TUCSON, AZ - MARCH 17: Head coach Frank Martin of the Kansas State Wildcats coaches against the Utah State Aggies during the second round of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at McKale Center on March 17, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Miami Gets Their Basketball Coach, And It's Not Frank Martin

It's been rumored for several weeks that K-State basketball coach Frank Martin would be interested in the Miami head coaching job but the Hurricanes went in another direction hiring George Mason's Jim Larranaga.

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Miami Basketball Gets Their Coach, And It's Not Frank Martin

Over the past few weeks there has been some speculation that the Miami Hurricanes should contact Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin for their vacant head coaching job. At least one report indicated that Martin would be interested in the job.

In fact, Martin gave an interview where a reasonable mind could conclude that he would be interested in at least talking to Miami but the 'Canes never called.

Miami has finally hired their head coach -- and it's not Frank Martin.

CBS Sports' Gary Parrish reports that a source has told him that longtime George Mason coach Jim Larranaga will be the next Miami basketball coach.    

So that's that. 

Martin has continually said he's happy at K-State but would at least listen to other offers. Apparently, that other offer never came -- at least not from Miami. 


One Reason Frank Martin Hasn't Heard From Miami

We've been wondering recently a very simple question: Why wouldn't the University of Miami at least call Frank Martin? The Kansas State Wildcats head coach has made it clear he'll listen, that the money may not be that much and that he has friends who want him to return home to Miami.

So why wouldn't Miami at the very minimum call Martin? Curtis Kitchen of 810 WHB, writing on CollegeHoops.net, has one idea:

During the game, sources say, several important people associated with Miami took in the contest a few rows behind the K-State bench, sitting within earshot of Martin, who has demonstrated, at times, the vocal ability to make an entire naval battalion blush. Martin did his normal thing that night, and it left a lasting impression with those in attendance - enough that when coupled with Martin's gray high school coaching past in Miami, they feel now he isn't worth pursuing despite the larger fanbase's desire for them to do so.

If this is the case, then it's a bad reason for Miami to avoid him. Of all places, The U should know most fans don't care about anything but winning. You win, you act like you want. You lose, you're not coming back.

So again, why not call?


Why Hasn't Miami Called Frank Martin?

For the last week Kansas State Wildcats head coach Frank Martin has noted a couple of times that the University of Miami hasn't called him regarding their vacant head coaching job.

First, he went on a national radio show and mentioned that, then Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com had an anonymously sourced post indicating that Martin would be willing to go back to Miami and now Martin has talked with the Associated Press and made it clear he would at least listen.

But Miami hasn't called. So why in the heck hasn't Miami at least called? Jeff Goodman of FOXSports.com is wondering the same:

Dan Parker Search Firm showing how clueless it is yet again. All it takes is one call to Frank Martin. Instead, Miami will remain mediocre.

I can't figure out why they wouldn't at least call. Maybe they feel they don't have a chance at Martin. Even if that's the case, he's made it clear some of his friends want him to return there and that, financially, he's not as expensive as the media has made it sounds.

At the very least, Miami should call.

Why haven't they done so yet?


ESPN Says Frank Martin Would Consider Miami Basketball Job

Last week Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com reported that, given the right circumstances, Kansas State Wildcats head coach Frank Martin would leave the K-State basketball team and take the head coaching job at the University of Miami.

His sources were unnamed and he noted that several things would have to happen, including Miami committing more to the basketball program.

This week, we have another major reporter, ESPN's Andy Katz, indicating that, if Miami called and the circumstances were right, Martin would be willing to go to Miami. V

Meanwhile, Kansas State coach Frank Martin would listen to Miami and would be willing to go home to his native Miami, according to multiple sources. But those same sources told ESPN.com that the search firm called Martin's representatives and said that Miami and the search firm had no interest in pursuing Martin.

That should settle it but I imagine we'll be hearing Martin's name connected to Miami again. It appears that Miami is starting to focus its search on Harvard's Tommy Amaker.

Frank Martin said this week that Miami has not called him but he would likely at least listen to other offers. 


Frank Martin Clarifies Kansas State Contract, Says Miami Hasn't Called

As everyone knows by now, the University of Miami head coaching job is available and Kansas State Wildcats coach Frank Martin, who is from the area, has been rumored to be a candidate. At the moment, those appear to be just that -- rumors. Miami hasn't called him, he says.

Martin this week conducted an interview with the Associated Press and, maybe it's just me, but it's a little bizarre. The way I interpreted it was that he was almost asking UM to call him and offer him a job.

In the interview, he clarified his contract status indicating his annual salary right now is actually less than the reported $1.55 million:

"Everyone's reporting that my salary is $1.55 million [annually]. Actually, my salary is $1.1 million," he said. "Now, I'm an old high school teacher who was making 32 grand when I moved to Boston, and I'm extremely grateful and thankful for the salary I make right now.

"If I stayed the length of the [five-year] contract and I collect every bonus on the contract, it will average out to $1.55. And you know what? There is a chance that the University of Miami never called because they think I make $1.5," he said. "There's a chance just because it was released at $1.55 the University of Miami said, 'We can't call him. Why waste our time? We can't pay him.' "

That statement -- that his salary is actually than reported -- could prompt UM to give him a call. Why does he even need to set the public record straight on that?

In the interview, he also said he has had numerous people in the University of Miami community urging him to take the Hurricanes job:

"I've had numerous friends call me, countless people in that community begging me to go back home," he said. "The one thing that's unfair to the University of Miami is that all the media people, locally and nationally, are saying it's not a good job. And that's not right. But UM never called. So I have no idea. And I'm not pursuing other jobs. I've never chased a job in my life."

Again, a reasonable person could interpret that as him almost asking UM to call him, despite his "I've never chased a job in my life" statement.

In the interview, he also said he's willing to at least talk about any job.

"I'm never going to say I'm not listening to anybody. Someone might call and it might be an opportunity, a new challenge, something that intrigues me," he said. "It might be an [athletic director] that I've known my whole life and he says, 'Frank, I need you.' I'm never going to come out and say I'm not going to listen."

What I took out of the interview is that UM never called and, if they did, the money involved might actually be less than what some might think, and there are plenty of people close to Martin who are hoping he takes the UM job -- but they haven't called.


Frank Martin Not On Miami's Basketball Head Coach Short List

Kansas State basketball can breathe a little easier. The Wildcats head coach, Frank Martin, is not on the short list of Miami basketball coaches, according to the Miami Herald. Apparently the interest in Martin came from fans and boosters because there's no indication the higher-ups will pursue him right now, the report says.

Some UM trustees have lobbied for Kansas State's Frank Martin and Alabama's Anthony Grant, both of whom have strong local ties, but there are no indications they have been interviewed.

When Martin was asked about possible Miami interest last week, he expressed his happiness in Manhattan but also said "never say never" slightly leaving the door open for a change. Martin is paid well at Kansas State and, since he was eligible for a contract extension, could have worked the situation into a raise for himself, a la Mizzou's coaching searches.

So right now, it doesn't appear Martin is going anywhere. Several reports have said the Miami job is a dream for Martin because he's from the area and would love to move back home but it doesn't look like that will be happening right now.

For more on K-State basketball, check out Bring On The Cats. 


Kansas State Fans Wondering Why On Frank Martin-Miami Rumors

SB Nation's Bring On The Cats is talking about the Frank Martin-to-Miami rumors and there are some great reactions from Kansas State fans. I think many are wondering why he doesn't come out and say he's not interested in the Miami job. Some say he should be blamed for not shooting down the Miami rumors while others seem to recognize this is the way the game is played.

I snagged a few comments from K-State basketball fans at Bring On The Cats. Check 'em all out here

The idea that the Miami job, even with a "commitment to the basketball program" and including a large financial incentive would be a better spot for Martin (even with his ties to Miami) than what he’s got here, is asinine. His assistants make more than some head coaches, fan support is constant and consistent, administrative support has been excellent, and there’s the whole issue of that new basketball training facility. If he leaves Manhattan for non-competitive salaries, dismal fan support at all times, competition with pro sports, an administration that looks at basketball as a third-tier sport, and aging/run down facilities, I will be flabbergasted. Also sad.

So far, this is just the media thinking out loud about possibilities. Parrish's article is based on the premise that Miami has the money (I'm thinking around an additional $7 million a year with upgrades to salaries and general basketball expenses - not to mention the huge money to upgrade/buildi facilities) and the support to do both. Miami can't get half their stadium full for a rivalry game? This is NOT a destination job.

College basketball is a business. Frank Martin has given his all to Kansas State and its fans. If he chooses to leave because he has another opportunity he prefers then who are we to question him for it? If Frank stays and the team is terrible the next three years, would you say he should be fired? Loyalty is a two-way street.   

Some were SO adamant that Frank would never even consider the Miami job, that when it starts to leak that there might be some interest…the pendulum swings violently the other way. Frank isn’t doing anything wrong by considering the possibility of switching job.That doesn’t make him any less loyal to KSU then he was 1 month ago. If anything, i’m glad he’s honest and willing to admit that he’ll "never say never" instead of spouting some "i wanna retire here" bullshit to get the press off his ass(it won’t work anyway). This obviously isn’t an easy decision and he has to consider all the options.


Miami Fans Hope To Reel In Frank Martin From Kansas State

We hear various coaching rumors all the time and sometimes they have traction and sometimes they don't. One we thought didn't have any legs to it, Frank Martin to Miami, is a little more interesting with CBS Sports' Gary Parrish's report that Kansas State's Frank Martin would "walk on hot coals" to get to Miami -- only if they committed to the basketball program.

That commitment basically means more money to the program in general, the facilities and to the head coach and his assistants. SB Nation's Miami blog, 7th Floor Blog, says snagging Martin would be the "biggest coaching fish" in the history of the school -- assuming money isn't a factor, as Miami says.

That is, of course, according to acting Athletic Director Tony Hernandez, who recently stated that money will not be an issue in the coaching search. If one of those things is not true- that Martin will "walk on coals" to coach UM, or that money is not an obstacle- and Martin never materializes, then Parrish is right in that Miami is consigning themselves, either by choice or necessity, to the middle or lower class of the ACC. 

We'll see. Parrish's report paints a picture where Miami only needs the cash and the commitment to reel in Frank Martin. Publicly, Martin and his agent have said they haven't been contacted by Miami.

Then again, you have to wonder why Martin went on a national radio show to say Miami hasn't talked to him, and then now a national reporter (Parrish) has the Martin-to-Miami report. He didn't do any local interviews. Perhaps they're getting Miami's attention via the national route?


Report: Miami Can Get Frank Martin With Commitment To Basketball Program

Publicly, we've heard from Kansas State Wildcats basketball coach Frank Martin, and his agent, that they haven't heard from the University of Miami regarding their vacant head coaching job. In an interview with Tim Brando earlier this week, Martin said he loves his situation at K-State right now but did leave the door slightly ajar saying "never say never" when it comes to these sorts of things.

The reason a lot of folks say Martin wouldn't heard to Miami is that they're not committed to their basketball program. It's a football school and Martin has built something special in Manhattan, Kan. Despite that, Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com reports that, if Miami make the commitment to basketball, they can get Frank Martin.

But multiple sources told CBSSports.com that the Miami native, though happy in Manhattan, wouldn't pass on the opportunity to return to his hometown if Miami wanted him and committed to being a program that can realistically expect to compete in the top half of the ACC -- meaning Miami would have to pay Martin and his assistants competitive salaries and increase its basketball budget. 

Let's assume this is accurate, that Martin would "definitely" leave K-State for Miami and that, "anybody telling you otherwise should not be believed." It still may not change a whole lot because Miami would have to actually pony up and make that commitment. 

Until that happens, I'm not sure how seriously we can take the Frank Martin-to-Miami talk.


Frank Martin, Miami Rumors Don't Have Much Traction For Now

The Frank Martin and Miami basketball rumors don't have much traction at the moment. The Kansas State coach has already said publicly that he hasn't been contacted by anyone regarding the Miami job. 

I've followed college basketball, and sports in general, long enough to pay attention to what a coach says very carefully. I noted that, while Martin may be truthful in that no one has contacted him about the Miami job, that doesn't mean his agent hasn't been talking.

As it turns out, his agent hasn't been talking. Agent Richard Katz told Kellis Robinett of the KC Star that he hasn't talked to anyone at Miami about a job for Martin. He also says he hasn't had any discussions about a contract extension.

Martin left the door slightly open while speaking on Tim Brando's radio show. He used the words "never say never" when talking about other job offers but did say several times that he's very happy at K-State. He signed a contract extension last year (and is eligible for another one).

Miami interim AD Tony Hernandez is reportedly looking at 20 candidates to replace Frank Haith. We'll find out soon enough if Frank Martin is on that list.


Frank Martin On Miami Job: 'No One Has Called Me'

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin says he's content in Manhattan despite rumors connecting him to job openings at UNLV and Miami. Missouri hired Frank Haith from Miami this week and Martin, previously working in South Florida, was a logical name to pop up as a replacement.

Alas, Martin said on Tim Brando's show this week that no one has called him. [Editor's note: An important distinction is that any interest would likely start with a call to his agent, not him).

"But, I haven't talked to anybody. In this business, it's hard to ever sit back and say 'never say never,' because then you get called a liar. I have a tough time lying. It's not what I do. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not going to tell you there's never going to be change, but I'm at peace where I'm at right now." 

So the door is left slightly open but Martin sounds happy at K-State. Things could obviously change if Miami came calling with an attractive offer but there are also a lot of downsides to that job. Over 80 percent of KSU fans at SB Nation's Bring On The Cats feel he will stay at K-State. 

It's also possible that if Miami shows interest in Martin, he can use that as a heads up to K-State for a bit of a raise, as he's eligible for a contract extension.

(H/TAustin Meek at Topeka Capital Journal)


Do Kansas State Basketball Fans Need To Worry About Frank Martin, Miami Job Opening?

Should Kansas State basketball fans be a little worried right now? The Missouri Tigers hired Frank Haith from Miami which means the Hurricanes job is now open. There have been some folks wondering if K-State coach Frank Martin might be interested in the Miami job.

There are reasons to consider the job. He's from the area, which is the biggest reason you'll hear his name connected to the Miami coaching search. He's had some success in the area as well and K-State has several Florida area recruits coming in. His two best players, Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly, are leaving and there's no one major recruit that would seemingly make him stay.

There are, however, several reasons not to consider the job. He has a good thing going at Kansas State right now with the fan support and the program on the rise. He has a contract with Kansas State through 2015 that pays him over $1.5 million per year. He has talked often about loyalty, which he has in Manhattan. Miami also doesn't currently have an AD so it's hard to conduct a coaching search without knowing the boss.

It'll be interesting to see if Miami pursues Martin. When you're successful, other people want you. It's part of the job. As Mizzou learned, it's always tough to stay away from an opportunity that sends you back to your roots. We'll see how Martin handles it if Miami comes calling.

For more on K-State basketball, check out Bring On The Cats. 

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