Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Oakland Defeats Kansas City In Overtime, 16-13

Kansas City is taking on rival Oakland in a key AFC West showdown with playoff implications on the line.

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Anthony Becht Led Kansas City Chiefs In Offensive Snaps Against Oakland Raiders

Anthony Becht? Yes, Anthony Becht. The same veteran tight end who was heading toward a post-NFL career in broadcasting. The same Becht who was cut only to be resigned by the Chiefs this year. That Becht led the Chiefs in offensive snaps this week against the Oakland Raiders in an odd stat that’s a bit perplexing.

The reality is that the Chiefs did not lose because Becht was in there so much. It just shows that the Chiefs could likely use another strong blocking tight end in the upcoming draft to develop and it also shows how much Tony Moeaki has been missed this season. Still it’s hard not to look at that stat and be a bit confused.

Mike Clay over at Pro Football Focus analyzed the game in his latest Snap Report. He writes, “Anthony Becht’s 60 snaps led the Chiefs’ offense this week. Leonard Pope was in on 22 plays. Dwayne Bowe’s 56 snaps led the wide receivers. Steve Breaston (54 snaps) and Jon Baldwin (30) were also heavily involved. Terrance Copper was in on 12 plays. Le’Ron McClain’s 27 snaps led the backs. Jackie Battle was in on 25 plays, compared to 18 for Thomas Jones. Dexter McCluster managed 23 snaps.”

Draw your own conclusions on all of this, but it’s interesting that Baldwin, even at season’s end, is only getting half of the plays that the other receivers are and that the running back 14 games after Jamaal Charles’ injury is still a muddled mess.


Romeo Crennel Defends Kyle Orton's Play For Chiefs Against Raiders

For those wanting to specifically call out the poor quarterback play of Kyle Orton for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Romeo Crennel, the team's interim head coach, was having none of that after the loss to the Raiders on Saturday. Instead, Crennel said it was a team performance and that the ups and downs displayed against the Raiders were not solely on Orton's shoulders but were the products of a comprehensive effort (or lack of it).

“I think you saw the same thing in the team," explained Crennel when asked about Orton's play. "You saw some good in the team and then you saw some not so good in the team. I know we all want them to be perfect and help us win, but we weren’t perfect today…all phases: offense, defense, special teams.

"He showed an ability to come back. I told this team that they have some substance and they proved today that they have some substance. They were able to make plays to put the game into overtime. But we also screwed up some plays. To be able to come back from adversity when you’re down a little bit, that shows something.”

Orton finished the game going 21 of 36 for 300 passing yards and 1 touchdown to go with 2 interceptions.


Peter King Calls Richard Seymour Of Oakland Raiders His Defensive Player Of Week

If you ever wondered what the answer would be to the question, “Who in the world could ever block two field goal attempts in one game?” you found your answer on Sunday in Richard Seymour. The star defensive end for the Oakland Raiders kept Ryan Succop from continuing his string of successive field goals and ultimately kept the Kansas City Chiefs from maintaining any playoff hopes heading into week 17. For that reason, Peter King selected him as his defensive player of the week.

King writes, "Quite simply, Seymour saved the Oakland season, and preserved the Raiders’ playoff chances. Seymour blocked a Ryan Succop 49-yard field goal try at the end of the first half that could have broken a 3-3 tie, then blocked a Succop 49-yarder at the end of the second half that could have given the Chiefs a 16-13 win. The Raiders’ special teams coordinator, John Fassel, had the block in the game plan for the week, and instructed linebackers Aaron Curry and Quentin Groves to push Seymour through the Chief line on the two blocks. Worked perfectly. "Even though my hand went up to block them, I can’t take all the credit,‘’ Seymour said. "I have to give a lot to our linebackers for giving me good push and the coaching staff for coming up with the calls to put me in the right position to make plays. That’s what we talk about all the time, the coaching staff putting players in position to make plays and when your number is called, making it and that’s what happened.’’


Raiders Vs. Chiefs: Kansas City Loss Affects NFL TV Decisions With Denver Broncos

The nearly unbelievable loss to the Oakland Raiders on Saturday didn’t just affect Kansas City Chiefs fans and players. According to Peter King, it even affected the upcoming TV schedule and made executives frustrated with this week’s choices by the NFL and what network gets what.

As NBC now will broadcast an NFL match-up, King says that FOX execs are “seething.” The reason is that the Chiefs-Broncos match-up is not high-caliber match that it should have been, leaving the network to choose something else — which leaves FOX out in the cold.

King writes, "The NFL would have preferred to not take the second Giants-Cowboys game and give it to NBC. But blame the left side of the Kansas City field-goal unit for that. I believe Kansas City-Denver, which would have been an AFC West title game Sunday had the Chiefs beaten Oakland Saturday, would surely have been NBC’s game Sunday night.

“But when the Raiders caved in the left side of the field-goal team — Jon Asamoah, Barry Richardson and Steve Maneri, if my eyes were right on the replays I saw — to block Ryan Succop’s potential game-winner at the close of regulation (more about that in Special Teams Player of the Week), that eliminated this game.”


Romeo Crennel Says Kansas City Chiefs Will Be Focused, Ready For Denver Broncos

Despite the home loss to the Oakland Raiders on Saturday that knocked them officially out of playoff contention, interim head coach Romeo Crennel says that the Chiefs are going to focused in the right way for the last game of the season. For those fans who think they might mail it in for the sake of a lack of motivation, Crennel says the Chiefs can only focus on what's ahead and play for the pride of finishing strong. Even if they can't make the postseason, finishing out with two of three wins over the Packers and Broncos, this week's foe, would do wonders for momentum heading into the off-season.

"Our guys fought and they hung in there, went into overtime and it took some guts to do that. We didn’t play well enough today in all phases. We made mistakes that cost us," said Crennel. "We had an opportunity to put points on the board at the half and we weren’t where we needed to be. We had a couple of field goals blocked, we got a couple balls thrown over our head, we turned the ball over a couple of times.

"In the NFL it’s hard to win when you do those kinds of things and that’s basically what I told them inside. We still have another game to go, a division game, and we have to take all the energy we’ve got and win that game. That’s going to be important. I just found out the outcome of the Buffalo game. It’s just unfortunate that we weren’t able to win this one but we didn’t do enough to win. That’s all I need to say about that. We’re going to work, we’re going to try to go forward and we’re going to try to do the best we can. That’s what I tell them every week and that’s what we try to do every week. Today wasn’t good enough."


Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Romeo Crennel Explains Blocked Kicks By Richard Seymour

The Kansas City Chiefs lost their hopes for any slim chances of the playoffs on Saturday in their home loss to the Oakland Raiders. It was a heartbreaking loss that featured two blocked kicks at the end of the first and second halves -- both blocks by the Raiders star defensive end Richard Seymour. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel explained the moves in a press conference after the game for those wondering how in the world it happened twice against the most steady kicker in the NFL.

"They use a double push technique and they were coming over our left side and our guys were trying to stay low so they wouldn’t get pushed," said Crennel. "But by being low they were able to get a little push over the top. Seymour is a long, tall guy and he used his length to get his hands up and block the kicks."

The Chiefs lost to the Raiders 16-13 and now are officially out of any chance to make the 2011 playoffs.


Chiefs Vs. Raiders Halftime Score: Kansas City Tied With Oakland

The Kansas City Chiefs embarrassed the Oakland Raiders the first time they played midway through the season on the strength of their defense on the way to a 28-0 win. The Raiders are playing similarly poor this week at Arrowhead, but the Chiefs’ offense has not capitalized in today’s game with the halftime score tied at 3 apiece.

With 18 combined penalties between both teams, it’s clear this is one of the sloppier games of the NFL season. For the Raiders, that’s no surprise given that they’re on their way to possibly setting the NFL record for penalties. Still between both teams, no one seems to want to take control of the game.

The good news is that the Chiefs have been able to move the ball with 11 first downs in the first half. The running game has been particularly effective today although some mistakes by Kyle Orton, including one pick and an intentional grounding penalty has killed them at times. Even the final kick before the half by Ryan Succop was blocked.

The Chiefs will get the ball back to start the second half.


Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Ryan Succop Has Chance To Set Franchise Kicking Records Today

Ryan Succop has been the best draft pick to come from Scott Pioli’s first overall draft class from 2009. The Chiefs kicker not only helped establish new rookie records his first year in the league, but now he holds the longest active streak in the NFL for consecutive field goals made with 21. He only needs one more to tie the Chiefs’ franchise record of 22 set by Pete Stoyanovich.

“I don’t necessarily think about all the records or anything like that,” Succop told the Washington Post. “Hopefully I’ll be able to go out and make the next one, and if we do that, we’ll kick the one after that.”

“It’s his work ethic, the way he approaches his job, the way he goes about it,” said Chiefs interim coach Romeo Crennel. “He takes it very seriously, and any time he feels like he’s off, he’ll do extra work, kick extra balls, work with the holder and the snapper, anything he can do.”

As the AP reports, “Succop doesn’t have the strongest leg in the league, and it’s unlikely he’ll ever boot a 63-yarder like the Raiders’ Sebastian Janikowski did earlier this year. But he is making a push for the claim that he’s the most accurate. Only seven kickers have connected at a higher rate this season, and of course, none since the soft-spoken Succop started his streak of consecutive made field goals.”


Darren McFadden Injury Update: Raiders RB Expected To Miss Eighth Straight Game Against Chiefs

Darren McFadden is already listed as doubtful, but the unofficial word is that he’s going to miss his eighth straight game this season against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The Oakland Raiders star running back might not even play again this season if he can’t feel up to par for the final game and the Raiders miss the playoffs. It’s a disappointing situation, but Hue Jackson, the Raiders coach admits “it doesn’t look great” when speaking on McFadden’s ability to play.

Steve Corkran writes, "An ESPN report Thursday, citing an unnamed league source, said McFadden met with Dr. Robert Anderson last week and underwent numerous tests in an attempt to gauge whether he can play again this season. Dr. Anderson reportedly told McFadden that his foot is not healed all the way, and McFadden’s biggest issue is managing the pain if he wants to play.

“Even if McFadden decides to play in the final game, it’s doubtful Jackson would sign off on the move unless the Raiders still are in playoff contention. They face the prospect of being eliminated Saturday. McFadden jogged and worked on lateral movements with a team trainer Tuesday, well away from the rest of his teammates. He wasn’t spotted at all the next two days. McFadden was unavailable for comment. He has not spoken with the media since he suffered his injury Oct., 23.”

Thus far in 2011, McFadden has rushed 113 times for 614 yards and 4 touchdowns.


Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Romeo Crennel Doesn't Want To Use The Word 'Hate' When Discussing Oakland

Romeo Crennel doesn't hate anyone. That said, he understands that the Kansas City Chiefs face their hated division rivals this week in the Oakland Raiders. Even so, Crennel doesn't like using such harsh descriptions of emotions against another team or fan base. It's a wise move for Crennel given the recent spat of fan violence at heated games.

"Do I hate the Raiders?" he said at a recent press conference. "To be honest with you I really don’t hate anybody. But I dislike the Raiders because they are a divisional opponent and they are going to try to whip me basically. And I don’t like to get beat so I’m going to put the best foot forward and I’m going to do a good job against these guys but I don’t hate the Raiders.

"It’s a big rivalry, I understand that and the fans, they might want to hear me say I hate the Raiders. But that would be me walking down the street and you want me to say I hate this guy over here because he’s just walking down the street. That’s not the case, when you talk about hate, I think hate is a strong word and I don’t hate anybody."


Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Tamba Hali Says Carson Palmer Should Be Better Quarterback This Time Around

The first time the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense faced the Oakland Raiders this season, they made a mockery of the Oakland Raiders quarterback situation, Kyle Boller threw three interceptions in the first half and the newly acquired Carson Palmer did the same in the second half. It was a rout that turned into a 28-0 shutout at Oakland and became the low point in the Raiders season. Now they hope to turn those fortunes around at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend.

Tamba Hali says the Chiefs expect Carson to be better this time around. He says, "I guess it’s been about maybe five or six weeks so he’s probably acquainted with that offense and has got his timing down with the wide receivers. It will be a little different, he’s still a good quarterback, he’s still able to execute.”

In his recent media session, Hali also admits he’s tired of being held this season and that it can be frustrating when opposing offensive linemen get away with illegal moves.

“Yes it gets frustrating. But like you said, it’s the nature of the position. Those guys are going to hold, they are going to pull you to the ground and one thing we’ve got to do as rushers, we’ve just got to be consistent in what we are doing and persistent and relentless in trying to get to that quarterback. But it’s frustrating.”


NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs' Romeo Crennel Had 'Greatest Debut By Interim Head Coach'

Lists are subjective by nature, so it’s hard to argue with someone when it’s just an opinion. High Fidelity taught us that, if anything. However, Elliot Harrison over at has the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 24 overall in their week 16 NFL Power Poll — a number that fails to reflect the fact that they just handily defeated the single best team in the NFL and the fact that they are also within two games of .500 and some slim playoff hopes to go with it.

Harrison writes, “Quite simply, that was the greatest debut by an interim head coach in NFL history, Romeo Crennel. To take a rudderless team that just lost 37-10, and then turn around and beat the 13-0 defending Super Bowl champion is nothing short of sick. The Packers came in averaging 35.8 points per game. Crennel’s boys held them to 14.”

The Chiefs face the Raiders and Broncos in the next two weeks and stand a decent chance of winning at least one of those games. That should propel them closer to the lower teens where the team likely belongs.


NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Chiefs Move Up Three Spots Among ESPN Writers

As the round-up of articles begin to come in during Week 16 of the NFL regular season, it’s clear where the range is for the Kansas City Chiefs. In this week’s NFL Power Rankings, the Chiefs are typically residing in the early to mid 20s, a number that doesn’t reflect their recent win over the Green Bay Packers nor their six overall wins. Whether or not people want to believe in the Chiefs given their string of poor performances earlier this season, they are still alive for a playoff spot and face the teams directly in front of them with the Oakland Raiders this week and the Tim Tebow-led Denver Broncos next week.

ESPN has the team ranked at No. 22 overall this week after listing them at NO. 25 a week ago. Bill Kuharsky writes, “It’s hard to debut with a stronger impression as the top man than Romeo Crennel did.” Given the way the Raiders are reeling lately, the Chiefs could climb to 7-8 next week and give them a decent chance to crash the playoffs or at least hurt the Broncos chances.


NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs Ranked No. 22 In National Football Post

The Kansas City Chiefs are slowly climbing Power Rankings this week and the National Football Post moves the team up four notches from 26 to 22 in week 16 as the Chiefs are still in playoff contention. The win over the previously undefeated Green Bay Packers kept the Chiefs mathematically alive and gave the team a lot of confidence heading into their final two games of the season — games against the very two teams in front of them in the AFC West.

The Chiefs had just come off of one of the worst weeks an NFL team could endure with the loss of their coach and the ensuing drama. Much credit goes to Romeo Crennel who was able to hold things together and develop a game plan along with his assistant coaches to take on and beat the best team in the NFL by a wide margin.

The Chiefs now face the Raiders and Broncos for their remaining playoff hopes.


NFL Week 16: Oakland Raiders Favored Over Chiefs In Kansas City

The Raiders are favored by 2.5 points over the Chiefs in Kansas City on Saturday, despite the fact that the Chiefs handed the Packers their first loss of the season in Week 15.

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