Royals Make It Official: Jose Guillen Traded To Giants

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Giants Will Pay Jose Guillen $250,000, Royals Will Get Low To Mid-Level Prospect

When the Royals traded Jose Guillen to the Giants he had $3.39 million remaining on his salary. As the rumor had it around the trade deadline, the Royals would pick up a significant portion of his salary to trade him.

As it turns out, the Giants will pay just $250,000 for Guillen's services the rest of the way.

The Royals will get a player to be named later, which will be a low-to-mid-level prospect.

Guillen will arrive in San Francisco late Friday night.


Royals Make It Official, Announce Jose Guillen Traded To Giants

As expected, the Kansas City Royals announced that Jose Guillen has been traded to the San Francisco Giants.

Per Mike Swanson, Royals VP of communications, via Twitter:

The Royals have traded Jose Guillen and cash considerations to the Giants for a player-to-be-named.

In other words, here's Jose Guillen and a few million bucks....please?

Guillen's signing will go down as one of Dayton Moore's worst moves as the GM of the Royals.


Jose Guillen Trade To Giants Is For A Player To Be Named Later

The Kansas City Royals traded Jose Guillen to the San Francisco Giants for....


....A player to be named later!

Ed Price of reported the news on the compensation.

Considering the Royals would likely have to pick up a good chunk of his salary just to move him, I doubt that player will be anyone worth getting excited about.


Jose Guillen Had $3.39 Million In Salary Remaining Before Trade To Giants

We have yet to receive the details of the trade between the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants involving Jose Guillen.

The week of the MLB trade deadline reports surfaced that the Royals were willing to eat a lot of the remaining salary on Guillen.

He's in the final year of a three-year, $36 million deal and has $3.39 million remaining.

Some reports have said the Royals would pick up most of that.

It's possible both sides haven't announced the trade because they're still working on exactly how the salary payouts will work.


Reaction To The Jose Guillen Trade To Giants: 'I Don't Get It'

Rob Neyer of has weighed in on the Kansas City Royals trading Jose Guillen to the San Francisco Giants a week after designating him for assignment and his reaction is simple: "I don't get it."

Jose Guillen is -- and I hope you're sitting down for this shocking news -- isn't real good. Since joining the Royals in 2008, he's got a .256/.308/.420 line. Yeah, maybe moving to the National League will help. It sure helped Pat Burrell. But I'm not sure how many times you can go to that well. And I grieve for the Giants' pitchers, who will now have two DH types stumbling around in the outfield almost every time out.

For the Royals, I get it. It makes sense, they wanted to move him and whatever they got in return it's worth it.

Check out Royals Review for more on the Jose Guillen trade.


'Done' Deal: Royals Reportedly Trade Jose Guillen To The Giants

The Kansas City Royals designed Jose Guillen for assignment last week.

His next stop, according to Ken Rosenthal of, is the San Francisco Giants.

Rival executive says Guillen to SFGiants is "done."

Enrique Rojas of first reported the trade.

Upon completion of the trade, Guillen was expected to fly from Miami to San Francisco in time to debut in the series that begins Friday between the Giants and San Diego Padres.

The Royals have yet to confirm the move.

Check out Royals Review for more on the Jose Guillen trade.


Conflicting Reports On Dodgers' Interest In Royals OF Jose Guillen

There are a couple of competing reports out there about the Dodgers' reported interest in Jose Guillen.

The first report comes from ESPN's Enrique Rojas:

Source: Dodgers have strong interest in Jose Guillen, but for part-time role. Maybe Guillen wait full freedom from Royals and hit market.

And then the competing report from Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

The Dodgers' interest in Jose Guillen is "thin" I'm told.


When in doubt, go with the local guy, but we should keep in mind that the Dodgers and Royals did just get to work on the Scott Podsednik trade.


Checking In On The Reds Interest In Jose Guillen

So far the Yankees and Giants are reportedly two teams that are interested in Jose Guillen after the Royals designated him for assignment this week.

According to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Reds GM Walt Jocketty isn't sure yet if they're interested.

"I don't know. I haven't talked to our people yet."

Well, we know that's probably not the case. GMs are very diligent in their scouting so they probably know about Guillen and whether they're interested in pursuing.

If they weren't interested, I imagine they'd say that. So that they didn't really answer the question about their interest in Guillen, there may be a little bit there.


Add The Yankees To Teams Interesting In Royals OF Jose Guillen

We know the Giants are discussing Jose Guillen, who was designated for assignment by the Royals this week. They were one of the teams commonly associated with him leading up to the MLB trade deadline.

Now comes word from the New York Post that the Yankees will "track" Guillen.

Two weeks ago a Yankees official said there was no interest in Guillen, who told teammates at Yankee Stadium that he was close to becoming a Yankee. Now, the Yankees will track Guillen, who is expected to clear waivers since he is owed roughly $3.9 million for the remainder of this season.

Two thoughts:

If Guillen thought he was close to being a Yankee then it means the Royals and Yankees clearly had serious discussions before the deadline. I wonder why a deal never went through.

Is there any doubt he's going to the Yankees if released? Given the choice of any team, I imagine Guillen would choose the Yankees.


Giants Are Discussing Royals OF Jose Guillen

During the MLB trade deadline process, the Giants were the team most often connected to the Royals. GM Dayton Moore said he would aggressively pursue trading guys in the final year of their contracts, like Guillen, but a deal never got done.

The Royals designated Guillen for assignment on Thursday indicating that he would be leaving town.

So where's his next move?

San Francisco apparently remains an option, according to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News.

Baggarly reports the Giants are indeed discussing Guillen, who will be in Kansas City a maximum of ten more day.s

Baggarly suggest there's a "good chance" the Giants can snag Guillen if the Royals are willing to pick up some of his salary. During the trade deadline, reports indicated that the Royals were willing to pick up much of Guillen's salary.

He has about $4 million remaining.


Kila Ka'aihue The Beneficiary Of Royals Move With Jose Guillen

The Royals designed Jose Guillen for assignment meaning in ten days they'll need to trade or release him. Either way, he's not going to be in Royal blue anymore.

The biggest beneficiary of this -- and likely a major part of why the move was made -- is Kila Ka'aihue.

He was called up last week and with Guillen now out of the way will now see significantly more playing time.

More than likely, Ka'aihue will see more time at first base and Billy Butler will turn to DH.

A good move by the Royals.


Reaction To Royals OF Jose Guillen: 'Money Horribly Spent'

Will McDonald from Royals Review has reacted to the Royals recent move with Jose Guillen in a way that, well, only Will can.

The Royals paid Guillen $36 million dollars over the last three seasons, and for that money they received 340 games of .256/.308/.420 hitting. That's a below average OPS, along with non-existent baserunning and mostly bad to terrible defense. Money horribly spent. An expensive non-solution that did nobody save Jose Guillen a peck of good. Guillen can now go into the Hall of Average Players For Awhile That Actually Kinda Sucked A Lot as a Royal, however, as his 340 games in KC is more than he played with his eight other teams. Take that, Pirates!

Will has a great take on the situation that I think sums up the feelings of most Royals fans.


Royals OF Jose Guillen Designated For Assignment

The Jose Guillen era is likely coming to an end in Kansas City.

The Royals have designated Guillen for assignment.

This means they have one of three options

  • Place him on waivers
  • Trade him
  • Release him

The most likely scenario is a trade or release.

However the Royals slice it. Guillen won't be in blue much longer.

The Royals also recalled pitcher Phililp Humber from AAA.

Check out Royals Review for more on Jose Guillen. The readers there are more than a little happy about the news.

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