.

You can read about the details of Mitchell's academic issues here but basically he transferred high schools and not all of his credits transferred. He took nine tests over the course of two days and, according to a report, essentially went from a freshman to a senior. That's now being called into question.

At the end of June, Mizzou basketball head coach Mike Anderson said he expected all of his recruits -- including Mitchell -- to be on campus this year.

Mizzou has not commented on the report.

Head on on over to Rock M Nation to see what Mizzou fans are saying about it.


Done Deal: Basketball Recruit Ricardo Ratliffe Enrolls At Mizzou

Mizzou basketball recruit Ricardo Ratliffe has enrolled at Mizzou and will be in uniform for the Tigers this season.

As of last week, Ratliffe had been admitted but hadn't yet enrolled.

MU ports information officer Dave Reiter told Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star that Ratliffe is good to go at Mizzou.

“I can inform you that Ricardo Ratliffe is enrolled at the University of Missouri,” Dave Reiter, sports information officer for MU basketball, told The Star on Friday. “And eligible to play.”

Monday was the deadline to enroll. Mizzou started classes this week.

Ratliffe had to pass a summer course in order to be eligible for Mizzou.

Ratliffe was the No. 1 rated JUCO recruit in the country.

The last recruit Mizzou is waiting on is Tony Mitchell, one of the top players in the country.


Basketball Recruit Ricardo Ratliffe Admitted To Mizzou, Enrolling Soon

Mizzou basketball recruit Ricardo Ratliffe has been admitted to Mizzou, according to Vahe Gregorian of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

That's the first step.

The second step is getting enrolled. The deadline for that comes Monday and Ratliffe is still in Florida.

He's finishing up an online math course this week and, assuming he gets a 'C' or better, he'll be good to go.

Ratliffe, a 6-foot-8 forward out of Central Florida Community College, was one of the nation's most coveted junior college players. He said he wished he could have been done and in Columbia by now but laughed and added, "But it's better than missing a whole year."

There's still no word on Mizzou's other high-profile recruit, Tony Mitchell. It's believed he's graduated from high school but would need standardized test scores to get in.


Will Basketball Recruit Tony Mitchell Make It To Mizzou?

Will Mizzou ever get Tony Mitchell in the fold?

The last we heard the top-15 recruit is still having problems getting cleared to play. There are some issues with high schools courses.

You can read details of those issues here.

So what are the chances he plays for Mizzou?

Well, we haven't heard anything regarding him in quite a while. Listening to sports talk radio recently, most folks (some informed, some not) don't feel he'll be at Mizzou this year.

The fact that he's not in Columbia right now doesn't mean he won't or can't be there. Remember Brandon Rush? He didn't get to KU until September. Josh Selby, KU's big recruit this year, reportedly isn't cleared yet to play.

But, from the sound of things, it's not looking great for Mitchell and Mizzou.

Not having Mitchell would definitely be a big hit but it wouldn't ruin Mizzou's recruiting class. Guys like Phil Pressey and Ricardo Ratcliffe will make it a good class either way but Mitchell would be necessary to jump it up a level and make it a great class.

Mitchell maintains that he'll be at Mizzou.

Mizzou coach Mike Anderson said at the end of June he expects everyone to be there.


Missouri Tigers Coach Mike Anderson Expects Tony Mitchell, Rest Of Recruiting Class To Be In Columbia

During a Big 12 coaches conference call on Monday, Missouri Tigers coach Mike Anderson said he expects all of his recruits for the 2010 season to be in Columbia in the fall.

Usually that's not a revelation -- that a coach expects his recruits to show up for school -- but for Tony Mitchell, the heralded swing forward out of Dallas, it is.

Mitchell committed to the Tigers last winter and caused a few eyebrows to be raised when he did so because he's a top 15 recruit.

Mike Anderson is set to add one of the most heralded recruits in the country to his 2010 recruiting class. Tony Mitchell, a 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward from Dallas ranked 15th on's list of the top 150 prospects in the country, gave the Tigers a verbal commitment during his weekend visit to Columbia and is expected to sign letter of intent before the NCAA's early signing period ends on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, things weren't that easy. Last month, his test scores as well as his grades were called into question.

Sources told WFAA that 14 of the high school credits Mitchell brought from the Miami school were not transferable at Pinkston. But last November, according to the TV report, Pinkston principal Norma Villegas allowed Mitchell to quickly make up the credits. Villegas didn't return calls to her office Thursday.

Sources told WFAA that Mitchell took the equivalent of nine makeup exams in two days – five of them during a two-hour period – and passed, effectively going from a freshman at Pinkston to qualifying as a senior.

Now, Anderson's comments would imply that there is some good news coming for Mitchell -- and that he got his test scores in the right place, according to Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star.

Translation? Sounds as if Mitchell finally got that ACT score he's been seeking and now is waiting on an NCAA Clearinghouse ruling on whether course work from a Florida prep school will be counted toward graduation requirements from high school in Dallas.

Anderson does admit that Mitchell has some things "under review" right now but he's publicly said he expects Mitchell to be there so we'll see if he's right.

Though Mizzou's class will be solid either way, Mitchell's signing would arguably place it in the top 10.

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