KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 27: Head coach Todd Haley of the Kansas City Chiefs watches a replay during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 27, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Ben Roethlisberger Likens Todd Haley's Playbook To Rosetta Stone, Says It's '90 Percent Different'

Haley gets a chance to reinvigorate his career as the offensive coordinator for perennial playoff contenders.

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Ben Roethlisberger's Meeting With Todd Haley Was Important But Overblown

When Todd Haley arrived in Pittsburgh as the new offensive coordinator for the Steelers, it was clear that it was a happy moment for the former Chiefs head coach. That said, it wasn’t that way for everyone on the team as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger made it public that he never wanted a replacement for Bruce Arians in the first place. Then came the drama that Haley had yet to meet his franchise player. In other words, it’s been a rather rocky start for Haley in Pittsburgh.

The reality is that all of this is overblown, made up by a media hungry for anything related to football they can get their hands upon. Roethlisberger was out of turn for his public comments on the matter, and it doesn’t help that Haley is known for being passionate himself. In other words, it would make for interesting football if the two personalities clashed.

But ESPN’s Jamison Hensley says
that while things have been blown out of proportion, it was also important for Haley and Roethlisberger to finally have their first meeting, which the two reportedly did yesterday.

Hensley writes, “You can laugh about the drama and say that this issue has been overblown. What can’t be overstated is Roethlisberger and Haley need to establish a working relationship, and the sooner the better for the Steelers. This isn’t to say that Haley and Roethlisberger need to be buddies and grab lunch at Primanti Brothers each week. But, in order for the Steelers’ offense to click, the quarterback and the offensive coordinator need to be familiar with one another.”

That’s an obvious statement, but there’s no major timeline here. It’s not as if Roethlisberger is reading Haley’s new playbook like The Hunger Games or that there’s any offseason activity for some time. The roster is going to change and schemes will morph according to the players that come in. This whole thing has been a ridiculous media circus.


Peter King Says Todd Haley Must Learn To 'Play Well With Others' With Steelers Offense

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports called the tension between former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and general manager Scott Pioli the worst kept secret in the NFL. Some Chiefs fans blame Pioli for that, but it takes two and Haley was always known as a passionate coach. Peter King of Sports Illustrated says that Haley is going to have to learn to play nice if he’s going to last long in his new post as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

King writes, "I think the phrase “plays well with others,‘’ will be important for former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley to remember if he hopes to have success as the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh. He left behind some poor relationships in Kansas City — and not just with GM Scott Pioli. Haley has to bond with Roethlisberger and help the QB produce at a consistent playoff level, while keeping three talented receivers content. It’ll be an interesting chemistry experiment.”

Related: Steelers Coaching Profile: Todd Haley

Roethlisberger has already come out questioning the moves of the Steelers this offseason. Not that the quarterback has been unfairly negative, but he has cast a shadow of doubt over the loss of Bruce Arians to the Colts. Now that the Steelers have to develop to new offensive schemes and terminology, Roethlisberger has not been pleased.

Still Haley brings a keen offensive mind and a love of Pittsburgh to the job, so he’s likely to work out well in the end. He has some great pieces to work with and every reason to live up to expectations.


Todd Haley's Hiring Was Mike Tomlin's Call According To Pittsburgh Steelers Owner

Despite what you’ve read, Art Rooney insists he did not force his head coach’s hand. The Pittsburgh Steelers owner reportedly wanted the team’s offense to head in a new direction under Mike Tomlin, a move away from the pass-heavy offense of Bruce Arians, whose contract was not renewed, and back to the ground game the Steelers have a strong tradition with. Instead, Rooney said the hiring of Todd Haley, the team’s new offensive coordinator, was Tomlin’s call to make.

“I think the bottom line is, Mike was comfortable that’s who he wanted to come in,” Rooney told the Post-Gazette. “It may be fair to say that when he started the discussions and Todd’s name was on his original list, I don’t think he expected that Todd was the guy he was going to wind up hiring. But as he had more conversations with him, he became more comfortable that he was the right guy for the job.”

To clarify his position, he gave Ed Bouchette an interview to settle the rumors around Pittsburgh that he was that involved. Instead, he told the paper that Haley and former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell were the only candidates brought in. Arians, interestingly enough, is now the new offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts.

Rooney went on to clarify his role in hiring Haley saying that while he had a conversation with the former Chiefs head coach, it was all on Tomlin just like usual.

“I wouldn’t want my role in it to be overestimated because Mike has to decide who he wants on the staff. Even though there’s always a discussion between me and Mike about who he’s hiring and how much we’re paying him and those kinds of things, it’s normally a discussion of the business side of the arrangement than, ‘Are we going to hire a guy who’s going to run the ball so many times a game.’ It was a fairly normal process as far as I’m concerned in terms of how we’ve done those kinds of hirings in the past.”


Todd Haley Is 'Genuinely Excited' To Join Pittsburgh Steelers Family As Offensive Coordinator

For a while, it seemed that Todd Haley might not find a home as a coach of any kind for the 2012 NFL season. Interviews with the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals resulted in zero offers for the former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Haley’s keen offensive mind seemed like it might have been overrun by his temperament. Yet one of the NFL’s great franchises extended him a hand to a familiar place where his father served as well: as offensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As Haley was introduced, he spoke multiple times of his excitement and gratitude:
“I want to let everybody in this room know just how genuinely excited I am to be part of the Pittsburgh Steelers family,” said Haley. “I say family because that is what I know it as. All of my early memories in life somehow revolved around the Steelers. My earliest memory was watching the Immaculate Reception. Those things have stayed with me and are a big part of who and what I am.

“I am very grateful Coach (Mike) Tomlin and the Rooney family thought enough of me to have me here to help be a part of continued greatness. In my mind it’s the greatest organization in the NFL and the greatest team. That all comes from the heart. I am excited I am here now, working amongst the coaches and getting to know them and the players. I had to prepare for the Steelers last year. Now, it’s a little different. I am just trying to use up every second that I have to move forward and have some fun.”

Haley is known for his work with wide receivers, so guys like Emmanuel Sanders should be quite happy with his arrival.


Ben Roethlisberger Doesn't Want Steelers To Start Over Under Todd Haley's Offense

A storm could be brewing in Pittsburgh. At the very least, clouds are forming on the horizon as new offensive coordinator Todd Haley comes into contact with the expectations and hopes of veteran starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. While both men deserve the chance to be heard and will likely find an agreement somewhere in the tension of both sides, things could get ugly if one decides to be less-than-amiable about the changes coming in the Steelers offense.

As Todd Haley was officially announced as the new OC under Mike Tomlin, Roethlisberger also gave words of his own on what he hopes.

“I’ve gotten a lot of calls and texts and emails from people around the league, both good and bad about him,’’ ”http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/12040/1209184-100.stm#ixzz1luzSm1Z0" target="new">Roethlisberger said during an interview with the Post-Gazette. “Everybody has an opinion, as we all know, and they’re letting me know what their interaction with him was — good, bad and indifferent. I’ve heard a lot of things and I’m looking forward to meeting him and forming my own opinion.”

“It would probably be easy for him to do,” Roethlisberger said about Haley possibly choosing to stick with his offense. "I don’t know if it would be easy for us to learn it. We’re so young on offense and the most talented room in this whole building is probably wide receiver, no disrespect to anyone else. And they’re also really young. They’re still the tip of the iceberg in this offense and they did as well as they did last year. And they’re just getting to the point that ‘OK, this makes sense to me.’

“That was my biggest talking point to Mike and those guys — I would hate to just throw everything out and start over because I feel it would set us back two or three years because these guys are just starting to get it. I hope we don’t have to start over and if we do, you know what, here we go. Let’s do it. We’ll do it. We’re not going to complain about it. But I would hate to have to set certain guys back who are doing so well right now.”

If anything, Haley can definitely make the young receivers better after his work with Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin over the last few years. He just needs to be given a chance. However, Roethlisberger has definitely brought enough rings to Pittsburgh to be heard as well and Haley will likely bend but not break in hopes to build a bridge to his new quarterback.


Todd Haley Officially Hired As New Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator

Todd Haley has finally found a home in a place that should be near to his heart. Just as his father was involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers for years, the former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs has reportedly been hired as the team’s new offensive coordinator. Haley takes over for Bruce Arians who was not re-signed after his contract expired, and Arians subsequently took a position with the Indianapolis Colts under new head coach Chuck Pagano.

Haley definitely had a tension with Scott Pioli and was fired with less than three years on the job. Haley won a division title in 2010 as the Chiefs head coach and won 10 games in the process. Yet this year, the team’s up and down performance and drama with the front office led to an impossible situation and Haley was let go. Even after he was fired, Haley was part of an article by Kent Babb that purported a paranoid work atmosphere at Arrowhead that included phone tapping and surveillance allegations.

Haley has a good offensive mind and should help the Steelers receivers take things to the next level although there’s already some great dynamic talent in play. Haley also knows how to develop a strong running game, and that’s what the Rooney family was reportedly wanting the Steelers to get back to. While Ben Roethlisberger didn’t want to see Arians leave, he should be happy at the replacement. Haley will be just fine in Pittsburgh and they will likely love him back.


Pittsburgh Steelers Rumored To Fill Offensive Coordinator From In House Versus Hire Todd Haley

Todd Haley had another interview in his search for an NFL coaching position, but apparently the discussion with the Pittsburgh Steelers went as well as the ones with the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets. That’s frustrating for a guy who was a bright young offensive coach in the league just a few years ago and even won a division title last year. Yet reports about the Steelers say that head coach Mike Tomlin is likely looking to fill the team’s offensive coordinator opening from in-house.

ESPN’s NFL Rumors column says, "It’s been two weeks since Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians “retired.” According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Mark Kaboly, that’s the longest that coach Mike Tomlin has taken to replace a departed coach in his four-year tenure with the club. Kaboly infers from the extended wait that Tomlin may be aiming to promote running backs coach Kirby Wilson to the OC role."

That leaves Haley without a job and without a real place to take his trade. There are a few more moves to be made this off-season, but it would be very surprising (and sad) if Haley didn’t find a home for the 2012 NFL season. He deserved better from the Chiefs, so here’s hoping he finds some place to be.


Todd Haley Officially Interviews With Pittsburgh Steelers For Offensive Coordinator Position

At first it seemed like a wild hair. Now it’s apparently very serious. Todd Haley has officially interviewed for the offensive coordinator position with the Pittsburgh Steelers to replace Bruce Arians and if Haley lands there, it would certainly be an ideal spot for him to land. As for how well of a fit it is, that’s another question entirely. Either way, it’s an interesting subplot to follow if it comes to fruition and Haley gets hired.

The Rooney family is reportedly being heavy-handed with Mike Tomlin and his offense, wanting to return the team back to their run-heavy ways. While Haley’s offense led the league in rushing in 2010 and finished in the top half this season with Jamaal Charles out for the year, Haley’s definitely known for his work in the passing game and helping wide receivers in particular reach their potential. His work with Dwayne Bowe in particular has been his calling card in recent years.

That said, Haley has a keen offensive mind and a passionate work ethic. If Tomlin likes him, he could be a nice addition. Whether it makes the Rooney family happy is another thing entirely.


Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin Looking At Todd Haley As Possible Offensive Coordinator

Who will replace Bruce Arians and return the Pittsburgh Steelers back to their running identity of the past as the team’s owner wants? Well, a funny candidate would certainly be Todd Haley, former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs known for his dynamic work with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Dwayne Bowe among others. Yet Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Mike Tomlin is looking in on Haley as an OC option.

If the Steelers hope to pound the ball on the ground, Haley is not the right choice. However, that doesn’t mean that Haley cannot change his game a bit based on his personnel and the team’s desires. The reality is that Haley is a fine offensive coach and he’s still available at this stage in the off-season. Despite a turbulent divorce from the Chiefs with three games left in the season, there’s no denying his passion for the game, commitment to work hard and offensive sensibilities.

Still Haley would be a funny hire to replace Bruce Arians. Ben Roethlisberger has made it clear that he liked Arians, so Haley might be well accepted by those in the Pittsburgh passing game. But he’s not the style that media reports say that Dan Rooney is wanting. It will be an interesting mix if Haley indeed gets the position.


Todd Haley's Firing Among Many That Shows Impatience Of NFL (Not For Long) Franchises

Adam Schefter of ESPN says that nine out of 11 coaches hired in 2009 are left standing. The 2011 season is just now deep into the playoffs and over 80 percent of coaches hired in ‘09 are gone. That’s a frustrating statistic. After all, in the midst of personnel changes, coaching shifts and the lockout, how can a coach be expected to generate enough wins to keep his job if he’s given such a short leash?

But even coaches who generated wins were let go. The Chiefs, for example, won 10 games and a division title just last season. Todd Haley was celebrated for his passionate demeanor and even won some Coach of the Year votes. In fact, he placed third, right below Raheem Morris of the Bucs, and both were fired this year. So even coaches who exhibit some success are let go just one year later. Such is life in the NFL.

“This offseason perfectly proves how impatient NFL owners are and how difficult the coaching class of 2009 had it,” writes Adam Schefter. "Of the 11 coaches hired that offseason, nine have been fired. Only two have retained the coaching jobs they were hired to do — Jim Schwartz in Detroit and Rex Ryan in New York. The other nine — Eric Mangini in Cleveland, Josh McDaniels in Denver, Jim Caldwell in Indianapolis, Todd Haley in Kansas City, Tom Cable in Oakland, Steve Spagnuolo in St. Louis, Mike Singletary in San Francisco, Jim Mora in Seattle, Raheem Morris in Tampa Bay — have been fired.

“That class had such a tough time holding on in part because that was the first offseason without a salary cap, and then last offseason was the lockout. Coaches struggled to flush out the old players, add new pieces and develop young talent. Coaches hired today do not have to deal with the same disadvantages, but they do have to deal with even more pressure. Still, today’s advantages could translate into fewer firings in years to come.”

While each individual situation holds its own reasons for letting a coach go, such a broad stroke of movement among the coaching ranks cannot bode well for long-term success in those franchises. While a coach here or there likely should have been fired because it clearly was not working (whether in front office chemistry (like Kansas City) or ineptitude in the position, to fire nine of 11 is a signal that no job is safe in the NFL if the immediate results are not there.

But that, of course, depends on your team. Lovie Smith has been extended some grace in years past. The same can be said for Marvin Lewis. Gary Kubiak can join that club for Houston as well. The reality is all three franchises of the Bears, Bengals and Texans have displayed that patience works, and the team’s have been rewarded for allowing continuity to take root.

This is unfortunate, then, for some teams that insist on turnover again and again hoping to somehow strike gold with the latest hire. Perhaps Crennel will signal the end of the changes in Kansas City and the team will move forward. But it’s hard to point at Haley and believe he was the problem when the team won 10 games just last year and the team endured so many injuries in the 2011 campaign. There were issues, for sure, but it seems a move that came too quickly in the Not For Long industry.


Todd Haley Mentioned As Possibility For Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Coordinator Position

The Pittsburgh Steelers are unsure at this point whether or not Bruce Arians will return to his role in 2012 as the team’s offensive coordinator. With that in mind, it’s curious who might replace him in the Steel City with such a storied team. Perhaps that answer could come from the Kansas City Chiefs, as former head coach Todd Haley was mentioned by Bob Smizik as a possibility.

“There are, of course, dozens of other available and qualified candidates. One of note, is Todd Haley, an Upper St. Clair native, who most recently was the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Prior to that, he was the offensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, whose explosive offense with Kurt Warner at quarterback almost beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.”

Haley was ousted with three games left in the season and replaced by Romeo Crennel. He’s also been connected with openings with the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets.


Todd Haley Unlikely To Return To Arizona Cardinals In Any Capacity

Even after Todd Haley was fired as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, the thought was that it wouldn't be long until the offensive reputation of Haley carried him quickly to a new position in another organization. Of course, not as quickly as Josh McDaniels found something, but quick enough nonetheless. Now it seems that Haley will not be going back to a familiar setting with the Arizona Cardinals as many thought, leaving Haley without a home as teams are shoring up their coaching positions.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says that Haley would be a great addition in terms of ideas and schemes, but that head coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't have the space for him -- nor does he want to upset the apple cart to do so.

"It's become clear that coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't want to make a major shake-up on his offensive staff," writes Somers. "He believes in coordiantor Mike Miller, who is not going to be demoted. The only open position, then, is the quarterbacks job, and Haley would fit perfectly into that role.

"But Haley is a former coordinator and head coach. It's understandable he would want more responsibility than that. Haley also likes Miller, and both sides are sensitive to the possibility of hiring someone who would be perceived as looking over Miller's shoulder. Haley likely will have other options, possibly as an offensive coordinator for one of the teams currently without a head coach."

Haley has also been linked to the New York Jets. It's likely a team moves on him soon enough but for now it's a mystery as to where Haley will end up.


Todd Haley Linked With Arizona Cardinals In Return To Offensive Coordinator Job

Could former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley really return back to his old stomping grounds? Kent Somer of the Arizona Republic says it's a possibility in his latest column detailing the idea that Haley could head back to the Arizona Cardinals as the offensive coordinator under Ken Whisenhunt.

Certainly one player who would welcome the move is Larry Fitzgerald, who praised Haley for his work with him. The Cardinals clearly have not been the same without him. Somers writes:

It’s unknown what title Haley would have should he return to the Cardinals, but he likely would be place in charge of the offense again. The Cardinals have not been nearly as good on offense since Haley left, but his departure also coincided with the retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner. The Cardinals have had four different starting quarterbacks since Warner retired.

When Haley left, Mike Miller was promoted from receivers coach to passing game coordinator. Russ Grimm was assistant head coach/offensive line and run game coordinator. After that season, Miller was promoted to offensive coordinator, while Grimm remained assistant head coach. He continued to have a strong influence on the offensive game plan. Whisenhunt would have to create a position for Haley, which would mean either re-organizing his existing coaching staff or adding a coach.
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