KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 02: Defensive end Jared Allen #69 of the Minnesota Vikings goes up against offensive tackle Branden Albert #76 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the second quarter on October 2, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs defeated the Vikings 22-17. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

Chiefs-Vikings: Peter King Calls Ryan Succop His Special Teams Player Of Week

The Chiefs finally move into the win column and gain some hope that 2011 isn't a lost cause after all.

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Chiefs-Vikings: Peter King Calls Ryan Succop His Special Teams Player Of Week

The Chiefs-Vikings game won’t get much write-up in the national press considering it was a match-up between two winless teams in smaller markets. However, Peter King did note one particular player’s performance: Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop. King called him his special team’s player of the week in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated.

King writes, “For three quarters, he was just about all the offense the Chiefs had. His five field goals (from 40, 24, 51, 54 and 22 yards) gave the Chiefs a 15-10 lead, and the Vikings didn’t have enough juice to come back. Pretty good day for the former Mr. Irrelevant.”

Succop had had already missed one field goal in each of the last three games and it was clear that the performance couldn’t continue if Succop wanted any kind of job security. But a standout effort like Sunday’s will definitely alleviate any concerns on the part of fans or the front office. Succop made all the difference Sunday and that placed the Chiefs in the win column for the first time this year.


Kansas CIty Chiefs Win Over Minnesota Vikings Revitalizes Hopes For NFL Playoffs

Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs surprised everyone and likely themselves with a 10-win season and a playoff appearance in a year where most expected them to continue a rebuild. With that instant success came greater expectations, so the fact that the Chiefs have started the 2011 NFL season with an 0-3 record has caused frustrations all over Kansas City.

But yesterday’s win over Minnesota changed all of that. Matt Cassel looked the sharpest he’s looked all season. Dwayne Bowe was a playmaker. The defense continued their great steps forward after two horrific showings against Buffalo and Detroit. The Chiefs, in other words, are beginning to come together.

The AFC West, meanwhile, isn’t that impressive. The Oakland Raiders sit at 2-2 and the Broncos match the Chiefs at 1-3. There’s one primary opponent for everyone else, and that’s the same Chargers team that basically handed the Chiefs a potential win on a silver platter — something they could not step up and take.

But if the Chiefs continue to get better with each passing week and gain the addition of Jonathan Baldwin, the first round receiver, then the Chiefs offense could really begin to open up. Despite the loss of Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles, any offense that adds a first round draft choice at wideout is going to add a dynamic playmaker, and it’s clear that Steve Breaston and Bowe are finding their respective places already. There’s definitely room for one more in what could become a potent Chiefs passing attack.

Still there’s a long way to go. The last 0-3 team to make the playoffs was the Buffalo Bills and that was 13 seasons ago in 1998. But hope does many things to a team and fan base and it’s nice to have that feeling on a Monday morning.


Kansas City Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin Reportedly Ruled Out For Minnesota Vikings Game

The Chiefs offense is in dire need of a boost, but KC fans won’t be seeing the main weapon brought in to help it for yet another week. Jonathan Baldwin was the first round choice of the Chiefs in April’s NFL Draft, but he’s been out with a broken thumb since the preseason. Rumors that he may play this Sunday have now proved false as Baldwin has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Chiefs opened the offensive playbook a bit more during the second half of the San Diego Chargers game and the team came to life when it did so. The Vikings should expect more of the same, but Baldwin would become the deep physical receiver the Chiefs currently lack.

Certainly Steve Breaston and Dwayne Bowe are solid options already but the Chiefs passing game needs that third receiver, especially with Tony Moeaki out for the season. Perhaps Baldwin will come out for the Colts game in week five. Whenever the timetable allows, Chiefs fans are sure to look forward to his arrival.


NFL Betting Odds: Minnesota Vikings Two-Point Favorites Against Kansas City Chiefs

If it wasn’t for the upcoming Colts-Chiefs match-up, this week’s contest between the Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings could be dubbed the Basement Bowl or, better yet, the Toilet Bowl. It’s definitely not a game most NFL fans will want to watch simply for the fact that two 0-3 teams are facing each other. So who do you choose to bet upon when both teams have yet to show anything in the win column?

Apparently it’s easier to believe the competitive but prone-to-collapsing Vikings team with Adrian Peterson as the star than it is the injury laden, uncompetitive Chiefs team that’s been blown away in two of their first three games this season. Even the best one, last Sunday against the Chargers, featured a Chiefs team that could not take advantage of multiple Chargers mistakes.

At this point, the Vikings are two-point favorites even though they are on the road this week, a sign that no one is willing to bet on the Chiefs just yet. Hopefully Todd Haley can use this as another way to rally his troops.


Vikings' Jared Allen Has Harsh Words For Kansas City Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt, Former GM Carl Peterson

A recent Tom Pelissero column from ESPN’s Twin Cities station in Minneapolis/St. Paul brings some drama to the upcoming match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings. The reason is the biggest connection between the two current rosters: Jared Allen. The talented pass rusher had some harsh words for certain Chiefs personnel and their owner as he looked back on his years in Kansas City.

Allen said his reason for leaving is simple to identify. “His name was Carl Peterson. You can write that in caps. Obviously, I had a problem with (owner) Clark Hunt, too, because he chose Carl over me, huh? When everything went down there, I didn’t appreciate being lied to. I was told I’d get (a contract) extension and everything, and the way things played out, my biggest thing was, ‘Listen, I don’t lie to you guys. I show up and bust my tail for you. Don’t lie to me.’ … It’s tough to go and give your all for someone like that.”

The trade for Allen brought some nice players to Kansas City including left tackle Branden Albert and Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles. However Allen has continued to be an elite force at defensive end since leaving Kansas City and he already has 4.5 sacks. Both sides received value in the trade, but it’s fun to picture Allen still in a Chiefs uniform.

Expect this to be a competitive game with Allen making certain to make his presence felt on the Chiefs offensive line and, ultimately, Matt Cassel.


Adrian Peterson 'Upset' And Likely To Take Out Frustration On Kansas City Chiefs

Nelson Peterson, father of arguably the best running back in the NFL Adrian Peterson, says his son is frustrated. When the Vikings were up by 20 at halftime, the expectation was that the best player is going to be able to do his thing and put the game away against the Detroit Lions. Instead, Peterson had five total carries in the second half and the potent Lions' offense came back to win the game -- the third such time a second half collapse has taken place this season for the 0-3 Vikings.

So when Peterson took the high road this week, his father spoke to reporters for him questioning the game planning and play calling in Minnesota by head coach Leslie Frazier and company. And with such attention given to it and public agreement, you can expect Frazier to cave in a bit and give Peterson more carries to both save any hot seat under him as well as make his best player happy. In addition, it's also the best move.

The Chiefs, then, need to be prepared for a lot of Peterson. If the Vikings leave Arrowhead Stadium with their first win of the season, it will likely be due to a powerful ground game where the Vikings control the clock and force Kansas City to do a lot with a little -- many points on fewer possessions. Given the Chiefs impotence on offense, that's not a bad move.

The front seven are going to be vital this week against Peterson and new addition Kelly Gregg is going to have to have a monster game this week. He's the anchor point in the middle and the linebackers can make their plays if Gregg continually gets some push in the middle and covers his gaps well.

The same can be said of Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. This should be an all-star line with several high draft choices, and the Vikings game could help the Chiefs and the line turn the corner this week.


Minnesota Vikings' Leslie Frazier Publicly Questions Donovan McNabb's Accuracy, Contributes To Team Drama

When a team begins to lose, especially in frustrating ways, the drama begins to pour over from the locker room in all sorts of ways. First, Adrian Peterson’s father, Nelson, spoke on behalf of Adrian’s lack of carries lately, especially in the loss to the Detroit Lions last Sunday. Now head coach Leslie Frazier is hurting his own cause by commenting on his starting quarterback’s accuracy in press conferences.

The Boston Herald reports that Frazier said they’re specifically working on McNabb’s accuracy in practice. “Just looking at what we’re doing with his mechanics, whether it be his drops or whether it be the footwork, whatever we need to do to help improve some of those balls that aren’t quite on target.”

McNabb has a 58 percent completion rate in 2011, and his career rate is only slightly higher at 58.9. In other words, McNabb’s strength has never been his throwing accuracy. It’s always been his ability to play well in pressure situations and make plays with his feet, the latter skill obviously in decline at nearly 35 years of age.

It’s easy to say the comments given by Frazier are no big deal. After all, he’s only saying what every NFL analyst and even casual fans are likely saying in Minnesota at this point. But note that while every fan is crying foul over Matt Cassel, the Chiefs aren’t saying a word publicly. Todd Haley isn’t hanging his quarterback out to dry. Why? Because that’s what head coaches are supposed to do.

The Herald also reports that Frazier commented on first round choice Christian Ponder saying he was ready. It’s another jab toward McNabb, intentional or not, since he’s the obvious replacement. Again, you don’t hear Haley commenting on Ricky Stanzi to any degree. That’s because Haley knows better.

If the Vikings are going to get things together, it looks like it will be in spite of their coach rather than because of him. He’s definitely not helping his cause by making questionable calls in games, failing to adjust at halftime and now by failing to hold the team together. Frazier has to learn to say “no comment” if the Vikings are going to continue to believe in the overall program and know they are playing for a coach who is safe.

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