2011 NBA Draft Order Is Officially Set With Cleveland Cavaliers Sitting At No. 1

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight, with the Minnesota Timberwolves having the best chance at the first pick. Duke's Kyrie Irving and Arizona's Derrick Williams figure to be the top two players in the draft this year.

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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Lebron James Thinks It's Kyrie Irving For The Cleveland Cavaliers

Perhaps no other team in the history of the NBA is more deserving of two top-4 picks in the NBA draft than the 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers. After losing their hometown kid Lebron James to the Miami Heat the Cavs finished the 2010-2011 season with a dismal 19-63 record just three years removed from the NBA finals.

"The decision" still fresh in their minds, what was once a thriving and glowing city of NBA basketball as the "Ohio kid" was destined to take the Cleveland fans past what was only considered to be heartache and pain. "The drive" from John Elway and "The shot" from Michael Jordan is what these fans remember the most. James was supposed to be the guy that gets this town past these painful memories and instead, he adds more fuel to the fire.

The Cavaliers have an opportunity to help get this town past these memories by making quality selections with their two top picks. Kyrie Irving from Duke and Derrick Williams from the University of Arizona are the two most popular names for the number 1 pick. Brandon Knight from Kentucky and Kemba Walker from Connecticut are two other guards along with Irving that are projected as top 6 picks.

The Cavs would have an opportunity to get any of these three guards with the number 4 pick if they pass on a guard at number one. Williams would definitely be in-play for this team depending upon how they rate each of these guards against one-another. Lebron James seems to be happy about Irving being the possible pick for the Cavs.

Whichever path the Cavs decide to pursue with the future of their franchise the initial excitement when those first two players are chosen will be a nice relief for a fanbase that could use some positive news for a change.


2011 NBA Draft Order Is Officially Set With Cleveland Cavaliers Sitting At No. 1

Well now that the ping pong balls have all settled, the draft order for the 2011 NBA Draft is now set and teams can start breaking down what players may be available when the time comes to select.

The final first round draft order is as follows:

1st Cleveland Cavaliers (Fourth time in history selecting first overall)
2nd Minnesota Timberwolves
3rd Utah Jazz (from New Jersey Nets)
4th Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles Clippers)
5th Toronto Raptors
6th Washington Wizards
7th Sacramento Kings
8th Detroit Pistons
9th Charlotte Bobcats
10th Milwaukee Bucks
11th Golden State Warriors
12th Utah Jazz
13th Phoenix Suns
14th Houston Rockets
15th Indiana Pacers
16th Philadelphia 76ers
17th New York Knicks
18th Washington Wizards (from Atlanta Hawks)
19th Charlotte Bobcats (from New Orleans Hornets)
20th Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis Grizzlies)
21st Portland Trail Blazers
22nd Denver Nuggests
23rd Houston Rockets (from Orlando Magic)
24th Oklahoma City Thunder
25th Boston Celtics
26th Dallas Mavericks
27th New Jersey Nets (from Los Angeles Lakers)=
28th Chicago Bulls (from Miami Heat)
29th San Antonio Spurs
30th Chicago Bulls

The Cavaliers now have the hard decision in the upcoming month of taking Kyrie Irving from Duke or Derrick Williams of Arizona. With two picks in the first four selections they Cavaliers can now start to move on and rebuild after the departure of LeBron James.


Cleveland Cavaliers Land No. 1 Overall Selection In NBA Draft Lottery

In the face of the frustration that came in the wake of The Decision, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally have their first piece of good news in the hopes of reversing their fortune: the No. 1 overall selection in the upcoming NBA Draft. Their number was called in tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery as the winner of the first overall choice after coming with a 19.9 percent chance of acquiring the choice.

The assumption at this point is that the Cavaliers will choose Duke point guard Kyrie Irving as the first overall selection given their need for a dynamic playmaker while, at the same time, taking a safe choice. Irving stands as the surest bet in the draft that also includes several intriguing foreign big men and Arizona’s Derrick Williams. The Cavs already have a solid low post presence in Anderson Varejao, so grabbing a young impact performer to lead the backcourt and play the point is key for future success. Irving is also the kind of unselfish, team and community oriented player the franchise can build around — serving as a solid citizen all around.

As for the rest, the Minnesota Timberwolves fell to the second overall selection and might take Williams to solidify their frontcourt, and the Utah Jazz now hold the third overall selection.

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