Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/30

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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/30

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royals lose in 11 innings

The Royals lost in 11 innings on Thursday 6-5 to the Orioles.

Hey, at least they didn't continue on with that ridiculous 14 run-per-game average they were on there for a while.

Blake Wood gets the loss and the Royals continue their series against the Orioles tonight.

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Chiefs gearing up for training camp in St. Joe

The Chiefs arrived in St. Joe on Thursday for the start of training camp.

The first practice is at 1:50 p.m. this afternoon and all but two players are expected to be there -- Jarrad Page and Eric Berry. Page hasn't signed his restricted free agent tender and the Chiefs are working hard with Berry's reps to get a deal done so he can be in camp.

The Chiefs will alternate two-a-days and single practice days so there will be three practices every three days.

Several players expressed concern over the heat which will be a little more intense than River Falls, WI.

There's a video of Brain Waters arriving at the facility here and Matt Cassel here.

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Big 12 Media Days bring conference expansion talk back up

I don't know about you all, but I am so sick of talking about the Big 12 and the new Big 12 and the Pac-16...whatever it all is. We covered it so in-depth for so long that I'm just not that interested in talking about it anymore.

Of course down at Big 12 media days that's all anyone wanted to talk about because, for the most part, the coaches hadn't weighed in.

Then at one point one of the Big 12 coaches said they were told not to talk much about it. What you likely saw was an email of some sort from Dan Beebe to the rest of the Big 12 coaches and other high level administrators that they're not to talk about certain issues with the Big 12.

Like how it sucks.

Check out Rock M Nation for Mizzou news and Rock Chalk Talk for KU news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/29

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

The big Podsednik trade

The Royals traded Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers for two minor leaguers. Here's what the Royals got out of the deal:

Elisaul Pimentel: "Pimentel is a 21 year old pitcher who has been in A-ball. (B-R page) Pimentel has a 3.49 ERA this year, with good strikeout numbers."

Lucas May: " Lucas May / Luke May is a 25 year old catcher with an .848 this season in AAA."

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Royals may not be done dealing

After making the Pods trade, GM Dayton Moore said:

"There may be a small deal or two we could do moving forward."

A "small deal" would indicate the Sorias, Greinkes and Butlers of the world aren't going anywhere.

Kyle Farnsworth anyone?

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Chiefs sign three, waive one

The Chiefs signed two second round draft picks -- Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas -- as well as free agent tight end Leroy Banks.

What makes the Banks signing interesting is that the Chiefs also waived Brad Cottam.

While they did waive him, it's more of a complicated process they must go through to keep him.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more Chiefs news.

Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert becoming a leader

People are listening to him...

"Blaine, he’s become more of a vocal leader," senior tailback Derrick Washington said. "He’s getting into people. He’s not letting little stuff go like he did last year. He’s telling people, ‘Catch the ball. Run your routes right.’ I like that about Blaine."

"People are listening to him," senior cornerback Kevin Rutland added. "I’m on defense and I’m a few years older than him, and I still find myself listening to him. I enjoy watching him command this team."

Good because that's how first round quarterbacks act. And he's a first round quarterback next April.

Check out Rock M Nation for more MIzzou news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/28

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royal luck continues with Farnsworth injury.

The MLB trade deadline date is coming on Saturday and the Royals are racking up the injuries. First it was David DeJesus who was drawing the interest of nearly every team it seemed.

Done for the year with a thumb injury (technically could return in late September).

Then it was Gil Meche, who hadn't drawn much interest because of his salary but was reportedly in on some trade talks with the Mets.

Done for the year with a shoulder injury.

Now it's Kyle Farnsworth. He exited Tuesday's game with what the Royals are calling a hamstring cramp which isn't serious but, considering what's happened recently, it makes you wonder how serious it is.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Chiefs training camp starts in 48 hours

Well, it's a little over 48 hours but on Friday afternoon the Kansas City Chiefs will take the field for their first camp practice of the year.

The optimism is riding high right now.

There are four unsigned rookies remaining -- 1st rounder Eric Berry, 2nd rounders Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas and third rounder Jon Asamoah.

Expect all of them except Berry in camp on time. Berry should be signed in the first week.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more Chiefs news.

Missouri at the Big 12 media days, from a KU perspective

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk has taken a closer look at Mizzou and Big 12 media days and lists the worst things that could happen to Mizzou in 2010:


  1. Jared Crick continues the tradition of a Nebraska defender rolling up on Gabbert's ankle.
  2. Gary Pinkel misses the opening kick by 10 minutes due to a scheduling mix up.
  3. The leaner, quicker Derrick Washington doesn't bounce back to '08 form or even late '09 form.
  4. A&M derails the early season momentum with another win over Mizzou by the South.
  5. Kansas...Border War...loss...(Although I have to say I think MU is going to be very good)

Big 12 media days continue today with KU this afternoon.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more KU news and Rock M Nation for more Mizzou news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/27

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

The buzz with the Royals at the MLB trade deadline

Here are a few happenings recently in the MLB trade deadline:

  • The Royals are no longer interested in a Mets trade
  • NL West teams are calling the Royals about Scott Podsednik
  • The Giants are scouting Jose Guillen heavily

Looks like the Giants are definitely interested. They were linked to David DeJesus as well.

Catch up on all MLB trade rumors and check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Chiefs take over radio stations

The Chiefs are doing a "take over" of 101.1 the Fox and 810 WHB.

Guests include former Chiefs stars, GM Scott Pioli, Clark Hunt and others.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more Chiefs news.

How do you not talk about the Big 12 issues at Big 12 media days?

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, folks:

"I very much respect the job you all want to do … but I will not be taking any questions regarding any Big Ten issues." Pressed further during the less formal interview session with print reporters, Pelini didn’t back down. "There is no Big Ten, Big 12 matter. We’re in the Big 12 now." Reporters got creative and tried to finesse some Big Ten-related questions, but Pelini clearly wasn’t playing ball. "It’s business as usual," he said at least half a dozen times.

That takes some balls since everyone is there to talk about, you know, the Big 12. And the biggest issue with the Big 12 is obviously Nebraska running to the Big Ten. That's weak.

Mizzou takes the podium this morning.

Check out Rock M Nation for more Mizzou news and Rock Chalk Talk for KU news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/26

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

All trade deadline, all the time this week

The Royals are entering MLB's trade deadline this week. The deadline is on July 31, a Saturday, so expect lots and lots of rumors for the next week.

Big names being talked about that could be moved: Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth, Scott Podsednik and Gil Meche.

Big names being talked about that are unlikely to be moved: Zack Greinke and Joakim Soria.

Lots of contenders know the Royals have a lot of talent coming up in the minor leagues and need to unload some of these veterans. It should be an interesting week.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Five day countdown to Chiefs training camp

The NFL season is sooo close. The Chiefs will take the field for their first training camp practice on Friday at 1:50 p.m. in St. Joseph, MO.

It's the first camp not in River Falls, WI in nearly two decades so some things will be different.

One part that won't change: A Todd Haley-run training camp. Expect it to be intense and in-depth. That's one camp I wouldn't want to be part of.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more Chiefs news.

Why isn't Blaine Gabbert being talked about as the best quarterback?

That's a question being asked by the Daily Oklahoman:

Gabbert was one of the league's best QBs last season. Gabbert ranked second (behind McCoy) in pass efficiency. Second (behind Kansas' Todd Reesing) in passing yards. Second (behind A&M's Jerrod Johnson) in touchdown-interception ratio.

If Gabbert hadn't bummed his ankle against Nebraska, Mizzou would have won the North and all that Nebraska title-game controversy never exists.

I was on 1510 AM (Three Guys In A Garage) last Friday night and they asked me what I thought about Nebraska's preseason ranking as the top team in the Big 12 North. Well, I can see the logic but it ultimately comes down to your quarterback and Gabbert is among the elite in all of the NCAA.

He'll be a first round pick and, depending on his 2010 season with the Tigers, could be playing a big post-season bowl game.

Check out Rock M Nation for Mizzou news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/25

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Baseball trade deadline week is coming

The MLB trade deadline date is on July 31 so expect more and more rumors this week. The Royals were considered one of the more interesting teams at the deadline because quite a few players are considered available and have drawn some interest.

With David DeJesus now done for the season, things aren't quite as interesting.

That's OK, though, as there are players like Jose Guillen, Kyle Farnsworth and Scott Podsednik that are attractive to contenders.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Freshman defensive tackle no longer coming to Kansas

Bad news, Jayhawk fans. Jeremiah Edwards, defensive tackle recruit, isn't coming to Kansas anymore, Turner Gill confirmed.

The reason isn't quite clear but it appears there was a heart condition and doctors realized it's worse than anticipated which means he won't be playing football.

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk is going over the roster and, unfortunately, had to cross of Edwards name.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more KU news.

Ron Prince case getting tougher to prove for K-State

We'll delve into this a little deeper on Monday but the Ron Prince case is going from really interesting to really bad for K-State.

Basically, the university is getting back into a hole with their claims that the Prince contract is invalid. It was negotiated by the AD who, you know, negotiates contracts. K-State is saying he acted outside of his authority.

Unfortunately, the bylaws clearly state the AD at the time, Bob Krause, had the authority to negotiate that contract.

To make matters worse, KSU went back and changed their bylaws to indicate that the AD can't negotiate contracts on his own. Seems like an implicit admission of guilt to me.

Check out Bring On The Cats for more K-State news.

Less than one week to Chiefs training camp

The Chiefs will arrive in St. Joe next Thursday for the start of training camp. On Friday, at 1:50 p.m., they'll conduct their first practice.

I know they haven't played a game since the first week of the year but it hardly seems like an offseason.

After the season ends, you follow the playoffs and the Super Bowl until the first week of February. Then at the end of February you have the NFL Combine. March and April is full of draft talk. There are usually OTAs during May and June. A short break in July and then we're back to it.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more Chiefs news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/23

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Busy night for the Royals

So you thought the Royals just played the Yankees, lost and that was it? Wrong.

Here's what happened:

Yeah, so don't miss anymore games.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Chiefs training camp starts in one week

1:50 p.m. today will be exactly one week from the first practice of the Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, MO at Missouri Western State University.

The Chiefs recently gave a tour of the facilities and everyone came away very impressed suggesting MWSU now holds a recruiting advantage because of the magnitude of the facilities.

One week from today and we'll see for ourselves.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more Chiefs news.

Defensive tackle thinking of picking KU over USC, Tennessee

Maurice Couch is a defensive tackle from Garden City Community College who's going to be making the leap to a big-time school in the fall. On his list are schools like USC and Tennessee.

Leading the way, however, is Kansas.

This would be a nice coup for KU as it shows they can stand with the big boys.

Kudos to for getting the story first.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more KU news.

Danario decision coming in two weeks

Danario Alexander is holding a pro day next week for interested teams after coming back from several knee surgeries.

He tells that he's going to make his decision in two weeks and that multiple teams have expressed interest.

No word yet if the Chiefs are one of those teams.

Check out Rock M Nation for Mizzou news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/22

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Royals beat Blue Jays, won five of last seven series

The Royals beat the Blue Jays on Wednesday afternoon winning their fifth of their last seven series.

It's not bad except when you look at the two they lost -- both sweeps and both back-to-back. If the Royals hadn't been swept in their series directly before and after the All-Star break they may still have a shot at the division, or at least think they have a shot.

Unfortunately that's no longer the case. Frankly, it's probably best that they lost. The Royals didn't seem likely to keep up the pace that had them winning 10 of their last 13 at one point and, with the trade deadline looming, they need to make the best decision for the future, not for 2010.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Tim Barnes is the best center prospect in the Big 12

Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune is taking a look at the All-Big 12 offense and at center it's...

Center (one): Tim Barnes, Missouri
Also considered: Ben Habern, Oklahoma; Ben Lamaak, Iowa State
Why? Barnes, a three-year starter, anchors what should be one of the better O-lines in the Big 12. An expert at the shotgun snap, Barnes is surprisingly light on his feet for a 310-pounder.

Hey, the Chiefs might need a center in 2011. They've got Casey Wiegmann (37 years old) and Rudy Niswanger (who had a 37 year old brought in to compete with him) in 2010 and I'm thinking they may want a center.

Just sayin'...

Check our Rock M Nation for more Mizzou Tigers news.

Rounding up the Big 12 preseason media poll

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk takes a look at the preseason football polls....

Nebraska is the unanimous selection to win the North division in their final season before the jump to the Big 10.  Missouri and Kansas State fit in spots two and three respectively.  Anyone surprised by K-State being so high?  Colorado and Iowa State round things out at 5 and 6 which is also a little surprising to me, but in the North things tend to be a guessing game of late.

As one RCT commenter said, the voters are more than likely counting on KU to struggle slightly because of a new coach (and they're probably right). I think the poll is fair. RCT has the full poll.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more Jayhawks news.

Chiefs safety Jon McGraw ready for 2010

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Chiefs safety Jon McGraw on Capitol Hill this week. McGraw was there with a group of other NFL players talking with members of congress about some of their concerns with the safety of the game and post-career health care.

I jokingly said to him while we were there, "You couldn't pay me to participate in a Todd Haley training camp" because of all the stories I had heard about how hard it is.

McGraw said that, yes, Haley's going to work their butt off. He also said they know what to expect so, while it'll be hard, at least they'll know what's coming this time.

He also said there's "a feeling of optimism" at Arrowhead because of the kind of offseason the Chiefs have had. Sounds like the Chiefs are ready for camp to start next week.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/21

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Lerew hurt as the Royals are crushed

Royals pitcher Anthony Lerew took a line drive to the stomach on Tuesday night in the Royals 13-1 loss to the Blue Jays. Nothing is broken, Lerew says, but he does have some contusions.

"Nothing's broken, but obviously I have contusions, a big bruise [on my right bicep] and another on my side," Lerew said. "I did a bunch of treatment for it and it looks a lot better than it did. Hopefully I'll be ready to go soon."

Ouch. First the injury, then the demolition of the game.

Alberto Callaspo drawing interest from the Angels

The Angels are reportedly interested in the Royals third baseman Alberto Callaspo. The rumor is that they've offered up pitcher Sean O'Sullivan in addition to another "fringe prospect" for the services of Callaspo but the Royals have declined.

It seems the Angels will continue to try to get something done but it's not exactly clear what the Royals want.

KU likely to have another one-and-done

One thing I found interesting about the Kansas Jayhawks and Bill Self is that they've had one one-and-done (Xavier Henry). One! They're a major program and that usually attracts top tier players that only want to go to school for one year to get to the age requirement to hit the draft but KU has been able to avoid that.

With Josh Selby, it's likely the Jayhawks have another one-and-done.

He's widely believed to be heading to the 2011 draft as one of the top picks.

Chiefs make it official with fifth round pick

Cameron Sheffield officially became a member of the Chiefs on Tuesday as the club announced the deal. News broke that the two sides had come to an agreement last Friday but Sheffield put pen-to-paper on Tuesday.

Sheffield isn't expected to have a major impact in 2010 with the Chiefs starting outside linebackers set.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/20

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royals finally get a W

The Royalsfinallly won on Monday night after six consecutive losses. It had been over a week since they had recorded a victory but they did it in exciting fashion.

The Royals and Blue Jays went to 10 innings and in the top of the 10th the Blue Jays scored to go up one. That made me feel at least that the game was about over.

A Scott Podsednik triple and a Jason Kendall sac fly tied the game then a Alberto Callapso single helped end it for the Royals scoring two in the 10th for the win. Exciting.

Eddie Kennison retiring as a Chief

Well, well, well. One of the most underrated parts of the Chiefs record-breaking offense during the Dick Vermeil era is a Chief.

The Chiefs on Monday signed Eddie Kennison to a one-day contract so that he could technically retire as a Chief.

Fitting, isn't it?

I took to Kennison quickly when the Chiefs signed him. He had left the Broncos and quickly bashed them and Mike Shanahan so of course he fit right in. He then called the Chiefs the best team in the NFL. It all just seemed right.

Congrats to Eddie on a superb career.

Kansas basketball recruiting dominating still

In 2009, it was Xavier Henry. In 2010, it's Josh Selby. Now it appears in 2012 it'll be Nino Jackson.

Jackson is among the highest rated guards for the 2012 class and he's already been seen wearing KU gear and has all but admitted he'll be going to Kansas. He said this week that Bill Self had made him an offer and, while he didn't commit on the spot, insinuated his signature was going from pen-to-paper at some point.

Missouri at Kansas set for Feb. 7

One of the top basketball rivalries in the country will be featured on ESPN's Big Monday on Feb. 7.Missouri will travel to Lawrence to try to win in Allen Fieldhouse for the first time since....1999!

The Jayhawks are 20-8 in regular season play during the Big 12 conference era against the Jayhawks.

Anyone else jazzed to see how Josh Selby handles Mizzou's pressure D?

Kansas State, Frank Martin getting some respect

If you want to know what the nation thinks of you, then look no further than national television appearances. For Kansas State, it's plainly obvious America wants to see Frank Martin and the boys. Check out their ESPN schedule on Big Monday: Jan. 17, Jan. 24, Feb. 14 and Feb. 28.

By the way, four ESPN Big Monday games is tied with KU with the most.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/19

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royals are two bad days from last place

Will from Royals Review recently said the Royals are two bad days out of last place.

Indeed, the Royals are 11.0 games back and the Indians are 12.5.

How did this happen?

A week before the All-Star break we were debating whether Ned Yost should be talking about the playoffs as the Royals had won 10 of 13 and were seven games back from first place.

Now the playoffs are a joke. The Royals have no shot and they're battling to stay out of last place.


Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Page drawing attention for the Chiefs

Back in the first week of July, I reported that the Lions had inquired about Chiefs safety Jarrad Page.

A week and a half later and ESPN confirmed it.

Now, the Detroit media is catching on and discussing the Lions interest in Page.

What will happen?

I imagine as we get closer to camp, the Chiefs are waiting on the Lions offer to increase. With Bernard Pollard last year, it'll be interesting to see how the Chiefs handle Page.

With Weatherspoon gone, Mizzou's Ebner comes into focus

Sean Weatherspoon was one of the better Mizzou players in recent history. He was personable, marketable and, most importantly, very good as evidenced by his first round selection by the Falcons.

Now that he's gone,the focus turns to Will Ebner.

5. Will Ebner, Missouri: Big hitter. Tough, too. Consider that Ebner was back on the field two weeks after having arthroscopic surgery on a knee he injured against Nebraska. He had 78 tackles last year (9 1/2 for loss) and that was despite starting seven games. And with Sean Weatherspoon gone, expect Ebner’s impact to be even more magnified.

Ebner will now be looked at to fill part of Weatherspoon's leadership. It'll be interesting to see how he responds.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/18

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royals continue losing streak

Sigh...From Athletics Nation:

Nothing makes for a more enjoyable barbecuing of dead/unconscious/injured animals like a game won in the 9th inning. Adam Rosales, who has taken over the role of "being Marco Scutaro," cracked a two out base hit up the middle off of Royals' closer Joaquim Soria to score Kurt Suzuki, who had doubled, and break a 5-5 tie.

Yes, Joakim Soria, the guy so good the Royals are probably not going to trade blew it in the 9th. He had only blown two all year so while it's disappointing it's acceptable. Dude can't be perfect, right?

Here's a way to lose a game: The Royals 1-5 hitters went a combined 1-for-17.

Check out Royals Review for more Royals news.

Confirmed: Mizzou baseball assistant leaving for TCU

Yesterday we passed along some rumors via Rock M Nation that Mizzou assistant baseball coach was leaving for TCU. Matt Nestor of the Columbia Tribune confirms those rumors:

Yesterday, Vitello accepted a position as assistant coach yesterday with TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. He will be working with the infielders and hitters while serving as the Horned Frogs’ recruiting coordinator.

“I’m extremely jacked up to be here, because it’s a new challenge,” Vitello said in a phone interview last night. “It’s a good environment here. And it’s a little breath of fresh air in my career.”

Mizzou pitcher Nick Tepesch was selected in the MLB draft but hasn't decided if he'll leave. He said this wouldn't affect his intentions.

Check out Rock M Nation for Mizzou Tigers news.

No more Pumps


Yahoo! Sports reports on its website that “due to the Pumps’ financing of elite summer prep basketball teams, the NCAA has designated the brothers as ‘Individual(s) associated with a prospect,’ and made financial relationships impermissible between the Pumps’ foundation and Div. I schools and their coaching staffs.”

If the Pumps sound familiar, they should. They're a pair of brothers that are considered major powerbrokers in the world of college basketball. They run elite summer camps that often feature Bill Self and Lew Perkins in the stands as well as a company that helps place coaches in new jobs. Yahoo!'s investigation into the KU ticket scandal involved the Pumps. In addition, Bill Self and Lew Perkins reportedly frequently talked to the Pumps. There's been no legal action at this point and it's unclear if they are included in the investigation anymore.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more KU Jayhawks news.

Chiefs coach falling at American Century tournament

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is participating in the American Century Gold Championship this weekend in Lake Tahoe. It's all for charity but there are a ton of other athletes and coaches competing so you know he wants to win.

On Friday, he was tied for 15th.

On Saturday, he's down to 37th.

I hope a Chiefs player is there lecturing him on being mentally tough down the stretch.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for KC Chiefs news.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/17

Your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

What's up with Greinke?

Royals pitcher Zack Greinke gave up a run in the first and second innings and then three in the third on Friday night against the A's.

Last week, he tweaked his shoulder in a game but after trainers took a look at it he stayed in and finished the game. The next day, he reported no pain from the shoulder issue.

Then he was scratched from Sunday's start against the White Sox. So what gives?

The Royals have said it's no big deal but his first game back he gets hit pretty hard right off the bat (pun intended!).

I'm not sure what's going on but it's making me a little uneasy. You never know with the Royals.

Read more Royals news at Royals Review.

KU's all-time backfield isn't too shabby

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk is filling the offseason by voting for some of the all-time players at each position on the KU roster.

The backfield is impressive. Very impressive.

At running back, you've got none other than Gale Sayers. Hey, I remember that guy, He wasn't too bad, right?

Then at full back you've got John Riggins. He did OK for himself.

At quarterback? A little more recent with Todd Reesing, according to the RCT voters.

Hop on over to Rock Chalk Talk to check out what the fans are saying about the picks.

Rumor is Mizzou assistant baseball coach leaving Columbia

This is filed under the rumor category for now but SB Nation's Rock M Nation passes along a rumor making the rounds:

There has been no official announcement, no official confirmation, but the rumor is that Mizzou Assistant Coach Tony Vitello will be leaving the Tigers to take a position with the TCU Horned Frogs.

Not a major surprise if you follow Mizzou sports closely because Vitello has been involved in a very, very good pitching staff that's come out in recent years.

Read more Mizzou news at Rock M Nation.

Everyone announces Chiefs signing rookie Cameron Sheffield...except the Chiefs

The Chiefs are a little weird about announcing their draft pick signings. On Friday, word broke that the Chiefs had signed fifth rounder Cameron Sheffield. Within a few hours, a lot of outlets were reporting the news.

Eventually, the NFL confirmed the move via their transactions page.

But the Chiefs haven't said a word.

The team isn't confirming the move yet and we're not sure why. If the NFL has confirmed it, why haven't the Chiefs?

Read more Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/16

Daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Royals return to the field

The Royals return from their longest break of the season on Friday.

Zack Greinke will take the field after taking the mound last weekend. He's facing the A's on Friday night.

There will also be a look back at the Kansas City A's and crazy Charlie Finley this weekend.

We'll have previews of the series and notes from Royals Review.

For more Royals news, check out Royals Review.

Mizzou preview mag is coming

SB Nation's Rock M Nation has a preview magazine coming out for the 2010 football season. Here's what they said about it:

The 94-page production will include position-by-position walkthroughs, opponent (and remaining Big 12 teams) previews, a reference section, and history pieces for 1985, 1960 and 1935 (25, 50 and 75 years ago).  We are even more excited to mention columns from Dave Matter and site members Michael Atchison, ghtd36 and The Beef.  To say something has been a labor of love is extremely cliche, but in this case it is absolutely true.

Bill Connelly is one of the best at SB Nation. This should be something you buy (I am).

For more Mizzou news, check out Rock M Nation.

English says Morris is good

Recently, Mizzou guard Kim English was asked who the best player he would face this year is. He said he didn't know but he does know KU's Marcus Morris is pretty good.

That may be an understatement. Morris will be the best player on KU this year and if KU does anything in the postseason it will be largely due to Morris.

For more Jayhawks news, check out Rock Chalk Talk.

Ron Prince story gets better

The story of Ron Prince's secret buyout is getting better and better. Here's a full rundown of the story but this is my favorite part:

In Charlottesville, Krause made an offer: If Prince agreed to nullify the buyout agreement, Krause would purchase an insurance policy on his own life and designate Prince as the beneficiary.


For more K-State news, check out Bring On The Cats.

Rodney Harrison loves Eric Berry

Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison looooves Chiefs rookie Eric Berry, according to Harrison himself on a recent appearance with Soren Petro on 810 WHB.

Here's a snippet of what he had to say:

Let me say this. Everyone always talked about me being a hitter and I look at the kid, Eric Berry, and I love this kid. I thought he was the best defensive player in college football. I thought he should have went number one. I know Suh is big and all this but I love Eric Berry. People say, 'Maybe you're a little biased.' No, this kid is phenomenal.

Yeah, he likes him.

For more Chiefs news, check out Arrowhead Pride.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/15

Your daily roundup of Kansas City sports news...

Is Kansas City the "epicenter" of college basketball?

I went to the SportKC PROPS (People Recognizing Outstanding People of Sports) event on Wednesday evening at the Midland Theater in downtown Kansas City. The emcee, Kevin Kietzmann of 810 WHB, said at one point that Kansas City is the "epicenter" of college basketball.

He says the Sprint Center and Power & Light District is the best in the country for hosting tournaments. Now, Kietzmann has always been an advocate for college basketball in this town -- at one point taking the lead in the drive to get the Sprint Center -- so you've gotta be careful of hyperbole but I think he may be right on this.

Do you agree?

One more day off for the Royals

The Royals are off once again continuing their break for the All-Star Game. They last played on Sunday against the White Sox.

They'll return to the field on Friday against the A's. Zack Greinke will be your starting pitcher. We'll preview that series but, for now, enjoy the time off. Baseball is a grind.

Moustakas on his way

Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas has been promoted from AA to AAA and seems well on his way to be in Kauffman Stadium at the start of the 2011 season and possibly even this September.

Was this the right move?

Of course it was. The GM of the AA team called him the best hitter he's seen in 10 years. That's some high praise for a team that brings in a lot of highly touted prospects. Moustakas' progress will be something to watch the rest of the way.

Former Jayhawk Darrell Stuckey honored, thanks the Chiefs

Darrell Stuckey received the Co-Collegiate Male Athlete of the Year on Wednesday evening at the Midland Theater in Downtown Kansas City for the SportKC PROPS event.

During his speech, he talked about all the things he had done and how they had all come in Kansas City and how proud he was of that.

Then he thanked the Chiefs. Why?

For getting that Monday Night Football opener scheduled at Arrowhead so his first real NFL game will be in front of the hometown crowd.

I think he still might hear some boos.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/14

Your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Alex Gordon and Kila Ka'aihue waiting for the big leagues

Normally the average fan wouldn't have a lot of interest in the minor leagues but with the Royals there are two of the top players there in Omaha. For the Royals, a move at the trade deadline could mean Gordon or Ka'aihue could be called up.

“You never know,” Gordon said. “You don't know if anything will happen. They've been playing pretty well (in the majors), so you wonder if they will make any moves.”

“They've got business decisions up there with guys making (big) money,” Ka'aihue said. “There's nothing I can do about it, so there's no sense worrying about it. I look at it. I've talked to my agent about it. But there's nothing I can do.”

They need to do something to get these guys up. At 10.5 games out of first place in the division, they need to sell and they to bring them back up.

Jayhawks in the pros is tracking all of the Jayhawk baseball players that are in the minor or major leagues. I gotta admit, I don't follow a lot of college baseball so a lot of these names are foreign to me.

Here's the lone KU player in MLB:

Left-handed pitcher Tom Gorzelanny enters the All-Star break pitching well, having earned wins in his past two starts for the Chicago Cubs. Gorzelanny, who pitched at KU in 2002, earned a win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 10, allowing one run on six hits over six innings with a walk and a season-high seven strikeouts. Gorzelanny is 4-5 with a 3.16 ERA in 18 games for the Cubs and has 76 strikeouts in 74 innings on the hill.

I think more fans are interested in the other three Jayhawks in the pros: Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins.

Aaron O'Neal jersey going to LB Gooden

LB Zaviar Gooden will continue wearing no. 25 for Mizzou.

Why should this matter?

Because it's the Aaron O'Neal jersey.

Gooden also wears the honorary No. 25 jersey, given to a Missouri linebacker as a tribute to former Tiger Aaron O'Neal, who died during a voluntary workout in the July 2005. He'll pass it on to another linebacker when his career ends.

Pretty cool tradition there at Mizzou. I figured I'd pass that along for those that didn't know.

Still six unsigned Chiefs

It seems as if nothing is going on at One Arrowhead Drive but I can assure you the Chiefs front office is working through the six remaining rookie contract.

Rounds 2-5, five of the remaining six picks, won't be difficult. Those contracts are essentially slotted (though technically they're not).

There are no updates to negotiations with Eric Berry. Presumably other top ten picks will be signed before him and we'll have an idea of when his signing is coming. Last year, if I'm not mistaken, reports came out indicating Scott Pioli would prefer to get the second and fourth picks signed before the Chiefs signed Tyson Jackson with the third pick.

So we will continue to wait.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/13

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Wizards are trying to stick in Kansas City

Now that the World Cup is over, and the Wizards marketing department has seen that this is a city that could love soccer, they're going to strike while the iron's hot.

“As interested as your readers were in soccer two to three weeks ago, they are already talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and what’s going to happen in the Big 12 this fall," said Lee Berke, sports media consultant. "There is this ongoing merry-go-round of sports that divides a lot of attention. Soccer is going to have to compete against all these other sports to keep people’s attention during that four-year cycle (between World Cups).”

Not going to happen. We've seen this happen before. In 2006, the ratings for the World Cup were very high and then dropped to nearly nothing when MLS came on.

It's just as about what else is going on as it is the Wizards. For a few weeks in June, the only thing to compete with the World Cup is baseball. Once you start moving to July and August, you're messing with the Chiefs season and Wizards can't win that battle. We'll see how it all shakes out.

Royals' Soria takes the stage tonight

Will he or won't he? Kansas City wants to know if Joakim Soria can close out the All-Star game tonight. If the opportunity presents itself...

Tonight should be his national stage, finally his, the ball and three outs in the ninth inning in front of a worldwide audience to close out baseball’s summer showcase. Except Yankees manager Joe Girardi doesn’t see it that way, a mistake that will keep Soria hidden a little while longer.

Soria is fine with this. He isn’t driven by fame, so remaining Kansas City’s best-kept secret is good enough. He says he’ll be ready tonight no matter what, whether he’s needed or not.

If the rest of the world knows about Kansas City's secret, his value probably goes up and becomes more attractive because he's talented and marketable to other teams. So...why not?

More Royals news at Royals Review.

NCAA '11 Football comes out today

Rock M Nation and Rock Chalk Talk have both been doing a campaign for NCAA '11 Football (video game). Here is their latest entry on expectations for the 2010 season.

Rock Chalk Talk:

My take is this, Kansas football is definitely in a better position now than they were when the last coaching change took place.  With that in mind, I'm not expecting the team to tank.  Kansas has a higher caliber of talent on the roster, the energy in the program has seen a resurgence with a fresh start and it's quite simply a matter of whether or not a team pulling in the same direction is enough to overcome some major losses and some serious question marks.

Rock M Nation:

  • I expect to either be thrilled about Blaine Gabbert's senior season in 2011 or thrilled that he put up good enough numbers/led Missouri to a good enough 2010 to warrant entering the NFL Draft.
  • I expect Missouri fans to undervalue Derrick Washington during the season and overvalue him after the season.
  • I expect to sigh loudly when playcalling is inevitability whined about at some point.

More Jayhawks and Tigers news at Rock Chalk Talk and Rock M Nation.

Supplemental draft is coming

The Chiefs supplemental draft is coming on July 15 and it sounds like the Chiefs could play a role. They're reportedly interested in Harvey Unga, a running back out of BYU. The rumor is he could go as high as the third round and as low as not being drafted at all.

He's a big back in the mold of someone to complement Jamaal Charles, the faster back.

Will the Chiefs snag him? There seems to be a decent amount of interest and considering the Chiefs are generally conservative, I would say no, they are not going to get him.

More Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/12

Here's your daily dose of Chiefs news....

Royals fall is coming

I hate to be the typical Royals fans but we do know this is all going to come crashing down, right? It appears that's the way it's happening now.

The Royals had to take at least a couple from the White Sox to entertain any wacky ideas of competing for the division. The Royals were eight back and the Sox were a half game back of the Tigers so it's obvious they couldn't get swept.

Then the Royals got swept. They're not 10.5 games back.

Things aren't getting easier with the A's, Blue Jays, Yankees and Twins coming up over the next few weeks.

More Royals news at Royals Review.

Seven wins for KU in 2010?

Some computer simulations have suggested KU football will win seven games in 2010 which would be good for second place in the Big 12.

Here's the Jayhawks schedule:

Sept. 4 -- N. Dakota State
11 -- Georgia Tech
17 -- @Southern Miss
25 -- New Mexico State
Oct. 2 -- @Baylor
14 -- Kansas State
23 -- Texas A&M
30 -- @Iowa State
Nov. 6 -- Colorado
13 -- @Nebraska
20 -- Oklahoma State
27 -- Missouri (in Kansas City)

Do you see seven wins in there? I think I see seven and a potential for another win or two.

More KU news at Rock Chalk Talk.

Former Mizzou Tigers, now NFL players are back in Columbia

A few former Mizzou Tigers returned to Faurot Field last week -- Jeremy Maclin, Sean Weatherspoon and Martin Rucker. They were working out in Columbia, which is pretty standard. Once NFL rookie camps end, they need a place to work out and colleges are often the choice.

"I think the more guys come back, man, I think the better you know. Not only just to see each other again but also to kind of work around Coach Ivey again. He definitely helped us become the guys that we are you know going into the league and trying to maintain that relationship is a very important thing," said Maclin.

"Well you know you got to find a place to work out you got to be ready for training camp and I mean, me, I've never been to a training camp yet so I don't know what to expect so I just decided to come back to my roots man, you know where it all started," added Weatherspoon.

"Time to get in shape for training camp you know and you got to have a place to do it and some guys go somewhere and pay for it but we can get the same thing if not better here," said Rucker.

More MU news at Rock M Nation.

Answering Jarrad Page's question

Earlier this week, Chiefs unsigned safety Jarrad Page had the following to say via Twitter:

I'm confused as to why it is "betrayal" when a player decides to go to a new team(LeBron James) but when an organization cuts a player or runs him out if town it's "just business"

Page is right. But here's the first of two reasons many people are upset about LeBron leaving and why Page's questions won't work. From a 2006 ESPN interview with James:

It’s also important to me to make the team I’m on now the best. I don’t want to go ring-chasing, as I call it; you know, going to a team that’s already pretty established and trying to win a ring with them. I want to stay with the Cavs and build a champion. And I feel like we’re on our way.

Sounds like he went ring-chasing, if you ask me. He told the fans one thing and did another. That makes fans very upset. He pledged his loyalty to a town and then decided to go somewhere else. If he changed his mind -- that's OK. But it is NOT OK to hold a one-hour special embarrassing your hometown. That's how you lose fans. What maybe he should've done is what Kevin Durant did -- announce your new deal with one simple tweet.

More Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/11

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royals lose again, hoping it doesn't affect trade deadline

The Royals have lost two in a row. Maybe it's just the Royals fan in me, but I feel this is the beginning of the end. I know it's just two in a row but I'm just waiting for them to go on some 8-game losing streak that effectively ends their division title dreams. It makes sense, right? The Royals are not a 10-win-out-of-13 type of team. They're more like a 10-win-out-of-21 type of team -- just slightly under .500.

But if the Royals are going to implode -- even if for just a week -- they need to do it now so management doesn't get any wild dreams about the season as the trade deadline nears.

If you're gonna sell, sell. Don't let a mini-winning streak change that.

Slow days in college land

There's not much going on with Kansas, Missouri and Kansas State.

Kansas basketball players have been doing some summer leagues and staying in tip-top shape. I'm pretty jazzed to see Marcus Morris next year. He should be big-time. Kansas football continues to recruit. I've said it before, but I really like all the offensive linemen Turner Gill is recruiting. That's the way to build a solid team.

Mizzou's 2010 recruiting class is coming together. They've got nearly everyone on campus except Tony Mitchell and Ricardo Ratliffe. Getting those two guys eligible and on campus is key. Mizzou football is rolling along. Blaine Gabbert will make them serious contenders in the Big 10, err 12, this year.

Kansas State lost Dominique Sutton on the basketball team recently. But, like a good recruiter, he had someone in the fold that was on campus a week later. Kansas State football doesn't have as much going for it as Kansas and Missouri but they'll be interesting to watch once again.

Chiefs draft pick signings going slow

We told you yesterday that it appears Javier Arenas is switching agents which means his signing won't come at least for a few days because of the five-day waiting period to hire new agents.

After that...not much news on the draft pick signing front.

Everyone but Eric Berry are essentially assured to be under contract before camp starts on July 30. Berry might be a few days into camp but it'll get done eventually.

World Cup final coming today

I'll admit it. I stopped watching the World Cup once the USA was eliminated. However, I do plan to watch the final today because, well, there ain't no party like a World Cup party.

It's Spain vs. Netherlands and has a great preview on the match:

Like Spain, the Netherlands have never won a World Cup--though they've been on the cusp, having reached the 1974 and 1978 finals.  Unlike Spain, the Dutch don't carry two years' worth of expectations into Sunday's game.  On the contrary, after the Dutch dominated group stage at Euro 2008 only to flame-out in the knockout round, there was a decided same ol' Dutch feel to it all.  Those were the mixed expectations the Netherlands carried into South Africa, but thanks to an unanticipated change of style, those expectations quickly became inapplicable.

This year's Dutch team is consistent, stable, if stoic (relative to the days of Total Football), yet it's a style that's brought the Netherlands back to the finals, where this year's team will have a chance to succeed where their more romanticized predecessors failed.

If you haven't been watching the World Cup, read that preview and get ready for today's game at 1:30 p.m. (CDT).


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/10

Here's your daily dose of new from the Kansas City area....

Royals streak is over

One of my favorite lines from the movie Major League is when the manager, Lou Brown, explains to the guys what a winning streak is -- three in a row.

The Royals were on a winning streak and had it snapped last night. They went scoreless through eight innings and lost 8-2 to the White Sox.

Mark Buehrle, who the Royals had been doing well against, shut the hot bats of the Royals down. This one hurts because it's the Royals chance to make a dent on the Sox now nine game lead over the Royals in the A.L. Central.

It'll be interesting to see how this team responds. We just talked about Ned Yost changing the culture and one of those was making the team believe they're not out of this thing yet.

More Royals news at Royals Review.

Where did Sherron Collins come from?

SB Nation Kansas City's Brian Goodman wrote a story on Sherron Collins and how he's doing in the NBA Summer League. The story was filed Thursday night so we missed his best performance on Friday morning. You know, the one where out of the blue he dropped 32 freakin' points on 7/11 shooting from beyond the arc.

The pressure was on and Collins stepped up. Sounds about right.

Meanwhile, Russell Robinson had a solid night putting up 18 points on 8/8 free throw shooting.

It was a good night for KU but a bad night for Kansas State.

Denis Clemente only saw three minutes of action and went 0/2. Doesn't sound like the NBA is in his future.

More Jayhawks news at Rock Chalk Talk.

Waiting on two key Mizzou recruits to get to campus

Mizzou has a heckuva a basketball recruiting class. Some are rating in the top 20 in the nation, a ranking to be proud of.

However, that ranking would take a hit of Tony Mitchell and Ricardo Ratliffe don't get to campus. Mitchell of course had major grades issues and his test scores were being questioned. He's not quite out of the woods yet though both sides are expecting him to be there. Meanwhile, Ratliffe went through some grades question marks of his own and his arrival is expected to happen.

Once Mizzou sees those two step on campus, they'll feel a lot better about this class.

More Mizzou news at Rock M Nation.

Remembering the 2007 MU/KU game at Arrowhead

SB Nation's college sites -- Rock M Nation, Rock Chalk Talk, Bring On The Cats and others -- have been doing a series with EA Sports called 'Where I Come From' promoting the new NCAA 2011 College Football game. A couple of the topics included favorite teams, players, moments and so on.

Rock M Nation cited the 2007 MU/KU game on several occasions as one of their favorites.

I'd have to agree.

I was in attendance that day at Arrowhead and, for someone who has been to countless Chiefs games, it was amazing. It was No. 2 vs. No. 3 in the country, the No. 1 team had lost earlier that day (there was some streak going on at the time of the No. 1 team in the nation losing week after week). The game was changed to the Saturday night game. It was cold.

Arrowhead at night is special. It doesn't happen that often, especially for a game of this magnitude.

I remember being out in the parking lot all day (How I remember, I don't know) and tailgating. Going up to my seats, which were actually pretty good. We went with a bunch of friends and me and a buddy had different seats than everyone else, which were a lot closer. I remember buying lots of beer and knowing at the time that this would be a game to remember (if it weren't for all that beer, I would..).

In short, the game was unbelievable. Both sides, even KU, had a reason to be proud. For one night, MU and KU were the center of the sports universe.

Something doesn't seem right with Javier Arenas and his reps

Checking the NFLPA website, Chiefs rookie Javier Arenas was previously repped by Lamont Smith of All Pro Sports & Entertainment. Now, Smith is no longer listed as the rep.

Basically it means Arenas is switching agents. There's been no clarification on what's going on (and I suspect there won't be).

For our purposes, this means that Arenas may not be signing for a few days. Once a player switches his agent, he has to wait five days before hiring another one. Presumably, Arenas isn't going to be negotiating his own contract.

Why would someone switch their agent? Could be a personality conflict with the agent, money, or a host of other reasons.

More Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/9

Here's your Kansas City sports news for the 9th of July....

Royals get back at it tonight

The Royals return to the field tonight as Bruce Chen takes on Mark Buehrle and the White Sox.

This is a huge series. The Royals are eight games out of first place in the division and 7.5 from the White Sox.

It sounds like the Royals will skip Anthony Lerew in the rotation and Greinke will be pitching this weekend. Also, Luke Hochevar is expected to be available this weekend. I don't see them using him as a test in such an important series.

The Royals are currently seven games under .500.

More Royals news at Royals Review.

Mizzou releases roster, still waiting on two

Missouri released their 2010-2011 basketball roster and everything looks good except....Tony Mitchell and Ricardo Ratliffe, two recruits, aren't listed.

They're not technically on campus yet. Mike Anderson expects them both in Columbia, eventually. Mitchell is the one who had some suspicious grades and test scores so he's still working through all of that. Ratliffe sounds like he's good to go just taking care of some school stuff.

This is a very good recruiting class. Without Tony Mitchell, it takes a big hit.

More Tigers news at Rock M Nation.

Mario Chalmers is about to get paid

He's the point guard on the Heat. You know, the same Heat that just signed LeBron James and Chris Bosh and re-signed Dwyane Wade?

Always looking out for his Jayhawks, here's what Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk had to say:

Mario now gets to have every game on TV.  Mario will automatically be made to look like a solid role player at worst.  And if customary protocol holds true, Mario can grab a chunk of that hefty contract from Lebron in order to give up the #6 jersey to the King.

I'd sell that jersey to LeBron for a cool $10 million. No joke.

More Jayhawks news at Rock Chalk Talk.

Dwayne Bowe going to Larry Fitzgerald's summer camp

There were a few interesting things that came out of Dwayne Bowe attending Larry Fitzgerald's summer camp:

  • The Chiefs knew Cris Carter was going to be there to give him some "tough love"
  • The camp is voluntary so he chose to come
  • Bowe had taken the previous 12 days off from conditioning
  • Bowe felt he was out of shape

How you're out of shape after last year's training camp fiasco is beyond me. I suspect he'll have it fixed by July 30.

More Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride.


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/7

Here's your daily dose of news from around the Kansas City area...

Nine of 12 for the Royals, Ned Yost maybe not so crazy

About a month ago, the Royals won two consecutive series' for the first time all season. Now, they have won four in a row.

Beating the Mariners on Tuesday night marked their fourth consecutive series win, first series win in Seattle in eight years and the ninth victory in the last 12 games.

So is Ned Yost crazy for saying this week that the Royals aren't out of contention for the division title? I know he has to keep that kind of faith, but it just didn't seem like reality....until you realize the Royals really are playing that well.

Unfortunately, statistics would say they're going back to normal fairly quickly, but it's making this fan more interested in July.

More Royals news at Royals Review.

Sherron Collins slowly but surely coming along

Sherron Collins signed with the Bobcats summer league team trying to find a place in the NBA Things are going just OK at this point:

Former Kansas guard Sherron Collins scored two points on 1-for-2 shooting in the Charlotte Bobcats summer league team’s 86-85 victory over Oklahoma City on Tuesday.

Collins contributed two assists and one turnover in 10 minutes. After committing six fouls on Monday, Collins had just one personal Tuesday.

Collins committed six personal fouls in less than one half of play in his first game. We'll have more on former KU players and the summer leagues coming up.

More Kansas news at Rock Chalk Talk.

Mizzou is smart

Gotta hang your hat on something:

Academically, the Tigers flourished in the Big 12, with 80 athletes landing on the All-Big 12 academic team. MU led the Big 12 in seven of 20 sports in Academic Progress Rate, or APR, and had an overall GPA of 2.8. The APR was good for second in conference, placing only behind the soon-to-be-departed University of Colorado. Ten sports had cumulative average GPAs of more than 3.0, and more than half of all Missouri athletes achieved a GPA of 3.0 or better.

And they're expected to be legit in basketball and football this year. Lots of bragging points on the line.

More Missouri news at Rock M Nation.

Two members of Chiefs secondary hit the bowling lanes

Some people wonder what NFL players are doing on their summer break. The answer, for a lot of them, is community work.

For Brandon Flowers and DaJaun Morgan, that's the case as they attended Browns safety Abram Elam's Celebrity Bowling Challenge. The guest list to the event is impressive:

Miami Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall; Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester; Baltimore Ravens’ Anquan Boldin; Cleveland Browns’ Joshua Cribbs; New York Jets’ Darrelle Revis, David Clowney and Drew Coleman; New Orleans Saints’ Heath Evans and Usama Young and more.

Flowers and Morgan are good guys.

More Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride.


Kansas City Sports News: Cowtown Rundown 7/6

Here's your daily dose of sports news from the Kansas City area (....and Lawrence...and two hours east in Columbia).....

Royals keep rolling

The Royals won again last night, 6-4, in a 10-inning thriller against the Mariners.

In the middle of June the Royals hadn't won back-to-back series' all season. They've done it twice now with a chance to make three in a row this evening.

Since Ned Yost was promoted on May 14, the Royals are 25-23, two games over .500. To go from the point where your manager is being dismissed to a two-game-over-.500 ball club is impressive. And, until the debacle on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball against the Angels, they were doing it with good pitching, too.

I'm not sure what to think of these Royals but they're doing something right right now.

What's more impressive: 25-23 record under Ned Yost or 6-2 record in extra inning games?

I'll go with the 25-23 record but that extra innings record is close.

More Royals News at Royals Review: Royals beat Mariners recap

Bill Self hitting the grind

Bill Self is in the midst of recruiting for Kansas at the moment. He calls it a "grind." I can imagine. He has to travel from city to city, home to home and meet families.

“I love getting to know the families. That’s what’s fun about recruiting,” Self added of the in-home visits that come in September.

Yeah, it's a grind, but I'm sure when Self walks into each recruit's house he makes them feel like the most important people in the world. That's Bill Self and that's why he's among the best in the country.

More Jayhawks news from Rock Chalk Talk.

Shoplifting at Spencer Gifts....? Um, OK

Mizzou safety Jarrell Harrison was suspended indefinitely for shoplifting at....Spencer Gifts?

SB Nation's Holly Anderson has a poll going asking which shoplifting spot is more embarrassing and the early leader is Build-A-Bear.

More Mizzou news from Rock M Nation.

Back to work for the Chiefs

The Chiefs are getting back to work this week after taking some time off for the July 4 holiday.

There could be a few late round draft pick signings this week as we all wait for the big one to be signed, Eric Berry.

After the July 4 holiday is historically when NFL front offices get back to work.

More Chiefs news from Arrowhead Pride: Lions sniffing around Chiefs S Jarrad Page, Looking at a 2010 Kansas City Chiefs preview


Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/5

Here's your daily rundown of Kansas City sports news...

Royals get smoked in return to ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball

Ah, this is frustrating. The Royals are actually playing well, the rest of the world probably doesn't realize that and so when they have a chance to showcase themselves, what do they do?

Get blown out  11-0.


Read more about the game here.

Soria will rep the Royals at the All-Star Game

Joakim Soria got the nod for the Royals in the All-Star Game. He's the co-leader in the A.L. with 22 saves. The Royals have 36 wins.

Soria beat out guys like David DeJesus, Billy Butler and Jose Guillen. All three would have been worthy candidates. The problem, I think, is that they're all very good at a lot of things and not dominant at one.

More Royals news from Royals Review: Joakim Soria named to the All-Star team, Royals destroyed by Angels in finale.

Mizzou safety suspended for shoplifting


Jarrell Harrison has been suspended indefinitely, according to MU, after being arrested on Friday for suspicion of misdemeanor shoplifting at Spencer's, a novelty store in the Columbia Maul.

Really? C'mon....

More Tigers news from Rock M Nation: Colorado preview, Mizzou Links 7/5.

Rock Chalk Talk giving away a free copy of EA Sports NCAA Football '11

EA Sports is sponsoring a series of posts leading up to the release of the new college football game. If you want a copy of the game, and you're a Kansas fan, you need to stop by Rock Chalk Talk. They are giving away one free copy and all you have to do is head over to Rock Chalk Talk and tell them the following on these days:

Monday: How I became a Kansas fan

Tuesday: All-Time Favorite Kansas FOOTBALL team.

Wednesday: Tailgating Traditions. (tailgating recipes, games, traditions, superstitions, have at it)

Thursday: All-Time Favorite Jayhawk Footballers

Friday: Most Memorable Football Moments (games, plays, seasons, bowls)

Monday: Expectations for the 2010 Football Season

Tuesday: Christmas in July (winner announced, I ship the game)

I wonder if I'm eligible.

[Editor's Note: No seriously I am wondering. I mean I blog for a living. Shouldn't I be able to win this thing?]

More Jayhawks news at Rock Chalk Talk.

Chiefs starting to work on Berry, other draft picks

Historically, NFL front offices get back to work after the 4th of July holiday. Their main focus is locking down contract for their club's draft picks.

For the Chiefs that means the six remaining: Eric Berry (1), Dexter McCluster (2), Javier Arenas (2), Tony Moeaki (3), Jon Asamoah (3) and Cameron Sheffield (5).

Expect to hear some news in the next week on at least one of those picks.

More Chiefs news at Arrowhead Pride: Wallace Gilberry entering contract year, Arrowheadlines.


Cow Town Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/3

Here are your morning talking points in Kansas City sports...

Don't look now, but I'm getting excited about the Royals

I know, I know. They'll let me down. But the Royals are playing just over .500 ball since Ned Yost came on May 14.

Last night was sort of bizarro world with the Royals. Kyle Davies gave up a bunch of hits and just one earned run in over seven innings. As Jose Guillen aptly pointed out, it's usually the Royals who get a ton of hits and score few runs.

If the Royals keep winning, it could change some plans they had for the MLB trade deadline.

More Royals stories from Royals Review: Royals/Angels preview, live game commentary, Royals win wild one in Orange County.

Brad Smith, Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert....Corbin Berkstresser?

Mizzou is turning into quite the quarterback factory. Corbin Berkstresser is a high three-star recruit, according to Rivals, and Jeremy Crabtree seems to think he could really develop into a solid player.

If you step back and look, there are not a lot of four-star quarterbacks in this year's national group. It's kind of a down year for quarterbacks. We have him as a 5.7 three-star, which means we still project him as a multi-year college starter that does have pro potential. So, it's not like he's not already one of the top quarterbacks in the region. I think some people for some reason have the perception that three stars means he sucks. Well, that’s not the case. Three stars means we think he's a tremendous college prospect and mult-year starter.

This would be big for Mizzou. Gabbert could lead them to some major success since he's got a first round arm.

Read more Mizzou news at Rock M Nation.

Turner Gill building from the inside out

If you look at all the successful NFL teams, they usually have two things in common: A good quarterback and a good offensive line.

Turner Gill is trying to build at least one of those. The Jayhawks have gotten several big time offensive line recruits over the last couple of weeks so it appears Gill "gets it". Kansas will have trouble competing for the top quarterbacks in the area but if you build a great line, you can put a less-than-stellar signal caller back there.

Good plan by Turner Gill.

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Kendrick Lewis has a strange contract with the Chiefs

The Chiefs signed Kendrick Lewis this week and it's a strange contract. Generally, late round picks (Lewis was a 5th round pick) sign for the minimum salaries then get a signing bonus that's pretty much slotted. Lewis, however, didn't take a signing bonus. Instead, he took a roster bonus on July 1.

The difference? The Chiefs can't spread the roster bonus out over the life of the contract -- they could with the signing bonus.

I'm sure there's some motivation there from Scott Pioli but I'm having trouble understanding it.

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Water Cooler Talk: Kansas City Sports News 7/2

We're going to try something new. Here's a kickoff to your morning with a few quick notes on the Royals, Chiefs, Jayhawks and Tigers.

Royals and Angels start tonight in Anaheim

Ugh...I'll be honest to tell you I don't like West Coast games. Even though it's a weekend, there's no way I can stay up for a 9:05 game.

The Royals have won two consecutive series' for the second time this year. A couple weeks ago they did it for the first time. The Ned Yost era (since May 14) is looking better and better.

Our Angels correspondents for the game: SB Nation's Halos Heaven.

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Chiefs training camp under a month away

The Chiefs start training camp in less than a month. They'll arrive July 29 and start practicing at 1:50 p.m. on July 30. It's in St. Joe this year and a rep from Missouri Western State University said they're expecting as many as 10,000 people on certain days. Other reps have said they could be getting 5,000 per day.

This blows away the few hundred (or less) they would get in River Falls, WI last year.

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Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert makes an appearance in Kansas City

A few days ago local news here in Kansas City -- NBC 41 -- caught up with Chase Daniel when he came back to town. Now another Mizzou quarterback is talking in Kansas City.

"The games are going to be fun. We've got a bunch of guys returning on offense, kind of new and renewed."

If all goes well, Gabbert will be a first round pick next April -- maybe top 10.

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Jayhawks confidence

We told you the other day that the Jayhawks fans were the most confident in the area, according to our polls. That's likely because Turner Gill's on a recruiting hot streak and Jayhawks basketball player Marcus Morris has looked good this summer.

The Jayhawks have reason to be confident.

More Jayhawks stories from Rock Chalk Talk: Jayhawk t-shirt ideas.

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