Chiefs Finally Win A Preseason Game, Beat Packers 17-13

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Chiefs Finally Win A Preseason Game, Beat Packers 17-13

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Green Bay Packers 17-13 on Thursday evening for the first victory of the preseason.

Here's the good and the bad from Thursday night's game.


  • Javier Arenas' 44-yard kick return.
  • Dexter McCluster had a nice 14-yard run on a fake handoff.
  • Demorrio Williams lined up as a defensive end with his hand on the ground and notched a sack.
  • Dwayne Bowe caught a pass from Matt Cassel and took it down to the three yard line.
  • Kendrick Lewis broke up a pass on the goal line.
  • Javier Arenas broke up a touchdown pass in the end zone.
  • Jackie Battle had a 50-yard run down the right side of the field.

Not so good....

  • Ryan Succop missed a 51-yard field goal (it hit the upright).
  • Cassel threw an interception. Dwayne Bowe fell on the play so it was hard to tell whose fault it was.
  • Jeremy Horne took an end around from McCluster in the wildcat and ended up reversing field losing 12 yards on the play.
  • The Packers had a 77 yard pass.
  • Alex Magee had a fourth quarter penalty (hands to the face) that gave the Packers a first down.

NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Five Inactives For Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs have five players inactive against the Green Bay Packers in the final preseason game.

Here are the Chiefs inactives: Maurice Leggett, Cameron Sheffield, Darryl Harris, Ryan O'Callaghan and Tamba Hali.

None of these are surprising as they didn't practice this week.

Here are the Packers inactives: Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, Ryan Grant, Will Blackmon, Brandon Underwood, Clay Matthews, Desmond Bishop, Brad Jones, Bryan Bulaga, Chad Clifton, Cullen Jenkins and Allen Barbre.

Rodgers was supposed to play one series this evening but apparently not.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Keys To The Game

The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will meet on Thursday night at 7 p.m. (CDT) in Arrowhead Stadium for the final preseason game.

There are a lot of keys for the Chiefs in this game less than two weeks from the regular season opener. Here are three things the Chiefs should hope to accomplish in this game.

Staying healthy: This is the number one key to the game. The Chiefs can play horrible and if they come out completely healthy, then there will be a slight victory in there. No short-term injuries that will affect a player for Monday Night Football on Sept. 13 and certainly no long-term injuries. Either would be devastating to the Chiefs, who have little depth.

Starting fast: The Chiefs have been talking about starting fast for what seems like 20 months now. Oh. Wait. It has been 20 months since they've been saying that. The first team offense will likely only play a few series (if that) but they still need to score a touchdown. The defense isn't quite there yet so the Chiefs do need points from the offense. And they need to come early.

Controlling special teams: This is an important one that you wouldn't normally think about. The Chiefs players in the second, third and fourth quarter will probably be made up of guys that are going to need special teams to make the team. Those are usually backups -- your third inside linebacker, fifth safety, etc. That's why they need to dominate special teams in this game. That's what those guys are going to be making their money on in 2010, if they make the team, so they should be very good at it.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Brodie Croyle Will See More Time

The Kansas City Chiefs starters probably won't see much time against the Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead Stadium this evening.

But the backups will. One of the backups that will see considerable time is Brodie Croyle.

Croyle's been out the last few weeks with an arm injury. He played in the first preseason game and hasn't played since.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley confirmed that Croyle will likely see more action than usual this time around.

"I think it’s a fair statement that he’s missed a considerable amount of time that adds up pretty quick for a quarterback. I think snaps that he can get will be positive, that’s for sure.”

Last year in the final preseason game Croyle played most of the first half but that was because Matt Cassel was injured in the previous game and the Chiefs knew Croyle was likely to play the first game so they had to get him prepared.

Ideally, Croyle doesn't play much this season but the Chiefs need to be prepared if Cassel goes down for a game like he did last year.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Five Bubble Players To Watch

The Kansas City Chiefs will meet the Green Bay Packers this evening at Arrowhead Stadium.

There are plenty of players that need to step it up. I count 40 bubble players on the Chiefs.

Here are five of those bubble players that need solid performances tonight against the Packers.

1. RB Jackie Battle

He's come very close to locking up a roster spot. In the past two weeks, his main competition has been unavailable. RB Kestahn Moore was released and RB Javarris Williams didn't play last week. One of those guys appear headed for the practice squad.

Battle meanwhile has turned in two consecutive solid performances. He's as close to a bubble player lock as you can get and ideally has another productive performance to solidify his position as the third running back.

2. WR Jeremy Horne

He may be the only undrafted free agent that gets a spot on the roster.

Last week, he had several solid special teams plays including downing a punt inside the ten. He shows a lot of effort which is something the Chiefs love.

He's also a deep threat...even if he hasn't caught a deep pass. He's got some wheels and Brodie Croyle has attempted a couple of the few long passes to Horne in the Chiefs preseason. He's not an offensive threat in 2010 -- special teams is where he'll make his mark -- but he'll need to show some offensive skill in order to be a long-term fit on the team.

3. QB Tyler Palko

The Chiefs like to have a development quarterback on the roster (like Matt Gutierrez last year).

Palko hasn't had a very good camp and I can't figure out why the Chiefs aren't bringing in someone else. Maybe it's because they need the practice against left-handed quarterbacks. I'm not sure.

But on Saturday there will be quite a few players released and quarterbacks will be included in that group. Palko needs to show something in his extended duty this evening in order to secure his spot on the team. I can easily see the Chiefs going with a different long-term option there because I just haven't seen much out of Palko.

4. DE Alex Magee

He's a 2009 third round pick so he may be safe but if we're going by performance he's definitely on the roster bubble.

He needs a big game because it seems he's going up against Shaun Smith for a roster spot. The first three defensive ends -- Tyson Jackson, Glenn Dorsey and Wallace Gilberry -- are all safe. The Chiefs may keep four-to-five defensive ends. If it's only four, then it's Magee vs. Smith.

I'm taking Smith every time...unless Magee steps it up and at least shows what he's capable of. He's still young so part of the fascination with him is based on potential.

5. CB/S Donald Washington

Another 2009 draft pick. Washington is a fourth rounder but he's also switched positions and is currently the third string safety.

Clearly he doesn't have a huge future at safety with Kendrick Lewis and Jon McGraw ahead of him.

I'm not quite sure where he fits. This game -- he should play a lot -- could go a long way to determining his role. It'll probably be special teams but you can't keep a fourth round pick on the roster for too long because he's just a special teamer.

I'm not sure where Washington fits. He'll have to show us tonight.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Staying Healthy Is Key

For the Kansas City Chiefs, their most important job against the Green Bay Packers is to stay healthy.

Forget sacking the quarterback, throwing touchdowns and special teams.

There is nothing more important than staying healthy tonight.

The Chiefs are not a deep team. Todd Haley said this week, "We don't have enough depth anywhere." And that's the truth.

Right tackle Ryan O'Callaghan went down last week and, if he's not healthy, Barry Richardson would be a starter.

Nothing against Richardson but he's more likely on the team because of a lack of options than anything he's done. He's been OK backing up O'Callaghan but he's not a long-term option there.

An injury would quickly make this a horrible game for the Chiefs. That's why you'll likely see the starters play a quarter or less and the Chiefs will be happy once they get the first team out healthy.

Keep it in mind. The goal tonight is to stay healthy.


NFL Preseason Chiefs vs. Packers: The Basics Of The Game

If you're wondering how to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers preseason game on Thursday evening, here's all the information:

THURSDAY, SEPT. 2, 2010 – 7 P.M. (CENTRAL)

CBS Regional Coverage
KCTV-5 (CBS in Kansas City)
Play-by-play: Mike Kelly Color Commentator: Trent Green Sideline Reporter: Michael Coleman

Chiefs FOX Football Radio Network
KCFX-FM (101.1 FM in Kansas City)
Play-by-play: Mitch Holthus Color Commentator: Len Dawson Sideline Reporter: Kendall Gammon


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Two Starters May Be Out

The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will meet on Thursday evening at Arrowhead Stadium for the final preseason game of the year.

For the Chiefs, they could be missing a few key players. Here's a run down on where the Chiefs stand with injuries.

  • OLB Tamba Hali: He missed a couple of days of practice this week and, according to the Kansas City Star, had his "ankle heavily taped" during practice. Considering it's preseason, there's no reason to play him.
  • RT Ryan O'Callaghan: He's another starter that's out. He missed last week and hasn't practiced since so playing him doesn't seem like a sure thing.
  • WR Chris Chambers: He appears to be OK but did leave practice a little early. Todd Haley seemed to indicate he's fine.
  • G Darryl Harris: He's been missing since the middle of training camp. Don't expect him to play.
  • DB Maurice Leggett: He had a head injury two weeks ago and hasn't practice so it doesn't look like he'll play. Better to be safe in this situation.
  • OLB Cameron Sheffield: Like Leggett, it's probably better to be safe and not play him after a neck injury last week.

Other than Chambers, it appears that these guys will be sitting on Thursday night against the Packers.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers To Play One Series

The Kansas City Chiefs defense will get one series to see how they lineup against one of the NFL's best offenses led by Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers, the Packers quarterback, will play just one series on Thursday night against the Chiefs.

The Packers were third in offense last year and one of the best offenses in the NFL. Rodgers is quickly moving into that elite category.

That's too bad they'll get just one series. I'm not sure how long Chiefs coach Todd Haley will want to play his starters against the Packers second team.


Kansas City Chiefs Schedule Leading Up To The Green Bay Packers Preseason Game

The Kansas City Chiefs don't have a whole lot of time to prepare for the Green Bay Packers in the final preseason game on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium.

They last played on Friday and had Saturday off. They were back at it on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, they'll have another workout, a walk-through on Wednesday and then the game on Thursday.

That's only a few days to really prepare for the Packers. It'll be interesting to see how the Chiefs handle a short week.

All 16 NFL games in the final preseason are scheduled for Thursday. Teams can schedule some of their preseason games and all of them want the most time between the last preseason game and the first regular season game.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Don't Expect Much From The Starters

In the Kansas City Chiefs' first preseason game, the starters played about a quarter and a half (little more than that). In their second preseason game, they played the first half.

In the third preseason game, they played three full quarters.

Don't expect this trend to continue. Historically the fourth preseason game you only see the starters play a couple of series, if at all.

The third preseason game is when the starters will play quite a bit. This is because any minor injuries sustained in the third preseason game would give you over two weeks to prepare for the regular season opener.

Teams don't want a player in the fourth preseason game to suffer something minor like a sprained ankle that would prevent them from playing at 100 percent in the regular season opener.

So don't expect to see much from the starters. My guess is that in Kansas City they won't even make it through the entire first quarter.


NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Five Players Miss Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs saw five players miss practice in preparation for Thursday's preseason finale against the Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead Stadium.


Here are the players that missed practice:

  • LB Tamba Hali: He has no known injury. My guess is that he just got a day off to rest after playing a lot on Friday.
  • G Darryl Harris: He's been out several weeks with an unspecified leg injury.
  • DB Maurice Leggett: He suffered a head injury against the Bcus a week and a half ago. He has been cleared to practice.
  • LB Cameron Sheffield: He suffered a neck injury on Friday night against the Eagles but has been working out so he's on the right track.
  • RT Ryan O'Callaghan: This is the injury that should worry some folks if he's out much longer. Barry Richardson is taking his spot.

Returning to practice was QB Brodie Croyle. He suffered an arm injury a few weeks ago and hasn't been back in full since.

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