NBA Draft 2012: Thomas Robinson Signs With Sacramento Kings

Kansas forward Thomas Robinson (at right against Kentucky in this year's NCAA Championship game) was the fifth player selected in the 2012 NBA Draft, by the Sacramento Kings.

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Q&A With Tom Ziller: Breaking Down Thomas Robinson With Sacramento Kings

SB Nation's Tom Ziller breaks down expectations for Thomas Robinson in his first year with the Sacramento Kings.


NBA Draft Grades: Perry Jones Earns High Marks For Oklahoma City Thunder

Better late than never is how the saying goes, so while the NBA Draft grades coming from Dennis Velasco at the Basketball Jones arrive after everyone else has filed their columns, it’s still a great read for basketball fans. The good news for the Oklahoma City Thunder is that Velasco loves their draft and the specific pick of Perry Jones.

Instead of just offering the quick take that everyone else does, Velasco goes the extra mile and gives depth on his opinion. That’s what makes this column a great read on every team. Specifically he loves the value of the pick and it becomes once again a potential impact addition by Sam Presti. Velasco writes:

This could end up being a great pick for the Thunder. During the beginning of Jones’ freshman year, he was actually projected to be the first overall selection in many mocks. He has that much talent. However, there was a perceived dip in skill this season for Jones, who actually played out of position most of the season. It’s difficult to project what Jones will do with the Thunder as it will be dependent on where they play him.

Since Kevin Durant will man the three, you’d have to assume that Jones will play the four, which could mean the eventuality of Serge Ibaka being let go when he becomes a free agent after next season. That would be a mistake, but Jones is so talented that it would be a mistake not to start him. Time will tell, but this is easily a low risk-high reward pick at the end of the first round. It’s easy to love this pick, value-wise.

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Perry Jones Introduced By OKC Thunder, Insists His Knee Is Healthy

The Oklahoma City Thunder front office knew they were rolling the dice a bit with Perry Jones as their first round choice in the 2012 NBA Draft earlier this week. The former Baylor big man has always been lauded for his potential, but concerns about his knee have plagued him and dropped him all the way to No. 28. At that spot, OKC couldn’t help but pull the trigger that landed him with the Thunder.

When introducing him at the team’s recent press conference, Jones insisted his knee is fine and general manager Sam Presti didn’t seem concerned. Presti went into an explanation while Jones just stated a simple, "My knee’s fine, it didn’t affect me at Baylor."

"It’s a previous injury he had prior to coming to Baylor he’s played two years (since) and has been incredibly consistent with it and it’s just something we have to watch as we go forward," said Presti. "If there’s anything that comes up from it we’ll be proactive but going into the situation we’re thrilled and we’re looking forward to having him compete this summer."

Jones has a loaded roster to work with, so the environment should help him ease into the league and not feel the pressure to become an instant contributor. At the same time, Jones has so much natural talent that it seems unfair that such an elite team can land another potential impact player.

"Everybody knows I wasn’t supposed to slide as far as I did but it turns out I’m happy I did because this is a great organization," said Jones. "This is a perfect spot for me and I believe everything happens for a reason and these guys treat me like family."


NBA Mock Draft: Charlotte Bobcats Likely To Take Thomas Robinson If No Trade Takes Place

The Charlotte Bobcats are ready to roll the dice on a trade offer if they deem it good enough to slip out of the No. 2 position in the 2012 NBA Draft. The word is also that there are plenty of suitors for that spot. However, if the Bobcats stick to their predetermined draft slot, Chad Ford believes Thomas Robinson is the pick in his final mock at ESPN.

Ford writes, “The Bobcats need help everywhere. They don’t have a starting-caliber player on their roster right now. Robinson will be the first. He’s tough, physical and a winner. Remember, he led a very mediocre Kansas team to the national championship game.”

Those are very good points about both Robinson’s talent level and the Bobcats need for players of all kinds. However, the Bobcats will likely move the pick given the amount of smoke coming from the team about a move. If that’s the case, Robinson will likely slip but not below No. 5 where he would team well with the Sacramento Kings.

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NBA Draft Rumors: Bobcats-Hawks Trade Could Include Al Horford, Thomas Robinson

David Thorpe has the latest trade possibility for NBA fans to consider and it’s one that could directly affect the very top of tonight’s NBA Draft. The Charlotte Bobcats have been looking to move the No. 2 pick in the overall order, and even said so publicly through new head coach Mike Dunlap. They might have a partner in the Atlanta Hawks.

Specifically the ESPN NBA analyst believes that Thomas Robinson could be a good substitute for Al Horford down low for Atlanta — giving them a far cheaper player and the ability to use that money elsewhere.

"Enter Horford. He immediately improves the Bobcats on both ends of the floor. He becomes their best player, the face of the franchise and an excellent recruiter on the free-agent front," writes Thorpe. "The Hawks then could grab Robinson and use him the way they use Horford (Robinson is very comparable to Horford). I don’t expect Robinson to ever be as good as Horford — who is probably the most underrated player in the league — but he certainly could end up getting there, or close to that level."

That’s a new possibility for Robinson, who is often mentioned to the Bobcats or Kings at the top of the draft. Robinson averaged nearly 18 points and 12 rebounds per game last year for the Kansas Jayhawks.

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2012 NBA Draft Rumors: Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Are Bobcats Likely Final Two

No one can say with any level of certainty that the Charlotte Bobcats will keep their No. 2 choice in the 2012 NBA Draft to be held tomorrow night. Instead, the team is trying to desperately and publicly trade the choice in the hopes of maximizing draft value and future assets. However if they keep the pick, ESPN's Chad Ford says the team is down to two likely candidates.

Ford writes, "I think you can safely scratch Bradley Beal off the Bobcats' board. (His entire adviser team breathes a huge sigh of relief.) Ditto for Harrison Barnes (another huge exhale). Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is very much in the mix, but if the Bobcats keep the pick, it still sounds like Thomas Robinson has a slight edge."

Robinson has been widely regarded as the probable choice at No. 2 in most mock drafts, but anything goes given the smokescreens often thrown out before the draft. The team could use the help in the frontcourt, for sure, but both players make sense given their leadership, competitive nature and productive talents that project well to the pro level.

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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Kim English To Charlotte Bobcats In Second Round

The latest mock draft from Chad Ford is out at ESPN with an entire batch of second round projections as well. That means that we finally get to see where fringe prospects might fall, and the news is very good for Missouri fans. Kim English is the first prospect taken by Ford after the first round is over, heading to the Charlotte Bobcats in the process.

Ford writes, "If the Bobcats go big with their first pick, don’t be surprised if they go with a shooter at No. 31. English’s stock has risen through the roof the last month as he has wowed teams with his shooting ability in workouts. He’s now getting serious consideration in the late first round. I don’t think he slides out of the 30s on draft night."

This is a major leap forward for English, who hasn’t really been considered to be on the first-round bubble alongside several other prospects. Yet the best time to get hot is the week of the NBA Draft and English picked the right time to star in his workouts.

English averaged 14.9 points per game last year for the Missouri Tigers.


NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson To Charlotte Bobcats Remains Dominant Opinion

No matter how much trade talk enters the picture, most mock drafts from Chad Ford at ESPN to Matt Moore at CBS still have Thomas Robinson as the No. 2 overall selection in the 2012 NBA Draft on Thursday. That speaks to the incredible production the Kansas forward brings to the pro level from the outset that he can continue to earn such plaudits despite competition from several other solid prospects.

The latest from Matt Moore is one of the best around and has Robinson to the Bobcats at No. 2. He writes, "Robinson finished with a 27.4 PER last year. Now, the PER translation is far from perfect at the college level, but it’s likely that any metric that evaluates production is going to involve the same elements as PER. Like, say, anything Rich Cho is using in his models. Kidd-Gilchrist is just about as likely here, but Robinson’s slight production advantage lifts him."

Robinson would add an incredible presence to a frontcourt that is sorely lacking in any dependable production. Tyrus Thomas is too much potential at this point. Bismack Biyombo is raw. The Bobcats desperately need something among their bigs and Robinson would give them just that.

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2012 NBA Draft: Bobcats-Cavaliers Trade Rumors Affect Everyone Else

The Charlotte Bobcats are now making no secret of it at all — even to the NBA press and fans. They want to trade the No. 2 selection in the 2012 NBA Draft. After watching the workouts of possible choices like Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson, Harrison Barnes and others, the Bobcats have decided to add quantity instead as their focus as they look to drop a few spots and pick up an extra pick.

While rumors of a Bobcats trade have been circulating for a while, the team has now officially made a statement confirming that very idea. The team’s new head coach Mike Dunlap confirmed as much yesterday.

"I think anybody in our situation would have that on the board," Dunlap said. "(Our) people are very smart up top. So options and thinking of your variables is a very smart thing to do."

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the likely team to step in for the choice to grab a backcourt partner for Kyrie Irving. Bradley Beal is the suspect and the Washington Wizards have been working Beal out as well. It might be a fight for the chance to grab him.

From there, that means that Thomas Robinson, a player that many mock drafts have going second overall, could fall for a bit. The Wizards just traded for two more big men in the recent deal that brought over Emeka Okafor from the New Orleans Hornets. The Bobcats could then grab Robinson at No. 4 if they wanted or go with Barnes, who Michael Jordan reportedly wants.

There are other teams who could surprise and move up for the second overall choice in the draft, and that’s what makes Thursday night so interesting. While Anthony Davis as the No. 1 overall selection is a done deal, the rest of the draft is a complete mystery. The Bobcats will tell the story that will affect everyone else.

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NBA Mock Draft: Bobcats-Cavaliers Trade Rumors Will Affect Thomas Robinson's Stock

The latest mock draft from Chad Ford leading up to Thursday night’s NBA Draft is out at ESPN, and Thomas Robinson is still at the No. 2 spot — for now. Instead, it seems as if Charlotte could legitimately move the choice, which means that Robinson’s draft position could tumble. For now, it might be the Cleveland Cavaliers trading up, which means Robinson likely falls to the Washington Wizards at No. 3 or even lower.

"The most likely scenario has the Bobcats swapping the No. 2 pick with Cleveland for the No. 4 pick and either pick No. 24 or picks Nos. 33 and 34," says Ford. "Obviously the Bobcats would prefer the 24th pick, but the Cavs would prefer to hold on to it. While the Cavs aren’t the only team that’s in play for the pick, they have the most realistic scenario right now and would likely take Bradley Beal at No. 2. But if the Bobcats keep the pick, it sounds like Robinson has a slight edge here."

Robinson would add the instant impact player in the Bobcats frontcourt, but it’s not difficult to see why they’d move the pick to add another potential top 25 choice in deep draft. The roster is largely devoid of talent and they have to add a significant number of impact players. Keeping a top four pick would allow them to do so.

For more on the Kansas Jayhawks, be sure to check out Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


NBA Draft 2012: Thomas Robinson Demands Competitions At Team Workouts Rather Than Solo Showcases

Andre Drummond, the UConn center expected to be taken near the top of the 2012 NBA Draft, didn’t expect to have a partner to work out with. But Thomas Robinson insisted. After other workouts of showing off his skills by himself in front of a team’s brass and scouts, Robinson decided that his game was best suited against someone else in workouts. Therefore, he demanded the competition.

Drummond recently agreed in a workout with the Washington Wizards, according to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated, and both players went against each other instead of having their own private time with the team. It was exactly how Robinson wanted things to go.

“We’ve been going (in this draft process) for a long while, just practicing and not being in a game atmosphere,” he said. "I want to go out there and compete, to get that game feeling. You don’t get that just playing [in an individual workout]. It’s even worse because it’s not like you’re training for college and you’re going back to a place you know. With training, you don’t’ know where you’re going to go.

“I think [competitiveness] is something I’ve always had, just wanting to make it more fun,” Robinson said. “I think the game is much better if you’re competing anyway. I mean what are you playing for? I don’t get people who just go out there and just play. You want to go beat somebody else or take down somebody. That’s the whole point of playing. That’s my mentality.”

The NBA Draft begins next Thursday, June 28.

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NBA Draft Rumors: Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond Compete For Charlotte Bobcats

The 2012 NBA Draft is a week away and the rumors are swirling all over as to player values and where a particular prospect might fall. The latest buzz from Chad Ford of ESPN is that Thomas Robinson is finished working out for teams after Friday’s appearance with the Charlotte Bobcats, and that he will be going up against UConn center Andre Drummond in the process.

Robinson is usually projected at the No. 2 pick in most mock drafts, but Robinson could go anywhere in the top half of the lottery. The Bobcats could certainly use him, but it’s hard to tell who they like more than another.

Ford writes: The workout in Charlotte will be a big one for him. He’s going head-to-head against Andre Drummond there. The Bobcats really liked Kidd-Gilchrist in his workout because of his aggressiveness and toughness. If Robinson can match that intensity on Friday, I think he has the leg up to go No. 2."

The Bobcats have also been rumored to be in love with Harrison Barnes of UNC.

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NBA Mock Draft: Tyshawn Taylor To Memphis Grizzlies At No. 25 Overall

The Memphis Grizzlies are a team no one is really talking about when it comes to the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft. The team doesn’t have a selection until No. 25, and yet they’re also not regarded as one of the league’s elite franchises. So they sit quietly while others get the attention for higher picks, multiple choices or how a championship-level team will continue to improve.

However, the Grizzles have silently put together a roster solid enough to pick at No. 25 and they should net continued help to move them forward next season. Matt Moore of CBS Sports has Kansas point guard Tyshawn Taylor heading to Memphis with the No. 25 selection in the draft.

Moore writes, "Taylor is a leader who can effectively run the pick and roll. He also attended Kansas, alma mater of GM Chris Wallace who has selected a KU player in three of the past four drafts."

Taylor would be an interesting pick for the Grizzlies since the team also took Josh Selby last season. They still need a back-up point they could potentially develop into a starter given that both Jeremy Pargo and Gilbert Arenas aren’t getting the job done backing up Mike Conley.

Still there are a number of point guard options later in the first round, so Taylor will have to stand out in individual workouts with teams leading up to next week’s draft.

For more on Kansas Basketball check out Rock Chalk Talk. For more college basketball news and notes head over to SB Nation's College Basketball page.


2012 NBA Draft: Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson Top Another Mock

One of the better mock experts out there for the 2012 NBA Draft is CBS Sports Matt Moore, and his latest mock one week before the draft takes place has Thomas Robinson continuing to hold the No. 2 spot in the draft with the Charlotte Bobcats. Other names have recently been discussed, but Robinson is his favorite.

Moore writes, "Bradley Beal is a better option here for the Cats, but a lot of indications point to Robinson being the hottest mark at this point, along with Harrison Barnes. Robinson's a can't miss pick, even if he doesn't ever make an All-Star team. It's a way for the Bobcats to get a foundation in place."

That's exactly what the Bobcats need. The team lacks any real foundational players who could anchor the rebuilding effort that seems like it's starting over again every year. Instead of reaching for raw potential that may never be realized (i.e. last year's Bismack Biyombo) or a free agent reach as well (i.e. Tyrus Thomas), Robinson would give the team the sure-thing for a big man they've needed for years.

For more on Kansas Basketball check out Rock Chalk Talk. For more college basketball news and notes head over to SB Nation's College Basketball page.


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson To Charlotte In SB Nation's Latest

The latest mock draft is up from SB Nation’s Tom Ziller, and he is going with the flow when it comes to Thomas Robinson’s draft position. The Kansas forward is often predicted to land at No. 2 to the Charlotte Bobcats when everything is said and done. Perhaps Harrison Barnes could creep in given the current rumor, but Robinson is the safest pick for a team that needs a scorer in the frontcourt.

Ziller writes, “Robinson will visit Charlotte on Friday. As we all know, the Bobcats desperately need everything. Robinson is the most readymade prospect at No. 2: he will be able to supply rebounds and interior scoring from Day 1. Mike Dunlap and the assistant coaches will be tasked with turning a productive NBA big man into a stud. The tools seem to be there.”

Robinson has not yet visited with the team which has led some to wonder whether the Bobcats aren’t really interested in Robinson. As for the player’s take, he’s maintained all along he should be the top pick above Anthony Davis to the New Orleans Hornets.

All will be settled on June 28.

For more on Kansas Basketball check out Rock Chalk Talk. For more college basketball news and notes head over to SB Nation's College Basketball page.


NBA Mock Draft 2012: Oklahoma City Thunder Take Evan Fournier In Chad Ford's Latest

In his latest mock draft, Chad Ford has the Oklahoma City Thunder looking toward international territory in the 2012 NBA Draft for their first round choice at No. 28. Instead of selections from past mocks like Jeff Taylor of Vanderbilt or Draymond Green of Michigan State, Ford has the Thunder taking Evan Fournier.

Ford writes, “Fournier is the type of player that the Thunder can easily stash for a year or two in Europe. Or, given the high level he has played at in France, he might be able to come in and get minutes for them right away — especially if the Thunder decide they can’t afford to re-sign James Harden this summer.”

While the NBA Draft is typically loaded with international players, many NBA analysts are speculating that not a single foreign player could go in the first round this year. It’s a loaded college crop coming into the league plus a soft international market as well. That makes the timing right for a player like Fournier to stand out in a limited market.

The Thunder are also among the teams reportedly considering trading their choice. Thus any speculation at this point is really just for the sake of conversation.


NBA Draft 2012: Brooklyn Nets Hoping To Trade Into First Round, OKC Thunder Potential Partner

The Brooklyn Nets are the new slick property when it comes to NBA branding with the move to Brooklyn from New Jersey, the team's ownership with Jay-Z in tow and the new logo and look. But the roster needs a makeover to a much greater degree and it seems the Nets are trying to do just that with the 2012 NBA Draft right around the corner.

Sports Illustrated notes that the Oklahoma City Thunder are one possible trade partner with the Nets if the price was right. The team has the No. 28 choice in the draft and could try to move out of that spot if the rumors are correct. The report also brings up the Charlotte Bobcats at No. 2 as a possibility, but that's such a high choice that it's hard to see what Brooklyn could offer to move up without a first to swap as well.

The Thunder could definitely stand to part with the pick if it earns them a first rounder in the future or other such assets. The team is well-constructed for the next year or so and if Sam Presti thinks there's better value in the future, then he'd be wise to take that ticket.


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson Caught In Bobcats Trade Rumors At No. 2

The Charlotte Bobcats aren’t quite sure what they want to do with the second pick in the 2012 NBA Draft — that is, if you believe the rumors spreading through league circles — and it’s possible they try to ship the pick for a lower pick along with a player or two. If that’s the case, then it’s impossible to predict where Thomas Robinson could go because the very next pick after the New Orleans Hornets is a wild card. That’s the conundrum for a mock draft analyst like ESPN’s Chad Ford.

Yet even in Ford’s latest, Robinson goes No. 2 overall to the Bobcats while he thinks through the possibilities. At issue, even if they keep the pick, is an in-house debate between Robinson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Ford writes, "Sources say Michael Jordan isn’t sold on building around the limited offensive arsenal of Kidd-Gilchrist, but the team also has questions about how high Robinson’s ceiling is. I think MKG is the second best prospect in the class, but it’s very close between him, Robinson and Bradley Beal. If the Bobcats keep the pick and take Robinson, they’d be getting a super-athletic, physical 4 who should be an instant upgrade over Tyrus Thomas and D.J. White."

Robinson would definitely work out well in Charlotte’s frontcourt given the presence of Bismack Biyombo there. Thomas, Robinson and Biyombo would give three young and athletic players underneath who could give the team a strong core to build on.

Of course, the Bobcats could trade out and all of this becomes a moot point. Such is life until draft day on June 28.


NBA Draft 2012: Washington Wizards Working Out Thomas Robinson On Wednesday

The days leading up to the 2012 NBA Draft are going to be quite busy for hopefuls trying to positively adjust their position in the draft. After all, opportunity and money are at stake for so many, and their dreams will come true (or not) in just over two weeks. Thomas Robinson is now making the rounds with individual teams after his measurements came back impressive from the NBA Draft Combine.

Chad Ford has word that Robinson is working out for the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Wizards this week, and those are currently his only scheduled times. Other teams should come calling soon enough, but the Bobcats hold the No. 2 spot in the draft. With the Hornets focused on Anthony Davis at the top of the draft order, Robinson’s highest position is likely No. 2 and he could fall a few spots depending on what the Bobcats do with the pick.

The Wizards hold the No. 3 selection in the draft, so it’s clear that the teams at the top are potentially targeting Robinson. The Cavs and Kings are up next in the draft order, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Robinson headed to both Cleveland and Sacramento in the next week.

For the latest on the 2012 NBA Draft, be sure to check back here at SB Nation Kansas City. For more on the Jayhawks, head over to Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


2012 NBA Draft: Thomas Robinson's Combine Measurements Comparable With Kevin Love, Blake Griffin

Every year some dynamic players make their mark as best as they can on the college basketball court. Every year, those same players deal with the perception that they will struggle at the pro level due to some kind of “tweener” status. The Morris twins went through this last year heading into the NBA Draft and Thomas Robinson has heard some of the talk early as the Kansas Jayhawks star forward attempts to place himself atop the lottery. The good news is that his measurables came out quite positive.

Chad Ford of ESPN reported from the 2012 NBA Draft Combine that Robinson’s size is actually on par with the NBA’s best power forwards, and that should resolve any questions that teams actually have. Up until this point, they believed that Robinson might not measure up well with others at the 4 position, which would likely drop his draft stock. Ford writes:

Much like the situation with Williams last year, NBA scouts have been wondering for months whether Robinson was big enough to play the 4 in the NBA. Robinson’s measurements strongly helped his cause as an NBA 4 man. He measured nearly 6-foot-9 with an impressive 7-3 1/4 wingspan and 8-10 standing reach. Those wingspan and standing reach measurements (the two measurements NBA teams really care about) put him on par with both Blake Griffin and Kevin Love, two NBA all-star power forwards. Ditto for his 35 1/2-inch vertical.

Robinson averaged nearly 18 points and 12 rebounds per game last year for the Jayhawks, taking the team all the way to the title game of the NCAA Tournament before falling to Kentucky.

For the latest on the 2012 NBA Draft, be sure to check back here at SB Nation Kansas City. For more on the Jayhawks, head over to Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


2012 NBA Draft: Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson Have War Of Words

A slight player rivalry might be forming in the lead-up to the 2012 NBA Draft between two of the top players expected to be taken. Few question whether or not Anthony Davis will be the first choice in the draft by the New Orleans Hornets, but that doesn't stop Davis from stating his own case on his apparel. That also incited a bit of drama and response from Kansas forward Thomas Robinson in response.

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World has the story from the recent NBA Draft Combine, where during a press conference, Robinson responded to Davis' shirt with his own apparel idea.

Kennedy writes, "While Thomas Robinson has yet to receive a call from the Bobcats, he has spoken to the Washington Wizards. Robinson also reiterated that he believes he’s worthy of the top overall pick. Anthony Davis showed up to media availability in a shirt with the words "Check My Stats." Robinson, who was wearing a dress shirt and tie, was stunned when told about Davis’ attire. "If this is about stats, I’m the top pick," Robinson said. "I’ve got to get one of those shirts."

It will be interesting to follow these two players into their NBA careers considering that both were final contenders for player of the year in college basketball this last season and they also played each other in the title game. NBA is a game predicated on player drama in many ways, so the league has to like that two incoming players already have a bit of history they can use as storylines.

Robinson is projected to fall from No. 2 to 5 in the first round in most mocks.


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson Heads To Sacramento Kings In Chad Ford's Latest

Thomas Robinson is looking to cash in at the top of the 2012 NBA Draft after a stellar year at Kansas where he led the Jayhawks to the NCAA Tournament title game against Kentucky. He's certain to be a lottery pick and a high one at that, but just where he will go is the mystery for now as draft stocks for many players are volatile during the workout period. Chad Ford has him at No. 5 to the Sacramento Kings in his sixth mock for ESPN.

The Kings, if they keep the pick, will likely try to add some athleticism, size and toughness to their front line. Drummond is bigger and is an elite athlete, but Robinson is also an explosive athlete and actually produced in college. More importantly, Robinson is a winner. He could help Sacramento turn around the team's culture. The dark horse at No. 5? I'm hearing it could be UNC's John Henson.

Robinson averaged nearly 18 points and 12 rebounds for the Jayhawks last year.

For the latest on the 2012 NBA Draft, be sure to check back here at SB Nation Kansas City. For more on the Jayhawks, head over to Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


2012 NBA Draft: Tyshawn Taylor Ready For 'Fresh Start' At Pro Level

Tyshawn Taylor’s draft stock has surprisingly very little to do with his on-court talent. Instead, in a recent candid interview before a workout with the Indiana Pacers, the former Kansas point guard mentioned that it’s questions surrounding his behavior and attitude off the court that has made his draft stock so volatile to accurately assess.

"I think a lot of people have questions not about my ability on the court, but some stuff off the court," said Taylor. "I think this is a clean slate, you know? They definitely have questions that they’re going to ask me, and I’ll be honest about it and just go from there. I think when you’re an 18- or 19-year-old kid in college, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to mess up sometimes. You gotta grow from it. I’m 22 now. I’ve grown from my mistakes, so I think this is definitely a fresh start for me that I’m excited to start."

The issues facing Taylor stem from a couple of incidents in his Kansas career he’d like to forget. First there was the fight that led to a dislocated finger in 2009. Then there was the suspension for team rules violations that head coach Bill Self did not close any details about. Either way, it shows why Taylor might be ready for a clean slate.

Taylor has been labeled as a late first round pick in some mock drafts to going undrafted in others. That latter scenario is not very likely since everyone agrees he’s going to be a positive contributor at the NBA level. He even says that no one is concerned about his impact on the game, and he’s ready to take on any doubts as to the rest of his persona.

"I think nobody is questioning my ability or if I’m talented enough to play in the league. Everybody that I’ve spoken to told me that I’m good enough to play in this league, but it’s just about some stuff they have questions about that I don’t have a problem answering. I’ve been open about it and doing interviews like this. Like I said, it’s just a new start for me."

Taylor and Thomas Robinson took the Jayhawks all the way to the NCAA Championship game this March against the Kentucky Wildcats in a season where most predicted KU’s run atop the Big 12 would finally end. It’s the maturity and leadership that’s developed in the last year or more that should help ease the concerns of any team wondering who they have in Taylor.

"To be in this situation is humbling and a blessing," he said. "I’m just going to take full advantage of it. Whatever team drafts me, I think it’s going to be a team that is willing to look past those questions and see my abilities. I’m going to fit good on the team because I’m going to work hard. I’m a winner. I think that’s proven."

For the latest on the 2012 NBA Draft, be sure to check back here at SB Nation Kansas City. For more on the Jayhawks, head over to Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


NBA Draft 2012: Bobcats' Choice Likely Between Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

The Charlotte Bobcats are the first wild card on the board for the 2012 NBA Draft. With one player heads above the rest of the competition in Anthony Davis, the New Orleans Hornets will select the Kentucky big man. The Bobcats at No. 2 lead the rest of those selecting in a deep draft without any clear winner for the second best overall player available.

Fran Fraschilla of ESPN writes that it will come down to two primary options for the Bobcats at No. 2: Kansas forward Thomas Robinson and Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

The two players are certainly among the best available, but the Bobcats need help all around. If personal workouts show a favoritism toward Bradley Beal or Andre Drummond, for example, that shouldn't surprise anyone. As good as MKG and Robinson are, it's speculation after Davis.

For the latest on the 2012 NBA Draft, be sure to check back here at SB Nation Kansas City. For more on the Jayhawks, head over to Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


NBA Mock Draft: Royce White To Oklahoma City Thunder

In many cases, the rich only get richer. The NBA Draft, as with other sports, is set up to reward the worst teams to help even out the competition year to year. However in Jonathan Givony's latest mock draft from Yahoo! Sports, the Oklahoma City Thunder should be quite pleased with their draft haul in the first round: Baylor forward Royce White.

White averaged 13.1 points and 9.2 rebounds a game to go with over 5 assists for the Baylor Bears. At 6-8, 270 lbs, he's a beast inside. It's the sort of experienced college body who could immediately help the Thunder inside, especially with Kendrick Perkins' recent injury troubles.

Givony writes, "The Thunder have one of the most stacked rosters in the NBA right now, which should allow them to take a clear view of this draft and pick the best talent available. Royce White is easily one of the most talented players around, having fallen here because of the depth of this draft at his position and off-court concerns that could hamper his transition to the NBA. The Thunder can afford to roll the dice here, and he could even provide some of the mismatch potential they lost at the 4-spot with Jeff Green down the road."

The Thunder are down two games to zero in the Western Conference semi-finals at this point. The NBA Draft is likely the last thing on their mind for now.

For more coverage of the Thunder and the NBA draft, check out SB Nation Kansas City as well as Welcome To Loud City.


2012 NBA Draft Order: New Orleans Hornets Remain In Control Of First Round

With the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery now in the rearview mirror, the official first round order can be determined and posted. Teams like the New Orleans Hornets with multiple choices can now strategize about how to handle the draft, while others like the Spurs can try to trade back in.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have the 28th choice in the draft but with a deep draft class, they should still find a solid player they like.

Here’s the official 2012 NBA Draft order for the first round:
1. New Orleans Hornets
2. Charlotte Bobcats
3. Washington Wizards
4. Cleveland Cavaliers
5. Sacramento Kings
6. Portland Trailblazers (from the Brooklyn Nets)
7. Golden State Warriors
8. Toronto Raptors
9. Detroit Pistons
10. New Orleans Hornets
11. Portland Trailblazers
12. Milwaukee Bucks
13. Phoenix Suns
14. Houston Rockets
15. Philadelphia
16. Houston (from New York)
17. Dallas
18. Minnesota (from Utah)
19. Orlando
20. Denver
21. Boston
22. Boston (from LA Clippers via Oklahoma City)
23. Atlanta
24. Cleveland (from LA Lakers)
25. Memphis
26. Indiana
27. Miami
28. Oklahoma City
29. Chicago
30. Golden State (from San Antonio)

For more coverage of the Thunder and the NBA draft, check out SB Nation Kansas Cityas well as Welcome To Loud City.


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Miami Heat Could Select Tyshawn Taylor

Thomas Robinson isn't the only Kansas Jayhawks player who will hear his name called the night of the 2012 NBA Draft. Tyshawn Taylor is also going to receive his share of the credit for the Jayhawks run to the NCAA title game, and the Miami Heat may enjoy his talents at the next level, according to the latest mock draft from Yahoo! Sports' Jonathan Givony.

He writes, "While Mario Chalmers had a solid year and is locked in long-term, Miami still doesn't have great backcourt depth behind him and Dwayne Wade. Mike Miller perpetually struggles with injuries and rookie Norris Cole regressed later in the season. Tyshawn Taylor has the size to defend either guard position and should be able to space the floor with his 3-point range."

The Heat could certainly use a lot of depth since they've been exposed at multiple points throughout not only this season but in the playoffs as well. The core is as talented as any in NBA history but adding a guard like Taylor would definitely bolster a position of need.

For the latest on the 2012 NBA Draft, be sure to check back here at SB Nation Kansas City. For more on the Jayhawks, head over to Rock Chalk Talk and join the discussion.


NBA Mock Draft 2012: Hornets Take Anthony Davis, Bobcats Select Thomas Robinson

The NBA Draft Lottery was last night and the New Orleans Hornets came out with the biggest prize of all: the right to take Kentucky’s Anthony Davis. The Charlotte Bobcats took second place and Yahoo! Sports’ Jonathan Givony has them taking in his latest mock draft, right after Davis at the top.

The New Orleans Hornets enjoyed a night to remember for the franchise that has had to reinvent itself in the last year under the watchful eye of David Stern and NBA ownership. They traded Chris Paul for a nice package of promising players, but their transactions were monitored and even cancelled like a fantasy basketball league with a hands-on commish.

The Bobcats had the best overall chances for the top pick, but the Hornets won out. Still they come out with Kansas forward Thomas Robinson, another great forward in the draft and perhaps the best big after Davis. At least that’s what Givony believes:

Robinson will bring a blend of strength, athleticism and competitiveness that the team sorely lacked this season inside the paint. He will pair well with 2011 draft pick Bismack Biyombo to form one of the longest and most explosive interior frontcourts – certainly defensively – in the NBA.

Robinson was a national player of the year contender for KU last year.

For a more on the the NBA Draft and additional news and notes around the league, check out the SB Nation NBA hub page. Go to Rock Chalk Talk for more on the Kansas Jayhawks.


NBA Draft 2012: Missouri's Kim English Impresses At Pre-Draft Workouts In New Jersey

As Chad Ford of ESPN scoped out the first workouts held by the NBA before the 2012 NBA Draft in late June, a few players started to stand out while others faded just the same. In short, the workouts are doing their job in helping to separate numerous college prospects hoping for a chance to make their professional dreams come true. The good news is that Kim English is on the right side of things, according to Ford.

English was one of the leaders during Frank Haith’s first season at Missouri and the results were an astounding 30 regular season wins and a top five ranking through much of the year. While the season-ending loss to 15 seed Norfolk State in the first round of the NCAA tournament shocked everyone, English still enjoyed a stellar final season of college basketball.

Looking at his work at the recent workouts held in New Jersey, Ford writes:

The NBA is always looking for shooters, and English was the best shooter in the gym over the weekend. It’s been a role he’s played well at Missouri the past few years. He shot nearly 46 percent on 3s for Missouri this past season and wowed teams in the workout.

The question is whether there’s anything else he can do. He’ll be 24 before he plays his first NBA game; at 6-foot-5 he is undersized for his position, and his game beyond his jump shot is pretty limited. Nevertheless, NBA teams always need elite shooters, and it looks like English could get drafted just on that one skill.

Numerous players make their living as a sharpshooter in the NBA, and English could certainly join the ranks. He averaged 14.6 points per game last season, and he’ll be a sleeper to watch as a possible first round candidate in the upcoming draft.

For Missouri Tigers news and info, head over to Rock M Nation.


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson To Sacramento Kings In CBS Sports Latest

Thomas Robinson has been projected anywhere among the top five or six spots in the 2012 NBA Draft, including as high as No. 2. While that stock is settled a bit, the reality is that Anthony Davis at No. 1 is the only real given in June’s draft. In Jeff Goodman’s latest mock at CBS Sports, Robinson is the fifth overall selection, heading to the Sacramento Kings to bolster the frontcourt.

Goodman writes, “Robinson would be an immediate upgrade over Jason Thompson at the power forward spot. T-Rob is a big-time athlete who plays hard and will get after it on the glass. He’s still a work-in-progress on the offensive end, but the Kings have no shortage of guys that can put the ball in the basket.”

Robinson is definitely still growing as a player. He jumped from a guy with more potential than production on a crowded Kansas team into a Player of the Year finalist and took his team to the national championship game just 12 months later. His game is likely to significantly improve among the pro ranks as well.

Robinson averaged 17.8 and 11.9 rebounds per game last season.

For a more on the the NBA Draft and additional news and notes around the league, check out the SB Nation NBA hub page. Go to Rock Chalk Talk for more on the Kansas Jayhawks.


2012 NBA Draft: Early Entrant List Headed By Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson

The 2012 NBA Draft is next month and the pro dreams of early entrants like Kansas forward Thomas Robinson will come true soon enough. It also means that we'll begin to hear more and more about up-and-coming prospects that have flown under the radar. The deadline is now passed for when NBA hopefuls could turn in their names for draft consideration and the NBA has released the player list. Some will realize their dreams while others will wonder why they ever left school in the first place.

Here's the complete list of early entrants for the 2012 NBA Draft

Player School Height Status
Erik Austin Jackson CC (MI) 6-3 Freshman
Harrison Barnes North Carolina 6-8 Sophomore
Will Barton Memphis 6-6 Sophomore
Bradley Beal Florida 6-3 Freshman
JCovan Brown Texas 6-1 Junior
Dominic Cheek Villanova 6-6 Junior
Jared Cunningham Oregon State 6-4 Junior
Anthony Davis Kentucky 6-10 Freshman
Andre Drummond Connecticut 6-10 Freshman
Dominique Ferguson Florida International 6-9 Sophomore
Justin Hamilton LSU 7-0 Junior
Moe Harkless St. Johns 6-8 Freshman
John Henson North Carolina 6-11 Junior
John Jenkins Vanderbilt 6-4 Junior
Perry Jones III Baylor 6-11 Sophomore
Terrence Jones Kentucky 6-9 Sophomore
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Kentucky 6-7 Freshman
Doron Lamb Kentucky 6-4 Sophomore
Jeremy Lamb Connecticut 6-5 Sophomore
Meyers Leonard Illinois 7-1 Sophomore
Damian Lillard Weber State 6-3 Junior
Kendall Marshall North Carolina 6-4 Sophomore
Fab Melo Syracuse 7-0 Sophomore
Khris Middleton Texas A&M 6-7 Junior
Quincy Miller Baylor 6-9 Freshman
Tony Mitchell Alabama 6-6 Junior
Arnett Moultrie Mississippi State 6-11 Junior
Reeves Nelson UCLA/Zalgiris (Lithuania) 6-8 -
Austin Rivers Duke 6-3 Freshman
Peter Roberson Grambling State 7-0 Junior
Quincy Roberts Grambling State 6-5 Junior
Thomas Robinson Kansas 6-9 Junior
Terrence Ross Washington 6-6 Sophomore
Avery Scharer Shoreline CC (WA) 6-1 Sophomore
Renardo Sidney Mississippi State 6-10 Junior
Jonathon Simmons Houston 6-6 Junior
Terrell Stoglin Maryland 6-1 Sophomore
Gerardo Suero Albany 6-4 Junior
Jared Sullinger Ohio State 6-9 Sophomore
Raymond Taylor Florida Atlantic 5-6 Junior
Marquis Teague Kentucky 6-2 Freshman
Joston Thomas Hawaii 6-7 Junior
Hollis Thompson Georgetown 6-8 Junior
Richard Townsend-Gant Vancouver Island University 6-5 Junior
Dion Waiters Syracuse 6-4 Sophomore
Maalik Wayns Villanova 6-1 Junior
Royce White Iowa State 6-8 Sophomore
DAngelo Williams Notre Dame de Namur (CA) 6-3 Junior
Tony Wroten Washington 6-5 Freshman

For more on Thomas Robinson and the NBA Draft, check back to the SB Nation Kansas City StoryStream. Also, check out the SB Nation blog, Rock Chalk Talk, to discuss KU basketball.


2012 NBA Draft: International Players List Includes Evan Fournier, Alen Omic

Every year in the NBA, college stars of the previous year or more hope to make the successful transition to the pro level as players jostle for position in the NBA Draft. Yet every year, a group of mystery players from overseas and nearly every continent make their way to the States to also try for basketball glory, and names like Jan Vesely suddenly lower the draft stock of proven college players like Kemba Walker a bit lower. It happens every year and this year's class of International Players will expect to do the same.

The 2012 NBA is coming next month on June 28, and the complete list of international stars has been released. These are the players hoping to make the jump along with the seniors who graduated and the early entrant list:

Player Team/Country Height Status
Furkan Aldemir Galatasaray (Turkey) 6-10 1991 DOB
Jonas Bergstedt Torrelodones (Spain) 6-11 1991 DOB
Evan Fournier Poitiers (France) 6-7 1992 DOB
Josep Franch Murcia (Spain) 6-5 1991 DOB
Maximilian Kleber s Oliver Baskets (Germany) 6-5 1992 DOB
Lahaou Konate Evreux (France) 6-5 1991 DOB
Mindaugas Kupsas Baltai Kaunas (Lithuania) 7-0 1991 DOB
Joffrey Lauvergne Chalon (France) 6-11 1991 DOB
Abdoulaye Loum Gravelines (France) 6-11 1991 DOB
Nika Metreveli Sassari (Italy) 7-0 1991 DOB
Nemanja Nedovic Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 6-4 1991 DOB
Alen Omic Zlatorog (Slovenia) 7-0 1992 DOB
Jakub Parzenski PGB Basket (Poland) 6-10 1991 DOB
Sertac Sanli Galatasaray (Turkey) 7-0 1991 DOB
Tomas Satoransky Cajasol (Spain) 6-7 1991 DOB
Tornike Shengelia Spirou (Belgium) 6-10 1991 DOB
Mathieu Wojciechowski Gravelines (France) 6-6 1992 DOB

The NBA Draft will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson To Hornets In Chad Ford's Latest

Thomas Robinson is going to be among the top players chosen in the 2012 NBA Draft. The only question is where exactly he will fall. As European players begin to work out and the sizzle of his showing in the celebrated tournament run for Kansas ends, Robinson might find himself falling just a bit farther than the No. 2-3 pick he was once projected to be. Lately, Chad Ford has him at No. 4 in his latest mock to the New Orleans Hornets.

Ford writes, "The Hornets need both size and a point guard. But since there isn’t really a point guard worthy of going this high in the draft, their choices are Robinson or Drummond. While Drummond might be the sexy pick here, Robinson is more of a sure thing and brings a toughness that the Hornets value."

Anthony Davis is the first overall selection while Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal are No. 2 and 3.

For more on Thomas Robinson and the NBA Draft, check back to the SB Nation Kansas City StoryStream. Also, check out the SB Nation blog, Rock Chalk Talk, to discuss KU basketball.


NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson Projected At No. 3 To Hornets By Chad Ford

ESPN’s Chad Ford has made out his third mock for the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft, and it’s the first after every declaration has been made one way or the other about prospects leaving college for the next level. That means that it’s the first real mock where Ford knows who is in and out and Thomas Robinson is still coming up roses in the end.

The All-American forward from Kansas is currently ranked at No. 3 overall on his list behind a pair of Kentucky players: Anthony Davis at No. 1 and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist immediately following. Robinson goes to the New Orleans Hornets, who have a 15.6 percent chance of winning the draft lottery. Ford believes they could consider UConn center Andre Drummond, but will end up with T-Rob instead.

Ford writes, “The Hornets have to consider Drummond here. He’s bigger and probably better defensively than Robinson. But if they’re trying to build a team around winners, then Robinson is their guy. He would bring toughness, physicality and energy to the paint for the Hornets.”

The Bobcats and Wizards are the other teams with the best chances of landing a high pick in the lottery, so they also serve as teams to watch with a good chance to land Robinson.


Thomas Robinson To NBA Draft: 'It's Beyond Words What This Program Has Meant To Me'

Thomas Robinson is having his day today. After a year in which he and Tyshawn Taylor hoisted the Jayhawks up and carried them all the way to the national title game, Robinson is now able to savor the incredible season he enjoyed in which he became the first unanimous All-American since Blake Griffin while averaging 17.9 points and 11.8 rebounds per game.

In today’s press conference, Robinson finally made official what had been known for weeks: that he was forgoing his senior season to make himself available in the 2011-12 NBA Draft. But it was clearly not just an announcement to move on from Kansas, but to also give credit to the coach and teammates and fans who brought him to this point.

“I’ve been up all night trying to come up with a thank you note or something to show my appreciation,” said Robinson. “I couldn’t get anything. I think it’s beyond words what this program has meant to me and how much support I’ve felt coming from my situation. Even arriving on campus, somehow in some way, everyone makes you feel special around here. It’s going to be hard leaving. I’ll miss my teammates, the coaching staff, the fans and just the town, period. Of course, this reason is because it will put me in a position to take care of my family, for my little sister and everybody else.”

Bill Self was also clearly proud of Robinson and said so from the outset.

“This is a glorious day. It’s beautiful outside, but also because of a young man’s commitment and effort and hard work, he has a chance to make an announcement today. The thought of any player coming in here would hopefully be that we could put them in a situation where they have to make decisions, and Thomas has certainly earned that right.”

Robinson is projected to go in the top half of the lottery, perhaps as high as No. 2 or 3 overall behind Anthony Davis of Kentucky.


Thomas Robinson Officially Declares For NBA Draft During Press Conference At Allen Fieldhouse

On a day that the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team was suppose to celebrate their Final Four season at a positive end-of-the-year banquet, some sad but expected news was made official Monday. Junior forward Thomas Robinson announced, in a press conference at Allen Fieldhouse, that he was declaring for the 2012 NBA Draft.

"I think it's beyond words what this program meant to me," Robinson said.

According to many draft and NBA experts, the 6-foot-10, 237 points Robinson is expected to be a lottery pick, and could go has high as No. 2-overall. And for a player who helped lead the Jayhawks to the National Championship Game, earlier in the month, and is helping take care of his nine-year-old sister, Jayla, its hard to argue against him leaving school to chase his boyhood dreams.

"He's done everything plus some for this program...As loved as anybody whose played here in long time," head coach Bill Self said at the presser (via Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star).

When asked about where he'd like to play in the NBA next season, Robinson responded:

"I don't care where I be," said Robinson, who's from Washington D.C and its likely the Wizard will have a high draft pick. "Where I am, I'll make the best of it."

For more on Thomas Robinson entering the NBA Draft, check back to the SB Nation Kansas City StoryStream. Also, check out the SB Nation blog, Rock Chalk Talk, to discuss Robinson's move.


Thomas Robinson To NBA Draft: Chad Ford Projects Kansas Forward From No. 2 To 5

Thomas Robinson has been rumored to leave for the NBA for a while now and even his head coach, Bill Self at Kansas, has been openly saying so. Thus, the press conference scheduled today is a bit anti-climactic concerning Robinson’s intention (surprise withstanding). Robinson has elevated his game in every way at Kansas, and just led the team to the national title game against Kentucky in a season where he was a unanimous All-American choice. What more is there to do?

Today at 11:30am CT, Robinson is expected to declare his intention to leave Kansas for the NBA at a special press conference. The move is a good one for NBA teams as well, according to ESPN’s Chad Ford. He believes Robinson will be chosen at the very top of the draft order — from No. 2 to 5.

He writes, “Many scouts believe Robinson is one of the most NBA-eady players in the draft. What Robinson should provide, right away, is athleticism, toughness, an NBA-ready body and a motor that won’t quit on both ends of the floor. He’s been a monster rebounder for KU and is aggressive looking for his shot around the rim.”

Ford acknowledges that his size could be problematic. While Robinson is listed at 6-9 or 6-10 by most, Ford says scouts typically believe Robinson could be two inches shorter than that. However, his game still translates well to the pro level all the same.

Expect pre-draft workouts to bring up some negatives and move Robinson around. The annual influx of Euro player projections will also mess with Robinson’s draft stock. Jan Vesely, anyone? But in the end, some team near the top of the lottery will sign Robinson’s name and set his pro career in motion. That journey begins today.

For more more about the Kansas Jayhawks go visit Rock Chalk Talk.

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