Kansas Freshman Josh Selby Cleared To Play Starting Dec. 18

The NCAA cleared KU freshman Josh Selby to play starting Dec. 18.

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Bill Self Talks Josh Selby, Calls Him 'Victim Of Circumstance'

Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self was told prior to Friday's game that freshman Josh Selby had been cleared to play. He calls it a "fair" ruling.

Here's his full reaction:

"I think it’s a fair ruling, yes I do," KU coach Bill Self said after Friday’s game. He learned of the NCAA’s decision before shootaround on Friday afternoon and told both Selby and Witherspoon at that time. "I think it’s a fair ruling because the rules are black and white — 30 percent of games (when impermissible benefits are over $1,000), and that’s 30 percent.

"It’s not one (ruling) that anyone is overly excited about, but it’s very fair and certainly understandable," Self added. "He is kind of a victim of circumstance, to be quite honest. We do have rules and it’s pretty clear how the rules read, but if you’re a 17-year-old out there and nobody tells you these things, you could easily get caught up in the same thing. Even though there was no ill intent by Josh and his family, we and they understand there are consequences if rules are violated.

"Hopefully he can be an example for other youngsters out there moving forward. He’s disappointed that it’s that many games, but he’s excited to know that he will be in a Kansas uniform before too long."

Self says "victim of circumstance" because the source of this problem is Selby's relationship with Robert "Bay" Frazier. The outside world sees him as Carmelo Anthony's business manager. The Selbys see him as an old family friend. So giving money, rides or clothes to Selby is now an NCAA violation. Whose at fault there? That's the victim of circumstance.


Josh Selby Ruled Eligible: KU Freshman Cleared To Play Dec. 18

The Josh Selby era is getting closer.

The NCAA ruled on Friday that the Kansas freshman will be eligible to play starting on Dec. 18 against Southern Cal at Allen Fieldhouse. That means he'll be out for nine regular season games.

The official reason: accepting impermissible benefits.

The NCAA was investigating Selby for his relationship with Robert "Bay" Frazier, Carmelo Anthony's business manager. The relationship between the two and Selby's mother goes back multiple years but the NCAA suspended Selby for nine games because of benefits Frazier provided. Per KUSports.com:

The benefits include clothes, transportation, meals and lodging for Selby and his family. The university and the NCAA have determined that the value of these benefits is $4,607.58. Selby must pay back that money to a charity of his choice.

It's definitely a gray area when the business manager of a NBA player is also your long-time family acquaintance.

Asked whether it was fair, Selby said, "That’s not for me to comment on because the NCAA will do what they want to regardless. I’m just happy it’s not the entire year because it could have been worse than what it is."

Either way, the Selby era is coming Dec. 18.


Josh Selby Eligibilty Question Is On 'No Specific Timeline', Bill Self Says

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self talked on Wednesday about freshman Josh Selby, who has yet to be cleared to play by the NCAA. As we have been the last few months...we wait.

Self said, once again on Wednesday, that there is no timeline on a decision.

"I do not know anything else. We're hopeful a decision comes down sooner rather than later but we have not been given a timeline based on my limited knowledge on anything -- no specific timeline at all."

Self also said KU basketball will get better when Selby is cleared.

"Josh is going to be good but Josh isn't going to be evaluated until January because he's going to be behind six or eight weeks and all freshman are coming in that haven't had any setbacks. I'm excited about it. Our team will get better and this team needs another guy that can go get his own shot on the perimmeter, and he can do that."

He says it's been more frustrating on Selby and his family because he just wants to fit in but it's also difficult for Self to figure out how to practice. If Selby isn't going to be cleared, they probably don't want to spend much more time on him. If he is going to be cleared, then they want to get him involved.

It's also interesting that he notes Selby won't be evaluated until January. He hasn't been a full member of the team yet so, like other freshman, he'll be given some leeway as he tries to fit in.

(Audio via KUSports.com)


Josh Selby Rumors Heating Up As Kansas Jayhawks Continue In Regular Season

Rumors surrounding the eligibility of Josh Selby are starting to heat up. From message boards to blog to talk radio, folks are predicting that Selby will soon be ruled eligible and able to play for the Kansas Jayhawks this season. We're not sure exactly where the rumors and reports originated but they're out there.

So if the rumors and reports are accurate, and Selby will soon be ruled eligible, what does that mean for KU?

It means they're going to get one hell of a player. OK, that part was obvious. But it does mean Selby will take on a larger role with the team. Before the regular season, KU head coach Bill Self said Selby's practice minutes would be decreasing because he needed the time for the players that were going to play.

It also means someone currently getting minutes will see their time decreased because we assume Selby will quickly be worked into the lineup. He's often thought of as a one-and-done type of player so KU will likely want to get as much out of him as possible.

If he's ruled eligible, we're curious how long it will take for him to get back into the lineup. He hasn't played in any games --exhibition or regular season -- so he may have to play some catch up.

Kansas' next two games are at home against North Texas (11/19) and Texas A&M Corpus Christi (11/23).


Kansas Jayhawks Still Waiting On Josh Selby

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self talked this week about the Jayhawks' upcoming regular-season opener and where the team stands less than a week before the 2010 season starts. Self also talked about who won't be there for the regular season opener: Josh Selby.

Self, as he did last week, doesn't expect the NCAA to clear Selby by the opener.

I would be surprised. I wouldn't be shocked but I would be surprised if anything on Josh is officially determined by Friday so we'll definitely keep him out until then.

As for how Selby is handling it, Self says he's obviously frustrated but also doing great.

He's great. I talked to him for a while yesterday. In my opinion, he's great but very, very frustrated. I say, 'Josh, you're not playing very good.' And he says, 'Coach that's because my head's messed up.' And it is because he doesn't know. It's the unknown. When there's a resolution to it he'll be more comfortable immediately. He's been good. His attitude has been good. He's frustrating to him -- it's not like a redshirt or injury where you know you're out -- he's kind of day to day figuring out what's going on. He'll be happy when it's behind him but he's handling it very well.


Josh Selby Not Expected To Be Cleared By Kansas Season Opener

Kansas Jayhawks freshman Josh Selby is practicing with his teammates but has yet to be completely cleared by the NCAA to play. Reports surfaced this week that the NCAA was focusing on Selby's academics but that's not the case, according to head coach Bill Self.

"Josh's status for competition hasn't changed.  While he has met NCAA academic requirements to be on aid, practice and compete this year, we continue to work with the NCAA as we review his amateur status.  We will not play Josh in games until that process is complete and a decision is rendered."

The question marks reportedly include his relationship with Robert "Bay" Frazier, a business associate of Carmelo Anthony's.

"We support and respect the process, and hope that it is over sooner rather than later.  But we don't expect a decision on this before the regular season begins. We will not comment further until the process is complete."

The newsy item out of all this is that Self doesn't expect him to be ready for the start of the season. That's information we haven't heard from him to this point so there's been some sort of dialogue about that. The Jayhawks regular season kicks off on Nov. 12 after a pair of exhibition games.

So how will this affect KU?

I think Selby was expected to be one of the better players on the team (and in the conference) so of course it can't help them. KU's schedule starts to heat up in the last month of November when they face teams like UCLA and Memphis. You'd like to see a decision one way or the other before then but this thing could be dragged out for a while.


Josh Selby Situation Hasn't Been A Distraction, KU Basketball Coach Bill Self Says

Josh Selby has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play in 2010. But he is practicing with the Kansas Jayhawks and it appears that all sides -- including the Big 12 who named him preseason freshman of the year -- expect him to suit up for the Jayhawks this year.

While they're waiting, KU head coach Bill Self said at the Big 12 Media Days on Thursday that they knew what they were getting into with Selby and it hasn't been a distraction.

It hasn't been a distraction for our team. He has practiced every day. He is involved every day. He does the same thing everybody else does every day. So it hasn't been a distraction.

As for his eligibility, Self says he's confident it'll come.

It hasn't come as a shock to us. I do believe that we're hopefully going to have some answers sooner rather than later, but I'm still confident that he'll be in uniform. I hope that to be the case.


Josh Selby Meets KU Media, Answers Sherron Collins Questions

On Tuesday the Kansas Jayhawks basketball players gathered for media day to talk about the upcoming season, new uniforms and all things KU basketball.

For Josh Selby, there were questions. Lots of 'em. There's no update on what his status is at the moment but he's practicing with the team and plans to play in Late Night at the Phog on Friday.

He also had to answer a question he'll get often -- comparing himself to Sherron Collins.

KU head coach Bill Self said Collins gave the Jayhawks plenty of personality. I think right off the bat it wouldn't be fair to ask Selby to do the same.

Via the Lawrence Journal World:

"I don’t feel like I have to be the next Sherron because the fans just want to win and that's all I’m here for, to win with my team," Selby said.

If he wins, like Collins did, then in a couple years we'll be talking about a recruit as the next Selby. If he doesn't then he'll be getting a lot more Collins comparisons.


Josh Selby Debut Coming At Late Night At The Phog; Eligibility Status Unknown

There's not much to report on the status of Josh Selby at the Kansas Jayhawks media day.

He talked to reporters today and took pictures with his new KU uniform. How long he'll be able to wear that KU uniform remains the question.

KU head coach Bill Self said at media day there's really nothing to talk about with him and he's letting the process play out. He indicated that he wouldn't be saying much of anything on the subject.

It's unclear when there will be a final decision on Selby's eligibility.

Selby has been practicing with the team and will continue to do so.

Matt Blanchette of WIBW reports via Twitter Selby will also be participating in Late Night at the Phog on Friday.


KU Basketball Coach Bill Self Says Josh Selby Is In The Best Shape Of His Life

Josh Selby has not yet been cleared to play basketball for the Kansas Jayhawks but he is able to practice.

The Kansas men's basketball team just finished up a two-week basketball boot camp run by head coach Bill Self. They actually got done a day early because, as Self says, they did so well.

"Josh was fighting asthma and bronchitis. He finished great. He is in the best shape of his life," Self said.

KUSports.com reports that the boot camp consisted of, among other workout drills, sprints from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday the last two weeks (and a day early off).

Good start for Selby if they'll just declare him eligible.


KU Basketball Coach Bill Self Comments On Recruit Josh Selby

The last time we heard from Kansas freshman Josh Selby he was attending classes in Lawrence, Kan. but not yet cleared to participate.

In a statement on KU's official athletics web site, KU head coach Bill Self confirmed that was attending classes and practicing but he is not yet cleared to play.

"We have had numerous inquiries about the status of Josh Selby. The NCAA has cleared Josh to be on scholarship, attend class and practice, but he has not yet been cleared for participation.  That process is ongoing.  It is not uncommon for these cases to take time, as we have seen in many other cases. Of course we would prefer that this be behind us, but we respect the process and will not comment further until it is complete."

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk passes along word that there were Twitter rumors building that Selby had been ruled ineligible. It seems that Self's statement is in response to some of those rumors.

Once again, we wait to hear the status of Josh Selby but I'd take it as good news that he's practicing.


Kansas Jayhawks Recruit Josh Selby Starts Classes, But Not Cleared To Play Yet

Kansas top basketball recruit Josh Selby started classes at KU on Tuesday but has yet to be cleared by the NCAA, according to the KC Star.

Selby was tweeting that he was in class at Kansas, which started on Aug. 19.

Selby is waiting to be cleared by the NCAA to play for the Jayhawks. The NCAA is investigating his relationship with Robert Frazier, who his also Carmelo Anthony's business manager.

He can't participate with the basketball team until he's cleared.

For now, Selby waits.


Can The Kansas Jayhawks Win The Big 12 Without Josh Selby?

The last time we heard from Kansas basketball recruit Josh Selby he was confident he would be cleared by the NCAA to play for the Jayhawks in 2010.

SB Nation's Big 12 Hoops thinks KU will need Selby to be legitimate national title contenders and to win the Big 12.

In their offseason power rankings for Big 12 basketball, they put Kansas State -- and not Kansas -- as the favorite.

While I think KU should probably be considered the favorite to win yet another Big 12 title, I currently have them #2 simply because of the question mark of Josh Selby. Without Selby, the Jayhawks don't have a proven stud in the backcourt and championships are won these days with great guard play. My guess is Selby gets eligible and KU is not only a Big 12 Title contender but a national title contender.

That's high praise for a kid who's never played a college game but, frankly, it's probably pretty accurate. Selby is, according to some, NBA ready right now so of course he'd help KU in a big way.

The pressure's on as KU waits on Selby.


Josh Selby's Status Still Unclear, Says He Feels Good About Being Cleared

Kansas recruit Josh Selby has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play for the Jayhawks in 2010 and beyond.

He said on Tuesday night via Twitter:

i feel good about me being cleared but i dont know for sure.

The last time we heard from KU coach Bill Self he also expressed optimism that Selby would be eligible.

The NCAA is looking into his relationship with Robert Frazier, who advised him during the recruitment process and is also the business manager of Carmelo Anthony. The connection is that they're all from the Baltimore area.

Selby is among the highest-rated recruits for the 2010 offseason. KU always has great classes so they would still have a good one without Selby -- it just wouldn't be among the tops in the country like it is now.

Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more on Josh Selby.


Josh Selby Investigation Reportedly Extends To North Carolina, Kentucky And Tennessee

The NCAA is reportedly investigating the Kansas Jayhawks No. 1 recruit Josh Selby. According to the original report, the investigation included his relationship with Robert Frazier, Carmelo Anthony's business partner, "among other things".

Kent Sterling, "former director of news and programming for WIBC Radio in Indianapolis and the founder of 1070 - The Fan - Indiana's top-rated sportstalk radio station" posted a followup on the Selby investigation:

What is new is that investigation stretches beyond Bill Self, Selby, KU and Frazier.  It includes the basketball programs at North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and their relationships during the recruiting process with Frazier and Selby.  This is according to a person close to the investigation.

Interesting, if accurate. This is an intense time period between agents and universities and who knows what the next move will be. It could also just be a standard part of the investigation.

There's still been no indication by either side -- Selby or KU -- that he won't make it to school. In addition, Sterling's article seems to take a strange path starting on the Selby investigation and then moving onto agents and doesn't address the Selby situation specifically.

We'll see how it shakes out and if this latest development, if accurate, means anything.


Bill Self Says He Doesn't Comment On Incoming Recruits, Here Are His Josh Selby Comments

On Thursday, KU's Bill Self released a statement regarding the stories floating around about incoming recruit Josh Selby's eligibility situation:

"I have received several calls about the article.  As has been mentioned previously, we do not comment on recruits until they arrive on campus for the fall semester.  I will say, as we have experienced in the past in our program, it is not at all unusual for the NCAA to look into many of the country's top-rated recruits each year for any number of reasons."

Since when do they not comment on recruits? Here is part of a team-issued press release with Self talking Selby:

"We felt like losing the caliber players we lost off of last year's team, that we really needed to hit a home run from a talent standpoint in the spring signing and we've done that with Josh. He's a point guard that can score. He's a playmaker. He can be a great facilitator and also a great finisher himself. We've been really fortunate to have really good guards here, but certainly Josh is the most highly-recruited guard that we have signed since we have been at Kansas."

And again:

"Josh is athletic, fast, can score, and he's ornery,'' Self said. "We just have to harness that energy. But he'll be terrific.''

And one more:

Kansas coach Bill Self compared signing Selby to "hitting one out of the park." 

That all comes up on the first page when you Google "Bill Self comments on Josh Selby".

I also seem to remember Selby at Allen Fieldhouse decked out in KU gear talking about signing to play with KU.

Sure, it's an easy out for Self not to talk about it, but to say that they don't comment on incoming recruits is clearly inaccurate.


KU Coach Bill Self Issues Statement On Josh Selby Story

Bill Self has issued a comment on the story regarding no.1 recruit Josh Selby's amateur status.

In short, he says no comment.

Here's the full statement issued via the KU Athletic Dept.:

"I have received several calls about the article.  As has been mentioned previously, we do not comment on recruits until they arrive on campus for the fall semester.  I will say, as we have experienced in the past in our program, it is not at all unusual for the NCAA to look into many of the country's top-rated recruits each year for any number of reasons."

"It is not at all unusual" ... This late it is. Just because Brandon Rush was late doesn't make it normal.

That said, if the NCAA was on the verge of discovering anything of consequence, I feel Self would already know and if that were the case, he would have already backed off of Selby.

Of course, who knows what the NCAA will find once they start poking around more and more. It's like the Tiger Woods effect. You start off with one small transgression, folks start investigating and all of a sudden you're issuing out $750 million checks (yeah I know that number of bogus).


Report: KU's Josh Selby Not Yet Cleared To Play, NCAA Investigating

Another day and another college basketball star is being investigated by the NCAA with his amateur status in the air because of some of wrong doing

Except this time around it's a little more high-profile and it involves Kansas.

Josh Selby, widely considered the No. 1 recruit in the country, has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play at Kansas because of questions about his amateur status, reports Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com.

According to sources, the NCAA is looking into, among other things, a relationship between Selby and Robert Frazier, the business manager for NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

More commonly known in basketball circles as "Bay," Frazier is, like Selby and Anthony, a Baltimore native. He acknowledged to the New York Times in April that he served as an "advisor" to Selby and his mother, Maeshon Witherspoon, throughout the recruiting process.

Selby is the third top-15 recruit to have his eligibility come into question. One is Will Barton, his cousin at Memphis, who was ruled ineligible this week, and Enes Kanter, a Kentucky freshman.

In a radio interview with 610 Sports, Parrish said he's heard rumors that Selby could have some academic issues as well but he can't confirm that. As Parrish said in the radio interview, these types of things are usually cleared up by now. This likely means that as they dig deeper, there are more questions coming up.

There are basically a few things that could happen here with the investigation:

  • They could find nothing and he'll be cleared and move on.
  • They could continue the investigation and drag this thing out if they're not getting any answers
  • They could find all kinds of violations and rule him completely ineligible.
  • They could find a few small violations and suspend him for a few games.

Parrish reports that the NCAA has spent months determining if any violations occurred. Bill Self and the KU Athletics department had no comment.

The perception problem continues with Kansas Athletics. First it was the Mark Mangino mess. Then it was the Lew Perkins mess.

Now, their best recruit is facing this.

But it's not just a KU thing. Just ask Mizzou.

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