Fantasy Football: Reevaluating The Chiefs After Two Big Weeks

Here are your fantasy football updates with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Fantasy Football: Re-Evaluating The Kansas City Chiefs

A few weeks ago I said you shouldn't have many Kansas City Chiefs players on your fantasy team. The passing game wasn't very good so that takes out a few skill players and then the running game was being shared by two players meaning less fantasy stats.

The last two weeks we've seen a significant shift in the Chiefs on offense. They've put up 73 points in the last two games and the passing game, along with the run game, is looking very good.

QB Matt Cassel: Is he worth a start? Not quite yet but I think he's getting closer. Cassel won't be putting up 300+ yards of offense but he is playing more efficient and more importantly he's scoring touchdowns. He has eight touchdown passes in three of the Chiefs four wins this year. He's a consideration to play against a weak opponent.

Advice: Don't start him just yet but keep an eye on him. He might be turning the corner.

RB Thomas Jones: He's come a long way since the first few weeks of the season when we wondered why he was getting more carries than Jamaal Charles. Jones is now a solid fantasy play as he caps off his second straight 100-yard game including a touchdown.

Advice: Keep him in your starting lineup. The Chiefs are giving him plenty of carries.

RB Jamaal Charles: He's always going to be in your starting lineup because he has the ability to break a big one. He's currently the 13th ranked running back in the NFL (by yards) and he has an excellent yards per carry average. There are a lot of things to like about Charles (except that he's splitting carries).

Advice: Keep him in your lineup. The Chiefs focus is on running the ball.

WR Dwayne Bowe: Wow is he a No. 1 receiver? The last two weeks he has been catching four touchdowns. He's becoming a favorite target of Matt Cassel and not to be overlooked he's had two great touchdown catches that included long runs after the catch. Those sorts of things are critical for fantasy football and Bowe is helping out a lot with that. He's a solid play moving forward but there are still some inconsistency issues.

Advice: He's not quite an every week starter but he's nearing that status. We need to see consistency from him.

TE Tony Moeaki: He's cooled down a little after a hot start but he's still consistently getting 30-40 yards receiving per game. That means Cassel hasn't forgotten about him and he's still someone to watch in the red zone.

Advice: He's leveling off and I'm not sure what that means. The Chiefs don't pass often so your best bet might be Bowe or Moeaki -- and not both -- as fantasy Chiefs in the passing game.

WR/RB Dexter McCluster: You're going to have to begin starting him here shortly. Brian Waters told us in the locker room after the game that the Chiefs are going to figure out more ways to get him the ball. He had nine touches on Sunday and I think that's a good number for him moving forward. He's a running back and a receiver so he can definitely put up some points.

Advice: He's not quite at starter status but it's encouraging that the Chiefs are going to try to get him the ball more as they did on Sunday.


Fantasy Football: D-Bowe Show Returns For The Chiefs

i said this week that we couldn't expect Dwayne Bowe to have another big fantasy football  game for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's been too inconsistent this year as has the Chiefs passing game. In the first half, it looked like I was correct because Matt Cassel had just six pass attempts for 51 yards.

Now I'm going to have to admit I'm wrong. Cassel just hit Bowe on a 53-yard touchdown pass. Cassel dropped back to pass and had plenty of time to throw and found Bowe down the right sideline. Bowe juked a couple of players and zig zagged his way into the end zone.

The Chiefs scored 37 seconds into the second half.

Bowe now has 75 yards and one touchdown on the longest pass play of the season. Cassel sits at 4-of-7 for 104 yards and a touchdown.

It's early but the Chiefs fantasy football outlook is looking good.


Fantasy Football Week 7: Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones Coming Up With Big Days

Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones are off to a good start in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Chiefs are leading the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 in the first half.

The first TD was set up with a 70-yard Thomas Jones rush putting the Chiefs on the four yard line. Jamaal Charles came in and punched it in. The second TD came on a very nice 14-play, 73-yard drive that ended with Jones leaping over the pile getting the TD he deserves.

Charles has been virtually non-existent in this game in the first half, other than the short TD run.

Jones has a whopping 107 rushing yards on 11 carries in the first half. Dexter McCluster has three carries for 30 yards.

It's early but the Chiefs running game is looking very good again.


Fantasy Football Week 7: Maurice Jones-Drew Gets Started Early Against KC

Maurice Jones-Drew is off to a nice start in Kansas City. While the Kansas City Chiefs defense is playing strong, Jones-Drew was able to get one TD.

Facing a third down on the Chiefs 18 yard line, Jags QB Todd Bouman hit Jones-Drew on a fade route giving them six points in the game and in fantasy football.

Jones-Drew now has 44 rushing yards on 10 carries. Once you take out his long of 21 yards you can see the Chiefs defense is bottling him up but he'll apparently get plenty of carries as we're still in the first half.

Jones-Drew has two catches for 25 yards to this point including the 18-yard touchdown.

It's looking like a good day early for MJD but that Chiefs defense is going to be tough to beat.


Dwayne Bowe Emerges As Top Fantasy Football Receiver In Week 7

The Kansas City Chiefs don't have the best passing attack or receivers in the NFL but they have the No. 1 fantasy football receiver this week.

Well, if you're to believe Sports Illustrated, that would be WR Dwayne Bowe:

8 rec, 105 yards, 1 TD
Just a week after dropping a couple key passes in a loss to the Colts, Bowe exploded with his best game of the season. The Chiefs have had more success passing the ball lately, so Bowe is a decent option this week against a poor Jacksonville secondary.

Bowe had a great game last week against Houston's 32nd ranked pass defense. He had 108 yards receiving and a pair of touchdowns. It was by far his best fantasy football game of the season.

The Chiefs game plan likely won't ever be to pass the ball a lot but that doesn't mean there's not opportunities for a receiver like Bowe to shine. The Jaguars have a poor pass defense so at some point the Chiefs will have an opportunity to attack that.

I like Bowe's chances against the Jaguars this week and the prediction above from SI sounds about similar to what I'd predict.

Fantasy Football Week 7: Jamaal Charles Or Thomas Jones?

The Kansas City Chiefs' top-ranked rushing attack will host the Jacksonville Jaguars in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. It's Week 7 in the NFL and we still don't have a good handle on how to predict whether the Chiefs will utilize Jamaal Charles or Thomas Jones more. The two split carries but the Chiefs generally identify a weakness on the other team and try to exploit it with one of those two backs.

Charles is the speed back and Jones is the power back. That's the best way to describe them.

So who will get more carries on Sunday? My guess is going to be Thomas Jones (for now).

Last week against the Tennessee Titans and Chris Johnson -- a similar back to Charles -- the Jaguars were able to contain the rushing attack much of the day. They would have held Johnson around 75 yards on 25 carries save the last 35-yard touchdown run. That shows me that they know how to handle a speed back.

That's why I'll roll with Jones to get the most carries on Sunday.

So how often will they run it?

Probably similar to last week. The Chiefs, against Houston's 32nd ranked pass defense, threw the ball 29 times and rushed it 38 times. The Jaguars pass defense, like the Texans, isn't very good. Still, like last week, you can't expect the Chiefs to come out throwing the ball a lot. That's good news for Charles and Jones fantasy football owners.

My prediction on their production:

  • Thomas Jones: 20 carries, 90 yards.
  • Jamaal Charles: 15 carries, 100 yards.

The Chiefs should be able to run the football against the Jaguars. They're expecting to and, judging by their No. 1 rank in the league at rushing the ball, they're probably going to be able to do it.


Fantasy Football Week 7: Another 3-TD Day From Matt Cassel?

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has been a very good fantasy football two games. The problem? The Chiefs have played five games.

When Cassel is on and the Chiefs offense is moving, he's shown he can put up touchdowns. Cassel has seven touchdowns on the year and six of those came in two games -- three against San Francisco and three against Houston.

I can't predict a three-touchdown from Cassel because he's been such an inconsistent fantasy football player. But there are a few nice things lining up for the Chiefs.

What he's got going for him: The Jaguars pass defense just isn't very good. They're among the lowest-ranked teams in the league and SB Nation's Big Cat Country tells us that the Chiefs shouldn't focus on the run to beat the Jaguars. They should just pass it. Houston's pass defense was rated very poorly as well and Cassel put up three touchdowns against them.

What he's got going against him: The Chiefs rush offense. It's good. Very good. They're No. 1 in the league and, until the Jaguars can prove they can stop it. I suspect the Chiefs will continue to run the ball. Why fix it if it's not broke?

I do think Cassel has a decent day -- well, decent for Cassel -- and that means 200 yards and a touchdown. He won't turn the ball over and he'll lead the Chiefs to a win.


Fantasy Football Week 7: Maurice Jones-Drew Maybe Not A Great Start Vs. Chiefs

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew may not be the best fantasy football start in Week 7. He and the Jags are playing the Kansas City Chiefs and, if I had to guess, the Chiefs will be able to shut down the run.

Jones-Drew is having a decent fantasy season rushing for 463 yards and one touchdown to this point. But I don't expect him to have a great game on Sunday in Kansas City.

The Chiefs are a top 5 rush defense and have shown again and again that they can stop the run. The Jaguars main offensive focus is rushing the ball so the Chiefs know what's coming.

The problem is the Jags QB situation. Starter David Garrard is battling a concussion and backup Trent Edwards is battling a thumb injury. If those two can't go -- and it's a possibility they can't -- it'll be Todd Bouman taking the reins.

Bouman hasn't thrown a pass in a regular season game since 2005. That means the Chiefs can stuff the box and dare Bouman to beat the Chiefs corners Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. If that's the case, I'm taking the Chiefs corners in that battle (and I think the Jags know the Chiefs would have that advantage).

So Jones-Drew may not be the best start this week.


Fantasy Football Week 7: Chris Chambers Gets Back To Practice

Kansas City Chiefs WR Chris Chambers returned to practice on Wednesday.

Chambers was a late week addition to the Chiefs injury report in Week 6 and was listed as questionable with a finger injury. He was not active against the Houston Texans.

With news that Chambers has returned to practice in full on Wednesday you can probably peg him as a good bet to play on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Well, it may not matter if Chambers is back -- at least in fantasy football. He's been a total non-factor this year after coming up with a few sleeper games for the Chiefs in the second half of 2009.

Through five games in 2010, he has just seven catches for 76 yards. Hardly No. 1 fantasy status. In fact, he probably shouldn't be on your starting roster until further notice.

The Chiefs passing game is inconsistent -- and the offense really isn't designed to feature the passing game. Plus, Dwayne Bowe emerged last week which may make Cassel look his way more often.

There just aren't aren't a lot of positives about Chris Chambers in the fantasy football world.

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