KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 11: Head coach Bill Self of the Kansas Jayhawks looks on during their semifinal game against the Colorado Buffaloes in the 2011 Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament at Sprint Center on March 11, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

DeAndre Daniels Commits To UConn Over Kansas

Kansas target DeAndre Daniels has made it official and committed to UConn over the Kansas Jayhawks and Texas Longhorns.

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DeAndre Daniels Commits To UConn Over Kansas

Bill Self couldn't quite pull another rabbit out of the hat.  With the Jayhawks looking for a late push to replace seven departing players from last year’s Elite Eight team Bill Self himself stated that the Jayhawks  needed to hit a home run. 

Headed into the spring signing period the Jayhawks had just one recruit in the fold in point guard Naadir Tharpe.  An early push landed St. Louis shooting guard Ben McClemore and a power forward out of Canada in Braedon Anderson, but the Jayhawks were still thin and needed a player or players that could come in and make an instant impact.  On signing day Kansas landed one more in Jamari Traylor but there were plenty of eyes focused on one other player.

DeAndre Daniels, a versatile 6’8" wing player out of Florida was nearly a Jayhawk back in January but after the process was extended into summer it has been announced that he will join defending national champion UConn.  Daniels is a player with length that can face the basket and create offensively.  Daniels provides a nice boost to the Huskies from an offensive perspective on the wing and it provides a substantial late boost to the UConn recruiting class.

"He is an extremely talented young man, but what sets him apart from other talented kids his age is the fact that he is extremely driven and focused on becoming the best player possible. He is an immediate impact player at the next level."

- IMG Academy director Andy Borman

As for Kansas it isn't the end of the world.  The Jayhawks are still talented enough to compete in the Big 12 and on a National level. It won't be as easy as it has been for Bill Self but the Jayhawk coach has been one of the best in the business at reloading and while Kansas is thin on experience they aren't thin on talent.


Kansas Jayhawks, Bill Self On 'Backburner' For DeAndre Daniels

All of the speculation might have been for nothing — at least that’s the case if you’re a Kansas Jayhawks fan. After months of conjecture, delayed announcements and reports that Bill Self’s squad was among the finalists for the services of highly rated recruit DeAndre Daniels, a source close to Daniels is now saying that KU is on the ‘backburner’ while other schools like Texas remain in the mix.

Adam Zagoria, who hosts the recruiting site known as ZagsBlog, reports that Daniels has been tracked down by Jim Calhoun of UConn and that it’s a possible fit given the open scholarship, the program’s reputation and the system Calhoun runs.

Zagoria’s source places KU as a fringe possibility because of a perception that Self doesn’t feature or develop wing players like the 6-8 Daniels. Apparently, those rumors pay no attention to recent lottery selections like Julian Wright, Brandon Rush or Xavier Henry. Still perception is everything, so if Daniels feels that way, then there’s nothing Self can do about that except try to explain himself.

At this point, the question is: would he want to? After all, it’s clear Daniels is most interested in his NBA career given the posturing toward a school that would feature him. It’s natural for a player to want to do so, but KU is Thomas Robinson’s for the taking next season, so perhaps Daniels isn’t a good fit after all.


New Schools In Mix Alongside Kansas For Top Recruit DeAndre Daniels

As if there hasn’t already been enough drama and waiting involved in the DeAndre Daniels saga, now word is leaking through college recruiting sources that new schools are in the mix for the last unsigned impact player in college basketball. While several schools remain in the mix, including Texas and Kansas, the rumors are that new schools are joining the ranks.

Specifically, the word is that two new schools have at least entered the picture with efforts to reach out. UConn has one more scholarship available for the coming year and would feature a program elite enough to entice someone like Daniels to certainly a take a look. Oklahoma State is also said to be reaching out to Daniels in hopes of joining fellow Big 12 programs Texas and KU.

One school that’s out is Oregon, according to Matt Prehm who covers Oregon recruiting for Duck Territory. He said via Twitter that “Oregon is out of the race,” so at least competitor is gone.

Coming in this late in the game might be a reach, and perhaps a coach like Jim Calhoun is just doing his job in checking on every possibility. Yet when a talent like Daniels remains available this late in the season, you do anything you can to influence the decision.


DeAndre Daniels Might Announce College Intentions This Weekend At Pangos

Many hardcore basketball fans will be looking to this weekend’s annual Pangos All-American Camp for signs of future NBA life. Yet fans of several schools in particular might also be awaiting the decision of a certain high-profile recruit who remains undecided: DeAndre Daniels.

Jonathon Paige from Summer Hoops Scoop recently said via Twitter that the word on Daniels is coming this weekend in the form of an announcement at Pangos. If he’s waiting until this moment to announce his intentions to sign with either Texas, Duke, Kansas or another school (perhaps Oregon or San Diego State), he picked a frenzied basketball weekend to do so — perhaps the perfect backdrop if it foreshadows Daniels’ pro potential.

Pangos itself has served as a great platform for several incredible talents. Winners of the camp’s Most Outstanding Player award in years past have went to James Harden, Brandon Jennings, John Wall and Harrison Barnes. The camp is held at Cal-State Dominguez Hills and runs from Friday through Sunday.


DeAndre Daniels Might Announce College Intentions This Weekend At Pangos

Many hardcore basketball fans will be looking to this weekend’s annual Pangos All-American Camp for signs of future NBA life. Yet fans of several schools in particular might also be awaiting the decision of a certain high-profile recruit who remains undecided: DeAndre Daniels.

Jonathon Paige from Summer Hoops Scoop recently said via Twitter that the word on Daniels is coming this weekend in the form of an announcement at Pangos. If he’s waiting until this moment to announce his intentions to sign with either Texas, Duke, Kansas or another school (perhaps Oregon or San Diego State), he picked a frenzied basketball weekend to do so — perhaps the perfect backdrop if it foreshadows Daniels’ pro potential.

Pangos itself has served as a great platform for several incredible talents. Winners of the camp’s Most Outstanding Player award in years past have went to James Harden, Brandon Jennings, John Wall and Harrison Barnes. The camp is held at Cal-State Dominguez Hills and runs from Friday through Sunday.


Kansas Jayhawks Present Best Option For DeAndre Daniels Pro Chances

There's a plethora of teams vying for the services of prospect DeAndre Daniels, and rightfully so given his No. 10 overall ranking by Rivals in the recruiting class of 2011. And since every other prospect even remotely close to that list has signed, Daniels especially stands out as a rare commodity for teams with scholarships to burn. Yet of all the teams on Daniels' potential list, the Kansas Jayhawks stand out for being the best playing opportunity for him.

It's the opportunity to impact a high level team that stands out as the primary reason why Daniels should sign with Bill Self's squad. After all, the loss of post players like Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris create a major hole along the baseline. Even with the additions of recruits like Jamari Traylor and the return of Thomas Robinson, there's still plenty of playing time and scoring opportunities down low. For Daniels to score major minutes as a freshman at such a high level program is a unique opportunity that should prove difficult to pass up.

The same can be said for having Danny Manning in house, the KU assistant coach. As one of the best players in Jayhawks history, Manning can certainly speak from experience of being a top player at Kansas. But even more so, it's his years of mentoring recent lottery big men like Darrell Arthur, Julian Wright, Cole Aldrich or even the Morris twins that provide solid evidence that KU has a knack for creating NBA caliber big men.

Perhaps Texas could also make a strong case with the loss of Jordan Hamilton and Tristan Thompson to the draft, yet even Self wins in that match-up given KU's continued dominance in the Big 12 and ability to play deep into the NCAA Tournament. While some programs offer one of the aforementioned opportunities, Kansas sparkles as a dream destination for Daniels -- a player who has waited so long, you'd believe his chances were long gone. Instead, his best option still lies before him.


DeAndre Daniels Has No Real Reason To Sign RIght Now With Kansas Jayhawks

For anyone refreshing web browsers on the hour every hour for any signs of life from DeAndre Daniels, perhaps you need someone to tell you that you can stop now. The highest ranked unsigned basketball recruit will, indeed, play basketball once again at some unknown place at an equally unknown time. But for those holdout for new of Daniels signing with the Kansas Jayhawks or Texas Longhorns, you’’ll be waiting for a long time.

The reality is that the window for Daniels to sign an official Letter of Intent (the spring signing period closed last week), and the only thing “official” left for Daniels to sign is a financial aid agreement. But neither of these exist for his benefit. Instead, it allows the school to feel marginally comfortable that the player will be there when basketball season hits, and even then it doesn’t stop Daniels from backing out once again.

At this point, the only way a team could feel good about having Daniels on their team is the moment he registers for classes and starts attending this fall. It’s possible Daniels is waiting for the NBA to come calling once a new labor agreement can be agreed upon. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing happening there before this year’s draft and no legal proceeding is going to squeeze him in before late June anyway. Daniels would be stuck working out on his own and hoping to stay in the spotlight of scouts and general managers away from school. That is not going to happen.

Thus, the best guess is that a confused kid will continue to take his time to make the decison and, come fall, he will decide on a school from a list that could also include San Diego State, Duke or Oregon. For now, Daniels fans (or future fans of Daniels if he signs with your school) might as well cool the buzz because it could be some time before you have any resolution to your questions. After all, Daniels has to know the answer first.


Is DeAndre Daniels Trying To Skip College And Head Straight To NBA?

There’s something else at work behind the DeAndre Daniels decision to delay any announcement that he’s signing with the Kansas Jayhawks, Texas Longhorns or the Oregon Ducks. That’s the only assumption given the circumstances behind the constant postponing and silence to explain it.

Everyone can relate to dragging out a decision. After all, the selection of a college is a major decision and the pressures are mounting for Daniels no matter what he selects. What makes the DeAndre Daniels decision different is the lack of authenticity. There’s no family member out front saying, “We just need more time.” Instead, there’s radio silence from both father and son, which seems to point to something unexplained lying underneath the surface. Could it be that Daniels isn’t selecting a college because he’s not even going to go?

It’s easy to forget that the future of the NBA is in doubt in light of the NFL’s current lockout and the large shadow it creates. But as ESPN’s Larry Coon wrote recently, a lockout appears more and more likely as the days go on. Perhaps a deal can be done, as Chris Sheridan believes, but it will go down to the eleventh hour.

The reason this affects DeAndre Daniels’ decision is because part of any new Collective Bargaining Agreement could be the loss of David Stern’s pet rule about the allowance of high school graduates to skip college. This summer holds the key for the NBA’s future and that very rule could be swayed in the months between Daniels signing with a school and playing for that school. To that end, there’s no harm in Daniels waiting to see what opens up for him.

Unless Daniels is more emotional or dramatic than most realize, the endless delays cannot be about an inability to choose between two or three schools. There’s been plenty of time for visits and conversation already. But the one piece of the puzzle that Daniels must wait for is the NBA’s labor situation to resolve itself. And in doing so, he might not pick any of these schools after all.


'No Clue On Timetable' Is Official Word On DeAndre Daniels Signing Announcement

After days and days of waiting for any signs of life from DeAndre Daniels’ camp, word finally leaked from his director at the IMG Academy where Daniels and Kansas Jayhawks recruit Jamari Traylor played last season that no decision is forthcoming.

Brian Hanni, host of Rock Chalk Sports Talk, says via Twitter, "IMG’s Andy Borman just texted me that he has “no clue” on what the timetable for a DeAndre Daniels decision will be moving forward." This comes after Borman said he was officially announcing Wednesday afternoon and then it was postponed until Thursday morning. In other words, this is a soap opera that’s quickly become tiresome.

Fans and coaching staffs will still eagerly await Daniels’ decision because of the caliber of player he is and the needs of some of the teams involved. After all, the Texas Longhorns just lost Tristan Thompson at forward to the draft, as did Kansas with the twins, Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris. Oregon, the perceived third party, also would have immediate playing time.

More details to come as they surface, but at this point it’s anyone’s guess as to not only what Daniels will decide but when he will decide it.


Highly Regarded Recruit DeAndre Daniels Worth The Wait For Bill Self, Kansas Jayhawks

For a situation with entirely zero substance the last two days, there are a lot of news story about DeAndre Daniels choosing not to sign anywhere as of press time. Fans of the Texas Longhorns and Kansas Jayhawks wait in eager expectation to see where Daniels will land in the hopes of adding the highest rated recruit this late in the game to recruiting classes that will be asked to help immediately.

For such buzz over a non-decision, the question could be asked: is Daniels worth the fuss? The answer is an astounding “yes.” While the hype behind Josh Selby turned into a one-and-done college career that fizzled more than it sizzled, that’s usually the rare occasion. Instead, when a highly ranked recruit signs at a position of need for a top ranked program, the results are usually sweet. And make no mistake, that’s what the Jayhawks are waiting for in this tenuous time.

The Kentucky Wildcats enjoyed the fruits of such one-year labors under John Wall. The same can be said of John Calipari’s former team, the Memphis Tigers, who rode Derrick Rose who went 38-2 in Rose’s lone season. In perhaps the best case scenario, Carmelo Anthony guided the Syracuse Orangemen to the 2003 NCAA Championship in his only college season. Such are the possibilities.

Daniels is bound to make a significant impact to whichever team he signs with, and in fact, it might even make a significant difference between the Big 12 powers as soon as this fall. That makes an already exciting tension all the more dramatic.


Kansas Jayhawks Still Waiting On DeAndre Daniels

An already frustrating wait gets even more so for those waiting on word, good or bad, from highly regarded recruit DeAndre Daniels as to where he will sign and play next college basketball season. The Kansas Jayhawks and Texas Longhorns both await the word of Daniels’ decision to significantly affect their recruiting class.

For the Jayhawks, it’s the addition of another top notch scorer to go alongside Thomas Robinson to form a nucleus recovering from the loss of the Morris twins, Markieff and Marcus, and Josh Selby among others. They’ve already added Jamari Traylor late in the signing season as of yesterday but Daniels’ continued delays throws question as to the cause and makes an already nervous fan base even more tense.

Perhaps this is a sign that the decision is hard for Daniels himself or those around him. Texas received a commitment from the forward in 2009 until he took back that commitment one year later — signs that the ties there are deeper than the ones at KU. Still, anything is possible until he finally announces. When that will be is still unknown.


What Are The Kansas Jayhawks Getting With New Recruit Jamari Traylor?

The fans and coaching staff of the Kansas Jayhawks have been waiting for the slow drip of the final high-profile recruits to sign this off-season, and Bill Self has earned one commitment thus far from forward Jamari Traylor. In the furor over Trevor Lacey, who signed with his home state Alabama, and DeAndre Daniels, who pushed back his decision until Thursday morning, Traylor has largely been ignored. This begs the question: What should the Jayhawks expect from Traylor?

The 6-7 forward played at IMG Academy with Daniels, so pairing the two together at the college level would not only help talent-wise, but with team chemistry as well. Andy Borman, the team’s director, says, “He has a tremendous upside. He might be the best overall athlete in the entire 2011 class. He attacks and defends the rim as well as anyone in our program. He has great hands and finishes extremely well around the rim.”

Even on a smaller end, that athleticism is apparently paired with a toughness that Scouts, Inc. mentions in their player profile. They give the power forward a three-star overall rating and love his rebounding ability:

Jamari is a tough and strong power forward that is athletic and competes on both ends of the floor. He rebounds at a high rate in and out of his area and is a tough match ups because of his strength and aggressiveness. He runs the floor well and will attack the rim all on clear paths. He will post and drop step or complete a drop off pass through contact. Taylor scores on the perimeter with a rhythm dribble pull up jumper mostly inside 15 feet.

Last year, Traylor averaged 20 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks per game. The Jayhawks also beat out Indiana, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State for Traylor’s services. Paired with Thomas Robinson’s athleticism at forward, the Jayhawks suddenly look a lot tougher underneath, especially if they go with a smaller line-up.


Kansas Jayhawks Must Wait: DeAndre Daniels Pushes Final Decision Back To Thursday

Two down. One to go. DeAndre Daniels, the highest rated recruit left on the board, is postponing his decision to announce between the Kansas Jayhawks or Texas Longhorns until Thursday morning — another postponement after he originally pushed back the decision until Wednesday afternoon. Suffice to say, it’s hard to tell exactly when Daniels will make his decision.

Still programs like KU will gladly wait on Daniels’ timetable given the talent level he’d bring to a program in need of some scoring ability after the loss of Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris to the NBA Draft. Daniels’ teammate at IMG Academy, Jamari Traylor, has already committed to the Jayhawks as of this afternoon, so perhaps that’s a foreshadowing of things to come.

Then again, Daniels has already committed and decommitted to Texas in the last two years, which insinuates a deeply rooted connection to some degree or another. Whatever the decision, the Jayhawks have already lost out on Trevor Lacey, so if Daniels goes the other way as well, then it will largely be considered a loss. However, the additon of Traylor adds at least some good news in this tenuous season.


Jamari Traylor Signs With Bill Self And Kansas

Forgotten in the hype of the decisions coming from DeAndre Daniels and Trevor Lacey was a third player and one who is now set to become a Jayhawk in 2011.  Jamari Traylor, a 6'7" power forward out of Florida has signed with Kansas.  Traylor actually plays at IMG Academy, the same place that produced another potential Jayhawk in DeAndre Daniels.

Traylor is a three star recruit and slightly undersized at his position but recruiting services rank him ahead of fellow Kansas signee Braedon Anderson and rave about his athleticism and the all important motor.  Kansas fans have instantly drawn the comparison to an early Roy Williams player that fit that mold in Richard Scott.  If Traylor can turn into that type of player it would be a big boost to the Jayhawks down the line.

The addition of Traylor means that Kansas now has five players who are considered either forwards or centers and while Bill Self has a young team, at least he has the makings of a rotation.  Now it will be up to Danny Manning, who has shown a tremendous ability in developing big men, to get this group in competitive shape. 

The Jayhawks are still awaiting final word on fellow IMG Academy player DeAndre Daniels before wrapping up the 2011 class.


Trevor Lacey Signs With Alabama

Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks missed on their first recruit of the day as Trevor Lacey has signed with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Lacey, a 6'4" five star shooting guard will provide a nice boost to an Alabama program that is building into a solid team in the SEC.

For Kansas, Bill Self and the Jayhawks made a late push in the Trevor Lacey recruitment bringing both Lacey and his father to Lawrence over the weekend of May7th.  At that time it was believed that Kentucky and Alabama likely led for his services with many on the Kentucky side of things exuding a great deal of confidence due to Brandon Knight's early entry.

Following the visit to Kansas appeared to have convinced both Lacey and his father otherwise.  Obviously the return of Terrance Jones to the Wildcats created a bit more competition for minutes in Lexington but the prevailing belief seemed to be that Lacey had become very pro-Kansas since the visit.  

At the same time it was always known that home state Alabama had a very strong pull being the home State school and in what seemed like an eleventh hour change, Lacey will stay home.  There's certainly something to be said for a player of that caliber resisting the draw of the bigger programs and choosing to help build something at home.  Alabama made strides in the SEC a year ago and Lacey certainly helps to continue that progression.

For Bill Self and Kansas the focus shifts to DeAndre Daniels and Jamari Traylor.  The Jayhawks will be talented next year either way, but if Kansas misses on all three late targets Bill Self will have to win with a much thinner rotation than he's had the luxury of utilizing in recent year.


Kansas Jayhawks Hope To Add Recruits Trevor Lacey, DeAndre Daniels Today

Today is a recruiting D-Day of sorts for the Kansas Jayhawks and especially head coach Bill Self. After all, today is the day he hopes that high-profile recruits like DeAndre Daniels, Jamari Traylor and Trevor Lacey sign their names to become Jayhawks and restore a roster decimated by early entrants for the NBA Draft and graduation.

The names alone from the NBA Draft hopefuls would be enough to hurt any team significantly, especially the loss of twin brothers Markieff and Marcus Morris. But even senior leaders and producers like Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed and Mario Little are now gone, leaving Kansas without the depth and even scoring power they’re used to.

Enter the recruits, who all have KU listed among the finalists for their services. Both DeAndre Daniels and Jamari Traylor are teammates, so it’s easy to see them sticking together. Then again, Daniels committed early to Texas and then backed out after that, displaying a close connection to the program there enough for them to still be listed as the other of two finalists.

Lacey is supposed to be the “sure thing” with Kansas listed as the favorite overall, but the Huntsville star shooting guard has a final list of four — with Auburn, Kentucky and Alabama also in the mix.

Each player would bring a significant force to the team that’s sorely needed, so here’s hoping the Jayhawks pull a last-second recruiting coup and bring all three to Self’s squad. Combined with forward Thomas Robinson and others, it could mean a loaded KU team all over again.


DeAndre Daniels To Decide Between Kansas Jayhawks Or Texas Longhorns On Wednesday

For any Kansas Jayhawks fan randomly searching or refreshing web sites hoping to find news on the highest ranked recruit, DeAndre Daniels, you’re going to have to wait one more day. That’s because the talented forward has decided to declare his intentions tomorrow at a press conference to sign with either Kansas or Texas. The Big 12 should get ready either way.

Kansas in particular is in a state of limbo, more so than any other top program in the country. The roster has suffered several losses to both graduation and NBA early entrants, including Josh Selby, Mario Little, Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed and Marcus and Markieff Morris. The opportunity for instant success will fall heavily on any incoming recruit’s shoulders, but that also means instant playing time for each of these guys.

Head coach Bill Self also knows just how tenuous the next 24 hours will be for his team and fans alike. He recently told the Kansas City Star, "How we do in the next 10 days could very well determine whether or not we have a chance to win the league next year or have a chance just to keep our head above water. I think we’ll be good no matter what. I like the guys. If we’re able to finish strong (in recruiting), we’ll be good.”

More decisions are also to come from highly ranked shooting guard Trevor Lacey and talented forward Jamari Taylor.


Trevor Lacey Would Fill A Void In The Kansas Backcourt

In finalizing the 2011 recruiting class Bill Self has his sights set on a pair of players and a pair of scorers including a potential major player in the backcourt, Trevor Lacey.  It's not that the Kansas backcourt is void of talent.  Tyshawn Taylor and Elijah Johnson both return coming off solid seasons and the Jayhawks will have a healthy Travis Releford to add to the mix.  All three and future Jayhawks Naadir Tharpe and Ben McClemore have talent. 

What Lacey brings to the table that Kansas doesn't necessarily have a definitive answer for at the moment is outside shooting and the ability to score.  As a senior Lacey led his team with 31.4 points per contest to go along with 8 rebounds, 3 steals and 2.6 assists.  That's the profile of a shooting guard that knows how to produce offense.  That shooting ability and that knack for scoring are two areas that the Jayhawks don't necessarily have an answer for.  Following a season where the offensive gameplan was a given with the Morris twins controlling the interior, Kansas will need to look to different areas next season and Lacey can provide that outside punch.

In an article for Alabama.com, Lacey's coach Jack Doss described the talented shooting guard as the best player in Alabama history.  Doss rattles off names like Charles Barkley, Gerald Wallace, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and Robert Horry.  Doss puts Lacey above all of them.

"His brain processes like a computer. He sees strengths and weakness in what a team does. That computer in his brain filters strengths out and finds a weak spot. He takes a step and finds what he needs to do to beat that strength."

"Trevor backs it all up on the court with winning. As great as they all were, Trevor is better."

Adding a player as talented as Lacey this late in the game will be a major boost to someone's roster.  For Kansas it's a boost that could make a significant difference in the Jayhawk offensive makeup going forward.


DeAndre Daniels Highest Ranked Remaining Target For The Jayhawks

In December it was widely believed that 6’8" versatile forward DeAndre Daniels would end up a Kansas Jayhawk following the semester break.  After spending time at IMG Academy in Florida the forward was one of the top ranked prospects still on the board and Kansas appeared to have beaten out early favorite Texas Longhorns for his services. 

Fast forward to January and nothing happened.  Despite the rumors, Daniels remained in prep school where he is wrapping up the academic year.  Since that time Duke has entered and exited the picture, some talk of Kentucky has emerged at times, but Kansas and Texas have been the constants. 

A quick glance at the rosters of both schools leads to an easy conclusion and that’s the fact that Daniels is a game changer for someone.  Daniels is a 6’8" small forward with great versatility on the perimeter and the ability to score from anywhere on the court.  For Texas you need look no further than recently departed Jordan Hamilton for a comparison.  At Kansas there have been a multitude of forward that have developed into NBA big men and while that mold doesn’t necessarily fit Daniels, he would have the opportunity to jump right into the Kansas rotation and most likely grab an even greater number of minutes because of his ability to play a Marcus Morris type four spot as well the three spot that appears to be his natural position.

It’s not entirely known whether or not Daniels will in fact make a decision on the final day of the late signing period which is Wednesday.  Some believe he will be a Jayhawk, others see the recruiting battle as an ongoing struggle that likely won’t wrap up until enrollment in the fall.  Either way it’s a late addition for some school and a potential game changer for the two perceived front runners in Kansas and Texas.

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