Brandon Flowers Says AFC Defensive Player Of The Week Award Belongs To Derrick Johnson

The Raiders other option, Kyle Boller, might just be enough to force them to look at Pryor for better results.

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Brandon Flowers Says AFC Defensive Player Of The Week Award Belongs To Derrick Johnson

When a team grabs six interceptions in one game on defense, they’re bound to get the lion’s share of attention. That’s the case with the Kansas City Chiefs defensive unit in their 28-0 shutout of the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. With that attention came the AFC Defensive Player of the Week for cornerback Brandon Flowers who had two of the picks. But Flowers says he’s not the one who deserves it most. That honor belongs to Derrick Johnson.

“He did all of the dirty work,” Flowers said. “Quarterbacks, receivers and cornerbacks get all of the glory, but guys like Derrick Johnson saved a lot of touchdowns for us and put them in a position that made them one-dimensional.”

Johnson was pivotal especially on a goal line stand early in the game in which the Raiders tried to put the ball in the end zone with Michael Bush four straight times. It was an incredible shift in momentum that firmly placed the Chiefs in control of the game. Johnson finished the game with 16 tackles.


Peter King: Raiders-Chiefs Most Compelling Game Of NFL Week Because Of Carson Palmer

Move over Tim Tebow. Shut your mouth, Rex Ryan. Apparently the AFC West has plenty of compelling drama this weekend, but nothing that can compare to the first game of Carson Palmer’s career with the Oakland Raiders. That’s why Peter King says that this week’s game between the Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs is his No. 1 choice to watch this weekend.

He writes, "There are better games on the slate, and more meaningful ones, as the Raiders try to win their ninth straight AFC West match. But the 102nd meeting ever between Kansas City and Oakland will be the first game of the Carson Palmer Experiment. And for that reason, it’s the most compelling game of the weekend — and that includes the Tebow game."

You can expect a lot of attention as analysts will want to label the Palmer trade a bust or boom rather quickly. The Chiefs could capitalize on the attention with a win that would command more respect league-wide.


Oakland Raiders' Hue Jackson Says Carson Palmer Is 'Executing Flawlessly', Should Be Sunday Starter

Official or unofficial, there should really be no doubt. Carson Palmer is going to start on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs for the Oakland Raiders and any thought to the contrary is just ridiculous. Raiders head coach Hue Jackson has been touting the move all week and the energy the team has received from the trade is incredible. It’s just nearly impossible to believe that Kyle Boller will be under center for any play at all, especially after Jackson’s latest round of praise for his QB.

Jackson recently told Peter King that, “He’s got a very strong arm. He hasn’t fumbled a snap. He’s been laughing and talking with his receivers, all his new teammates. Here’s what I noticed: He’s been here 16 hours, and [in Wednesday’s practice], I give him a play, he calls it, he executes it flawlessly.”

Carson Palmer has been “flawless.” Do you hear anything in there about having to get him acclimated to the new team or new playbook? Me either. The Chiefs likely knew this the moment that the Raiders made the trade and you can bet they’ll be ready for Carson Palmer when the game begins.


Bengals Owner Mike Brown Wants Carson Palmer To Succeed With Oakland Raiders?

After months and months of a bitter standoff that resulted in the Cincinnati Bengals moving an entirely different direction from their franchise quarterback, Mike Brown, the Bengals’ owner, is apparently ready to make nice with former starting quarterback Carson Palmer. Or at least that’s what Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson would have you believe.

In a press conference introducing Palmer to the Raiders media just hours after the trade that brought him over from the Bengals for a first round pick and conditional second round choice in 2013, Jackson commented on how the trade went down. For those unfamiliar, Brown swore he wouldn’t trade his face of the franchise after he demanded a trade and Palmer admits he thought he would have to remain retired. The two were mired in stubborn positions and it wasn’t until the Raiders came calling at the last second that Brown changed his mind.

Jackson’s words at the press conference are interesting because it seems he engineered the deal to convince Brown to get over his issues and let them make a deal. The bounty was certainly enticing enough to get it done as well, since most believe the Bengals fleeced the Raiders. But the following comments were rather intriguing:

“I have so much respect [for] Mike. Having worked there with him, been in drafts with him, coached some of his best players with him in that organization and I think he has respect for this organization and coach Davis. I think the respect was mutual and he said so. He said ‘Hue, I like you and I want to see you do well and I want to see Carson do well. And I want us to do well’ being the Bengals. So I think at the end of the day I think it was a fit for everybody and I think it worked out in everybody’s behalf.”

Brown wanted to see Carson do well? What happened to that sentiment over the last several months? Funny what a few high draft picks will do for you.


Oakland Raiders' Carson Palmer: 'I Know What Playing Quarterback Is All About'

Carson Palmer will admit he’s tired. He’s also willing to admit the pressure is great. But it’s clear that he’s ready to step up to the pressure and make good on Hue Jackson’s belief in him as the future of the Oakland Raiders franchise. Despite declining skills and statistics and the fact he turns 32 in December, Palmer and Jackson both represent the Raiders future — the one that cost them their literal future with two high draft choices to the Cincinnati Bengals.

A press conference held this morning was set up to introduce Palmer to the Oakland area media and he had a few words to say about the expectations ahead of him.

“I have played in this league for 8 years, I know what it’s about. I know what playing quarterback is about, and it’s about winning. I want to come in a contribute and do whatever I can to help this team.”

Even though he has the experience, there’s no denying that new personnel, new schemes and a lack of recent playing time and conditioning might set him back. However, the ceiling is higher with Palmer than any other so this should be interesting to watch.


Oakland Raiders Hue Jackson Says Carson Palmer 'Gives Team Best Opportunity To Win'

At a press conference this morning introducing Carson Palmer to the Oakland area media, Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson made it clear that he was not alone in making the deal, but that the responsibility to win does fall on his shoulders. To that end, he was clear today that Carson Palmer represented his belief in that goal.

He said, "That’s my job as the head coach and leader of this team. What I set out to do was find the person I would be comfortable with coming in here, helping me lead this football team as we continue to move forward and give us the best opportunity to win. And I was very lucky to kind of reach back in my past and grab somebody I’m very familiar with being Carson. But in order to do that it took a lot of team work, it took a lot of cooperation from the Bengals."

Given the state of the roster, there’s no doubt that compared to Kyle Boller or Terrelle Pryor, Palmer is that guy at this point. Is he that much better than Jason Campbell? Only time will tell. However, Jackson seems to think so and he clearly has the follow-through that must have made Al Davis proud to hire him in the first place.


Peter King: Cincinnati Bengals Were Only Hoping For Second Round Pick For Carson Palmer

It’s a story that keeps getting weirder by the moment. The Carson Palmer saga was already odd whenever he was being held prisoner by Mike Brown for demanding a trade out of Cincinnati. It was even more so when the Oakland Raiders went all in on Palmer to lead their team with such a rich draft bounty — a first rounder this next April and a conditional second round choice in 2013 that could become a first rounder. But now, Peter King’s latest column exposes a new level entirely.

King says that when the issue between Bengals owner Mike Brown and Palmer was first explained to him, the Bengals were hoping a team would pony up a second round choice for Palmer eventually so they could let him go at their price. A second rounder. Now, they get two possible first rounders from the Raiders and they have to be wondering how that happened.

Palmer might become the best Raiders quarterback in some time (not hard to do), and the might even make the playoffs. But that doesn’t make this trade a positive one. After all, it was clear the team is going places with Jason Campbell at the helm and that he was settling into a role before his injury. Now the Raiders have to bring Palmer into it after he’s already missed training camp and one third or more of a season.

The Bengals, on the other hand, have to love the fact that the Raiders were desperate enough to spend. And it makes an already odd story that much more interesting.


Carson Palmer Trade: Does Terrelle Pryor Now Become Oakland Raiders New Tight End?

The question was raised when the Oakland Raiders first brought in Terrelle Pryor. Now it’s resurfaced in the wake of the Carson Palmer acquisition and for good reason: Pryor is now one step even further away from playing quarterback in the NFL and the Raiders paid a steep bounty to keep it that way.

With the draft pick value given to Cincinnati for Palmer’s services, there’s no way Pryor is sniffing a starting NFL spot for the next couple of years at least. At least, he won’t in Oakland. Yet his athleticism and talent is simply too good to keep off of the field, and the conjecture when he was drafted was that his size and speed might make him ideal at wide receiver or tight end. Given the Raiders new depth chart at QB, that’s exactly what could happen.

Tim Kavanagh makes the case at ESPN for just that
. He writes, “At every turn following the Raiders’ acquisition of the Ohio State product in the supplemental draft, both Pryor and representatives of the team have steadfastly indicated that he would remain at QB. But that was before Palmer was in the picture. Even if Pryor does not completely switch over to a position where he’ll be a pass-catcher instead of a pass-thrower, it would not be surprising to see Hue Jackson attempt to make use of him at times in such a role. Things just got a whole lot more exciting in Oakland.”

He could also be used in trick plays every now and then a la Brad Smith, although Pryor’s athleticism makes him much more dangerous than Smith. Pryor’s a legitimate talent without a pro level position, but Hue Jackson is creative enough to make something work. Here’s a bet that you’ll see Pryor creating some value for himself on the roster before season’s end.


Fantasy Football Sleeper: Carson Palmer Now Becomes Great Free Agent Pick

For those languishing in fantasy football basements, it’s clear that a great free agent is now available for those suffering with Sam Bradford as their starter. Carson Palmer is now a viable starter again in the NFL after escaping from Mike Brown’s basement and he replaces Jason Campbell not only for the rest of the year but likely for the foreseeable future.

But how will Palmer do? You can expect him to definitely enjoy his time in Oakland. With a running game that will keep defenses honest, Palmer has several options to go to. Darrius Heyward-Bey was developing some chemistry with Campbell and Palmer has to hope he can do the same. He’s the burner on the outside that can take advantage of Palmer’s arm strength.

Denarius Moore provides another emerging target and Derek Hagan is a possibility to step up as well. Kevin Boss hasn’t erased any memories of Zach Miller yet, but Darren McFadden is also as asset as a receiver out of the backfield.

My guess is that Palmer throws for 2,500 yards. 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. If that’s better than what you have, then that’s a solid bet on the waiver wire.


Carson Palmer Trade: Oakland Raiders Responsible For Worst Trade In NFL In Years

Everyone is banging the same drum, so this is hardly original. But it has to be noted just how poor the Carson Palmer trade is for the Oakland Raiders. In other words, it’s not just bad, it’s historically bad. In fact, it’s so bad, I’m going to need to use numbers to list all of the ways…

1. Carson Palmer hasn’t played yet this season and is now stepping into a new scheme and line-up. Whether or not he’s worked with Hue Jackson in the past or not, Palmer might be a veteran, but everything takes time to get moving.

2. The Raiders didn’t need to make a move. They already had Jason Campbell coming back in six weeks and the schedule until his return includes the Chiefs, Broncos, Vikings and a bye week. You see a need to make a major move there. A headless team with Boller under center could go 3-2 in that stretch.

3. They’re giving up a first round pick in 2011 and a second round choice. Did Bill Belichick become the GM of the Bengals this morning? This is a major draft haul (remember Richard Seymour cost a first rounder alone for a defensive end with much left in the tank).

4. Carson Palmer went 4-12 last season.

5. Carson Palmer threw 20 interceptions to 26 touchdowns last season.

6. The Raiders have speed receivers, but Pro Football Focus notes that Palmer was only “16 of 54 on shots 20+ yards down field.”

7. Carson Palmer’s career record is 46-51 and is turning 32 this year.

Simply put, this is not someone you trade the house for. The Raiders totally blew this one in a season where things were actually looking up. Certainly Palmer is a major step up at quarterback over Kyle Boller, but Jason Campbell is not that much worse and the Raiders could have used the top picks to address bigger needs along the offensive line and secondary.

This trade instantly becomes one of the most lopsided in recent league memory.


Oakland Raiders Make Emotional (Wrong) Move For Carson Palmer

The Oakland Raiders have filled their quarterback void. That’s what you can call Kyle Boller as your starter, at least. Jason Campbell’s injury sent the Raiders into a frenzy in the last few days trying to figure out who to sign or trade for, and the rumors are rampant from Vince Young to Kyle Orton. Now they have their man with the reported trade for Carson Palmer from the Bengals.

The price? A first round choice in 2012 and a conditional choice that could turn into a first rounder in 2013. That’s the way the Raiders like to play and Mike Brown apparently knew what he was doing all along (not likely). More than anything, Brown got lucky and was in the right place at the right time with the right commodity. As for the Raiders, well, you can blame their emotions.

The Raiders are playing spirited, empassioned football. Their owner, the legendary Al Davis, passed away earlier this year and it’s almost as if you can feel the emotion that comes with his loss in this decision. The team is certainly playing for Al (and much more) this year, but this reeks of going “all in.” Except the player they’re acquiring for such a high bounty really isn’t much of an upgrade over Jason Campbell (if at all). And word on Campbell as of yesterday is that he could have been back in six weeks.

The Raiders aren’t just playing emotionally at this point. They’re also trading emotionally. It’s a good thing for the football field, but it’s another thing entirely when the front office gets caught up in the frenzy. Hue Jackson and the powers-that-be apparently believe they’re ready to go far this season and that this is a team built to win now. Or at least that’s what their emotions are telling them is true.


Jason Campbell Could Possibly Return To Oakland Raiders This Season, Might Preclude Other Moves

Twenty-four hours ago, the Oakland Raiders were either going to trade for Kyle Orton, trade for Carson Palmer or sign David Garrard. Now they might end up getting their starting quarterback back for the end of the season. Jason Campbell’s collarbone injury was originally reported to keep him out for the year. Now, it’s clear that a return within six weeks is an option and the Raiders have a bye week after the Chiefs game this Sunday.

In other words, the Raiders can definitely win this weekend and then have another week off with losing Campbell for only four more games after that. The next opponents after that are the Broncos, Chargers, Vikings and Bears. Even if they lost to the Chargers and Bears, the other two are very winnable games, even if Kyle Boller is your quarterback. Suddenly the Raiders could go 3-2 without Campbell and then get him back for the end of the season.

It’s been quite a turnaround in the last day, but it’s clear the Raiders have went through every emotion possible. Now they have to be quite happy with the way things are settling.


Jason Campbell Injury: Summarizing The Oakland Raiders Quarterback Options Of Carson Palmer, David Garrard

The Oakland Raiders have certainly had an incredibly dramatic season in 2011. Longtime owner and NFL icon Al Davis passed away just several days ago. The team just lost starting quarterback Jason Campbell for the rest of the season yesterday afternoon. Yet the Raiders are playing with the sort of emotion and toughness that Davis would be proud of, and they seem intent on challenging the Chargers for the AFC West crown. Much of that will depend on what they do to address the quarterback position.

With so many options and rumors going around the Oakland Raiders this morning, we thought it’d be helpful to break down and summarize the team’s options once again as they try to act aggressively yet responsibly for the short and long term direction of the franchise:

1. Stick With What Ya Got
Kyle Boller is the back-up on the roster. Terrelle Pryor is the project. With a strong defense and a run-first offense, Hue Jackson could stick with the guys he’s got and trust the system put in place. This is likely not going to happen with so many rumors of the Raiders scrambling for a new face under center, but it’s possible they could go the efficient route and stick with Boller. Given the presence of such speed on the roster, however, it would take away much of the Raiders’ dynamism to do so.

2. Trade For Kyle Orton
The Broncos are clearly sellers (with the rumored Brandon Lloyd deal to the Rams already in the works) and so Orton could come cheap. He’s not a sexy addition, but he can definitely move the sticks and he comes cheaply. That’s a hard option to ignore for the price and situation.

3. Trade For Carson Palmer
Mike Brown’s personal prisoner isn’t likely going anyway. Brown would rather stand on his principles than earn any real return which will eventually imprison the Bengals as well (despite their positive record). But if the Raiders could pry Palmer away, he might be the most dynamic of all of the options for the second half of the season.

4. Sign David Garrard
The best quarterback free agent on the market by far is coming off a career best season in Jacksonville where he had a strong completion percentage (64.5) and an ability to find the end zone (23 touchdowns). This is the best bet for a team in need with no draft picks to spare.


NFL Trade Rumors: Peter King Says Oakland Raiders Should Trade For Kyle Orton From Denver Broncos

The Oakland Raiders are faced with a quandary after the loss of starting quarterback Jason Campbell during the Cleveland Browns game. Campbell is now out for the season, and the Raiders are forced to make a few choices. Do they stick with Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor, the in-house options? Do they make a deal for Carson Palmer as Pro Football Talk reported they were after? Do they sign David Garrard, the move Adam Schefter recommended? Or is there even yet another option?

Peter King believes so when he writes this morning that they should pursue a deal with a division rival. He writes, “The Raiders need a quarterback now, and if I were them, I’d go pay a fourth- in 2013 (they don’t have their 2, 3, 4, and 7 from the 2012 draft) and try to wrest Kyle Orton from Denver. The Broncos are having an everything-must-go sale (kidding, sort of) and they know Orton’s not anything now but insurance.”

This year, Orton is 91 of 155 for a 58.7 completion percentage. He’s thrown for 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions during a clearly disappointing first year for new head coach John Fox. The Broncos have made the decision to go with Tim Tebow and you have to believe the Broncos are going to let Tebow ride out the season as a starter so they can see exactly what they have in the former first round choice from the previous regime under Josh McDaniels.


NFL Injury Report: Jason Campbell's Injury Opens Door For Terrelle Pryor

The headlines over the next week could very easily include the addition of David Garrard to the Oakland Raiders. But let's not sleep on the idea that Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor, yes THAT Terrelle Pryor, can both see action for the Raiders heading into the crucial middle part of the season for the 4-2 Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are currently just a half-game behind the San Diego Chargers for the AFC-West division lead. So the collarbone injury that will sideline Jason Campbell could not have come at a worse time as the Raiders take on the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs this week in Oakland.

It's not like the Raiders are a team that has been built on throwing the ball. Campbell wasn't playing bad football when he was injured but the Raiders were 22nd in the league in passing, and second in rushing. They are led offensively by the NFL's leading rusher in Darren McFadden with 519 yards. Anything short of McFadden having trouble getting the ball on a hand-off from whomever steps under center for the Raiders, they are built the with-stain this kind of an injury to its' quarterback.

The Raiders should give Kyle Boller an opportunity to show what he can do this week against Kansas City. But they also need to find some plays that can get Terrelle Pryor into the game in certain situations. Bringing Pryor in when the Raiders are on the goal line would create an instant problem for the Chiefs defense and most-likely a timeout the first go-round. There's nothing that gives defensive coordinators more problems than a mobile quarterback. The Raiders have one and the sooner that they can find special packages for him to get in the game the better off they'd be.

If the Raiders don't feel as if Kyle Boller gives them a chance to win they could always go after David Garrard or Carson Palmer. Maybe even a long-shot of trading within the division and trading for Kyle Orton. But while Terrelle Pryor tries to learn the entire Oakland playbook it would make sense to try and find a few specific plays that could get his feet wet for an Oakland team that currently has a big question mark at the most important position on most NFL teams.


Bengals QB Carson Palmer Is Not The Answer For Oakland Raiders

When Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reported that former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer had become the subject of trade talks between the Oakland Raiders front office and Mike Brown, owner of the Bengals, it just didn't make sense. 

While many fans will just remember Palmer at his best and what he could potentially bring to the Raiders you have to remember that Palmer's' last good season was way back in 2007. Not to mention the fact that he's not been playing at all this season and you can't just stroll into a NFL camp and take over as quarterback like it's not a big deal. It just doesn't work that way. 

While it could very easily make sense for the Raiders to make a big move because they have a team built to win right now, you have to realize that it would take Palmer at least a full month in practice before he'd be able to step on the field. In that time the Raiders would have played Kansas City, Denver and San Diego. It's good that the Raiders have their bye week after this weekends' match-up with the Chiefs, but it's still not realistic to think that Palmer would be able to play until after the San Diego game. 

That's nine games into the Raiders' season in which they'd be turning their hopes to a guy that hadn't played football in quite a while. Would it just be better to try Kyle Boller as the starter and get some snaps for Terrelle Pryor in there as well? If you take into account the money involved, along with the Raiders having to throw in another draft pick(s), after already not having picks in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round next year and you don't have a lot of incentive to wage Carson Palmers' possible success against the price you'd be paying on the chance that he'd play more like the 2007 Carson Palmer, and not the guy we've seen since. 

It'd be a hell of a gamble for the Raiders to take a chance on Palmer, but it's the kind of move that sets the Raiders apart from other NFL franchises. They have a team that's ready to win now and they are stuck between having to be patient with Pryor while not wanting to be patient with Boller. 

David Garrard is the much safer choice for the Raiders if they do choose to bring in someone. He won't cost them a draft pick and wouldn't cost as much to sign. He might not have the upside but he could help the Raiders' have a much smaller leash for Boller, and provide a bridge to Pryor, should he be ready to take some snaps at any point in the season. 


Adam Schefter Agrees Oakland Raiders Should Go After David Garrard Quickly

David Garrard should be the man coming to the Oakland Raiders. That’s what we just wrote earlier this evening after the news that the Raiders starting quarterback Jason Campbell is out for the season. It appears that we’re not the only ones who believe that the team is out of solid options on its roster upon which to depend with only Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor in sight. Simply put they have to look outside of the team for help.

Schefter wrote earlier tonight on Twitter, “I’d already have arranged for him to be in Oakland on Monday.” In this act fast world in the NFL, Garrard now has the ideal situation in which to step and the Raiders somehow lucked out enough to have such a solid replacement just sitting there waiting for a spot to start. No word yet on whether or not Garrard is being considered, let alone coming in. But it’s definitely a move that makes sense on the surface.


Oakland Raiders Should Consider David Garrard Over Kyle Boller, Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor might indeed be the Raiders quarterback of the future. Kyle Boller might be a serviceable replacement. But let’s be honest: with a successful season on the line in a very winnable AFC West, the Oakland Raiders need to think long and hard about what they’re going to do at quarterback in the face of the Jason Campbell. That said, the current state of the roster was made obvious when Raiders head coach Hue Jackson went with a trick play to have Shane Lechler throw a 35-yard touchdown strike. In short, that won’t work every week.

That’s exactly why the Raiders need to seriously consider bringing in David Garrard as a free agent signing for the rest of the season. While Garrard would have no time to master the playbook in time to play against the Chiefs, the Raiders have a bye week coming in week 8 which would give an offensive mastermind like Jackson the chance to get Garrard up to speed for the second half of the season.

Garrard was ousted unexpectedly by the Jags before the beginning of the season after a career year in 2010. It sunk the Jags season and Garrard has yet to sign, but an opening with the Raiders is the ideal situation for a veteran like Garrard. The pieces are in place in Oakland. The team is playing inspired football. The running game takes pressure off of the passing game and yet the Raiders have talented receivers for Garrard to use.

As for the Raiders, they’d be getting a solid passer who had career numbers last year in touchdowns (23) and completion percentage (64.5) and can also make plays with his athletic ability. If the Raiders are going to seriously make a playoff run this season, it’s hard to imagine them doing so with Boller as the long-term starting quarterback. Perhaps Pryor can acclimate to the NFL level quicker than expected, but the learning curve will likely be sharp. That means the Raiders will need help somewhere and Garrard could and should be that guy.


Jason Campbell Out For Season For Oakland Raiders, Kyle Boller Presumed Starter

The dislocated shoulder that took out Jason Campbell today from the Oakland Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns contest is now going to keep him out for much longer. According to Jason LaCanfora, Jason Campbell is now out for the season and the Raiders are going to have to turn to other options to replace him.

The options include the newly activated Terrelle Pryor, the supplemental draft choice of the Raiders earlier this summer, and back-up quarterback Kyle Boller who came in of relief of Campbell today. Likely, it’s going to be Boller going forward, starting next week against Kansas City, but over the long-term it will be interesting what the Raiders end up doing.

Campbell ends the season with 1,118 passing yards and six touchdowns to go with four interceptions.

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