Peyton Manning To Broncos: Denver Beats Titans, 49ers For Former Colts Quarterback

The former Colts quarterback is likely to choose his new NFL home sometime this week.

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Peyton Manning's Arrival To AFC West Frustrates Division Rivals

Peyton Manning’s recruiting trip around the NFL affected a significant number of teams — from jostling the feelings of some incumbent quarterbacks to the teams that now have to play the Broncos in 2012 and beyond. The AFC West is the most affected with the Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs and the coaches are aware that Manning’s presence changes everything.

“He gives Denver instant credibility,” Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel told Fox Sports’ John Czarnecki. “He’s been such a great player for 14 seasons, and everyone says he’s healing. I have to believe it will continue as he comes back from that nerve injury. But I can’t say I’m excited about playing him twice a year.”

“Peyton is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game,” Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said. “He’s going to be an awesome challenge for all of us to find ways of how to defend him.”

If anything, it could even affect the way that teams like the Chiefs approach the draft. Knowing that they will have to cover the entire field defensively as in years past when they’ve played the Colts, expect the Chiefs to address depth at both corner and safety in the draft or late in free agency. While the starters look impressive, there are already concerns at those spots.

Manning is definitely changing the face of the entire division and the Chiefs pass defense is going to need every playmaker to be healthy and hope that they don’t miss Brandon Carr too much.


Were Chiefs Among Teams That Tried To Rush Peyton Manning's Decision?

In a recent radio interview with KKFN in Denver, Peyton Manning opened up about the recruitment process that unfolded in the national media that ultimately brought him to the Denver Broncos. It was a journey that featured several teams listed as suitors, three teams that were finalists and one left standing in the end. But where did the Kansas City Chiefs fall along the way?

Peyton might have given a good idea of where the Chiefs landed when he made an allusion early in the interview to some teams being on a timetable. Specifically he said, “I really felt like I had some good options. And certain teams were kind of on the clock and kind of had to have an answer right away due to personnel on their respective teams, and I just couldn’t rush a decision if I just didn’t feel right about it.”

If the Chiefs knew they only had so much money to spend and they wanted to target specific players, going after Manning without a time limit could keep them from landing a guy like Eric Winston among others. After all, one close look at the Dolphins’ offseason tells you what it looks like for the losers of the Manning sweepstakes — since they have arguably had the worst offseason in the NFL thus far.

There’s no way of knowing much more than what has been said, and it’s not likely that Manning or the Chiefs front office will open up about this soon. The reality is that all parties have moved on and there’s nothing more to publicly say about it. However, it’s interesting to read Peyton’s words and wonder what team fits into which category. If the Chiefs wanted to know quickly whether they were “in” or “out,” they might have automatically forced themselves to the margins with their demands.


Jeff Saturday Update: Broncos, Packers Are Final Two Players For Former Colts Center

The Denver Broncos already have J.D. Walton as their young starting center. The Green Bay Packers just lost their veteran starter Scott Wells to the St. Louis Rams in free agency. It seems like Jeff Saturday’s decision should be easy, and the Broncos shouldn’t even be in the equation. But one thing is true about Denver: they have Peyton Manning. Saturday must consider what it would be like to not have his long-time teammate working with him again now that he’s healthy.

The Broncos are making room for Peyton’s friends no matter who is already on the roster, but the Packers have a greater need. It will be interesting to see where Saturday lands at this point.

Shawn Zobel writes via Twitter, “Sounds like Jeff Saturday is down to Green Bay and Denver for his finalists. Packers have a strong offer that he’s considering”.

If he lands in Denver, then the Broncos might be open to get rid of Walton. The former Baylor Bear was the third round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft by the Broncos and he could make a good competition and depth addition for the Chiefs if available. Rodney Hudson is presumed to take over the center position after Casey Wiegmann likely retires, but Hudson is versatile enough to play guard.

Check out more on the Broncos' pursuit of Peyton's friends at Mile High Report.


Peyton Manning's Disregard For Kansas City Chiefs Continues To Perplex

Even as the dust settles on Peyton Manning’s arrival to the Denver Broncos as their new starting quarterback, the confusion still remains as to the entire process. Why did some teams make it in and others were spurned at the door? Why did the Denver Broncos end up on top? Some of it can be explained immediately, but it still doesn’t fully expound on the process that left the Kansas City Chiefs unexplainably out in the cold.

In the early part of the process, the Chiefs were often listed alongside other favorites like the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. It turns out that none of those were contenders in the slightest. The Redskins decided to go all in on a rookie when they found out they were not considered. The Dolphins are going to roll with visions of USC’s Matt Barkley. None of the three were really in the running after all.

The Chiefs were a team that “made sense” from the outside looking in. In fact, it was a better fit on paper than Denver given the cold weather, the altitude and, most importantly, the talent already in place. While Denver won the division last season, there’s no doubting the better core of talent present in KC. Brian Billick says he is still confused:

To many, including me, the Kansas City Chiefs seemed to be one of the best situations for Manning. They have a good, young receiving corps with Pro Bowl pick Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston. A promising young tight end, Tony Moeaki, coupled with running back Jamaal Charles and a solid offensive line all looked inviting. Add in a defensive-minded head coach who would stay out of your way in a division that has been, well, let’s be respectful and just say that it is fluid. Yet with all this, the Chiefs couldn’t even get a call back. This has left the fan base wondering why general manager Scott Pioli whiffed in the process.

Manning didn’t even give the team the opportunity to present its case. Neither did the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams were in need of a quarterback to match its solid talent base around the position, but were spurned for one reason or another. For the Chiefs, too many things seemed to click for Manning to move on without a look.

For now the Chiefs will move forward with the same quarterback they had last year along with competition from Brady Quinn. Perhaps a move in the 2012 NFL Draft will come to bolster the position, but many are left with questions as to why Peyton never even glanced KC’s way.


Tim Tebow Understands Broncos Pursuit Of Peyton Manning

The drama surrounding the Denver Broncos quarterback position is at a fever pitch today with the introduction of Peyton Manning officially to the Broncos’ media, and many questions abound as to the pursuit of Peyton, the plans of John Elway and the future of Tim Tebow. Yet through it all, it seems that everyone can agree why the Broncos chased Manning like they did — even Tebow himself.

Given Manning’s legacy of greatness in NFL history, it’s understandable why a team would go after him the way they did, everything else be damned. Even Tebow himself apparently gets why the Broncos made such a public and pointed run at the former Colts quarterback.

As John Elway relayed his conversation with Tim Tebow today at the introductory presser, Tebow reportedly said, “We’re talking about Peyton Manning. So I understand what you’re doing.” Tebow will likely be praised for saying that, as he should, since he’s the one displaced by such a move. However, it’s also just an indicator of how amazing of a move this was on Elway’s part to get Peyton to sign on the dotted line.

Of course, Manning has to stay healthy and Tebow still has to be traded, so there are major mysteries still to be revealed in this drama. But for now, at least everyone can agree that it was worth it, even the one who should be shaking his head.

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Tim Tebow Rumors: Bills, Jaguars Among Top Trade Possibilities for Broncos

The domino effect that Peyton Manning has set off in NFL media circles is unprecedented. Now that Manning is finally settled on his destination, he's tipped over the Tim Tebow domino. Everyone is scrambling to figure out which team, if any, is going to pony up the draft assets to acquire him. He's as much of an enigma now as he was in the NFL Draft.

Gregg Rosenthal of has five top favorites competing for Tebow, but the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars come out on top. The Bills are his favorite and part of the reason includes head coach Chan Gailey.

Rosenthal writes, "The Bills do make football sense. Coach Chan Gailey is perhaps the pro game's best at getting creative with mobile quarterbacks. He's the rare coach who would know what to do with Tebow. He could upgrade the backup position behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gailey could create packages for Tebow on the goal line and in short yardage, like the coach once did for Kordell Stewart."

As for the Jags, he writes, "The prodigal son returns? Owner Shad Khan previously said the Jaguars would have drafted Tebow if Khan was around in 2010. There isn't room for Tebow in Jacksonville (see below), but ownership could push to make room in an effort to sell tickets."

It's that last part for the Jags that makes a lot of sense, bringing home Tebow to put the franchise on the map in terms of fan interest. While the Jags have seen slightly increased ticket sales, the current state of the roster will watch that wane soon enough.

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Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow And The Power Of One Win In The NFL

Peyton Manning will officially address the public and media today as a member of the Denver Broncos. In a matter of months, maybe even weeks, Andrew Luck will do the same as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Even further, Tim Tebow might or might not move to a new city of his own as well in the next few days or even weeks (John Elway prays against such a media-circus scenario). Three looming NFL figures — one the quarterback of the future, one a sure-fire Hall of Famer, and another one difficult to figure out even with a playoff win on his resume — and all affected by a lone win.

The Indianapolis Colts earned the worst record in football this last season under head coach Jim Caldwell. They were an atrocious team most of the team, and every substitute looked completely lost when trying to stand in the shadow of Peyton. Lucas Oil Stadium went from a loud place teams hated to visit to an offensive mess that rolled over for some of the lesser teams in the league.

The “Suck for Luck” campaign started earlier than it should have — teams still have progress to make, pride to contend for. Coaches and players vie for jobs. But when all was said and done, one team claimed the No. 1 pick in a draft class where one name has been heralded all season as “the next Peyton.” Amazing how only one win can change everything.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post writes on this. “As I have said before, the impact of Luck cannot be overestimated. If the Colts did not have a grooved path to Luck, they would have had to pay Manning his $28 million option bonus and he would have been their quarterback. Can you imagine the Colts with, say, the 3rd pick in the Draft cutting Peyton Manning to take an offensive lineman? No chance. Had the Colts won one more game, Manning would still be in Indianapolis and Tebow would be the Broncos quarterback for the foreseeable future.”

Think about every scenario that has been affected by the free agency of Peyton Manning. The Miami Dolphins have been left with David Garrard as their final free agent quarterback to choose from. The Seattle Seahawks were spurned even when they tried to fly to Manning. The Titans invested their free agent energy toward Manning and ignored other impact players like Mario Williams.

The quarterback situations in San Francisco, Arizona and Tennessee will have to all be mended after the teams went after Manning in such a public way. The Kansas City Chiefs will also have to address the same after publicly declaring that they, too, wanted Manning in house.

But it’s not about players licking wounds because they weren’t as good as Manning. It’s also about the balance of power that shifts for so many. Manning took the Broncos from 75-1 odds to win the Super Bowl to 10-1 and among the top five teams in the NFL. The AFC West changes tremendously, as does the entire AFC as Manning will now represent a stronger opponent on the calendar for many teams — from the Falcons to the Texans.

But other players are also affected more deeply. Andrew Luck might be playing for the Washington Redskins this fall instead of replacing No. 18. Tim Tebow would be gearing up for another unexpected year at the helm for the Broncos and working hard in the offseason to prove his doubters wrong. Now he’s again the subject of “where will he go?”, the same question asked when he was drafted by Josh McDaniels in the first place.

If the Colts had just been a tiny bit better at any point, all of this could have been avoided. The course of several franchises in the NFL have all been changed in one direction or another by the whirlwind of activity based on the Colts record, and it goes to show just how incredible the power of one win can truly be in the NFL.


Jeff Saturday Schedules Broncos Visit, Brandon Stokely Returning To Denver

The Peyton Manning corps is coming back, at least in part, as he arrives in Denver to quarterback the Broncos in 2012. Jeff Saturday has been the longtime counterpart at the center position with Manning, so it’s no surprise at all to hear that the former Colt has a visit scheduled in Denver, according to Jason La Canfora.

In addition, La Canfora also writes that Brandon Stokely, the man Peyton once called the best slot receiver he’s ever worked with is also expected to sign up in Denver. Stokely played in only two games last season for the New York Giants, so it remains to be seen what he has left. Manning has a penchant for getting the most out of his receivers, however, so don’t be surprised if he signs and ends as a decent target.

In addition, former Broncos tight end Daniel Fells signed with New England today, so Dallas Clark, who has yet to take an official visit since his release from the Colts over a week ago, could come to Denver as well. It’s all part of the mass exodus known as Peyton’s entourage, and it’s exactly what John Elway is smiling about today.

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Tim Tebow Trade To Jaguars? Jacksonville Makes Most Sense For Broncos Quarterback

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected their quarterback of the future in the 2011 NFL Draft when they traded up for Blaine Gabbert of Missouri. They added the competition and depth needed just days ago when Chad Henne, formerly of the Miami Dolphins, signed a two-year agreement. To some, it might not make sense for the team to make a move at quarterback and bring in Tim Tebow given the state of the roster. But anyone who saw them last year realizes the team needs a serious infusion of not only talent but interest as well.

If Shad Khan, the team’s new owner, wants to keep them in Jacksonville, fan interest has to be considered when constructing the roster. It’s not enough to throw Gabbert to the wolves and hope he grows along the way. Henne is also not the sexy signing. But the addition of Tim Tebow would radically charge the Jacksonville community to come out and watch the team play.

Dan Hanzus of writes, "Jacksonville owner Shad Khan is a Tebow fan, and is already on record saying he would’ve pursued drafting the Florida Gator legend if he was running the Jags at the time. Acquiring Tebow — who is taking a 'philosophical' approach to Denver’s Manning courtship — would be a smart roll of the dice for the Jaguars. Tebow would give the franchise a desperately needed publicity boost, while also allowing the team to slow the development of Blaine Gabbert, the No. 10 overall pick in last year’s draft who struggled mightily in his rookie season."

There’s no team in more need of media attention and fan interest than the Jacksonville Jaguars. And none of the team’s moves this offseason will garner any more interest than what was already there in 2011. If any franchise is in dire trouble in terms of being competitive on the field and being profitable off of it, it’s the Jags. One simple trade could take care of a big part of that.

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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Broncos Quarterback Worth Fifth Round Draft Choice

Tim Tebow is going to get traded. The only questions now are about the destination and the cost. While we previously reported that the Broncos were hoping for two picks — a second and fifth round choice — in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, Charlie Casserly has bad news for the Broncos — he doesn’t think Tebow is worth much at all.

“I’d be surprised if there is much of a trade value for him,” Casserly told the USA Today. “I think it’s true that he could move the ball in the Denver offense, but if you break down the majority of his games, he didn’t throw the ball well. Coming out, there wasn’t a lot of interest in him, and that’s usually a pretty good indicator of trade value down the road. I’d be surprised if he went for much better than a fifth rounder.”

While Tebow definitely represents a media circus around him, he also took the Broncos to a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last season. He’s a hard worker, a solid citizen and an incredible athlete who could help the team in a number of ways. It’s hard to see a team like the Jaguars or Dolphins not trading for him, especially at such a cheap price.

That said, it would not be surprising if a team like the Patriots came in and grabbed Tebow while his price is low and the Broncos desperately want to move him.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Denver Broncos' Super Bowl Odds Lowered To 10/1 After Peyton Manning Announcement

It doesn’t take long for news to travel anymore with the advent of Twitter and social media in general. That also greatly affects the amount of time it takes for Las Vegas to change its mind on various sports odds. The Denver Broncos chances of winning the Super Bowl in 2013 just changed considerably with the announcement of the team’s signing of Peyton Manning. Jeff Sherman is reporting that the team is now a 10/1 shot to win the Super Bowl next year.

Having an elite quarterback like Manning certainly changes everything within the division. After all, Manning was reportedly going to get MVP votes after the Colts tanked when he was out. The team’s personnel wasn’t that different besides quarterback and yet the Colts finished with the NFL’s worst record. As Manning joins a team with a defense and running attack good enough to win the AFC West, they now have to be taken seriously as Super Bowl contenders.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Tim Tebow Trade Rumor: Broncos' John Elway Asking For Second And Fifth Round Picks In NFL Draft

The addition of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos is only the first move coming for the team in the next few days. After all, Manning’s arrival is going to draw several free agents, including former Colts teammates, as well as jettison others. Well, at least one popular face is heading out of town as Tim Tebow is reportedly being offered around the NFL in exchange for NFL Draft assets.

Specifically, Cecil Lammey has the report that John Elway wants two draft choices back in the form of a second and fifth round pick in exchange for Tebow. For teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Miami Dolphins, that’s a small price to pay for the upswing in ticket sales and media attention if they make the trade.

It’s still unknown whether it’s a smart football trade at all, but given the current conditions of the quarterback position on each team’s depth chart, a move for Tebow would be well worth it. And while it’s easy to criticize Tebow’s delivery and mechanics, it’s hard to argue with the team’s won-loss record from last season one year after finishing among the two worst teams in the league.

Expect Tebow to be moved shortly since teams have been jumping at the chance to get their new quarterback (a la the Redskins trade with the Rams for the rights to Robert Griffin III at the No. 2 pick in the draft).

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Peyton Manning Set To Make Major Financial Impact On Denver Broncos

The chase for Peyton Manning by the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans and every other team that wanted in on the sweepstakes was focused primarily on the results he brings on the field. Few quarterbacks, if any, have done what Manning has done through the air and he has the Super Bowl ring to prove it. But there’s also an incredible financial windfall awaiting the Broncos now that Manning is signing with them.

Kristi Dosh told ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky that Manning could make a real impact with a team in terms of not only ticket sales but what those tickets are worth. Even a popular team like the Broncos will still reap the benefits of having an NFL icon join the ranks and the results are financially astounding.

Kuharsky has a quote from Dosh ESPN’s sports business reporter, "Lou Imbriano, former chief marketing officer of the New England Patriots, tells me a team who markets Peyton correctly could see as much as an eight-figure bump. Adding a player like Peyton would increase demand, making tickets more valuable even if they’re already sold out.

“Ticket prices could be increased or more expensive packages could be created for the upper echelon of fans. It could also cause an increase in the season-ticket waiting list. Imbriano says when he was at the Patriots the waiting list was 60,000 and each had paid a $100 deposit. Not only do you increase demand, but that demand allows you to market the team to sponsors differently and can increase revenue from those sources. In addition, you can market to those on the waiting list for non-game events."

The Broncos are already going to reap the benefits of having Manning on the field in a division that suddenly became a lot more compelling and competitive. The Broncos, however, are also going to enjoy the additions to their pocketbooks as fan excitement and media coverage translates into advertising dollars and higher demand for tickets.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Jeff Saturday Update: Packers, Titans Already Have Visits Scheduled For Peyton Manning's Former Teammate

Will Jeff Saturday follow Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos? That seems to be the most popular follow-up question after news of Manning’s reported deal with the Broncos is settling in. After all, it’s long been held that Manning would bring an entourage with him and Saturday is the most likely candidate.

Jeff Saturday has visits already scheduled with the Titans and Packers according to Evan Silva, so he might not make it to Denver. Then again, he could cancel with the news that Manning has chosen his final destination. Certainly his visit with the Titans was a major part of that.

As for the Packers, the team lost its starting center Scott Wells to the St. Louis Rams over the weekend, so it’s no surprise they are reaching out to another celebrated veteran. If Saturday cannot find a home with the Broncos because of the presence of J.D. Walton, then Green Bay is a nice place to land. Albeit, it’s also much colder than the dome Saturday is used to.

It will be interesting to follow just who makes it to Denver after Manning with names like Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark and Saturday available. For now we watch and wait.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Peyton Manning Contract: Broncos Reportedly Offer 5-Year, $95 Million

They knew they were going to have to pay the piper. It turns out that amount is almost nine figures long. Adam Schefter is reporting that the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, are working out the details on a deal that’s reportedly worth $95 million or so over the course of five seasons.

Schefter writes, “A contract between the two sides is expected to be a formality. Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway and Manning first discussed the parameters of a five-year, $95 million contract during their March 9 meeting in Denver, the first time the quarterback visited a team during his free agency.”

The teams who missed out on the Manning sweepstakes, like the Titans and 49ers, now have to go back and figure out what to do next. For San Fran, it’s simply a matter of plugging in the same quarterback in Alex Smith from last season who took them all the way to the NFC Championship game. For the Titans, they are also rather comfortable with Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker in house.

As for the Broncos, they will sort out the contract details and then likely trade Tim Tebow. It’s clear that while Manning lost out on a monster bonus with the Indianapolis Colts, he’s more than made up for it on the open market.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Peyton Manning To Broncos: Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai Could Become Next To Join Denver

Now that Peyton Manning has decided on his next team, will his former teammates follow suit? Reggie Wayne has already re-upped in Indianapolis and Pierre Garcon got his millions from Dan Snyder with the Washington Redskins. But Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday and Joseph Addai still remain available, and someone, if not all, is likely to follow Manning if the team is interested.

It will be interesting to see how much sway Manning has concerning the formation of the roster at this point. He has the elite veteran status but not the familiarity, so he might not have as much influence as he did in Indy. However, it’s unlikely Peyton would sign without some acknowledgement that he has a say in personnel matters — especially on the offense.

Addai still has some legs and could bolster the Denver backfield, especially with his familiarity with Manning and what he will want to do at the line of scrimmage. Clark would help replace Daniel Fells who signed with the New England Patriots today, so that move seems easy to predict.

As for Jeff Saturday, the Broncos already have a young center in J.D. Walton, so that will be interesting to watch. Manning has always taken his snaps from Saturday and the two seem inseparable. Now, some of those relationships will be tested as to how they fit within another team.

There’s no doubt the Broncos are a better team with Manning under center. Now it’s a question of who will be that center and who else will follow him to Denver.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Tim Tebow To Dolphins? Miami Makes Most Sense For Broncos Quarterback

If any team is going to trade for Tim Tebow, there are a couple options that come to mind. The New England Patriots have been rumored to be interested in him, and the connection to the head coach who drafted him in Josh McDaniels certainly makes sense. However, one team stands above any options and it’s a team that could certainly use the PR and a quarterback: the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have struck out again and again this offseason and have been unable to solve their quarterback woes for some time. Ever since the team failed Drew Brees during his physical, the team has been on a downward slope and has tried everyone with an arm at the position. Chad Henne didn’t work out. Matt Moore is not the long-term answer either.

This offseason, the team tried to lure in Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning. They’ve had Alex Smith in for a visit. The only move left for them is to try to trade for Ryan Tannehill in the upcoming NFL Draft, but he’s a reach and inexperienced after only 19 games started in college at Texas A&M. In short, the offseason has been a dud for the Dolphins more than any other team.

Enter Tebow. A franchise in need of some positive press could bring Tebow home to Florida where he won multiple national championships in Gainesville. He could compete for the starting nod at quarterback, help spur ticket sales and generate interest in a team that’s likely going to sink back to the bottom of the division.

For Tebow, it could be a homecoming where he’s celebrated instead of enduring a front office always scheming to get rid of him. Nothing is certain yet until Peyton Manning is signed by the Broncos and Tebow is officially shopped. But given the reports and the smoke from the fire from John Elway for awhile, it’s clear Tebow’s days in Denver are numbered.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Denver Broncos Will Shop QB After Peyton Manning Signs With Team

The Denver Broncos went from having the second pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to winning a playoff game over the Pittsburgh Steelers and taking the AFC West title in the ensuing 2011 season. The quarterback for the Broncos through it all was Tim Tebow. Now the team is rewarding him by reportedly shopping him around the league after they sign Peyton Manning, per Adam Schefter.

Tebow is going to spark all kinds of trade rumors and it’s impossible to tell what he will go for. Obviously a main rumor should have him headed to the Miami Dolphins because of the team’s inability to bring in anyone else from Matt Flynn to Manning himself.

Manning is going to strike up the band in terms of team publicity and interest in Denver, but it is also going to create a backlash among fans who feel the team has been disloyal and unfair to a quarterback who accomplished so much in the middle of a media frenzy and constant criticism. Now, however, perhaps Tebow can find a new home that truly appreciates his work despite how unorthodox it is.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Peyton Manning To Broncos: Denver Beats Titans, 49ers For Former Colts Quarterback

The word is coming from the best sources in the NFL, so there’s little doubt in reporting that the Peyton Manning sweepstakes has been decided. That makes the AFC West a lot more interesting (and frustrating if you’re a Chiefs fan). That’s because Manning has chosen to reportedly play in Mile High Stadium for the Denver Broncos according to Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen.

Manning visited the team as his first stop on the tour that also took him to Nashville to spend time with the Titans and Phoenix to spend time with Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals. The Denver Broncos recently took most of their key front office and coaching personnel to Duke University to watch Manning work out and the reports were positive. Contract rumors were floating in recent days and the Broncos have always been “in” as one of the finalists in every media report.

However, the 49ers in recent days had become a surprise entry, so it’s interesting that the reports are sticking with the original team that many considered to be the favorite. This certainly changes the landscape of the division and we’ll report more when we have it.

For more on Manning, Tebow and the Denver quarterback situation, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Broncos, Titans And 49ers All Wondering About Their Chances

When will Peyton Manning announce his big decision? Where will he go when he announces? Will it be the Tennessee Titans? Maybe the Denver Broncos? Perhaps the San Francisco 49ers? The reality is that no one has even the slightest clue except for Manning himself and those closest to him — and that means anyone in the media is just guessing at this point.

Peter King admits as much in his latest column and says even team officials from the three alleged finalists for Manning have no idea either. Peyton has left everyone in the dark as he makes up his mind.

King writes, “One top official from one of the three teams told me Sunday night his team hadn’t heard from Manning all day Sunday and, in his words, ‘We don’t know if we’re in or out. He told us he’d call when he knew what he was going to do, and we’re taking him at his word. No pressure.’”

For the team that wins, it’s a franchise-changing event. Manning’s arrival, if healthy, will catapult that team into the talk of Super Bowl contention. It will also make them new favorites for what free agents remain, since players will likely want to play for the resurgent team.

For the teams left over, they could endure a bitter offseason. The Miami Dolphins have already felt the sting for not being adequately prepared or moving on early. The Broncos have ruffled the feathers of Tim Tebow fans everywhere. The Titans will have to explain to their fan base why they let other top free agents get away (like Mario Williams).

This week should be a frenzy once Peyton announces. It will be the NFL’s version of The Decision when LeBron James announced he was heading to the Miami Heat. While Manning won’t endure the public scorn that James did for his approach, it will earn the same level of media hype and analysis.

For more on where Manning could land, check out the SB Nation storystream here.

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Tim Tebow Should Stay With Broncos According To Peter King

If Peyton Manning eventually selects the Denver Broncos, the assumption is that John Elway and the rest of the Broncos’ front office will use it as the publicity hype and distraction needed to trade away Tim Tebow to a willing partner — whether the New England Patriots or Jacksonville Jaguars or anyone else. But Peter King says he is the one person who believes Tebow should remain under Manning’s shadow if the Broncos can’t get what he’s worth.

King writes, “If Manning picks Denver, I’d be the only person alive who’d think Denver shouldn’t trade Tebow; I’d love to see him be the jack-of-all-trades runner-receiver-very occasional thrower who’d keep defenses honest. But this would be the chance for Elway to get something for Tebow. Question is, would it be foolish to dump him for, say, a fifth-round pick? I think it would be. I’d keep him unless I could get a third- or higher.”

Tebow was originally considered a potential tight end candidate coming into the league, although he reiterated that he wanted to play quarterback in the NFL despite his willingness to help a team in any way. Since the Broncos lost Brady Quinn to the Chiefs, they have a need for a back-up quarterback which Tebow could fill. It’s likely to be a media circus if he stays and Manning signs, but it would be interesting to say the least.

And you cannot argue with the results of Tim Tebow at the helm last season. A playoff win is a big boost for a player’s resume, no matter how unorthodox he might be.

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Peyton Manning Making Decision Alone Between Titans, Broncos And 49ers

For all the talk about where Peyton Manning might ultimately go, it turns out that conversations regarding his agent early on in the process were likely meaningless. One of the early connections for the Chiefs to Manning back in February was a piece of new that Tom Condon was chatting with the Chiefs’ decision makers. Apparently Condon is not involved at all.

Instead, Jason La Canfora says that Condon will likely come into play later but that Manning, for now, is keeping his cards close to the vest. He’s handling this decision in his own way with his own timing — everything else be damned. As careful as he is at the line of scrimmage, did we expect anything else?

La Canfora writes, “Manning, not agent Tom Condon, is handling much of the arrangements and setups for workouts and is in personal contact with team officials. While some in the Manning camp have suggested a decision would come by Tuesday, Manning hasn’t stated that himself to teams, sources said, and teams are waiting patiently to hear back from him following his workouts.”

The Chiefs are now out of it and the only teams left standing are the Titans, the Broncos and the late entry of the 49ers into the picture. From here a decision may be expected next week. Then again, it’s all on Manning’s time frame.

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Peyton Manning To 49ers? San Francisco Enters Race With Broncos, Titans

Just when you thought we were down to two teams vying for the best overall free agent on the market, here comes Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers to mess with everyone’s plans. The Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans were the presumed favorites after winnowing down a list that once included the Dolphins, Cardinals, Chiefs and Seahawks. Now Chris Mortensen is reporting that the 49ers are in it as much as any.

Mortensen’s report includes the fact that the 49ers’ interest moves beyond a phone call. Manning has actually already worked out for the team under the radar. This might be why Alex Smith has not yet officially signed a deal with the team. Peyton’s presence would obviously change that and would likely make him available on the open market.

So for now, there are three teams waiting to hear anything on Manning from an official source. The Titans are likely next to get a workout and then the bidding can truly begin.

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Denver Broncos Offer Peyton Manning Reported 5-Year, $60 Million Contract

If you want to know just how amazing a quarterback Peyton Manning has been in the NFL, just look at the terms offered to him by the Denver Broncos according to a report from Mike Klis of the Denver Post. Thought he didn’t play last season, had four neck surgeries in the last year, still is not completely healthy and is on the wrong side of 35, Manning is still being offered a reported five year, $60 million deal from the Broncos.

How does that compare to the odd off from the Tennessee Titans for a “work for life” position? Hard to tell at this point. But it is serious that the entire Denver Broncos organization is committed to making this work. They received the first visit. They’ve been included from the start. They’ve ignored fan overtures wondering why they would replace Tim Tebow. They’ve also taken the family van, er, plane to Duke to watch him throw. They are serious.

That level of commitment might be enough to snag Manning. No timetable has been given, but it’s clear that something should happen soon when official terms start being thrown around. Will the Titans match or beat it? Will the Broncos win? We’ll find out soon enough.

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Peyton Manning To Broncos: John Elway, John Fox Head Denver Contingency For QB Workout

The Peyton Manning express is really starting to heat up with word that he will work out at an indoor facility at Duke University for the Denver Broncos. Why he’s making a team come across multiple time zones to see him work out is an odd question, but the entire Manning parade has been that way from the beginning. John Elway and John Fox are among the many Broncos’ personnel coming to watch Manning work out, per Chris Mortensen.

This is a major sign that the Broncos are in the driver’s seat or remain very much in play for Manning’s services. Elway and Fox have a mess on their hands in terms of Tim Tebow, Manning and the tension that will come from endless speculation and questions from fans and press about what the team will do with both on the roster, especially the future of Tebow. But the team has to take this one step at a time and it starts with jumping through Manning’s hoops.

It will be interesting to see what this does for the Cardinals and especially the Titans. Will Manning also work out for them? Does this put the Broncos in the lead? Is Manning working out for each in a row or did the Broncos request this? Lots of questions currently unanswered, but there is some progress to report so that is a good sign.

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Dolphins Officially Out Of Running For Quarterback

Even though Peyton Manning went straight to south Florida after his press conference with the Colts, the Miami Dolphins were never really a strong contender for his services. While they were always listed among the finalists, Manning’s biggest meetings and facility tours were with the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans. Now it’s official as word comes from Jeff Darlington that Manning called the Dolphins to officially cut them from contention.

The Dolphins already let Chad Henne walk this offseason to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars, so now they are left with Matt Moore. The team has a new head coach in Joe Philbin and it’s possible they are in on the Matt Flynn sweepstakes, which should pick up more after Manning decides his own fate. Other that Flynn, it’s possible the Dolphins will wait until the 2012 NFL Draft to take a rookie like Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M. But the options aren’t nearly as appealing as a player like Manning was for the franchise.

The Dolphins had some great momentum near the end of last season, and Philbin has some solid talent to work with, especially on defense. But his forte is offense and getting the right guy in place at quarterback is going to be key for the Dolphins. They can now think about the next option.

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Peyton Manning To Titans Rumors: Steve Hutchinson Signing Brings Friend, Bolsters Line

With such a prize on the line, it's no surprise that everyone is analyzing the moves of the Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos through a magnifying glass, looking for any signs of life on the ultimate destination of Peyton Manning. Well, it did not take long for some prominent voices within the NFL media to identify the latest Titans signing in free agency as a possible link to Manning given Steve Hutchinson's friendship with the quarterback.

It's also true that the Titans have a need along the offensive line, so Hutchinson is a good addition for Mike Munchak's offense either way. But even Adam Schefter got in on the commentary and noted that it was "more ammo for Peyton." The Titans and Broncos (among others) will likely do anything and everything they can to bring Manning in as their new quarterback, so signing his friends is a good move to make.

That said, no one has yet grabbed center Jeff Saturday or tight end Dallas Clark among others. Those hoping to convince Manning to come to them by way of other transactions have plenty of other players to choose from.

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Peyton Manning To Titans? Bud Adams Offers Executive Position To Quarterback 'For Life'

Peyton Manning is already soaking in the spotlight of every city that he goes to and several others that he’s spurned along his free agency tour that’s taken him to Denver, Phoenix and finally Nashville. The Broncos, Cardinals and Titans all hope that Manning says “yes” to their address, but the Titans might have the ultimate punch of all — a new offer within their contract that reportedly includes a future with the franchise after his playing days are over.

Alex Marvez has the story over at Fox Sports and says it’s an unparalled move in NFL contracts. That sounds exactly like something that would only come out for the best free agent to ever hit the open market.

Marvez writes, “ has learned that the Titans can offer Manning a contract addendum with the promise of a front-office position once his playing days have ended. Such a deal would not count against Tennessee’s salary cap, but the salary must be considered fair-market value for whatever front-office position Manning is promised, whether as an administrator or coach.”

The only question, then, for Manning is whether he wants to work and stay with the Titans. While he’s not a Titans icon, per se, he has southern roots and played his college ball at the University of Tennessee. A Titan he is not but a Volunteer he certainly is.

That might be enough to sway the balance of power and keep Manning in a division that he’s already well acquainted with. It helps, of course, to have an NFL owner beg you to join and have impressive pieces like Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson at your disposal as well. Just another part of the ongoing drama surrounding Manning’s caravan.

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Tim Tebow Not Welcome In Jacksonville With Jaguars Signing Of Chad Henne

The Peyton Manning saga is affecting all kinds of teams in all kinds of ways, but it's the quarterbacks that were in place before Manning started his tour that are displaced the most. Matt Hasselbeck, Kevin Kolb, Matt Moore and even Matt Flynn all have to be wondering what will happen to them and when they can feel settled again. For Tim Tebow, however, it might be the worst of all.

The Denver Broncos public flirtation with Manning and aggressive approach could bring in Manning to the Mile High City. If so, then it creates an interesting situation (not to mention a media circus unlike anything in recent sports history), one that Tebow might end up moving out of. If John Elway is interested in moving on from Tebow and the pressure to play him, then trading him after signing Manning is the one window he's going to have before the 2012 season.

Another team is going to have to want him and offer up some sort of fair market value. Most people point to the Jacksonville Jaguars and wonder why they don't make a play for him given their quarterback situation with Blaine Gabbert's dismal rookie season and his incredible popularity and history with the region. Yet the Jags are making it clear that Tebow has no place with them. Vito Stellino writes, "I do hope the national media figures out that Henne's signing shows Jags are not interesed in Tebow."

Where else could the Broncos go? The Chad Henne signing that Stellino mentions is prominent proof that the team is willing to stick with Gabbert with Henne as the failsafe. There's no room for Tebow on that roster and Elway might be stuck with sitting Tebow on the bench under Manning and waiting for another window of opportunity to trade him. If a team gets desperate with their own quarterback situation, they will come calling. That's not fair for a guy who won a playoff game against the Steelers, but somehow those are the cards that Tebow has been dealt.

Given the state of the quarterback need in the NFL, someone will want Tebow. Then again, it's a head-scratching scenario that he's even here in the first place. Perhaps everything concerning Tim Tebow is unpredictable.

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Peyton Manning Ignored Chiefs Overtures To Visit, According To Peter King

It’s uncertain who or what is to blame for the lack of a visit to Arrowhead Stadium from Peyton Manning. Were the Chiefs really interested? Was it Peyton who wasn’t interested? Peter King explains via Twitter today that it was all on Manning’s end, and that Kansas City’s front office was definitely interested.

Manning has taken official visits to the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos and then today with the Tennessee Titans. Despite the public appeals from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt as well as the positive statements from Romeo Crennel at the NFL Combine, Manning passed over KC on his way through the country. It takes two, as they say.

At the very least, the inability of the Chiefs to get Manning into Arrowhead was not a lack of interest on the part of the team. The public side matched the private appeal, so it’s not for lack of trying. Of course, that still doesn’t negate the fact that Manning didn’t bother — a sign that might point to deeper issues with the team.

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Peyton Manning To Titans: Bud Adams Visit Underway In Tennessee

Adam Schefter is reporting that Peyton Manning has officially landed for his third major visit on his tour of the NFL. While the Titans are also trying to get other free agent signings finished, they are primarily concentrating today on wooing the former Colts quarterback to sign within the same division he’s always played in — just for a rival instead.

The Titans have somehow landed a coveted visit with Manning after other teams like the Chiefs and Seahawks have failed to do so. The Broncos and Cardinals were the first two visits for Manning, yet it’s clear that Peyton hasn’t had his heart captured just yet by any team he’s visited. The word has switched from the Broncos and Cardinals as the favorites to the Broncos and Titans. In short, no one really knows anything at this point.

The Titans will meet with Manning for the day today and likely give him a tour and break down video of the offense with the coaching staff. With Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt in tow, among others, the Titans have the personnel to impress Manning. The question is only whether everything else is a fit as well.

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Titans, Broncos Only Finalists Left Per Multiple Reports

From ESPN to the Denver Post to Fox Sports, the word is that the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos are now the final two players in the race to sign Peyton Manning. If this is true, that means that Manning will remain in same conference that he’s used to and that he might even end up in the same division. What that means for the incumbent quarterbacks, however, is another issue.

Manning is meeting with owner Bud Adams of the Titans today and will likely get the full tour and meet with the coaching staff. The team would likely release Matt Hasselbeck (or trade him) if they sign Manning and keep Jake Locker on the bench to learn from one of the best to ever play the game (even though he did just that last year from a solid NFL veteran).

In that instance, Hasselbeck would become a decent veteran addition for the free agent market among available quarterbacks. David Garrard is still out there, and Kyle Orton is as well.

As for the Broncos, it’s likely the Manning frenzy would provide the appropriate cover for a Tim Tebow trade. Then again, they could keep both and the world could implode from the ensuing media circus around the Broncos quarterbacks.

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Tim Tebow Trade Value Only 'Fourth Round Choice At Most' According To Peter King

Peter King’s regular columns are usually labeled “must read” for NFL fans over at Sports Illustrated, but Denver Broncos fans are going to have a hard time with the truth as he believes in his latest mailbag column. As the inevitable question arises of Peyton Manning’s future, it’s also asked what the Broncos would do if they had Manning and Tebow. What would Tebow bring to the team? The answer was a little surprising.

King writes, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the most Denver could get for Tebow is a fourth-round pick. I know the fans in Jacksonville want him, but I can’t see GM Gene Smith brining him in to muddle the quarterback situation with a guy they’re trying to salvage, Blaine Gabbert, who’d be in an unwinnable situation with the fans. It’d take a strong coach — Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh, Pete Carroll — not worried about the public pressure to play him to take Tebow on, in my opinion. I could see Belichick or Harbaugh making him a wild card type of player, playing 15 snaps a game all over the offense.”

While Tebow is definitely unorthodox and a media circus to handle, a fourth round choice for such a strong all-around athlete and a quarter who is willing to put in the hard work and do what it takes to win is a nice haul. It’s amazing how people forget the drive against the Steelers in the playoffs that showed a glimmer of what Tebow could become. I am in no way a Tebow apologist, but considering the typical fourth round pick value, that’s hard to believe.

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Peyton Manning Update: Broncos And Titans Reportedly Final Two Teams, Per Bill Polian

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes are reportedly down to two teams if you believe ESPN’s Bill Polian (weird to write that). The former Colts general manager might have some sort of inside knowledge here, but he’s reporting that the competition for Manning is down to the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans. For both teams, it will generate some definite excitement, but it will also create a bit of a quandary for the current quarterbacks on the team.

For the Denver Broncos, the mess of what to do with Tim Tebow comes into view. He’s a solid young quarterback who just won a playoff game against the Steelers last season one year after the Broncos were among the worst teams in football. Many have predicted they would trade Tebow, but would the fan base revolt even with Peyton in house? That remains to be seen.

For the Titans, it seemed as if they already had their present and future options in hand with Matt Hasselbeck holding down the fort until last year’s first rounder Jake Locker was ready to take the helm. Hasselbeck did a fine job last year as the starter and this seems to be a weird jump. Then again, if you can somehow get the best free agent to come to you, then why not? Deal with the mess later.

That might be what the Titans and Broncos plan on doing. Acquire Manning first and see what happens later. For now, it’s intriguing that it might be down just to these two.

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Peyton Manning To Broncos: Denver Radio Announcer Says It's A Done Deal

The most oft-quoted rumor about Peyton Manning at this point is that several teams are still in the race: six to be specific. From the Arizona Cardinals to the Tennessee Titans, there are several waiting and hoping that Manning will choose them in the end and a decision is expected soon. But Brandon Spano, a radio announcer from Denver, says he has an inside track and knows that Manning will sign with the team shortly.

Of course, any media type could use the biggest story of the NFL offseason to raise their own profile. Certainly Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star has a higher profile than ever on the national scene because of his inside track on Peyton and the Colts' Jim Irsay. Spano could be leveraging the same or at least going out on a limb and then claiming "I told you so" afterward. But it's hard not to pay attention to someone saying, "I have the scoop" in a time when everyone is looking for some sort of answer.

Spano is making several statements via Twitter specifically claiming that he knows what's going on:

"Has Manning signed yet? Oh, not yet? Thats okay, give it some time. He'll be a Bronco soon enough, kids."

"Have they started making Peyton Manning Broncos jerseys yet?"

"Let's put it this way. If Manning was done with his meetings and we had no chance of disrespecting anybody, I'd be writing a story right now"

"Let's be more specific, I've already written the story and a have the big red GO button by my side."

If the Broncos sign, you'd better believe that Spano will be following up with Jason Whitlock sized claims of owning a scoop and pointing in everyone's faces. Several people will find themselves able to leverage their own standing with a story of this magnitude, and Spano seems to know this quite well.

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Peyton Manning Could Decide On Broncos, Cardinals Or Other Team By Tuesday Afternoon

The list of finalists for Peyton Manning is down to six teams and each has to be biting their figurative nails. The tension is palpable for the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals among others as they wait for perhaps the greatest free agent prize in NFL history, and the Denver Post is reporting that the answer could come today after all.

Mike Klis writes, "The Broncos are one of six teams that are considered alive in the pursuit of quarterback Peyton Manning. The others are Miami, Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee and Houston, according to a source. It's possible Manning could make his decision by the opening of free agency at 2 p.m. today."

Whether that's speculation or a word from a possible source is unknown, but Manning has to know that tying up the salary cap of multiple teams and keeping them from moving on other free agents -- even to help the cause around him on the team he ultimately signs with -- is a detriment to all. In short, no single player has ever caused this much havoc on plans around the NFL.

If Manning is going to land in Arizona, for example, the Cardinals are going to need to address the offensive line in a major way. Yet if Manning drags his feet, it's possible that the team misses out on key free agents like Eric Winston, Anthony Collins or another tackle to replace Levi Brown. Could they be interested in Scott Wells or Jason Brown at center? If so, they will be a bit behind the others if Manning waits too long.

This is why it's Manning can't have it both ways. It's either in his best interest to take his time and make a calculated decision or he should rush it and allow the team to move forward in their full offseason plan. But each decision comes with consequences. It will be interesting to see if a major decision is made sometime in the next few hours.

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Are The Chiefs Really Out Of It?

The Kansas City Chiefs got a dose of bad news last night when several sources reported that the Chiefs along with the Seattle Seahawks were out of the running for Peyton Manning's services. Instead, it was circulated that the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos were those teams he was considering the most, and that others like the Titans and Dolphins might or might not still be in it. The Titans, for that matter, were just getting started in their public interest.

But are the Chiefs really out of it? Remember that a lot of this is posturing and nothing came officially from Manning or his agent Tom Condon? Is this a publicity game? As Pro Football Talk noted via Twitter late last night/early this morning, "Also, as the Peyton chase approaches the finish line, we should expect some deliberate misinformation from the agents or teams."

The bottom line is that misinformation is the name of the game at this point -- it's like believing a team that says who they are interested in drafting. Managing the media is a part of this affair, and Manning is the biggest free agent to possibly ever hit the open market. Of course there is going to be media sway one way or the other and reporters will be used as toys in the game to land him.

For now, it's hard to believe much of anything unless someone from an official source connected with Manning publicly creates a list of teams in the running. Everything else could be a spin move.


Tim Tebow Rumors: Jaguars May Chase Broncos Quarerback If Peyton Manning Signs

Tim Tebow is a man caught in the middle. As the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback last season, he helped the team unexpectedly win the AFC West just one season after the team had the second pick in the NFL Draft. Von Miller and the rest of the Broncos defense helped, of course, and John Fox did a fine coaching job. But Tebow certainly played his part. Yet a rift has clearly formed between the hopes and expectations of John Elway and the Denver front office and their celebrated star quarterback.

Now another team might be willing to step up and take him if the Broncos can sign Peyton Manning, who is currently on his free agent tour. Manning is expected to sign at some point this week and his presence on the Broncos roster will free them up to trade Tebow and get away with it.

"The Jaguars would reportedly be 'in the mix' to acquire Tebow were he made available," a Rotoworld report reads. also reports Tebow is expected to remain the starter if the Broncos are unable land Manning, as they have already "done their due diligence" on the upcoming free-agent class and are having a "hard time finding anyone who would be interested in becoming the focal point of the fury of the Tebowmaniacs." Manning appears to be the only way out of a situation neither Broncos coach John Fox nor VP of Football Operations John Elway want anything to do with, the site says.

The Jags would certainly welcome the positive PR, but it's impossible to tell if they would be interested in him personnel wise. They already traded up for their franchise quarterback in Blaine Gabbert and they just gave the GM an extension for three more years to Gene Smith. It's hard to see a new owner stepping on toes so blatantly.

Nevertheless, this entire affair is, at the very least, interesting for all given the drama and the size of the characters involved.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Titans Owner Bud Adams Says 'I Want Manning'

When you have NFL owners publicly fighting over you, you know you must be a decent player. Peyton Manning is a future Hall of Famer, and his tour around the league makes it clear just how rare it is for such an elite quarterback to hit the open market, even if he is damaged goods. Multiple owners are fawning over him, teams are scrambling to get his attention and plans are being pushed aside in the hopes Manning will come and join the party.

Bud Adams of the Tennessee Titans is the latest to join the fray. The Titans owner said directly that he wants Peyton to consider his team despite the presence of the No. 8 choice in the draft last season in Jake Locker and a solid veteran already in house in Matt Hasselbeck.

"I want Manning," Adams said. "I'd love to see him in Titan blue after watching him so many years with the Colts. ... I want him. I am ready to do what it takes to get him aboard, and I think he'd be the guy to get us into the playoffs."

Now you can add the Titans to the list of many teams already holding out hope. The Cardinals and Broncos are considered the frontrunners.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Chiefs, Seahawks Reportedly Out, Broncos And Cardinals Remain In

The Kansas City Chiefs have not received a visit yet from Peyton Manning, Neither have the Seattle Seahawks. If the Denver Post’s Mike Klis has it right, they’re not going to either. Klis is reporting that Manning and his entourage are not going to visit Kansas City or Seattle after all on their tour of possible destinations for the former Colts quarterback.

From Pro Football Talk, “Though Peyton Manning may still be a couple of days away from choosing his next team, the Denver Post reports that two more have joined the group of franchises who won’t be employing him. According to Mike Klis of the Post, the Seahawks and Chiefs are out. Both teams wanted to meet with Manning, and in each case Manning declined.”

The Chiefs wanted to bring in competition for Matt Cassel this offseason, so now the talk will likely turn to bringing back Kyle Orton who was the Chiefs starter the last three games of the regular season after being claimed on waivers from the Broncos.

For more on the Chiefs and their quarterback info, check out Arrowhead Pride.


Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow And The Quandary Facing John Elway's Denver Broncos

From fans to media, it seems everyone believes there is a rift or tension between Tim Tebow as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback and the front office led by John Elway. Whether that’s a legitimate rift or not, the situation seems clear from the outside looking in and the Peyton Manning flirtation only enhances the tension brewing all season despite the Broncos winning record.

But Elway has not been completely free to build his team the way he would like, since fans have rallied around Tebow and heralded him with signs, merch sales and billboards praising their favorite athlete. The people have spoken.

So the only way that the Broncos are going to worm their way out of having Tim Tebow as their starter next season is to get fans talking about something or someone else — Peyton Manning. In fact, Bill Williamson of ESPN says he’s the only person left who could get the team talking at the fever pitch necessary to move Tebow and not cause the worst PR in a long time for the team.

Williamson writes, “Of the quarterback available this year, I think it is small group. I think there’s Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and that’s it. Luck and Griffin are out of the picture. Yet, the Broncos are trying aggressively to make Manning Tebow’s successor. I think would be accepted, even by Tebow’s most ardent supporters. They would have to understand. Any other of the available quarterbacks would likely invoke some sort of backlash.”

Luck will head to the Indianapolis Colts with the first pick in the draft. Griffin will go second to the Washington Redskins. Matt Flynn is the best remaining free agent quarterback outside of Manning and Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M is the best remaining rookie available to draft after Luck and Griffin. Neither player will generate the positive publicity needed to replace Tebow.

At this point, if Manning chooses to play for the Arizona Cardinals or Kansas City Chiefs or Miami Dolphins, Elway must wait until the season begins. Because the only person besides Manning, at this point, who can replace Tim Tebow is Tim Tebow. Whether they like him or not, the Broncos fans are going to want wins. If Tebow fails to deliver that, then he can be replaced.

Unfortunately, Elway and John Fox are also tied to the team’s on-field performance, which means if they lose, then their jobs are also in the spotlight as well. Tebow will definitely be the first to go of anyone if the Broncos begin to lose in 2012, but the pressure will be strong for Elway and Fox to find a suitable replacement.


Peyton Manning And Ken Whisenhunt Arrive At Arizona Cardinals Complex On Sunday

The Peyton Manning publicity caravan has officially arrived at their next stop: the Arizona Cardinals. Kent Somers is reporting that Ken Whisenhunt, the team’s head coach, is accompanying Manning as he begins his visit there today. Manning also spent significant time with the Denver Broncos earlier this week.

The Cardinals went in big last season with a contract and NFL Draft assets to acquire back-up quarterback Kevin Kolb from the Philadephia Eagles, but that move didn’t work out as planned. He is still the fallback option (like Tim Tebow) if Manning were to sign elsewhere, but certainly Whisenhunt and company have to hope that Manning is interested in pulling a Kurt Warner and spending the last few years of his Hall of Fame career in Phoenix.

The Cardinals have a number of things working in their direction. Elements like having a top flight receiver like Larry Fitzgerald will not hurt. The weak division of the NFC West and the nice weather in Phoenix, including a new domed stadium, will not hurt their cause either.

The Chiefs and Dolphins also await to see if Manning will come their way after all or whether the former Colts quarterback will make his decision sooner than later.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Former Colts Quarterback Making 'Steady Progress' In Recovery

Will he be ready or won’t he? That’s the basic question surrounding Peyton Manning on the open market, because his talent is not at all in question. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports has the latest from several sources when it comes to the health and recovery time of Manning and the reports are mixed.

“So far, so good,” said a source with one of the many teams that is interested in signing Manning. “The question is still where is it going to stop, but the progress over the past month has been steady and that’s what you’re looking for.”

Another team admitted that everyone will see things differently.

“Some of this stuff is in the eye of the beholder,” one source told Cole. “I don’t think there’s anything there that would discourage you from going forward, but you’d have to consider the risk.

“Is this a situation where I would hand the guy [a lot of guaranteed money]? No, I would be hesitant because there’s still a ways to go … really, that stuff is outside my expertise, but it’s hard to know for sure that he’s absolutely going to be ready at a certain time. I think he’ll be OK, but I don’t know exactly when.”

It’s important to note that the Miami Dolphins, one of the teams in the running here for Manning, failed Drew Brees on his physical when he was a free agent. He ended up with the New Orleans Saints, won a Super Bowl title and will lead that franchise for years to come once the current contract negotiations are settled. The Dolphins, Chiefs and other teams interested will have to also keep this in mind.

For more info on the Chiefs and their pursuit of Peyton Manning, check out Arrowhead Pride.


Peyton Manning Update: Broncos Tim Tebow Must Deal With John Elway's Attention Shift

It’s not that Tim Tebow has necessarily been forgotten. After all, we’re even still talking about him right now and how he might be affected by the Peyton Manning caravan coming to Denver. But it is clear that the attention and love has shifted from the Broncos quarterback to the possibility of another Broncos quarterback with the arrival of Manning to town to discuss playing in Mile HIgh with John Elway.

Tebow has been the savior up until this point. Any sportswriter who derides Tebow for his inaccuracy or failure to play well up until the fourth quarter is either chastised or ignored while the fans continue to rally for Tebow. Some have wondered whether John Elway and head coach John Fox would rather have a traditional presence in the pocket and believe their hands might be tied by public perception. Manning would change all of that.

Related: Manning Making 'Steady Progress' In Recovery

Until Manning leaves town and decides his course of action, Tebow is going to have to simply smile and wait it out. ESPN’s Bill Williamson writes:

The climate in the Rocky Mountains has instantly changed from Tebow Time to Manning Madness. Tebow captured fans’ imagination in Colorado and far beyond, but that all changed in Denver on Friday when television helicopters chased Peyton Manning’s SUV ride to the Broncos’ facility.

Less than two months after Denver executive John Elway and coach John Fox said Tebow will go to training camp as the Broncos’ starting quarterback, the team is putting the full recruitment press on Manning. Some of Tebow’s teammates – players who gave him a standing ovation after a pre-game speech prior to Denver’s playoff loss at New England – were at the Broncos facility, swooning over Manning on Friday.

Now that love is gone — or at least it’s on hold. When the presence of someone like Manning enters Denver, it holds a new candle up to Tebow’s mechanics and game play. The Broncos, simply put, will not win like they did last season if they play as horribly as they did through the bulk of most games. Many times they were lucky. Other times the other team beat themselves.

As the schedule gets tougher and teams know what Tebow can do on the field, there’s no way they will repeat as AFC West champions — that is, unless Tebow either improves (a very real possibility) or they bring in a new quarterback like Manning.

Elway and Fox must realize this is their chance to make a move and they are jumping all over it. The interest must be mutual and there was no reason to believe that the Broncos are high on Manning’s list before now. But his visit and time spent in Denver illustrate that Manning is indeed serious about playing there.

In this in between time there is nothing Tebow can do except roll with the public punches. Or in this case, a lack of a spotlight.

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Mark Sanchez Extension And Redskins-Rams Trade Narrow Destinations

Two NFL teams made major moves late in the day on Friday to solve their quarterback situation and free the team from further drama at the most important position. Twenty-four hours ago, sportswriters wondered whether the Jets could sign Peyton Manning and even release or trade Mark Sanchez. Others placed the Redskins as potential favorites for the former Colts star quarterback. Now both teams should be out of the hunt if the reports are true on the moves made tonight.

Rich Cimini reported that the Jets have signed Mark Sanchez to a contract extension, which will keep him the starter with the Jets for the near future. The Redskins, meanwhile, traded three first round choices (per Jay Glazer) for the chance to get Robert Griffin III in the upcoming NFL Draft. That means that both teams are going to have their quarterbacks, and there’s no way that Manning enters a situation when a team already makes such a commitment.

That means the Dolphins, Chiefs, Cardinals and Broncos are the likely top suitors for Manning with perhaps the Seahawks also in the equation. While there are several teams left, the picture is definitely clearer that it was even hours ago.

For more on where Peyton Manning might land, check out the storystream over at SB Nation.


New York Jets Reportedly Sign Mark Sanchez To Contract Extension

Within a matter of minutes, the Peyton Manning landscape jut got a lot clearer. Fox Sports Jay Glazer just announced a reported deal by the Washington Redskins to move up four spots in the 2012 NFL Draft to take Robert Griffin III. Rich Cimini then announces via Twitter that the New York Jets have agreed to an extension for current starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. Both teams have been mentioned among the frontrunners for Manning’s services.

Cimini says that no terms of the deal were disclosed, but this will silence Sanchez’s critics who were hoping the team would go a different direction this offseason. Some even wondered if the team would release Sanchez at some point if they signed Manning. For a quarterback who took his team to the AFC Championship game twice, that’s a serious lack of credibility. But the team apparently doesn’t feel the same as the media, since they are the ones signing checks for Sanchez.

There are still plenty of teams in the hunt, but it’s clear that both the Redskins and Jets felt like they had no chance with Manning. Two down, several more to go.


Peyton Manning Update: Broncos Reportedly Set Up Meeting With John Elway Friday

Mike Klis of the Denver Post is reporting that Peyton Manning is in Denver tonight to meet with the Denver Broncos front office and specifically John Elway. The two quarterbacks will likely have a lot to talk about, but it’s interesting that Manning is using his second full day of free agency freedom to visit the Mile High City.

“This is getting serious, folks,” writes Klis. “Manning, arguably the most decorated free agent in NFL history, has the Broncos on his short list. The long-time Indianapolis Colts quarterback was released earlier this week amid concerns about his neck, a $26 million bonus payment and the team’s opportunity to select highly prized quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft.”

Questions can come into the picture about Tim Tebow’s future rather quickly in a scenario like this, but until there’s any official word or even reports that the Broncos are in the driver’s seat for Manning’s services, this visit is only important to note that there has been some level of communication — enough to warrant such an appearance. Beyond that, anything is speculation.


Peyton Manning Free Agency: Peter King Says Denver Broncos 'Desperate' For Quarterback

It hasn’t been hard to read the alleged tension between the Denver Broncos brass and the fans’ wishes to have Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback. John Elway and John Fox inherited Tebow from the previous regime, but his popularity and surprising results in the win-loss column in 2011 have forced the team’s hand to call him their No. 1 quarterback heading into the season. Yet no one really believes that Elway has his franchise quarterback that he’s pictured since taking over the team.

Peyton Manning could change all of that and Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that the Broncos are “desperately” trying to get Manning to pay attention and ultimately land in Mile High. It is hard to imagine Manning choosing to do so since it would be a media storm unlike anything that the NFL has ever experienced with just Tebow in the ranks. However, the lure of Elway and a steady coach like Fox could make it happen. In other words, no one knows how this is going to play out.

If Manning stepped in, a fan base that loves Tebow would also likely love Manning and the results on-field even more. Tebow could still learn from Manning and be the future quarterback. Or perhaps Elway would deal him while he could for some draft assets and find another suitable back-up in the meantime to groom — like a Kirk Cousins of Michigan State.

For now it’s interesting to think that Tebow and Manning could be on the same roster for any length of time.


Reggie Wayne: Peyton Manning And Tom Brady 'Would Be Hell Of A Battle' In AFC East

Reggie Wayne is one free agent with a vested interested in paying close attention to the free agent market for quarterbacks. That’s because it is likely he will know his new home when his former Colts teammate Peyton Manning selects his own destination. The 18 to 88 duo will forever live in Colts infamy, but it also might find a second home somewhere like Miami, where Reggie Wayne said in a recent radio interview would be a good home for Manning.

“I think it’d be a good fit for him,” said Wayne. "He always had a crib in South Florida. It’s less moving that he has to do. He’s already familiar with the city. I’m sure that the Dolphins fans would love to have him here. I think it’s a great fit for him. I’m no agent of his, I’m just a lonely ex-teammate. I really feel like whoever gets Peyton Manning would definitely have a gem. He’s one of the best if not the best quarterback in the league ever, in history. And in a Dolphin uniform? I can see that happening. I really can.

“I really think he’d enjoy it. I really think that the Dolphin organization would benefit from it, and it would be a hell of a battle in the AFC East, with the rest of those teams, and especially with a Tom Brady in there. So I can definitely see that in the works.”

Wayne certainly has to hope he can make it down there as well. The Dolphins have a solid young core at wideout, so it would be interesting how Wayne would fit in with Brandon Marshall and company given that he also doesn’t play special teams. But you can expected the Fins to do whatever it takes to bring in Manning.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Chiefs Reportedly Have First Completed Contract In To Former Colts Quarterback

The Kansas City Chiefs have the money. Apparently they’re more than willing to spend it. Despite rumors that they would only bring in some competition for Matt Cassel, it looks like the prize of landing Peyton Manning would cause the Chiefs brass to upend those plans for something far greater. A source notes that the Chiefs are the first official team into the Manning sweepstakes with the first completed contract submitted.

The Chiefs have made the official list of suitors although word on the Dolphins is far stronger and that’s where Manning flew to on his first day. It’s going to be tough to beat the Dolphins with the talent around him, the weather and an owner ready to do whatever song and dance he must do to get him.

But the Chiefs are apparently doing everything on their end to get him and take the reins of the AFC West. With Manning at the helm, winning the division would become an assumption given that the Chiefs finished within one game in a season their head coach was fired. It starts with the contract.

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Peyton Manning Could Supplant Tim Tebow With Denver Broncos

The Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins are the names most commonly heard in any list of Peyton Manning rumors and possible landing spots. However, the new destination du jour comes from CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman who says that the Denver Broncos are one of the main teams in the running. He writes:

One team official that contacted Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, says he got the definite impression that Manning indeed has already decided where he wants to go, or, at least, the handful of teams truly in the mix. The official, who did not want to be identified, believes that Miami, Washington and Denver are the front-runners. One report states Manning has already informed the Redskins he doesn’t want to play for them.

That brings up a very interesting question as to what the team will do with Tim Tebow in such a case. He’s under contract for an amount that’s worth stashing him on the depth chart, and certainly Manning’s health comes into account. The team, in other words, will not move Tebow. However, what would the fan base think in such an instance?

Any team should be ecstatic if it wins the Manning sweepstakes and the Denver fan base would love having such a iconic quarterback finish his career at Mile High. Manning would also be an incredible mentor for Tebow in his early years and perhaps he could help put the final pieces in place for the former Florida star.

That said, the Denver fan base is already behind Tebow and the team came out and publicly stated that he would enter training camp as the No. 1 quarterback. The team was mired in quarterback controversy for most of last season, and the media scrutiny would only get far worse if Manning and Tebow were to co-exist on that roster.

But if Denver can truly win the Manning sweepstakes, then there’s no reason to back down. He’s one of those free agents where you worry about how everything will shake out later on. For now the main priority is trying to lure him.


Peyton Manning Free Agency: John Clayton Lists Redskins, Seahawks And Chiefs As Top Three Fits

ESPN's John Clayton is the latest to weigh in on the future destination options for Peyton Manning in this new free agent period, and the Kansas City Chiefs are listed among his top three "fits" alongside other popular listings like the Seattle Seahawks and the favored Washington Redskins.

Clayton writes, "After moving $19.8 million of remaining cap dollars over from 2011, the Chiefs have $34.1 million of room. Subtract about $9.4 million for the franchise tag given to wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs already have said they have interest in bringing in a quarterback to compete against Matt Cassel. Signing Manning would end any competition, but it would excite the Chiefs' season-ticket holders and bring a buzz to the franchise."

That last bit would immediately raise the stakes for the Chiefs in free agency with other veterans who would want to be a part of the franchise on the rise. There's not a single team in the AFC West who has taken the reins and made everyone else flinch, but this move would certainly do it.

Check out more on Manning and the Chiefs at Arrowhead Pride.


Peyton Manning Free Agency: Kansas City Chiefs Make A 'Great Fit' For Former Colts Quarterback

Many teams are going to want to get their hands on a quarterback like Peyton Manning this offseason, but as a free agent (as of today), Manning is going to have his say on where he goes. And not every one of those teams have what it takes to get the former Colts quarterback.

As Scouts, Inc’s Matt Williamson takes a closer look at who matches up well with Manning, he says the Kansas City Chiefs would make a great home. Matt Williamson writes:

The Chiefs also would be a great fit. They could release or trade Matt Cassel while using a lot of free-agent and draft assets to improve their already talented roster. Of course, they also get some superb young players, such as Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki, back from injury. As with the 49ers, Manning wouldn’t be forced to do as much with the Chiefs as he had been with the Colts. Plus, Kansas City plays in a weak division. Adding Manning should make the team the clear favorite to win the AFC West, if not more.

But, without a quarterback of the future on the roster, if Kansas City swings and misses on this acquisition, it could cost it dearly. Cassel is mediocre, and probably always will be, which could make the Chiefs too complacent in terms of finding a replacement or successor. It’s time for them to be aggressive.

The team has already said that Matt Cassel is going to find some new competition in training camp, but it’s unknown who the team is officially interested in. They’ve been linked to Kyle Orton and Chad Henne as well as Manning, but there’s a definite heirarchy as to those three. It will be interesting to see if Manning is interested in a scenario a la Joe Montana when he signed with the Chiefs.

Check out more about Manning and the Chiefs over at Arrowhead Pride.


Peyton Manning Injury Update: Quarterback Says 'He's Come A Long Way'

Today at the Colts press conference to announce the release of franchise icon and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, the quarterback addressed his current injury which kept him out for the entire 2011 season. The nerve damange in Manning’s neck is a concern for any team interested in him going forward, but he also made it clear today that he planned on playing in 2012.

Manning said, “I’ve still got some work to do, some progress to make. But I’ve come a long way and I’ve really worked hard. I can’t tell you the hours and time I’ve put into working hard. I really enjoy being back out there.”

Manning also noted that there’s plenty of time left before he absolutely must be ready to play, something he struggles to remember.

“I’m feeling closer and closer,” he said. “I have to remind myself that it is March. I have a hard time of doing that at times. It sure does feel comfortable, feels like home being back out there. For not being out on the field in September, October and November, that was personally difficult so it’s nice to have that freedom. I’m working hard and still have some work to do and I look forward to doing that work.”

Any team that signs Manning must have a contingency plan ready in case it doesn’t work out. For the Chiefs, a quarterback like Matt Cassel looks great as an insurance and spot starter for Manning and the team would be set at quarterback if Manning were wooed to KC. The same can be said of Matt Moore in Miami or Rex Grossman in Washington.

Manning still has a long road ahead, but it’s clear that he’s on the right track.

For more news on Manning’s release, check out SB Nation’s Colts blog, Stampede Blue.


Peyton Manning Press Conference: TV Schedule, Live Stream For Colts Announced

The hour is soon near and it will become official that Peyton Manning is no longer a member of the Indianapolis Colts. Apparently the news is so big that it moves beyond the sports realm as CNN is even covering the event as it happens. For those fans who want to check in to the Colts press conference, you can do so in a number of ways.

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The NFL Network will be front and center, so fans can tune in starting at 11am CT to hear the Colts Jim Irsay and the rest of the team’s brass explain what is going on. Manning will also be present. You can also find a live stream of the event online through local Indianapolis news RTV-6 here.

Manning is going to have a serious list of suitors the moment he officially hits the transaction wire, starting with the Arizona Cardinals and moving through other favorites like the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins. While most teams will be left wanting, some lucky team will find themselves announcing the arrival of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time — a reverse scenario of what the Colts will announce within the hour.

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Jim Irsay Expresses His Emotions About Peyton Manning Release On Twitter

Jim Irsay stands among the most accessible owners in all of professional sports. The Indianapolis Colts owner uses his very open Twitter account to express his emotions about various issues, posts his favorite song lyrics, give away Colts gear and make announcements concerning the team from time to time. Now as he is on the verge of releasing the team’s greatest player of all time in Peyton Manning today, Irsay is using the medium to apparently express his feelings in a poetic way once again.

Irsay writes via Twitter, “It was a long,emotional flight…now the sun is trying to rise”. As the two men come to Indy today to make the announcement, it’s clear that this was not an easy decision for the team to come to. How could it since Manning has given them so much?

Without Manning, the team would not have a Super Bowl and definitely would not have Lucas Oil Stadium. Under Manning, the franchise and the city have both been rebuilt to impressive levels and a fan base is crying foul over this morning’s announcement. Irsay has to feel the emotions of others alongside his own.

So Twitter becomes the medium. The sun is trying to rise not only in Indy early this morning but on a franchise where many local fans are predicting darker days ahead. Andrew Luck will have the weight of a city on his shoulders. He’d better be ready for the task.


If Peyton Manning Joins Chiefs, Kansas City Will Win AFC West In 2012

Every team has a reason to feel good about their chances in 2012. The AFC West is a winnable division, and every team within it has its positive points to look toward for the 2012 NFL season. But if the Kansas City Chiefs are able to lure Peyton Manning as a free agent, the division becomes a lost cause for everyone else.

The Denver Broncos certainly have a reason to be hopeful. They made a great turnaround last year, but a closer look reveals a weaker schedule, a string of lucky last minute wins and plenty of holes still on the roster. They have some great young players for sure and they will be players, but they’re not good enough to win twice in a row.

The Oakland Raiders are going to have a hard time filling roster holes with salary cap issues and a lack of draft picks to utilize along the way. Losses in free agency are going to set the team back, and it’s unknown at this time what the new GM/head coach tandem of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen will bring. Armed with Carson Palmer, it’s not likely to bring a division title.

The San Diego Chargers are also dealing with a lot of holes to fill and the likely losses of Mike Tolbert, Vincent Jackson and others. The offensive line is a mess with Kris Dielman retiring and injury concerns for many others. Phil Rivers will always keep the Chargers competitive, but they’re not the elite division winners they once were.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, came within a win of the division title in a season that they fired their own head coach. They never had impact players like Jamaal Charles or Eric Berry for the whole season, and many others were lost due to injury. If the Chiefs had been willing to pick up Kyle Orton for a seventh round choice before the trade deadline, it’s likely they are winners of two AFC West titles in a row.

If you add Manning to the mix and even take his health questions into account, suddenly the Chiefs become a complete offense to go with a strong defensive unit. The Chiefs are likely to invest heavily in the offensive line through the draft, which would give Manning a solid unit up front. He also has Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin as targets along with the returning Tony Moeaki from injury. Jamaal Charles will anchor the backfield.

The AFC West is weak compared to other divisions. If the Chiefs can lure Manning, they should be an easy grab as the division champs next year and they would also give Peyton a quick ride to the playoffs. It’s a great match if both sides are interested, yet it’s one partnership the rest of the AFC West is hoping to avoid.


Miami Dolphins Owner 'Enthusiastic' About Peyton Manning's Pending Free Agent Status

The Miami Dolphins have already started to woo Peyton Manning to south Florida with certain billboards, and soon they will be able to go after him in an official capacity with the announcement that the Colts are set to release Manning on Wednesday after a 14-year career with Indianapolis. The Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross is reportedly “enthusiastic” over such a possibility on the free agent market.

Albert Breer writes via Twitter, “Dolphins have discussed Manning at length, and of course the owner is enthusiastic. Medical/monetary elements will be scrutinized.”

In short, the Dolphins are going to do their homework, but a team who is so blatantly rooting for a change at quarterback and for a specific player might hold the upper hand since the team has already been favored by media speculation for some time. The warm climate and the familiar surroundings of the AFC might be enough to do it. The Dolphins also have a decent young offensive core to work with and a defense that got stronger as the season wore on.

Then again, will Manning want to compete head to head with Tom Brady for the division along with the New York Jets? Perhaps he’d relish the competition, and right now there’s no way of knowing until Manning starts his official visits to potential landing spots. For now, every team will stake their claim with reasons as to why they are the preferred spot.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Dolphins, Redskins, Cardinals Favored Teams Among Betting Odds For Colts Quarterback

Peyton Manning is finally going to become a free man tomorrow with the announcement that the Indianapolis Colts are going to finally release their franchise icon on Wednesday. That means the speculation can now officially begin on where Manning could end up. The National Football Post has the latest odds and the Arizona Cardinals are the overall favorites.

The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked among the several franchises, but they are not near the top. Instead, Manning is believed to retire more than he would go to the Chiefs if you go by the odds. The other teams in the running include the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins as many speculate.

Manning has current health issues that will cause teams to need a clean bill of health before they can relax about their investment, but the potential is so great for teams in need of a franchise quarterback. The Jets, Seahawks and Titans are also among the teams supposedly in consideration for Manning.


Peyton Manning Officially Top Quarterback Available On NFL Free Agent Market

After endless speculation that the Indianapolis Colts would likely release Peyton Manning, the word is now official that the team will announce the move Wednesday during a press conference held by the team. While the release had been rumored for some time, recently there was some speculation that Jim Irsay, the team’s owner, would try to keep his franchise icon. Apparently that’s not the case. Fox Sports has the report:

The Colts were unable to reach a restructured contract with Manning that would have kept the franchise from having to pay a $28 million roster bonus that was due Thursday. The Colts are uncertain about Manning’s NFL future after four neck surgeries in a 19-month span. They also are set to draft Manning’s heir apparent — Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck — with the first pick in April’s draft.

The move immediately makes Peyton the top free agent target on a very interesting market that features two elite rookies at the top of the upcoming NFL Draft (of which Luck is one) and several free agents that could intrigue. Matt Flynn has been released by the Green Bay Packers and will draw considerable interest. Robert Griffin III is also a trade target for teams willing to pay the St. Louis Rams the bounty they will expect at the No. 2 spot in the draft.

However, none of the options will help a team win in the short term as much as Peyton Manning. A team like the Chiefs who play in a weak division with offensive talent all around makes a lot of sense for Manning and they are among the finalists listed by many experts along with the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins. Expect the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals to also check in on the Colts quarterback.


Did Gregg Williams Cause Peyton Manning's Neck Injury With Washington Redskins?

Brett Favre believes he felt the extra hits stemming from the New Orleans Saints' now-famous “bounty” program. Peyton Manning might have potentially lost his career because of it. The word is now out on Gregg Williams and his years in the NFL of hosting a bounty program, awarding under-the-table cash payments to defensive players for knocking opposing players out of games with harsh hits. Peter King has the story this week and says that Manning is a possible mark.

Specifically, King relates a story from Tony Dungy linking Manning’s current neck injury back to a game against the Washington Redskins when Williams was coaching there. That was when Manning’s nerve issues started in his neck after an abnormally violent hit and helmet removal.

King writes, “There’s no evidence that Washington’s defenders had a bounty out on Manning that night. But it’s a question, surely, that begs to be asked. And if I were one of the league investigators interviewing Williams today, it’s certainly something I’d explore.”

If Manning doesn’t have that injury, the Colts are likely still players in the AFC South last season and hardly in line to draft Andrew Luck this offseason. More than that, the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs would not have the chance right now of bringing in an injured Manning in the hopes he can get healthy again this offseason. While Manning is officially still with the Colts, it’s clear that his price tag and health concerns are likely to get him cut sometime in the next week.

If Manning’s injury is linked back to Williams somehow and that fateful game against the Redskins, it will have led to an incredible string of events that affected much of the NFL.


Tony Dungy Predicts Peyton Manning Will Stay With Indianapolis Colts

There are a fair number of teams poised and ready for the moment that Peyton Manning could become a free agent. The Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs have all been linked to the Indianapolis Colts iconic quarterback, hoping that the roster bonus due on March 8 and questions concerning his health are enough to make the franchise turn the corner and release him. But Tony Dungy, his former head coach, isn't so sure.

Instead, Dungy just released a video where he admits that he's not as certain as before given the recent conjecture, but he still believes that, in the end, Peyton will remain a Colt for life. Here's some of the transcript from the video:

I know that March 8 is the date that they've set that he has a bonus due, and I think something is going to happen this week. I'm not really sure. Before I was up at the Combine, before I spoke to Jim Irsay, I just felt like there's no way that Peyton Manning would be playing for another team. He'd either retire because of his health or he'd be playing for the Colts. Now I am not so sure. I know he wants to play. He wants to not go out on an injury, but wants to go out on his terms. I know Jim Irsay really is concerned about making sure that they do the right thing for the team but also for Peyton.

We've gotta keep an eye on it. If I'm guessing and betting man, I'm still saying he plays for the Colts, but I don't think it's 100 percent. There are places that Peyton Manning could end up. I would be disappointed to see that, because I'm always going to envision him as No. 18 of the Colts, but it could happen.

For those teams who don't like the idea of taking a chance on a rookie or even an unproven back-up like Matt Flynn, Manning represents the best possible option for, well, any team with interest in improving the most important position on the field. For Manning to go back, suddenly Kyle Orton and Jason Campbell become the best options for the Chiefs to consider.


Peyton Manning Reportedly Throwing 'Much Better' In Florida Training Sessions, Per Bob Kravitz

While most of the attention surrounding Peyton Manning this offseason has to do with where he will land if and when the Indianapolis Colts release their franchise icon, none of it matters if the quarterback cannot regain his ability to throw from surgery on nerves in his neck. That said, Bob Kravitz has some good news from Florida today via Twitter that Manning is showing improvement.

Specifically Kravitz, a writer for the Indy Star, writes, “Hearing from multiple sources that Peyton is in Florida and throwing much much better.” Those are vague statements so there’s no way to take anything to the bank there and cement expectations that he will be available and ready to play. But as free agency nears, teams are going to need to know that Manning is worth the investment or else they are stuck in the same position that Jim Irsay has been.

Manning still has several months to go before the regular season begins, so time is on his side if progress is being made. If the nerves simply aren’t responding, then there’s nothing anyone can do. However, Kravitz’s report bodes well for teams like the Dolphins, Redskins, Chiefs and any other team reportedly interested in his services. If he’s going to get better, it will be the most interesting offseason in recent NFL history.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Chiefs Provide Dolphins' Primary Competition For Colts QB

From John Clayton to Peter King, it seems that most mainstream sportswriters have the Peyton Manning Express making its first stops with the Miami Dolphins or Washington Redskins. After that, it might stop with the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals. However the Kansas City Chiefs are often forgotten in the mix or not taken seriously. But Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says that would be a mistake.

As Salguero surveys the land of the quarterback needy teams and their options, he finds the Chiefs are a darkhorse contender for Manning and says that the Dolphins need to worry about them — for some interesting reasons.

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Salguero writes, “The Chiefs are dangerous in that they are serious. They typically don’t leak stuff. They typically don’t suffer soap opera situations, although the Todd Haley deal bordered on it. They are just a fit for what Manning wants in an organization. They’re all football and no frills. They also have a ton of cap space. Worry about this team if you’re a Dolphins fan.”

Salguero likely doesn’t have the space to mention this, but they also have a defense that could be among the best in the league next season as they get Eric Berry back from injury and add addition depth and help through free agency and the draft. They also have plenty of skill players that Manning could work wonders with — from Dwayne Bowe and Jon Baldwin to Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles.

The Dolphins have their reasons as well and Salguero does a great job breaking down the various teams. It’s nice to see the Chiefs taken seriously in another market, since those closer to Arrowhead have to shake their head and wonder what else Manning could want.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for more information on the Chiefs.


Peyton Manning-Reggie Wayne Reported Combo Might Knock Chiefs Out Of Running, According To Peter King

The Kansas City Chiefs were linked to Peyton Manning quite a bit at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis over the weekend. First came the KC sports radio announcer linking Tom Condon, Manning’s agent, to the Chiefs in conversations specifically about Manning. Then came Romeo Crennel’s comment that he would be “crazy” not to check out a player like Manning if he was available. All in all, there was a lot of Manning to Chiefs chatter over the last few days.

The reports coming out today, however, say that Manning might have a partner in tow if a team is going to sign him. Reggie Wayne is the longtime Colts star wideout and someone with whom Manning has an obvious connection and affection. If the two are going to be a package deal, that could become a plus for some teams but a knock for others, like the Chiefs.

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Peter King writes, “The Chiefs seem much more likely to build around Matt Cassel and a free-agent import to compete with him, and keep Jonathan Baldwin and Dwayne Bowe. But Peyton Manning can make teams do things they never foresaw.”

The Chiefs have already reportedly decided that they are going to use the franchise tag on Bowe if they do not work out a long-term deal. They already paid Steve Breaston for the slot receiver role, and they drafted Jon Baldwin in the first round last year. In other words, you have three receivers already being paid well and performing well for the Chiefs roster. Is there room for a receiver who will not play special teams? Not likely.

This could take the Chiefs out of play if they refuse to bring in Wayne as well. Then again, the Chiefs might make an unexpected move to bring him in, or Manning might not be as connected as some surmise at this point. What is clear is that no one really knows what to expect out of the biggest free agent story this offseason.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Peter King Predicts Every Wrong Team Over Kansas City Chiefs For QB's Final Destination

There’s an odd disparity between what makes sense and what you will hear when you look for any possible connection between the Kansas City Chiefs and Peyton Manning. As in, you’ll likely find none if you look for reputable sources giving the Chiefs much of a chance to land the Colts quarterback.

The reality is that the Chiefs would be a great fit for the Colts. They have strong skill position players, so Peyton could immediately come in and have a number of targets. The defense is already the best part of the team, so he wouldn’t have to come in and outgun every opponent. The coaching staff has been consistent despite the change from Todd Haley last season and KC is a low-pressure, small market that would immediately eat him up. And nothing beats Arrowhead Stadium as a home field.

Not only this but Romeo Crennel even came out with comments at the Combine that he would be “crazy” not to consider Manning if he were available. That might lead to tampering charges, but at the very least it should put the Chiefs in the public eye for a possible landing spot for the Colts. Yet check out the latest from Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King.

King writes, “Best guesses for Manning, if he can throw well and is released, in order: 1. Miami, 2. New York Jets, 3. Washington, 4. Seattle, 5. Arizona.”

The Dolphins have imported a Green Bay offensive coordinator as their head coach and a Texas A&M head coach as their OC. Both guys have their primary quarterbacks around and available this offseason with Ryan Tannehill and Matt Flynn both out there for the Dolphins to pick. Would they really step over both to get Manning?

The Redskins have a losing situation in a division with Manning’s brother. Do you really think that Peyton will want to go head to head against Eli when he’s been very careful about publicly supporting him and wanting to avoid such a circus?

The New York Jets play in the same division as the New England Patriots and the ensuing media frenzy would rival anything for Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow. Perhaps Manning is up for the task, but it’s likely he will want another situation like he has in Indianapolis.

Seattle and Arizona are both good guesses and make more sense than anything else on King’s list, despite public perception or rumors to the contrary. Both are in a winnable division with markets that would love him and coaching staffs that Manning would likely work well with. That said, the Chiefs have the same thing in a division that the Chiefs almost won last season despite firing their head coach.

In short, the Chiefs make more sense than anyone is giving them, including Peter King. It will be interesting to see what factors Manning uses to decide his fate in the end.


Peyton Manning To Chiefs Rumors: John Clayton Compares Scenario To Joe Montana

There's an instant comparison that comes to the mind of NFL fans and sportswriters who've been around long enough to remember a decade or so ago when the Kansas City Chiefs last acquired a Hall of Fame veteran near the twilight of his career in Joe Montana. The reason is that they might be on the verge of doing it again in the next few weeks if and when Peyton Manning is released from the Indianapolis Colts.

That's the comparison John Clayton makes in his recent column from the NFL Combine. Taking on player perspectives from Lucas Oil Stadium, Clayton reserves his last point to move away from pro hopefuls to the Manning rumors circulating around Indy.

He writes, "Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel made it clear they want veteran competition for starting quarterback Matt Cassel. When asked about looking at Manning, if he's cut by the Colts, Crennel said Saturday the Chiefs would be crazy not to consider him. The Arizona Cardinals checked in with similar thoughts earlier in the combine week.

"The Chiefs want to bring back veteran Kyle Orton. Signing Manning could kill any competition, but it would be a move similar to the trade the Chiefs made for Joe Montana after he was finished with the San Francisco 49ers. The Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins seem to have the best chances of signing Manning if he's released, but interested new teams are checking in."

So it's clear that multiple teams are still involved and the Chiefs happen to be the rumor du jour right now. Other teams have stepped onto that platform in recent days, so expect the rotation to continue until Manning's future has been decided.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Romeo Crennel Says Chiefs Would Be 'Crazy' Not To Consider Colts QB If Available

With the rumors at the beginning of the NFL Combine linking the Kansas City Chiefs and the agent for Peyton Manning swirling, both the Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel were asked about the possibilities of the Chiefs signing Manning if the Colts were to release him. Both men sort of said the same thing, but Crennel was much more playful in his response.

Pioli was direct in his approach when asked about Manning and said that rules were in place to keep him from coming close to commenting on a player with another team. Crennel, on the other hand, tried to say the same thing, but came away with a more interesting take.

“Well, I’m not supposed to talk about anybody else’s players,” Crennel said with a smile, “he’s still a player with Indianapolis. But with a talent like that, I would be crazy not to consider it if he were available. All right? I’ll leave it at that.”

It’s easy to take that statement and description from Ian Rapoport of the Boston Globe and run with it in some way, shape or form. That would be irresponsible. At the same time, it seems that there is some sort of smoke around these rumors. If nothing else, it makes for a more dramatic offseason for the Chiefs after most believed the team would sign Kyle Orton and move on to other matters.


Jim Irsay Insists He's Communicating With Peyton Manning Despite Rumors To Contrary

No owner in the NFL makes himself more accessible to the media and general public than Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts. His Twitter feed is often used to give away free tickets, let the public know about events or even to highlight his favorite musical choices of the moment. But recently he’s taken to Twitter to correct media reports he says are false concerning the lack of communication he’s had with Peyton Manning.

Irsay wrote via his Twitter account, “Not sure why some speculate that Peyton n I haven’t met in person recently..we’ve met in person n communicated frequently n last week or so”.

Even with the Super Bowl around recently and the buzz of the Combine this week, it’s clear that Irsay and Manning have now met recently and a move could even be expected sometime soon. Much of the discussion around the lack of communication was implying that a move concerning Manning might have to wait for a while until their official sit-down took place.

If Manning and Irsay are in communication with one another, then there’s no telling when the Colts might pull the trigger on an announcement concerning the iconic quarterback’s future with the team. Until then, teams like the Chiefs and Dolphins among others hoping that Manning will become a free agent will simply have to wait. However, it seems like it might come sooner than later.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Have Chiefs Tampered With Colts Quarterback?

Even though the NFL Combine is in full stride in Indianapolis, the bigger football news concerns the Colts franchise icon and starting quarterback since ‘98 and where Peyton Manning might play next season, if at all. The rumor started after Kansas City area radio host Bob Fescoe said that the Chiefs had been speaking to Manning’s agent have spoken about him specifically twice on occasion.

Obviously some of the buzz started then that there might be a destination in sight for Manning to land once everything is said and done. Then again, the Seahawks were favored just a few days ago and John Clayton insists that the Redskins and Dolphins are the frontrunners. In other words, it’s all likely conjecture at this point.

However, what else is interesting is that several sportswriters are bringing up tampering charges, something the Chiefs know something about after accusing the Detroit Tigers of tampering and gaining a late round draft choice in the process.

A story at reads, “It’s against league rules for any other team to recruit Manning while he’s still under contract to the Colts, but that certainly hasn’t slowed the rumor mill when the subject is the NFL’s only four-time MVP.”

When asked his thoughts, ESPN’s Bill Williamson started with the tampering angle. “Well, first, the league has tampering rules, so if Manning’s agent has talked to the Chiefs, that will get the Chiefs in trouble.”

The Chiefs definitely have to be careful in this instance that they don’t lose precious draft assets or even mess with the guidelines that have been set in place. It’s interesting that Fescoe would say that he knew exactly what Condon had met with Chiefs’ brass about considering that Condon also represents plenty of other NFL players. They could have just as easily met about LaDanian Tomlinson or a number of others.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Redskins And Dolphins Are Frontrunners, John Clayton Reports

As chatter of Peyton Manning’s future with the Colts comes out and possible landing spots are brought up, John Clayton of ESPN insists that two familiar names in the Redskins and Dolphins are still the favorites despite chatter that’s recently placed other teams in the fold. Recent rumors have favored the Seahawks and the Chiefs have been brought up tonight as a local KC radio host, Bob Fescoe, placed the Chiefs talking to Tom Condon, Manning’s agent.

Clayton’s recent tweet says that the two teams are the frontrunners if Manning is released, but doesn’t give any reason or context. He doesn’t even note any sources at all, so it’s hard to tell where Clayton is speaking from. At this point, it’s all conjecture and even the Colts are saying they don’t know how things are going work out yet. One thing is clear: the furor over Manning is not going to end anytime soon and with the NFL concentrated together once again in Indy, it’s going to be a consistent stream of rumors and commentary about a situation that likely won’t be resolved in the very near future.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Colts Jim Irsay, Ryan Grigson Are 'Working To Getting That Resolved'

The Indianapolis Colts are hoping to finally take care of the drama surrounding the potential release of franchise icon Peyton Manning and there are several teams waiting in the wings with plans of their own if the Colts let Manning walk this off-season. In a scenario no one saw coming 12 months ago, Manning is on the verge of leaving the one team he’s been associated with his entire Hall of Fame career. But now, Ryan Grigson, the team’s new general manager, says they’re “”!/adbrandt/status/172791635715956736" target="new">working to getting that resolved’ when asked at the 2012 NFL Combine about Manning’s future.

Manning has a long road ahead before he’s ready to put on an NFL helmet and start for any team, but his pocket intelligence, presence and ability is so good that teams will still be lining up for the chance to sign him.

The Chiefs, Dolphins, Seahawks and Redskins have all been mentioned and many more are likely ready to join the fold, including the Cardinals. Manning’s nerve regeneration is a wild card at this point, but the dearth of solid starting options in the NFL is simply making many teams desperate for an answer.

An answer will come soon enough but nothing will likely happen until next week when the smoke clears in Indy from the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. There’s simply other business in front of a new regime that has a lot of work to do on a roster in fragments.


Peyton Manning Has Not Thrown For New Colts Head Coach, General Manager

The latest buzz from the NFL Scouting Combine concerning the hometown quarterback Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts is that the new head coach and general manager have no new information. They haven’t even seen him throw. While that’s no news, it could also be taken as good or bad news if you’re one of the possible destinations he could land if released — like the Chiefs, Dolphins, Seahawks or Redskins.

The fact that they have no new information means that Manning is not a priority for the new regime. If the Colts had any real vision for keeping Manning around, then it would be a strong priority for Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano to keep tabs on Manning’s progress. The fact that they are clueless and being so candid along the way implies that the team is naturally moving on and any statements to the contrary from Jim Irsay, for example, is really just about playing nice.

On the other hand, if the team’s new regime has not seen him throw, that could also be cause for concern. If Manning is throwing then Manning is healthy. If Manning cannot throw, then there’s continued cause for alarm with the nerve issue in his neck. The teams interested in Manning need their quarterback to be able to rehab and eventually get back to form. The fact that the new regime hasn’t seen him likely means nothing, but the worst case scenario could make that into bad news.

The reality is that anything concerning Peyton is moving at a glacial pace and the Combine being in town will likely keep anything else at bay. The Colts will be busy looking at new prospects like everyone else and dealing with more Manning news makes no sense unless the team is officially ready to make a move on way or the other. For now, everyone is left searching a few quotes wondering what to make of it all.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Jim Irsay's Decision Not Likely To Come Until After NFL Combine

Several teams are already waiting on word of whether Peyton Manning will be available. Those teams are now likely to wait a bit longer — until after this week’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The league’s iconic veteran quarterback is likely to be released at some point by the Colts, but team owner Jim Irsay is still wanting to discuss the situation at length with Manning and local beat writer Bob Kravitz says it will take a bit.

Kravitz writes, “So what happens next? Probably nothing until after the NFL Scouting Combine — which is too bad for Luck, who will have to answer some uncomfortable questions.”

That could be frustrating for teams wanting to know exactly what will be available this off-season and when. The Cardinals could upgrade from Kevin Kolb. The Dolphins and Redskins are rumored to be very interested and have been listed among the frontrunners since day one. The Seahawks could also be in on Manning, as could the Chiefs who have wanted to bring in competition for Cassel.

Each of these teams has a vested interest in acquiring Manning and a case to state to the possible free agent. Manning will have all of the leverage, despite his health concerns, given the talent and intelligence he brings to the position. But it might be a while before any of those teams even find out if he’s available.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Emerging As 'Favorites' Over Dolphins, Chiefs

The Seattle Seahawks have a very similar situation to the Kansas City Chiefs when analyzing the Peyton Manning scenario. As the Indianapolis Colts get closer to the date when they will likely set their quarterback icon free, Manning is going to look for the right scenario to play. Both teams, the Seahawks and Chiefs, have several things going for them.

Both teams offer smaller media markets where Manning will feel at home and be given a hero’s welcome (as opposed to competing with his brother with the Jets or living in Dan Snyder’s shadow in DC). Both teams have dynamic skill position players that give Manning the weapons he would want. Both teams play in subpar divisions that are there for the taking.

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Dan Pompei says that the Seahawks are the favorites for those reasons and more. He writes:

Based on the buzz around the league, the Seahawks could be the early frontrunner for Peyton Manning, assuming he is released. Pete Carroll needs a quarterback and is believed to have a strong interest in at least exploring Manning. The Seahawks could offer Manning an attractive scenario. They have a young team with some fine skill players to put around him. They play in one of the league’s loudest stadiums.

Manning wouldn’t be subject to the same kind of scrutiny in Seattle that he would in a lot of other markets. The Seahawks also could have a better feel for Manning’s medical situation than some teams. One of their team physicians, Stan Herring, who also is one of the country’s preeminent specialists for spine injuries. Herring is a member of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee.

The Chiefs should certainly enter the same equation by much of that measure, but then again the Dolphins also qualify in much the same way. However, new Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin might be keen on bringing in Matt Flynn if the team has the chance given his familiarity with him and vice versa.


Peyton Manning Substituting For Matt Cassel Would Be Smart Move For Chiefs

The exact time is unknown, but it’s only a matter of “when” rather than “if” for Peyton Manning’s release from the Colts. While owner Jim Irsay will say the right things to avoid any negative PR and some sentiments might be sincere, the reality is that the Colts restart places Manning in an awkward position and the right thing to do on all counts is to move on. For Manning, that question becomes “Where to move?”

The Kansas City Chiefs are usually among the teams considered when sportswriters try to figure out his next home, although the Dolphins and Redskins are usually the favorites. Those teams are definitely included in Cian Fahey’s latest column over at The Guardian, but he also says that the Chiefs would do well to grab Manning if they can.

Related: Jamaal Charles on Track For Successful Return In 2012

“Despite finishing 7-9 last year, the Chiefs’ roster is one of the more talented groups throughout the whole league. A slew of injuries to key players held them back in 2011 but those should all return in 2012. With a healthy Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki, Manning would have two of the brightest young stars in the NFL to work with. Both players suit his style of play as Moeaki is similar to Dallas Clark and Charles is a threat as a receiver. The Chiefs have a huge amount of cap space so Dwayne Bowe should almost certainly return while Steve Breaston could be brought back to his level of production which he last had playing with Kurt Warner.

“With a strong offensive line and plenty of ammunition to improve in the off-season, the Chiefs have plenty of reasons to bring in Manning. They also have the perfect head coach to complement Manning as Romeo Crennel has one of the best defensive minds in the NFL.”

Fahey’s thoughts are good on the Chiefs’ level of talent on the roster with impact players on both sides of the ball. However, the Chiefs lack a solid offensive line like he said, unless Fahey is broadcasting from a future where the Chiefs draft Cordy Glenn and Riley Reiff. Still, the Chiefs remain among those teams potentially interested and waiting.


Peyton Manning To Chiefs Called 'Interesting Proposition' By John Clayton

The Kansas City Chiefs are hardly discussed among the likely landing spots or best destinations for Peyton Manning among the mainstream media if the longtime Colts quarterback is released as expected here in the next few weeks. Given the state of quarterback needy teams, most expect Manning to head south to Miami or east to quarterback in Washington. But the Dolphins and Redskins aren’t the only players and the Chiefs loom as a surprise destination for some.

John Clayton calls it an interesting proposition after being asked about it in a mailbag column. The reader bangs the same drum we’ve been discussing here for some time — that Manning would have all the right weapons around him to go with a strong defensive unit in a weak division — and Clayton seems to like what he hears.

He writes, “That is an interesting proposition and one that isn’t being discussed. Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli have gone on the record saying they will open up the competition for the starting QB job. The thought was that they would re-sign Kyle Orton to compete against Cassel. An upgrade to Manning would be interesting. I would say it’s unlikely, but the Chiefs could warm up to the idea as Manning gets closer to being released.”

While Clayton seems slow to wake up to what chatter has gone on around the Manning situation (since ESPN’s own Mel Kiper among others have listed the Chiefs among the top five), everyone seems to agree that the move could make sense for all parties involved. Certainly the ridiculous amount of salary cap room the Chiefs will have makes this possible.


Peyton Manning To Chiefs Called 'Longshot' Compared To Favorites Like Dolphins, Redskins

The Kansas City Chiefs are being called the “longshot” of all possible destinations for Peyton Manning if or when he’s released from the Indianapolis Colts. That’s likely true considering the team already has Matt Cassel in a possible starting candidate and seemed impressed enough with Kyle Orton near season’s end to ask him back as well. Then again, nothing would top a healthy Manning under center in Arrowhead.

Yet Clifton Brown of the Sporting News says that the Dolphins should be considered the favorites for Manning’s services and the Cardinals are up there as well. The Jets and Redskins come after that, making the Chiefs No. 5 on his list of potential suitors.

Brown writes, “It’s a long shot, but not impossible. The Chiefs are only a year removed from winning the AFC West, and they have talented young players. General manager Scott Pioli built a championship roster with the Patriots, and coach Romeo Crennel has the even-keeled demeanor that Manning is accustomed to in a head coach. New offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said he wants to install an up-tempo, attack offense. Manning can certainly handle that. Manning would likely prefer a warm weather city. But if he is healthy, Manning will play. If other locations don’t work out, maybe a team like the Chiefs could sneak in the back door.”

That warm weather has been mentioned in several places, so Manning perhaps put out word to sportswriters everywhere that being near retirement means that he’s ready to head to Florida. It seems odd that everyone is harping on weather of all things to determine where Manning goes. The veteran quarterback has been around enough to know that the talent around him and coaching schemes should be the greatest consideration. Under those circumstances, KC might have a better chance.


Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay Still Have No Timeline In Place For Talks Of Release From Colts

Everyone is waiting on the official word from Jim Irsay, Ryan Grigson, Peyton Manning or well, anyone, for that matter connected to Manning’s future availability on the free agent market. Will he leave the Colts? Will he be free to sign? That’s the question everyone wants to know and yet it won’t happen until Irsay, the team’s owner, sits down with the iconic quarterback. Unfortunately, Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star says that no such meeting has occurred.

Chappell writes, "The waiting game continues with Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Despite anticipation a meeting would take place this week to at least begin the process of determining the rehabilitating quarterback’s future with the team, that did not occur.

“On his Twitter account, owner Jim Irsay wrote: ‘Things r quiet this week n weekend,getting ready for NFL Combine,completing coaching staff,analyzing roster. There’s no news on Peyton.’”

Manning, of course, is the top free agent quarterback prize if he’s healthy and a number of teams have already been connected to him — from the Miami Dolphins to the Washington Redskins. A number of columns have also been posted on where he might go and Vegas even has betting odds available for those who want to put some money behind their best guess.

For the Chiefs, Manning would represent far more than the “competition” that Romeo Crennel spoke about bringing in this off-season against Matt Cassel. Most likely were picturing Kyle Orton or Jason Campbell as the likely free agents to enter Chiefs training camp. But Manning would also bring an instant contender status to a team with impact weapons already in place around the quarterback position. With the right person in place and some key draft picks, the Chiefs could easily become the class of the AFC West and then some.

Still it all depends on a meeting and one that has no timeline in place. If anything, the deadline of March 8 — the date when Manning has the major $28 million bonus due — will speed things along. Until then, it’s all a waiting game.


Peyton Manning Would Make Super Bowl Contenders Out Of Kansas City Chiefs

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes is going to be the biggest story of the NFL off-season — as if the league needed any more to talk about. Manning will likely be leaving the Colts and if the future Hall of Famer can get a clean bill of health, which is a major concern, then teams should be scrambling to try to get him to sign as a free agent. The Kansas City Chiefs should at least be one of those, despite their lack of public interest.

Joel Thorman covers every possible option in a column at SB Nation today and says the Chiefs would be interesting because of the pieces already in place.

He writes, “This makes some sense. The Chiefs sure sound like they’re content with Matt Cassel and ready to keep him but he’s been inconsistent in his career. The Chiefs have a lot of weapons offensively, including Jamaal Charles, so Manning would make this team a contender right away. You can’t cross KC off the list but publicly they’ve given no indication they’re serious about Manning.”

Scott Pioli is certainly not a GM who will tip his hand, so it’s not surprising that the Chiefs aren’t positioning themselves like a Miami Dolphins or even Washington Redskins. That said, the team has come out and displayed public interest in creating “competition” at the position. Typically that’s taken to mean something less than bringing in an automatic starter at the position more akin to a Kyle Orton than Peyton Manning. But breaking down such language for over-analysis likely won’t yield anything important in the end.

Clearly the Chiefs are well-positioned for some quarterback to succeed if the team can keep Dwayne Bowe and the others like Charles and Tony Moeaki can come back healthy. The question is whether Manning wants to come to KC.


Peyton Manning Would Likely Enjoy Dwayne Bowe, Tony Moeaki And Rest Of Chiefs Receivers

The questions and conjecture surrounding Peyton Manning will not rest until he signs on the dotted line for some team, and yet he hasn’t even been released yet. That’s the flurry around one of the best quarterbacks of all time as the Indianapolis Colts just might be preparing to release him. Tyler Nickel over at Revenge of the Birds, SB Nation’s Arizona Cardinals blog, takes a look at a few NFL teams and wonders whether they are good or bad for Manning to consider.

For the Chiefs, he comes up with the following list of pros and cons:

Pros- The Chiefs have a bunch of young receivers that make for great targets to whatever quarterback is starting there next season. Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin are one of the better trios in the NFL. Throw in the return of tight end Tony Moeaki and you have a very formidable group.

Cons- The Chiefs are coming off a poor season and a lot of turnover looks to be headed their way. They already fired head coach Todd Haley, so Manning will be walking into an offensive system that not only is unfamiliar to him, but also to the players he will be throwing to. The Chiefs also had the worst right tackle in the league with Barry Richardson according to Pro Football Focus, so that position will need to be addressed.

The unfamiliarity with the scheme and players is the most viable option there since the team is going to upgrade from Richardson for sure this off-season. That said, will Manning want to go to what is familiar? Jim Caldwell is now in Baltimore as an assistant there. The Redskins have been rumored to be willing to bring in other former teammates of Manning if that helps. So there are some other places if he wants that.

That said, the Chiefs have several offensive playmakers at every skill position. The main receiver is set if they re-sign Dwayne Bowe. They have a dynamic young tight end with Tony Moeaki. They have a running game anchored by Jamaal Charles. They have a slot receiver in Steve Breaston. They have a new young receiver in Jon Baldwin waiting in the wings. They also have Dexter McCluster in a jack-of-all-trades role. All of this, of course, comes before the Chiefs do anything in the off-season as well.

In other words, it’s going to be hard to find a team as ready for a quarterback to come in and succeed as Manning will find in Kansas City. Those pros certainly outweigh the cons.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Washington Redskins Lead Suitors Above Dolphins, Chiefs

For fans of the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs or any other team hoping that Peyton Manning will make his way in their direction, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports has some bad news. That’s because he says that the Washington Redskins are leading the rumor mill, for whatever that’s worth, and that it’s not even close.

In his latest Ten Point Stance column, Freeman writes, “Speaking of Peyton, everyone I speak to in the NFL — and I mean just about everyone — believes if Manning becomes a free agent, the Washington Redskins will sign him.”

That’s an interesting choice that he would want to face his brother twice a season and have to even go through the defending champions to be able to make the playoffs or win a division title. There are other places to play that would be much easier and allow him to also succeed. But perhaps there is something to the rumors that the Redskins would also bring in several of Manning’s former teammates with the Colts.

If Manning is going to be swayed by the addition of other former Colts players like Jeff Saturday or Reggie Wayne among others, that might be too steep of a price for most general managers to pay. Then again, a quarterback like Manning, if healthy, would make any such endeavor worth it.


Peyton Manning Rumors: Miami Dolphins Listed As Early Favorites By Adam Schefter

Where will Peyton go? That’s the biggest off-season question of all and the Kansas City Chiefs are just a number of teams that could possibly be involved in landing the quarterback. Manning is bound to go somewhere other than Indianapolis this off-season and Adam Schefter says that the Miami Dolphins could be labeled early favorites at this stage to land the soon-to-be free agent. Then again, his reasons are a bit odd.

Schefter writes, “The team that is the favorite in my mind to land Manning is Miami. The Dolphins can offer warm weather and a favorable contract, and the team has been screaming for a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino left. Make Miami the favorite for now. But we’ve already seen what being a favorite meant to New England in this Super Bowl.”

Warm weather? Favorable contract? There are a number of teams — from the Chiefs to the Redskins — who can offer as much money or more than Miami. Warm weather should not play a part if the team around Manning would be horrible. If anything, the Chiefs have the skill positions up and ready for a quarterback like Manning to use — from a young exciting tight end to a dynamic running game to very capable receivers. It’s essentially a plug-and-play.

Still, the Dolphins will at least be involved in this game and the rumors will continue to swirl until Peyton signs somewhere.


Peyton Manning's Medical Clearance Makes Him The Perfect Fit In Every Way For Kansas City Chiefs

Peyton Manning has gotten the green light. And that’s the news that everyone has been waiting for.

Here’s the scenario. Andrew Luck is the sure thing. Robert Griffin III is filled with potential. Matt Flynn is the intriguing back-up. Other than that, the quarterback class for 2012 between the NFL Draft and the free agency class is uninspiring. Sure, Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden might turn out to be fine starting quarterbacks. Perhaps a team could do well with Jason Campbell under center. But for the most part, there is only one sure thing on the market. Even Griffin and Flynn are questionable properties, albeit exciting ones.

Obviously there are more than three quarterback needy teams in the NFL. The Chiefs might not count themselves among them. But it’s hard to find anybody fan or media who believes that Matt Cassel has proven himself to be the consistent winner as the starter for the Chiefs that the team hoped he’d turn out to be if given the full-time keys.

You live and die by the quarterback position in the NFL, and it’s hard to believe that even Scott Pioli would believe he’s set for the long term with Cassel. That said, if they are going to go after someone — that someone is not on the market. Unless that someone is Peyton Manning.

The only way the Chiefs are truly going to improve at the quarterback position is if Peyton Manning is healthy and available:

1. He’s finally been cleared medically. Word today is as follows: The sources said Watkins examined Manning recently in Los Angeles and concluded the stability in his neck would have allowed the quarterback to play this Sunday if the nerves in his arm had regenerated to a satisfactory performance level. Watkins also instructed the quarterback to continue an aggressive rehabilitation path that provides an optimistic outlook for Manning to play in 2012.

2. He has to be available for trade or signing. Watching the drama go down in Naptown between Colts owner Jim Irsay and Manning tells you all you need to know about their ability to co-exist while seeing other people (on the field). Andrew Luck is going to be the man. Chuck Pagano is going to be the coach. There’s no way Manning comes back for a victory lap with the Colts.

That means that Manning will be both healthy and available. And check the line in that healthy paragraph: he will likely be ready for this next season. Those were the magic words.

There is no way that Scott Pioli is going to go for Matt Flynn after already trying the back-up quarterback route and paying him rather well to do so. Cassel was the one experiment there, and it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs trading draft picks and paying a big salary to yet another unproven NFL back-up quarterback three years apart. Just won’t happen.

There’s also no way that Pioli trades up in this draft. Unless Griffin falls a bit in the draft order (not happening), then the Chiefs are out of it from the outset. The team has too many holes to trade so many draft assets. Whether or not the fans think they will go for it, the perceived value by the KC front office simply won’t allow it. That’s called cost-prohibitive and the Chiefs lack the roster depth to accommodate that loss.

That means that the team will not make a move at quarterback other than bringing in veteran competition for the starting job a la Jason Campbell or Kyle Orton. Unless someone else is in the mix.

Consider Manning. The Chiefs have the players at the right skill positions to make Manning happy. He loves a Dallas Clark type of tight end and he has the second coming of him that’s even an Iowa product in Tony Moeaki. He has a new first round stud in Jon Baldwin who should develop quite well to go with veteran receivers like Steve Breaston and, presumably, Dwayne Bowe, who continues to show just how amazing of a receiver he is year after year despite his detractors.

The running game would instantly become better than anything Manning has ever enjoyed in Indianapolis as well. Jamaal Charles will be coming off of major surgery and rehab, but he’s young, dynamic and things have been reportedly going well there. The Chiefs should be expected to add another body and Dexter McCluster also keeps things interesting. Manning is smart enough to help whoever the new offensive coordinator is to utilize all of the talent properly.

Even more, Manning is owed a $28 million roster bonus that will likely earn him his freedom from the Colts. It’s hard to tell monetarily what will happen between the Colts and their franchise icon, but some sort of deal will be made. The thing is, Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt are sitting on around that same amount of unspent cash from last year. In other words, if the Chiefs need to absorb a major payment and/or pony up something major for Peyton, the money is absolutely there and available.

More than anything, the Chiefs have a major public relations nightmare on their hands. They have an outstanding lawsuit filed against the team alleging age discrimination on the part of the powers-that-be in the front office. They have Todd Haley’s allegations (and other former employees) that the team had a paranoid, controlling, manipulative environment that even included phone tampering and spying. They have the unspent money that no one has explained well to the fan base who continue to pay exorbitant prices. In short, Arrowhead is a place to be.

One move changes all of that. Short of Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning is the prize of the off-season. This story is even overshadowing the Super Bowl of all things. This is the big fish. If the Chiefs were to get him, they instantly become not only the favorites in the AFC West but guaranteed of several prime time games. The reality is that not only would they instantly sell a million of anything remotely team-related, but any and all ill feelings would dissipate immediately. A PR nightmare needs a salve that heals all wounds. Peyton is that salve.

That might sound dramatic, but imagine the frenzy if Manning were to sport a Chiefs uniform. Imagine the trade announcement. Imagine the analysis that would ensue. Imagine the press coverage of practices, workouts and the lead-up to his first official game action since 2011. Once you’re done imagining all of that, then tell me it’s not worth the move. Thought so.


Peyton Manning Makes Sense For Chiefs, Redskins And 49ers As Trade Target

While NFL’s free agency period will create a frenzy of “where will he go?” articles for players far and wide, no single player will create nearly the furor that Peyton Manning will. The top tier quarterback is likely to hit the market in some way via trade from the Colts unless the team and quarterback do an about face, make up and somehow co-exist even as the entire roster and front office and coaching staff turn over.

It’s likely, instead, that Manning is dealt if he can prove healthy enough to play next season. If that’s the case, there are a fair amount of teams that make sense to make a play for the veteran quarterback, and the Kansas City Chiefs are among those according to Anthony Sanfilippo of the Daily Times.

Sanfilippo writes, “The Chiefs showed their mettle late in the season and almost wormed their way into the playoffs a second straight year. Manning would be an instant upgrade at quarterback over Matt Cassel and has a top-tier target there in Dwayne Bowe. Also, a nice young defense has been constructed in K.C., which would get the ball in Manning’s hands more often.”

While all of those points are true, the evidence only gets stronger from there. The Chiefs backfield is instantly better than anything the Colts ever had in Manning’s entire tenure there with the return of Jamaal Charles from injury. He has a Dallas Clark like target in Tony Moeaki coming back as well. Steven Breaston provides the perfect complementary receiver, and Jon Baldwin is another potential stud in the making. It’s a complete offense with strong skill position players that only need a quarterback to deliver the goods.


Peyton Manning Called 'Perfect Fit' As Trade Candidate For Kansas City Chiefs

Stay or leave.

That’s the big question facing Peyton Manning, Ryan Grigson, Jim Irsay and the rest of the Indianapolis Colts’ decision makers. Manning has not only been perhaps the greatest quarterback of a generation but also the face of a Super Bowl winning franchise for a decade. What does a team do with an expensive icon and hero when he’s aging and dealing with unknown health concerns? Stay or leave.

Several trade possibilities have been mentioned by various sportswriters as a potential landing spot for Manning, but the Kansas City Chiefs keep returning to the conversation — from ESPN’s Mel Kiper to the latest article from Steve Cameron of Fox Sports.

Cameron says that Matt Cassel is never going to turn into the franchise changing quarterback that Scott Pioli wants him to be and this off-season offers a chance to grab a guy like the Chiefs need on the open market.

He writes, “This is a team that was $20-$30 million under the NFL salary cap last year. Cassel has a long-term contract, but the bulk of his $63 million deal was paid off early, so he’d become a reasonably priced back-up. Think of it this way: Would you rather have one of the best quarterbacks in history – a guy with maybe three outstanding years still in front of him – for something in the range of $25 million per year, or would you sign someone permanently mediocre like Kyle Orton for $10 million? That’s a no-brainer.”

The Chiefs have Cassel already under contract and Ricky Stanzi as the rookie chosen last Aprill in the 2011 NFL Draft. Whether they will address the position is unknown but many fans are calling for a return of free agent Kyle Orton or another draft pick to throw into the mix. A trade for Manning, however, would change the conversation entirely.

There are so many parameters to this story and details to fall into place that would have to happen to make Manning available. However, it’s entertaining, at the very least, to read about such possibilities. The Colts have a major decision to make on their hands both financially in terms of the salary cap as well as the identity and direction of the franchise. The Chiefs could possibly be there to help them transition completely away from the pre-Andrew Luck era.


Peyton Manning Is No Longer A Viable Trade Candidate For Kansas City Chiefs

It’s unclear whether the Kansas City Chiefs are completely set at quarterback with Matt Cassel coming back from injury or whether they are open to making major moves to find a new starter. Fans will likely say one thing, but it’s clear that Pioli likes Cassel and that Cassel took the Chiefs to 10 wins just last season. But that hasn’t stopped some from hoping the Chiefs go for a major draft pick like Robert Griffin III or trade for a veteran like Peyton Manning. That second option is now an impossibility, according to a report from Mike Lombardi.

From the NFL’s main site comes a report that Manning will remain in Indianapolis next season, presumably alongside the first overall choice in the draft who is likely to be Andrew Luck. While that bolsters the most important position on the field, it does keep the Colts from getting better in other places. Apparently that doesn’t matter.

It’s believed the Colts could usher in a new era with a complete overhaul of the roster, including Manning, which has fueled speculation of where the four-time NFL MVP will or won’t play next season. But not everyone has punched Manning’s ticket out of Indy.

“I have said this emphatically: Peyton Manning will be a Colt,” NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi told “NFL GameDay Morning” on Sunday. “I believe Peyton Manning won’t be traded, and I believe if Peyton Manning plays anywhere next year – and that’s not a 100 percent certainty — that he will play for the Colts.”

New Colts GM Ryan Grigson likely knew this coming in. After all, what general manager would take the job without knowing what he could or could not do in terms of his trade assets. While it might not be the smartest thing in today’s NFL where veterans are thrown away when they are no longer deemed necessary, it’s a nice gesture of loyalty and commitment from a franchise to its player.


Peyton Manning's Age And Health Is Major Risk For Chiefs Given Team's Young Offensive Core

When the Indianapolis Colts officially land the No. 1 choice in the 2012 NFL Draft, the floodgates will open up about their trade scenarios concerning their incumbent albeit injured star quarterback in Peyton Manning and their future star quarterback with Andrew Luck. Well, as if those gates haven’t opened already. The reality is that the Colts might keep both players or trade one and given that the NFL is a quarterback’s league, the Colts are in an enviable position.

If they’re going to trade Manning, some have already linked the long-time All-Pro quarterback to the Kansas City Chiefs. Mel Kiper said they were among the top candidates to land him if he’s available, and the team also has the comparative acquisition of Joe Montana back in ‘93. In other words, you’re likely to hear random Manning-to-Chiefs talk from time to time for the next several months.

Yet Adam Teicher over at the Kansas City Star says that Manning is a bad move for the Chiefs — one that doesn’t match their offensive core’s rising age and dynamism and a risk that also isn’t worth the draft picks. He writes:

Some QBs are better at age 36, 37 and 38 than others. Since Manning has been better than almost any QB at any age, it stands to reason he could still be very productive at age 36, 37, 38. But, then again, that’s a risk. And even if he’s successful and injury-free, he’s an old geezer. Is that what you want for the future of your franchise?

Here are the ages of KC’s best players: Hali 28, Johnson 29, Flowers 25, Berry 23, Moeaki 24, Bowe 27, Succup 25, Baldwin 22, Breaston 28, Charles 25. Does any 36 year-old quarterback fit that formula?

Teicher makes several good points in the overall article stating that the cost and health risk of Manning simply doesn’t fit, and I’m inclined to agree. However, the one thing of note is that any quarterback play would be better than what the Chiefs have had to this point in the last few years — which is efficient at best. If Manning can deliver Manning-esque numbers even after 35 and with a neck injury behind him, then there’s room for talk.

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