Kansas Vs. Iowa State: The Cyclones Outlast The Jayhawks 13-10

According to Vegas, the Jayhawks best chance at a Big 12 victory this season still isn't a very good one.

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The Jayhawks Fall To Cyclones 13-10, Is Turner Gill Done In Lawrence?

For the Kansas Jayhawks, this had to be the game they circled as the one they thought they could win. In a game that was there for the taking, Kansas was unable to make the big play when they needed it most as the Iowa State Cyclones prevailed in a 13-10 victory over the Jayhawks.

KU's biggest problems were with the Iowa State qarterback Jared Barnett. The Cyclones' signal caller put together a day versus the Kansas defense as his 175 passing yards and 125 rushing yards proved to be just enough offense for Paul Rhoads' bunch. Kansas initially had a 7-3 lead in the second quarter as speedster D.J. Beshears scored on a 20-yard run, but Iowa State's Aaron Horne responded with an18-yard touchdown run in the third to give the Cyclones the lead back.

After KU was able to tie the game on a 19-yard field goal, Iowa State's Zach Guyer was able to place his second field goal through the uprights from 42 yards to secure the 13-10 victory for ISU.

At 5-4, Iowa State is just one game away from being bowl eligible but have a rough three-game stretch ahead of them with games versus Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Kansas State remaining. For Kansas, they fall to 2-7 on the season with an 0-6 conference record. Turner Gill's best chance to win might be behind him now as games versus Baylor, Texas A&M and Missouri will all be tough games to win for his beleaguered bunch.

Is Turner Gill done? We shall soon find out in the coming days.

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Kansas Vs. Iowa State Halftime Update: Cyclones Lead Jayhawks 10-7

The Kansas Jayhawks and the Iowa State Cyclones are trading blows with one another in Jack Trice Stadium as Paul Rhoads' bunch from Ames lead the boys from Lawrence 10-7.

In a game where both teams have performed equally on the offensive side of the ball, the reason why Iowa State is in the lead can be pointed at one key state. Third down conversions. The Cyclones are 5-of-8 on third downs offensively, while the ISU defense has slowed down Kansas to just 2-of-7 on third down.

Aaron Horne scored on an 18-yard run in the second half for Iowa State to give the Cyclones the 10-7 advantage. Jared Barnett has contributed for 152 of Iowa State's 169 total yards thus far in the game. KU QB Jordan Webb is just 6/11 passing for 73 yards.

Iowa State will receive the ball in the second half as Jayhawks' head coach Turner Gill will try and find a way to help his team get their first Big 12 conference victory of the season.

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What Can Kansas Football Salvage Against Iowa State in Ames?

As Kansas gets ready to head to Ames to take on the Iowa State Cyclones, Turner Gill and the Jayhawks are searching for something to provide some positivity to what has been a bit of a lost season.  After a solid start and two early wins against inferior competition, Kansas has struggled to compete on a BCS level to the extent that Kansas has become widely known for their struggles and the days of bowl games and Big 12 competitiveness seem long gone.

So what can Kansas salvage during their trip to Ames?  Quite a bit actually.  With four games left on the calendar Kansas and Turner Gill could actually salvage a great deal.  The message coming out of Turner Gill's is one of opportunity.

It is a new month. We are looking forward to the month of November because it is about how you finish.

And while that quote seems like a coach on the hot seat trying to salvage some positivity and possibly his job, it is a very true statement.  Kansas can change the viewpoint of the season if they can finish strong in November.  Now that is a huge if given the struggles that the Jayhawks have experienced, but games against Iowa State, Baylor, Texas A&M and Missouri do appear to be a little less daunting than the start of the conference season featuring three top 10 opponents. 

For the Jayhawk players it's about changing the outlook for the future.  Early on the Kansas offense was showing improvement, that has stalled a bit, but the offense can generate some positive momentum if they are able to have some success against an average Iowa State defense. 

On the other side of the ball Kansas has been atrocious.  But for all the negatives on the defensive side of the ball, things have looked better on occasion and most notably against Oklahoma and Texas.  Statistically neither provided a huge relief but if going strictly by the eyeball test the Kansas defense did some good things.  Again, a game in Ames provides an opportunity to turn a corner and maybe put together a solid performance start to finish. 

For Gill this is either the beginning of the end or one last shot in the arm of a stint at Kansas that seems to be on the brink.  Following an embarrassing loss to Kansas State and an inept performance in Austin, support and confidence are at an all time low and it's to the point where Gill's survival as the Kansas coach is in serious doubt. 

Saturday Gill faces off against a coach in Paul Rhoads who has done more with less by coaching a great game and getting the most out of his players on a week in week out basis in Ames.  If Gill once again falls short and Rhoads has the Cyclones rising to the occasion it will only reinforce the belief that a change is coming.  If Gill can somehow provide a spark and push his team to victory it might just salvage a fighting chance heading into the home stretch and what amounts to a four game "keep my job" interview.

What can be salvaged for Kansas heading into Ames?  Quite a bit.  The big question is not if there is anything to be salvaged, but IF Kansas is capable of accomplishing it.  Every week the answer seems to be a resounding no.  Will a game against Iowa State be any different?


Kansas Vs. Iowa State: Just When The Jayhawks Thought It Was Safe...

After a Blue October for the hapless Jayhawks, it's... basically more of the same for KU football this week against Iowa State.

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