Kyle Orton Beats Tim Tebow In Boring Broncos-Chiefs Display That Fails To Match Pre-Game Hype

Despite the low-key comments of Elway or the nonchalance of Orton, you can bet Sunday will bring plenty of emotions to the table.

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Tim Tebow Admits He 'Has To Be A Better Quarterback' If Broncos Are Going To Succeed Against Steelers

When I was a kid, I seem to remember some slogan that said knowing was half the battle. If that’s true, then Tim Tebow is already halfway to where he needs to be. The Denver Broncos quarterback says he realizes that there’s more work to do ahead of him if the Broncos are going to succeed, and his performance in Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs was yet another sign of just how far he has to go.

“Well, obviously when you lose it’s just not good enough, and for me it wasn’t good enough,” Tebow said at the post-game press conference. “I just have to get better and learn from my great coaches and just come out next week and try to be a better quarterback, a better leader and be a better player.”

To be fair, the Broncos rode Tebow’s instincts part of the way through their surge toward the top of the AFC West and it’s unfair to make Tebow the victim of fan vitriol. While Tebow’s performance specifically was poor, it was clear that the learning curve with Tebow under center would be steep and the Broncos chose that route weeks before. You can’t complain, in other words, if you knew it was coming. Imagine the Jets complaining because Santonio Holmes is pouting (wait…).

The reality is that Tebow has a long way to go to make it as an NFL starting quarterback. Yet if any guy in the league has the right attitude and work ethic to make the adjustments, it’s definitely Tebow. The Broncos will have to endure games like they did against the Chiefs on Sunday and hope they will come less over time and practice. The Steelers, meanwhile, will hope for a repeat performance on Sunday.


Chris Kuper Injury Update: Broncos Guard Out For Rest Of NFL Postseason

The Denver Broncos relied mostly on their running game to win the AFC West despite the amount of attention given to Tim Tebow at quarterback. That said, they’re going to miss one of their key offensive linemen for what looks like the rest of the postseason, even if they were to move on past the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday.

In yesterday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos lost Chris Kuper to a horrific injury that will keep him rehabbing all offseason long. The injury devastated Broncos’ players.

“Kuper is out the rest of the playoffs and will most likely need the entire offseason to rehabilitate the injury,” writes the staff from the Denver Post. “He has started on the Broncos’ offensive line since the sixth game of the 2007 season. Offensive line teammates were planning to visit Kuper on Sunday night after leaving the stadium.”

The Post also got several quotes from players weighing in on the loss. While Kuper is not as celebrated as Ryan Clady, the team’s left tackle, it’s clear that he’s just as valuable to those on the team.

“It stinks. He’s a leader, and he had never been in the playoffs before tonight, and I know what it meant to him. The whole offensive line does,” said Russ Hochstein​, who replaced Kuper at right guard.

The Broncos running game will also suffer with Kuper’s loss. Willis McGahee, who had 145 rushing yards against the Chiefs, agrees.

“Kupe is a big part of the offensive line, and those guys really played for him,” running back Willis McGahee​ said. “That was the talk — let’s do this for Kupe.”


NFL Playoffs: Tim Tebow Could Be Pushed By Brady Quinn In Broncos-Steelers Match-Up

While Tim Tebow is taking his share of shots both today and over the last couple of weeks as the Denver Broncos’ fortunes have turned ill, it also needs to be said they would not be in the playoffs if not for Tebow’s performance to some degree. The former Florida star is 7-4 as a starter and warrants a start in the playoff game against the Steelers coming up. That said, his performance agains the Chiefs reveals that something is terribly wrong and PFT’s Mike Florio says it might be time to get a back-up ready.

“If the Broncos want to have a realistic shot at advancing,” writes Florio, "it may be prudent to be ready to pull off a Rocky-style switch to southpaw, by switching from the southpaw to Brady Quinn.

Related: Updated NFL Draft Order

“This isn’t a long-term indictment of Tebow,” he continues. “It’s a recognition of the fact that, at least for now, he has bumped up against his ceiling. The goal on Sunday is to win one game, and it could be that the only way to do that will be to know when to flip the switch from the unconventional quarterback to the guy whose abilities would defy the Steelers’ preparation.”

Quinn is likely to perform as well as Tebow and if a young guy is supposed to learn from experience and continual reps, then I’m not sure what Tebow is going to take into next season if he’s replaced in this game. In fact, he’s usually best when the game is on the line, as seen this season already. While that wasn’t the case against the Chiefs, it’s the door the Broncos have chosen to walk through already this season. They don’t back out now.


Dwayne Bowe Injury Update: Concussion Likely Cause Of Wideout's Exit From Broncos Game

Dwayne Bowe has been the Kansas City Chiefs greatest receiving threat on the team for years now, and yesterday’s game against the Denver Broncos provided further evidence to that fact. That makes the injury he sustained at the end of the first half all the more compelling since the Chiefs clearly weren’t the same offensively without him.

The Chiefs wideout had 93 receiving yards in the first half of the 7-3 win over the Broncos and had clearly found a rhythm with Kyle Orton. However the team wouldn’t score again (neither would the broncos) as Dustin Colquitt quickly became the Chiefs MVP in the second half.

“He came back on the sideline, but they wouldn’t let him go back into the game,” coach Romeo Crennel said. “He wanted to come back, but he got hit in the head, and in the NFL we are more cautious about those kinds of things.”

Now that it’s the final game of the season for the Chiefs, Bowe will not have to wonder about further damage in games played and can rest this off-season. However any head injuries are likely to carry further concern as the player goes — as seen in the case of a player like the Colts’ Austin Collie.


Chiefs Punter Dustin Colquitt Wins Peter King's Special Teams Player Of Week Mention

While the Kansas City Chiefs likely wanted to see more out of their offense than what was presented Sunday on the field in Denver, they’ll take the win over the Broncos. And much of that is due to the field position they placed Tim Tebow in. That’s why Peter King gives Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt his Special Teams Player of the Week award in his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column.

“The Chiefs-Broncos contest was a field-position game throughout and here’s where the Broncos took over after Colquitt punts: the Denver 10, 14, 26, 16, 19, 49 (of Kansas City), 25 and 16,” writes King. “If you’re going to force Tim Tebow to start from his 20 or worse five times, you have to like your chance to win. For the day, Colquitt — whose brother Britton was Denver’s punter Sunday — averaged 47.1 yards per punt, with a net of 41.8.”

Colquitt has never made the Pro Bowl but this season presents a good opportunity for him to do so.


Tim Tebow Has 'Regressed Terribly' As Denver Broncos Season Wears On

The performances do not deceive. Despite the winning streak in the middle with a myriad of fourth quarterback comebacks under his belt, NFL defenses have finally figured out what to do with Tim Tebow and, in response, the Denver Broncos quarterback has not adjusted with the changes. Two more turnovers haunted him in the loss against the Chiefs yesterday and the Broncos are only in because the Raiders could not get the job done against the Chargers themselves. It’s called backing into the playoffs.

More: NFL Playoff Schedule Is Set

“With Denver moving on, Tebow has to wonder how much support he has going into the postseason,” writes Bill Williamson. “After being the story of the NFL for several weeks, Tebow has regressed terribly in the past two games. He was dreadful Sunday. Tebow completed 6 of 22 passes for 60 yards. He is no longer making an impact as a runner. He had just 16 yards on six carries.”

“His passes are sailing high and he is taking way too much time in his decision-making. Tebow is 30-for-73 for with four interceptions during Denver’s losing skid. He has lost a fumble in the past five games and there was no fourth-quarter magic as Denver, which won four straight games this season when it trailed in the fourth quarter, couldn’t do anything in four series in the final quarter. Tebow lost a fumble at the Kansas City 11-yard line on Sunday in a play that was crucial to the Chiefs’ win. Denver simply can’t win with Tebow making these types of mistakes.”

Even more, team officials like John Elway were reticent to back Tebow to begin with and this is why. Defenses will eventually figure out gimmick plays in the NFL and a player cannot afford to be one-sided. Tebow certainly has considerable talents and could eventually become a solid NFL starter, but he’s hit a wall that he must overcome and Denver leadership cannot be expected to watch Tebow falter time and again early in games and let the lead slip away just to wait for some fourth quarter magic.


Justin Houston Completes Breakout Rookie Campaign For Kansas City Chiefs

Scott Pioli was hoping Justin Houston would break through. He got his wish as the season wore on. The Kansas City Chiefs GM knew that Tamba Hali would get held and the Chiefs lacked another pass rusher on the opposite side that made offensive linemen take notice. Andy Studebaker held up fine for a year, but he was never going to complement Hali enough to free him up. So Pioli did what many front offices are now wishing they would have done and took the Georgia linebacker/defensive end who had some character concerns.

In the end, the Chiefs are the ones laughing as Houston came alive in the season's second half to become one of the most impressive aspects of a defense that was celebrated all season. Even among a unit that includes playmakers like Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Hali and Derrick Johnson, Houston truly stood out in the second half with 5.5 sacks in the team's last five games and showed signs of pressuring the quarterback at many other moments.

Chris Burke loved his play in Sunday's win over the Broncos, "Kansas City’s defensive front has been excellent lately, especially in an upset of the Packers. Sunday, it was linebacker Justin Houston who wreaked the most havoc. He picked up 1.5 sacks of Tebow and recovered a fumble."

The Chiefs have to feel good about their bookend rushers moving forward and Romeo Crennel finally figured out how to get the best out of his linebacking duo. If the Chiefs are able to move forward with some continuity and a full off-season, Houston could truly break through to a whole other level next season.


Chris Kuper Injury Update: Broncos Guard Out Against Steelers With Possible Broken Leg

Yahoo! Sports Doug Farrar is reporting from Denver Broncos head coach John Fox that the Broncos' star guard Chris Kuper might have a broken leg from Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos lost the game but still made the playoffs due to the Oakland Raiders loss at home to the visiting San Diego Chargers, yet the Broncos also lost a key player for the stretch run if this is the case. Kuper will definitely be missed along a line that will only see more pressure than they did today in the playoffs.

Kuper and Ryan Clady are the best linemen protecting Tim Tebow and forming running lanes for the resurgent Willis McGahee so this is a big loss for the Broncos. More details will come later this week as test results come back, but for now, the Pittsburgh Steelers have to be licking their chops at the thought of coming through a Broncos line that will be thin in the middle.


NFL Playoffs: Will The Tim Tebow Hype Die Down With Another Denver Broncos Loss?

Tim Tebow held everyone’s attention. As the Denver Broncos ascended the AFC West ladder from worst to first and ultimately to the NFL postseason, Tebow was crowned by everyone as the starting quarterback of the future and Tebowmania ensued. Even his own front office went from skeptical to affirming over the stretch of wins in midseason, but now the Broncos are sliding at the worst possible team: right into the playoff match against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Don Banks of Sports Illustrated wants to know if the magic will last.

“One more dreadful outing from Tebow next week and you wonder how much it’ll temper Denver’s enthusiasm about him from both the fans and the front office?” writes Don Banks. "Will John Elway start to backtrack a bit on the confidence he only recently started expressing in regards to Tebow’s future as the team’s clear-cut starter? Will head coach John Fox rethink his commitment to a Tebow-based read-option offense? Will the fans who adore No. 15 in Denver begin to see their faith start to crack ever so slightly if another egg-laying is in the offing next week?

“As usual, none of the questions seem to have easy answers where Tebow is concerned. His situation has been unique from the start, and here we are at the regular season’s end, and we might be even more confused than ever. If that’s possible. The playoffs were the goal, and that goal has been attained in Denver. Tebow and the Broncos are still alive. It’s just the magic that has disappeared.”

While Tebow has proved himself an anomaly in the NFL in terms of fan base and coverage from the media, everything comes down to wins and losses and Tebow is no different. Expect some jeers to come this offseason if the quarterback tanks in yet another game.


Rashard Mendenhall Might Not Be Available For Broncos Playoff Game For Steelers

Adam Schefter is delivering a piece of good news for the Denver Broncos, who are still reeling from their home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs today even though they still made the playoffs (thanks to a loss by the Oakland Raiders to the San Diego Chargers). Schefter is reporting that Rashard Mendenhall is likely not going to be able to play next week when the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Mile High to play the 8-8 Broncos in the first round of the AFC Playoffs.

Mendenhall is key for the Steelers running game — a staple of Pittsburgh’s winning ways for the last few decades. The Steelers will still bring a playoff caliber defense and the experience that Super Bowl runs will bring, but Ben Roethlisberger is going to have a harder time from keeping the Broncos secondary on their heels given that he’s also dealt with injuries that should keep him from running as well.

Expect the Steelers to hope the passing game is enough to get it done against the Denver defense, and the good news there is that the Broncos secondary has been beat up in recent weeks. Given the Broncos’ performance today, however, the Steelers likely have nothing to worry about.


AFC Playoffs: Denver Broncos Face Pittsburgh Steelers In Wild Card Match-Up

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos lost today to the Kansas City Chiefs in an uninspiring 7-3 performance. Somehow, the Broncos still won the division title and a playoff spot in the process. So goes the AFC West in 2011.

The Broncos have earned a first round slot against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who must travel to Denver since they did not earn a division title in a much harder division. The Bengals took the final spot and will face the Houston Texans in the other AFC first round match-up as the Ravens and Patriots have both earned first round byes.

Here’s the complete first round of the NFL Playoffs which will start next week:

No. 6 Cincinnati Bengals (9-7) at No. 3 Houston Texans (10-6)
No. 5 Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) at No. 4 Denver Broncos (8-8)

NFC Wild Card Games
No. 6 Detroit Lions (10-6) at No. 3 New Orleans Saints (13-3)
No. 5 Atlanta Falcons (10-6) at Cowboys-Giants winner


Jonathan Baldwin Promises AFC West Title For Chiefs In 2012

Despite the poor overall team performance from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011, there are definitely reasons for optimism. After all, the Chiefs were one blocked kick away from being in the playoffs right now despite losing several key players to injury — from an All Pro running back to a promising tight end to their starting quarterback to a dynamic safety. In addition, the Chiefs also endured drama in the front office, a locker room fight and the eventual firing of head coach Todd Haley. Talk about a tough season.

Jonathan Baldwin must sense the possibilities ahead when he writes on Twitter, “A guys I promise you next season I will be better than ever. No setbacks I love y’all. We will win the AFC west for sure!”

It’s certainly not a stretch at all to picture the Chiefs winning next season. The Raiders shoot themselves in the foot and have no draft picks to speak of until 2037. The Broncos are riding a Tebow train that clearly did not get better under center with experience. The Chargers are their own worst enemy and have more holes on their offensive line than anyone in the NFL after this season.

It’s nice to hear such optimism since it’s not blind but founded optimism. Chiefs fans hope Baldwin is right in 2012 and that he’s a primary reason behind it.


AFC Playoff Picture 2011: Broncos In With Win Or Raiders Loss

If the Denver Broncos can overcome Tim Tebow’s poor performance so far in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs today at Mile High Stadium, they will find themselves heading for the NFL Playoffs. That’s the easiest way for the Broncos to claim the AFC West title and gain that coveted postseason spot in John Fox’s first year as the team’s head coach. That said, that’s not the only way.

If the Oakland Raiders cannot keep the San Diego Chargers from playing the role of spoiler at home in Oakland today, the Broncos will automatically head to the playoffs as well, giving them the advantage to win the AFC West. San Diego is currently up 24-13 near the end of the first half and the Raiders have no answer for Philip Rivers whatsoever.

The Chiefs and the Chargers are out of any playoff picture, and yet both teams are currently playing to win this Sunday afternoon.


Is Dwayne Bowe Injured For Chiefs Against Broncos?

Dwayne Bowe provided several highlights at wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs in today’s first half against the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. It’s the same thing he’s provided all season long, and Kyle Orton will need his primary wideout for the second half if the team is going to win today and end their season on a positive note. That said, will Bowe even be available?

That’s a question confronting Chiefs fans at this point who do not know what Bowe’s status will be coming out for the game’s second half since it was clear Bowe got hit hard after catching a 20-yard pass just before halftime. Josh Looney wrote that Bowe looked “shook up” and others on Twitter were wondering about a shoulder injury.

Mike Freeman of CBS wrote, “Bowe is very wobbly after hit. Started walking towards wrong sideline. Almost fell over.”

Bowe had 6 catches for 93 yards in the first half alone.


Chris Kuper Injury Update And Video: Broncos Guard Could Miss Post-Season

Chris Kuper, one of the Denver Broncos’ starting guards, went down with an injury earlier in the Chiefs game and it’s clear he won’t be returning for not only this game, but perhaps the rest of the postseason. As ESPN’s Bill Williamson speculates, the Broncos might have to rethink their offensive line if they are able to move forward into the post-season.

"While it is early in the process, Kuper‘s availability for the postseason is likely in question if Denver wins the division," writes Bill Williamson. "Russ Hochstein replaced him. Kuper is one of Denver’s best offensive linemen. The entire Denver offense surrounding the cart before Kuper was taken off the field. In another nice gesture, former Denver and current Kansas City quarterback Kyle Orton spent some time with Kuper while he was being attended to."

Max Mandel says that not only does Kuper’s injury hurt, but the Broncos also lost Spencer Larsen at fullback. "The loss of Kuper could be a significant blow for the offensive line. Kuper serves as an offensive captain for the Broncos, and the offensive guard has been excellent this season. Larsen has made 15 appearances this season and has rushed for 44 yards on 14 carries in the fullback role."


VIDEO: Dexter McCluster Runs For 21-Yard Touchdown Against Broncos

Dexter McCluster has always been the weapon-in-waiting for the Kansas City Chiefs. His incredible athleticism and agility has set up what-if scenarios ever since the team made him their second round pick back in 2009, and yet fumble issues as well as health concerns have limited his reps. Now that he's settled into the running back position for the Chiefs and with the loss of both Jamaal Charles and Jackie Battle, he's now finding more opportunities.

Enter today's game against the Broncos where he's already impacted the game with 60 rushing yards and a 21 yard break for a touchdown for the game's only score. The video below provides evidence that McCluster might be finding his groove just yet.


John Fox Says Broncos Decision To Replace Kyle Orton With Tim Tebow Was Right Move

In perhaps the most direct statement about the switch for the Denver Broncos from Kyle Orton to Tim Tebow at starting quarterback, Broncos head coach John Fox came out this week addressing the match-up between the two by saying his team made the right move.

“We made the decision to go with Tim Tebow,” Fox said about today’s Chiefs-Broncos game. “I think that decision has proved worthy. We took that risk whenever you release any player. We don’t have any control over who takes him or where he goes or any of those things, but it’s good for Kyle. I wish him nothing but the best except for this Sunday … I think at the end of the day we feel real comfortable with Tim. We made that decision and here we are.”

Tebow has certainly warranted such commentary from his head coach given that the team has unexpected vaulted to the top of the AFC West standings. Orton, however, will hope to change that today when leading the Chiefs into Denver.


Kyle Orton Is 'Better NFL Quarterback' Than Tim Tebow

Today’s contest between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs has many people paying attention, particularly for the quarterbacks involved. Kyle Orton faces his old team in the Broncos while Tim Tebow, his replacement, hopes to help the Broncos win the AFC West title and earn a playoff spot. Between the two of them, Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc. says he knows which one he would want in the game today.

“I would rather have Orton for one game,” Williamson said. "I do get that Tebow plays his best in big games, and Orton has rarely showed that ability. But Orton is the better NFL quarterback right now and his experience puts it over the top for me.”

The Chiefs are certainly hoping that’s the case since Romeo Crennel would 2-1 as a head coach for the Chiefs as interim if they win today, including a win against the Packers and another on the road against a division rival in the Broncos. That would go a long way toward convincing the powers-that-be that Crennel is the right guy for the job to replace Todd Haley for the long term.


Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Tim Tebow And Kyle Orton Have Various Motivations For Today's Game

Kyle Orton likely took it quite personally when he was released by the Denver Broncos. After all, a rejection is a rejection, no matter if you realize the NFL is a business or not. Thus, the fact that the Broncos no longer wanted him under center or even on the roster was a slap in the face. That said, for Tim Tebow, it was a vote of confidence. Thus today is a chance not only for redemption for one quarterback, but it’s a chance for validation for the other as the Chiefs face the Broncos today at Mile High. That’s what Jeff Darlington writes about today for

Darlington writes, "What does all of it mean for this week? It means Tebow has the opportunity to help allow Fox and Elway to validate their decision to first bench Orton and later release him.

“When the Broncos cut Orton, they were very aware that he could wind up with the Chiefs, sources said. But they also had three mindsets while doing so: (1) It allowed them to allocate the saved money toward signing bonuses for other players in 2012; (2) It allowed Tebow to have better control of the locker room; and (3) the Broncos were confident, even if they had to eventually face Orton, that they could beat him.”


Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Time, TV Schedule, Radio Streaming And More

The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to end the Denver Broncos' playoff push in Week 17.


Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Kyle Orton Has Plenty Of Motivation In Start Against Denver

Tim Tebow has enough drama surrounding him 24/7 with so much media attention around him that Sunday's going to feel like a pot boiling over. That's because the quarterback he faces on Sunday will be Kyle Orton, the starter he used to play behind before Denver dropped him several weeks into the season. Now the starter for the visiting Kansas City Chiefs, Orton has a significant motivator when facing his former team, something Jeff Darlington writes about this week.

Darlington writes, "So now Orton returns, with the proverbial chip on his shoulder, in one of the juiciest regular-season storylines since Brett Favre first revisited the Packers as the Vikings' quarterback. This is an opportunity for Orton to put a massive, final dent in the Broncos' playoff aspirations. No doubt, he wants it.

"He probably wants it for many reasons, too. Not simply because of the perceived lack of respect Tebow (then a backup) showed for the team's starter when a fan base was pummeling Orton with criticism. Orton also becomes a free agent after this season, and coupled with a win against the Packers, this could at least begin to repair the damage that his early-season woes produced."

If Orton sticks in Kansas City, he has a solid chance to win the starting quarterback job even if Matt Cassel comes back successfully from surgery and/or sticks on the roster. A win on Sunday would go a long way toward bolstering that resume.


Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Expect Kyle Orton To Pile On The Passing Yards

Chris Burke's Bet On It column for Sports Illustrated usually sizes up each game and points out a couple of key facts that you can "bet on" for that coming Sunday. For the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos game at Mile High, Burke believes that Orton will be the better quarterback -- at least statistically.

Burke writes, "The prospect of Orton knocking Denver out of the playoffs has to be the Broncos’ worst nightmare. Kansas City’s new QB may not have enough to pull out a win, but he’ll get plenty of opportunities to throw against the Broncos’ secondary."

Burke presents a decent bet considering how beat up the Denver secondary has been this season. Rookies are getting major playing time with injuries to Brian Dawkins, Quinton Carter and David Bruton. Expect Orton to utilize his receivers like Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston to go deep. It might even be a coming out party for Jonathan Baldwin given his ability to get over the secondary.

Whether or not he will get the win is another question, but expect Orton to flirt with his third straight 300-yard passing game for the Chiefs.


Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Tim Tebow Faces 'First Playoff Game' In NFL's Week 17 Against Kansas City

If you ask Peter King, the Denver Broncos are already in the playoffs — or at least a playoff like atmosphere. They’re playing in the final week of the season against a hated division rival led by the quarterback they dumped mid-season. Sounds pretty dramatic to me. On the line is a division title in year one of John Fox’s head coaching tenure, and Tim Tebow, the most polarizing athlete in the NFL, is calling the shots. Welcome to Broncos-Chiefs.

King writes, “Denver’s playing Sunday for a playoff spot, and the chance to host Pittsburgh or Baltimore (I’m guessing) on the Saturday night NBC Wild Card game. The Chiefs, are playing to make sure GM Scott Pioli hires Romeo Crennel as the full-time coach. Lots of motivation on both sides.”

The motivation is definitely going to turn the game into an emotional one with players on both sides wanting to end the season well (or keep the season going). For the Chiefs, the players are passionate about playing for Romeo Crennel, and a statement on the road at Denver who lead the division would be another major statement after already beating the Green Bay Packers.


Tim Tebow Says Broncos Are Motivated And Ready For Chiefs Game This Sunday

The Denver Broncos are focused and ready for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs — one that’s not only the last game at home against a division rival, but one that also means an unexpected AFC West title. Given the recent struggles of the Broncos to capitalize on chances for success, that’s good news that the Broncos have forgotten those days.

It was just two years ago that the Broncos started out 6-0 and seemed to be the class of the NFL under first-year coach Josh McDaniels. Instead, the team tanked in the end and missed the playoffs. Tim Tebow says that the team is motivated and ready for the goal ahead this time around.

“We’re a very motivated team,” said Tebow. "We had a good practice today. We’re going to be extremely focused. This is what you play for. It’s just like another playoff game for us. We are excited about it and we’re motivated. I believe we’ll go out there and leave everything on the field.”

The Broncos can also get in via a Raiders loss, but Tebow and company are likely to want to take matters into their own hands. As for the Chiefs, they’re playing for Romeo Crennel’s chances to remain head coach on a permanent basis and end-of-year pride and momentum.


Tim Tebow Plagued By Turnovers, Must Change Ways Against Kansas City Chiefs

The Denver Broncos season will be on the line this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs — a scenario no one thought possible even just several weeks ago. As Tim Tebow has taken the reins, the defense and running game have taken over and John Fox has coached the Broncos to the division lead. Now, however, the momentum is deflating at the wrong time as team’s are getting Tebow to turn the ball over more than ever.

Adam Schefter of ESPN says Tebow must learn to protect the ball while moving the chains or the Broncos will end up losing the playoff spot that’s under their control to the Oakland Raiders. This week, the Buffalo Bills, a team that has nothing to play for, took care of business against the Broncos. Same thing can be said about a Patriots team with a lousy pass defense.

Schefter writes, "He’s turning over the football, Fred; that’s the biggest difference. He has had eight turnovers while the Denver Broncos have been forced to play from behind. Now, the New England Patriots did something interesting that other teams have not. They had a defender hit Tebow on many of his running plays, and hit him hard. They didn’t worry whether he pitched the ball; they worried about leaving a mark with Tebow, and they did. New England also took a big lead, as the Buffalo Bills did, wiping out Denver’s running game and putting Tebow in a position where he had to throw. And that’s not going to work, as we’ve seen.

“When Tebow has played well, he hasn’t turned over the football. He hasn’t looked to take many chances, either, but he has played it safe, and it has worked. What Denver has done the past two weeks hasn’t worked, and the Broncos need to turn it around Sunday versus the Kansas City Chiefs — or else.”

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