EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 11: Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets looks for an open man during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at MetLife Stadium on December 11, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Chiefs Vs. Jets: New York Pounds Kansas City 37-10

Mark Sanchez accounted for four touchdowns as the New York Jets routed the Kansas City Chiefs 37-10

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Chiefs Inability To Convert Third Downs Killed Any Chance Against Jets

If a team cannot convert on third down, they are never going to win in the NFL. That maxim has always held true and the Kansas City Chiefs served as living proof on Sunday in the 37-10 loss to the New York Jets. It was a miserable game for the Chiefs all around, but they were 0 for 9 at one point in the game and finished 2 for 12. Those numbers will lead to a loss -- and a lopsided one at that -- almost every time.

A lot of the Chiefs' inability to convert was Tyler Palko's inability to do much under center. That's what Greg Cox writes about in his recap over at Walter Football.

Cox writes, "I watched an NFL Network show last night detailing a, what else, top-10 list. This one was for southpaw quarterbacks. Suffice it to say Tyler Palko does not have a future spot. Let's just highlight his play on third down, when the offense needed him most. The first nine times on the money down, he threw complete short of the chains four times, was sacked three times, one intercepted and one incompletion, all for obviously no conversions. Palko finally converted with a pass to Dwayne Bowe on the final play of the third quarter with his team behind 35-3"

Certainly that's the reason why fans were chanting for Ricky Stanzi near game's end and why Todd Haley is on the coaching hot seat this morning given his unwillingness to make a move at quarterback.


Todd Haley Leaves Door Open For Tyler Palko To Start Against Green Bay Packers

The crowds were chanting at MetLife Stadium for someone, anyone, to replace Tyler Palko as the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback. Already entrenched in the middle of a 37-10 loss to the New York Jets, the Chiefs were heading not only to their eighth loss of the season, but they were also out of any real playoff hopes as well. Simply put, there didn't seem to be any reason to not turn to another quarterback on the roster -- especially the rookie they were chanting for in Ricky Stanzi.

Yet Haley refused and after the game noted the conditions weren't right for Stanzi to see his first NFL action. Yet even with a full week to prepare coming up against the Green Bay Packers, Haley still refused to say whether or not it would be Palko under center or Stanzi or even Kyle Orton if healthy.

"That’s a hard question to answer after how today went," Haley said after the loss to the Jets. "But it’s a team loss and you just can’t put it all on one person. You just can’t, but generally that occurs and it goes towards the quarterback. We have to evaluate this tape and see what exactly we though. Once you see the tape, sometimes it will change the way you feel."

For some, that answer won't be good enough, especially coming from a coach that's on the hot seat. It's a frustrating situation because the Chiefs simply don't have the option at quarterback that they need to be competitive at this point -- unless Kyle Orton is healthy. At this point, however, it's likely too late to do anything about it anyway.


Todd Haley Explains Refusal To Substitute Ricky Stanzi Over Tyler Palko

The Kansas City Chiefs are in a tough spot at this point in the NFL season which means that Todd Haley is in a tough spot. There have been some signs of life in a miserable season where the Chiefs are 5-8, but it’s also clear that some major changes have to be made. One that fans were chanting for on Sunday during a 37-10 loss to the New York Jets was a call for another quarterback — rookie Ricky Stanzi. But it was a move Todd Haley was unwilling to make.

“We just felt that the way the game was, we didn’t think that would be a good position to put Ricky in,” head coach Todd Haley said after the game.

When explaining he noted the conditions playing against the Jets in the crowd at MetLife.

“The guy that gives us the best chance to win will play, because we’re playing to win,” Haley said. “In a game like today where the score gets to where it was, I just don’t think that’s the best position to give someone their first action in the NFL on the road.”

Certainly that’s his job as head coach to make those difficult choices and fans will not be so forgiving if they see Tyler Palko under center for yet another week. Kyle Orton’s health becomes important if Haley just simply refuses to play Stanzi, but the Chiefs should be wrestling with quarterback questions all week long.

“That’s a hard question to answer after how today went,” Haley said. “But it’s a team loss and you just can’t put it all on one person. You just can’t, but generally that occurs and it goes towards the quarterback.

“We have to evaluate this tape and see what exactly we though. Once you see the tape, sometimes it will change the way you feel.”


Jim Leonhard Injury Update: Darrelle Revis Says Safety Is Out For Season For New York Jets

The New York Jets got the win that they needed today against the Kansas City Chiefs and it showed just how dominant Rex Ryan’s team can be on both sides of the ball. But it’s also clear it came at a cost with Jim Leonard, the team’s safety, reportedly being injured for the rest of the season, if Darrelle Revis is in the know.

Jenny Vrentas is reporting
Revis’ words and the loss of Leonhard would be a huge hit to a playoff-caliber defense. The Jets rely heavily on Leonhard in their schemes and consequently would have to adjust near the end of the season.

It’s clear that he hurt his knee after intercepting a Tyler Palko pass and he didn’t return to the game.

As the AP reports, “Leonhard broke his right leg last season the week of the Patriots game, almost exactly a year ago. He fractured his tibia, which required surgery. Leonhard used a motorized cart to get around the Jets facility for the remainder of the season, and several members within the organization said that his absence was more pronounced because of his role as a communicator within the defense.”


VIDEO: Tyler Palko Throws 24-Yard Touchdown To Jerheme Urban

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a miserable afternoon, but at the very least they scored an offensive touchdown in today's game against the New York Jets. The Chiefs were down 35-3 heading into the fourth quarter, but this Tyler Palko to Jerheme Urban strike is as good as it gets for KC at this point. Check out the video below:


Justin Houston Provides Strong Presence Opposite Tamba Hali For Chiefs

The New York Jets are probably well aware that both sides of their offensive line will be tested today against the Kansas City Chiefs. That's something that could not have been said much earlier in the year, when only Tamba Hali represented the Chiefs' pass rush options and Justin Houston had yet to understand what it took to succeed at the pro level. Now he's definitely clued in.

"At a time when some rookies are wilting, Justin Houston is emerging," writes Dan Pompei. "The Chiefs linebacker has made steady progress all season and the coaching of Gary Gibbs and Romeo Crennel is starting to pay off. Houston had three sacks—his first three of the season—last week, but he has been getting close to the quarterback in recent weeks, so Kansas City coaches were not surprised by the third round pick’s breakout game in Chicago."

The Chiefs put up 7 sacks total last week on the Bears ridiculously porous front line, so they shouldn't expect similar numbers today against the Jets, but even if Houston can help hurry Mark Sanchez in the pocket or flush him out for linebackers like Derrick Johnson, they might stand a good chance today on the road.


Jets Vs. Chiefs: Rex Ryan Could Pull Out Trick Plays Against Kansas City

John Clayton of ESPN says The New York Jets had to get a little creative to eek out their seventh win of the season last week, and he's curious whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs will see more of the same when the teams meet this afternoon. It's not certain whether or not they'll need it, but KC's vaunted defense should present some frustrations for Ryan if they perform as expected.

Clayton writes, "To spark their struggling running game last Sunday, Ryan ordered seven Wildcat plays to bring variety to the offense. He's still stinging from a recent loss to Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Sparano brought the Wildcat into prominence a few years ago to add life and complexity to his running offense in Miami. Will the trickery continue against the Kansas City Chiefs?

"Of the four 7-5 AFC teams, the Jets have the easiest closing schedule, facing teams with combined records of 19-29. With cold weather and easier teams settling in, the Jets need to ground-and-pound. They currently rank 24th running the ball. They also are in the middle of the league for run defense. Ryan wants some extra toughness from his team down the stretch."


NFL Picks, Week 14: Jets Favored Over Chiefs By Every ESPN Analyst

No one is buying on the Kansas City Chiefs for yet another week, but this was predicted when a losing team faces a schedule that features the Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Jets and Packers. This week is the New York Jets’ week and it’s clear that everyone believes that Rex Ryan’s team will be just fine at home against the visiting Chiefs.

The Chiefs defense has been very successful in this run, keeping the Chiefs close in the first half against the Patriots and the entire game against the Steelers. They finally beat the Bears last week so it’s possible the Jets will fall prey to Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali and company. Yet it’s also clear the Chiefs offense has no idea how to jumpstart itself since last week it took a Hail Mary pass to win the game.

ESPN’s expert panel has the Jets winning this afternoon and it’s hard to fault them at this point. It’s definitely an upset if the Chiefs win today, but it’s also clear that the Chiefs are showing more grit each and every week. For those paying close attention, they might not be that surprised if the Chiefs are able to win a close defensive battle.


Kansas City Chiefs' Conversative Game Plan 'Plays Right Into Hands Of Jets' Defense'

The New York Daily news is predicting an ugly game with an outcome that they say is necessary for the Jets with a 20-13 win over the Kansas City Chiefs who visit today at 12pm CT. That said, they believe the Jets’ ability to overwhelm the Chiefs will come through the right side of the line — opposite Barry Richardson who is undoubtedly the weakest link on the offense at this point.

Their scout writes, “The Chiefs have a formidable pass rush and (defensive coordinator) Romeo Crennel likes to pick on weak spots. He’s moved Tamba Hali around some this year and will try to get him over on Wayne Hunter . Hunter has had his problems against speed rushers. Palko at least stopped throwing interceptions last week but his weak arm limits the Kansas City offense. The Chiefs have no choice but to put together a conservative game plan and that plays right into the hands of the Jets defense, which doesn’t have to respect the downfield throw. Look for the Jets to attack right tackle Barry Richardson , especially with Aaron Maybin coming on. Everyone else has this year."


Chiefs Vs. Jets: Todd Haley Compares Brandon Flowers To Darrelle Revis

During a press conference this week, Todd Haley was asked about the New York Jets' best defender, Darrelle Revis. It's clear the Kansas City Chiefs head coach has a lot of respect for him and Tyler Palko specifically is going to have to watch out for Revis' ability to bait the quarterback into throwing his way. Revis is among the best at his position, after all, so he's going to be tough to play against. But Haley also sees his own player comparable to Revis in Brandon Flowers.

He said, "I compare a lot he and [Brandon] Flowers do at times just because it’s kind of like when we talked about [Matt] Forte. When you get really special guys with great instincts and feel and ability to figure out what’s going on before it’s really happening, sometimes that appears really smooth and it’s hard to detect. But as these young receivers that line up against Flowers find out, he kind of knows where you’re going before you do and he’s able to deviate your path, which then creates problems.

"Revis is a lot like that. You don’t jump out and you go, ‘Wow,’ other than when the ball is in his hands because the rest of the time he’s just got a great feel. I think he appears to be a great student of the game and is very well-schooled on what he’s going to see from the opponent. It’s one of those where you don’t notice a whole bunch because generally when you check him out he’s covering who he’s supposed to be covering. He’s also one of those guys that when they’re not throwing it his way, all of a sudden his guy looks open, but they never throw it. I think that’s more by his design. He’s trying to lure throws into his area."


Chiefs Vs. Jets: Dexter McCluster's Versatility Finding Home In KC's Offense

With each and every week, the Kansas City Chiefs are finally figuring out how to utilize Dexter McCluster within their offensive schemes. That much is clear when looking at the number of touches and targets he receives each week as well as the way the team utilizes him. Head coach Todd Haley says it's a matter of going back to the beginning of this year and making some bigger changes -- and he says McCluster's versatility is helping the Chiefs fool other teams.

"We made a change this year and moved [McCluster] away from the receiver into the backfield and just felt like that would be the spot to give him the chance to be most productive. With Jamaal [Charles] going down, that obviously affected some of that because he’s getting a bunch of carries. I was excited about the game by Dexter here last week. I just thought when you envision how he is going to play and contribute; I thought that was a good capsule or picture of it. He got about nine touches out of the backfield and then he caught a bunch of balls, some of them more from a receiver vantage point as far as where he was on the field.

"I think the real advantage with guys like that is the mismatches that are created when the defense looks at him, ‘That’s a running back.’ Teams have all treated him a little different, but obviously, the more carries he gets, the more they have to treat him as a running back. But even last week after he made a couple plays, the defense switched into a sub ground, even though there were only two receivers on the field. That’s really what it’s all about, is how the defense views him. When they’re viewing him a particular way, I think you gain your advantage, one way or another."


NFL Picks: Peter King Has Kansas City Chiefs Losing To New York Jets 19-10

In his latest round of NFL Picks, it’s not surprising that Sports Illustrated’s Peter King doesn’t believe in the Kansas City Chiefs. After all, they’re facing the New York Jets, sit in last place in the AFC West and cannot seem to put any points on the board despite their defense turning in one impressive performance after another.

King writes, “The last time they played, three years ago, Brett Favre threw a last-minute touchdown to Laveranues Coles to win. I can’t see such heroics being necessary this time, though Kansas City’s D could outplay Rex’s. The only problem is that Tyler Palko’s the other quarterback.”

Palko is going to have to step up since it will be nearly impossible to keep the Jets from doing something offensively. They can run the ball and Mark Sanchez seems to be developing as a passer, particularly in his relationships with Plaxico Burress in the end zone and Dustin Keller as they move the chains. It’s going to be interesting to see what offensive wrinkles the Chiefs try to put in.


Todd Haley Says Tyler Palko Making Significant Progress With Experience At Quarterback For Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are stuck with Tyler Palko. That seems to be the reality facing head coach Todd Haley when it comes to Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. Palko was relieved of his duties last game against the Bears only to come back one play later after Kyle Orton dislocated a finger upon entering the game. The Chiefs went on to win due to a strong defensive effort. It became Palko’s third NFL start this year.

When asked whether or not Palko was making good progress with his experience, Haley said he was. He went on to elaborate:

It’s not just coach speak when you talk about the quarterback position. One of the best ways to gain that experience is playing, especially a player that’s been around a little bit like him and I think that each and every week he’s gained some valuable experience and how to handle situations and like we’ve said, you’re making a lot of decisions in a short amount of time and they’ve got to all be good ones for the most part and I think he’s kind of getting the feel here now with another full week of practice and with those three games under his belt of some of the things he has to do and some of the things he can’t do.

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