Raiders Crush Chiefs 31-10 In The Final Game Of The 2010 Regular Season

The Chiefs and Raiders meet at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

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Oakland Raiders Embarrass Kansas City Chiefs In Week 17

If you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan, your confidence is shot right now. The Chiefs got embarrassed by the Oakland Raiders, at home, in Week 17 by 21 points. The Raiders’ 31 points destroyed the Chiefs.

Matt Cassel was pressured literally the entire game, to the point where he couldn’t even play like a normal quarterback. The Chiefs’ offensive line was completely exposed today as they were unable to protect Cassel or open up enough holes for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Cassel was 11/33 for 115. He threw two picks, his sixth and seventh picks on the year.

The lone bright spot was the Chiefs’ defensive line, specifically Tamba Hali. Hali had 2.5 sacks and was apparently the only Chief who realized there was a playoff game next week.

The Chiefs can still hold on to the #3 seed if the Indianpolis Colts lose. But right now, that doesn’t matter. The Chiefs don’t deserve to be in the playoffs after this loss.

Full stats for the game are here if you can stomach them.


Matt Cassel Throws Interception; Raiders Extend Lead Over Chiefs, 24-10

The Kansas City Chiefs final regular season game isn't going well. The Chiefs are losing to the Oakland Raiders, 24-10, with 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs can't seem to do anything right as the Raiders run all over them and the Chiefs passing game is non-existent.

The Raiders picked off a Matt Cassel pass and returned it to the 10 yard line. The Raiders then ran a reverse and Jacoby Ford snuck into the end zone extending Oakland's lead.

The Chiefs appear to be on their way to losing this game. That means they'll need to hope the Indianapolis Colts lose to the Tennessee Titans later this afternoon to allow them to keep the third seed in the NFL playoffs. If the Colts win, the Chiefs would get the fourth seed (assuming the Chiefs end up losing this game). 

If the Chiefs get the fourth seed, then it looks like it'd be the Baltimore Ravens visiting Kansas City. 

There's still some time left in this game but the Chiefs would need some big plays to come back.


Jamaal Charles Grabs Lead In NFL Rushing Title Race, Ties Chiefs With Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs got a nice boost when Jamaal Charles took a handoff in the second half and rumbled down the field 47 yards to set the Chiefs up in the red zone. The Chiefs went to third down before handing it off to Charles again as he punched it in for the score.

The Chiefs and Raiders are tied in the second half of Sunday's ame, 10-10, and Charles is currently your NFL rushing leader. Charles' 47 yard run gave him the lead over Texans' Arian Foster, who plays later this afternoon. Charles has eight carries for 77 yards on the day.

The Chiefs had a minor scare when Charles took a hard hit and went down in the first half of the game. He was down for a few seconds before popping back up.

The Chiefs are currently tied with the Raiders, 10-10, and you may be able to expect some second half carries for Charles, who is sporting a near 10 yards per carry average.


Tamba Hali Is Your NFL Sack Leader With One Half To Play

Kansas City Chiefs lB Tamba Hali is your NFL sack king with one half left in the Chiefs Week 17 game against the Oakland Raiders. Hali has 2.5 sacks on the day.

Hali came into the game with 12 sacks, two behind the NFL leader, Cameron Wake, at 14. Hali now has 2.5 on the day, giving him 14.5 on the season. Through the first half of the Dolphins game, Wake has zero sacks. Hali was given a half-sack credit on a sack along with Glenn Dorsey.

Hali very well could win the NFL's sack title...without making the Pro Bowl. Perhaps this would finally be enough recognition for Hali to be considered one of the best pass rushers in the game. 

The Chiefs trail the Raiders 10-3 in the second half. 

Falcons' John Abraham was at 13 entering this game and has no sacks. Jason Babin, Clay Matthews and DeMarcus Ware are all involved as well and they play later this afternoon.


Darrius Heyward-Bey Fumbles; Chiefs Lead Raiders, 3-0

The Kansas City Chiefs started the game with the ball and quickly had to punt it away to the Raiders. Oakland took the ball, on their first offensive play of the game, ran an end-around to Darrius Heyward-Bey, who fumbled the ball as he was tackled. Jovan Belcher caused the fumble and Derrick Johnson picked it up giving KC the ball back at the 17 yard line.

The Chiefs again went three and out before kicking the field goal. The final drive was four plays, five yards and took 44 seconds. Ryan Succop hit a 30-yard field goal.

The Chiefs lead the Raiders, 3-0, with 11 minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The Chiefs started the game with some trickery as Matt Cassel and Thomas Jones lined up in shotgun formation. Cassel motioned out to the right and the direct snap went to Thomas Jones who couldn't do anything with it.


Darren McFadden, Richard Seymour Inactive; Chiefs' Brodie Croyle Is Third QB

The Kansas City Chiefs have released their inactive list and there's one surprise on the list -- QB Brodie Croyle is the third QB. That position has gone to QB Tyler Palko all year so it's interesting to see them make that switch now.

Perhaps that's an indication the Chiefs plan on giving Palko some playing time in today's game.

The Chiefs have insisted they're playing to win today but inserting Palko into the lineup would not be a sign they're playing to win. Maybe Palko sees playing time if today's game is a blowout.

Here are the rest of the inactives for the Chiefs : WR Quinten Lawrence, S Donald Washington, FB Mike Cox, S Reshard Langford, LB Charlie Anderson, CRudy Niswanger and NT Anthony Toribio.

And the inactives for the Raiders include RB Darren McFadden and DT Richard Seymour. 


NFL Playoff Picture: What's On The Line In Week 17

The NFL playoff picture is starting to be sorted out and we will know everything by this evening. There are several scenarios going on today that will affect the Kansas City Chiefs.

First, if the Chiefs win they'll secure the third seed in the NFL playoffs. If the Indianapolis Colts lose, the Chiefs will also secure the third playoff spot regardless of what they do. The Chiefs play the early game and the Colts play the Tennessee Titans in the late game so if the Chiefs lose they won't know their fate until around 6:00 p.m. (Arrowhead time).

Second, the Chiefs need to find out who they'll play in the wildcard round of the playoffs. As of now, the New York Jets hold the sixth playoff seed and would play the Chiefs if the playoffs started today. The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the second seed and, if they win, they'll hold keep that spot. If they lose, and the Baltimore Ravens win, the Steelers then move to the sixth playoff spot and the Chiefs would be playing them. The Chiefs probably want to play the Jets, if you ask me.

It appears the Chiefs will play to win against the Oakland Raiders in Week 17 in order to keep some of their momentum. 


NFL Picks Week 17: Chiefs Expected To Beat Raiders, Despite Possibly Resting Starters

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3.5 point favorites over the Oakland Raiders. If they had something more to play for, perhaps the line would be bigger. The Chiefs have clinched the AFC West division and are locked into the third or fourth playoff seed. 

The Chiefs continue to control their own playoff destiny. If they win on Sunday against the Raiders, they get the third seed and possibly the New York Jets coming to Kansas City. If they lose, they get the fourth seed and possibly the Baltimore Ravens coming to Kansas City.

The Chiefs are the better team, I think, even if the Raiders are 5-0 in the division.  The Chiefs do have more distractions though. First, Charlie Weis is leaving the Chiefs to go to Florida which is distraction enough. That's expected to be announced Monday and news of it becoming official hit Saturday night. Second, the Chiefs have a bigger game on the horizon. They already know they're going to be hosting a home playoff game yet they still have to get through Week 17 first.

I'm on the fence about this game but I'm leaning to the Chiefs winning by three points or less. There are a lot of factors at play here that can change the momentum in this game. Nervously, I'll take the Chiefs.


Raiders Vs. Chiefs: NFL Playoff Seeding Is On The Line For Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders will meet at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday for Week 17. For the Raiders, the game doesn't mean much. They're eliminated from the playoffs but they are trying to get to 8-8 on the season. For the Chiefs, the game is the difference between the third and fourth seed in the 2010 NFL playoffs.

The Chiefs currently hold the third seed if the playoffs ended today. If they win, or if the Colts lose, that will stay the same. If the Chiefs lose and the Colts win, then that means KC will be the fourth seed.

That could be the difference between playing the Jets, Ravens or Steelers in Kansas City on wildcard weekend. That's a big difference. If the Chiefs win and the Steelers win or the Jets lose, they'll be playing the Jets. That would be the best matchup for KC of those three teams.

The Chiefs are trying to get to 11-5 on the year and they're favored to beat Oakland. There's a question of whether the Chiefs will play their starters the entire game but Chiefs coach Todd Haley says that they will.

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