K-State RB Daniel Thomas Works Out For NFL Teams, Including Chiefs

Follow along as we track pro days for Missouri, Kansas and Kansas State.

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Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas Runs 4.6 40-Yard Dash At Delayed Pro Day

The Kansas State Wildcats held their pro day in March but RB Daniel Thomas wasn't able to workout thanks to a nagging injury. He's recovered though and re-scheduled a workout for NFL teams on Tuesday.

The big stat from pro days most folks care about is the 40-yard dash -- Thomas did that in 4.6 seconds. That's a solid number for him as there have been some concerns about his speed.

Thomas is 6"0" and 230 pounds and in an era when a two-back system is gaining traction I could see a few teams with interest in him. As long as Thomas can stay healthy, he could shoot for the second or third round in the 2011 NFL draft. 

The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the teams spotted at the workouts. They could potentially be looking for a replacement for Thomas Jones to pair with Jamaal Charles so that's a team to keep an eye on. Other teams in attendance include the St. Louis RamsNew York GiantsGreen Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints.


Blaine Gabbert Pro Day Results: Completing 44-Of-49 Passes

Missouri held its pro day on Thursday and Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert was the center of attention as scouts from many NFL teams showed up to see his first throwing session since the season ended. Gabbert isn't a senior so he didn't play in the Senior Bowl and he didn't throw at the NFL Combine.

Unofficially, he completed 44-of-49 passes, according to Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune. He threw to receivers from area schools since Mizzou doesn't have any draft prospects at receiver. Three of those five misses could be considered drops by the receiver.

Here are a few tweets from Matter on the workout:

Gabbert's QB coach Terry Shea very pleased with the workout. 23 throws were beyond 15 yds, 20 were thrown outside the numbers.

Gabbert talking with Marvin Lewis. Bengals coach was watching his throws closely    

To clarify I asked Gabbert's agent if he's the safest pick among the QBs, over Newton and the rest. He said "not the safest, the best."   


Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day: Lack Of Receivers Will Make Things Difficult

The Missouri Tigers will hold a pro day on Thursday and, as expected, QB Blaine Gabbert is the center of attention. Gabbert wil throw to receivers in front of scouts on Thursday for the first time since the season ended. He's not a senior so he wasn't at the Senior Bowl and he didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine.

So what's his workout schedule like? Here's what the Sporting News had to say:

Gabbert has a script of 60 passes that he will throw under the direction of former NFL quarterbacks coach Terry Shea, who has been working with Gabbert at the Athletes' Performance complex in Phoenix.

What will make this a little difficult for Gabbert is that he won't be that familiar with his receivers. Current NFL players can not participate in the pro days because of the NFL lockout and Mizzou doesn't have any draft prospects at receiver.

Missouri doesn't have any draft prospects at receiver, and current NFL players are prohibited from participating in pro days because of the lockout. So Gabbert is expected to throw to receivers from Central Missouri State, Northwest Missouri State and Lindenwood University.

Big day for Gabbert. The receiver situation doesn't make things perfect but I've got a feeling he'll be just fine. ESPN is at the pro day so tune in to see how Gabbert does.

Check out Rock M Nation for more on Mizzou.


Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day: It's Show Time At Missouri

Blaine Gabbert's pro day is finally here. The Missouri Tigers QB will throw for scouts in Columbia, Mo. on Thursday for the first time. I'm getting pretty excited because, unless I'm forgetting another year, this will be the most popular pro day Mizzou has ever seen. 

Here are a few thoughts I have on the day.

This is the first time he's thrown for scouts. He's not a senior so he wasn't at the Senior Bowl and he didn't throw at the NFL Combine. Tom Condom QB clients often wait until their pro day to throw so this isn't an unusual move and not throwing at the Combine doesn't say anything about him. But by waiting he has put a little more pressure on himself for today's workout.

Mizzou's pro day should be popular. Gabbert and DE Aldon Smith will be at the pro day and they're going to be a pair of first round picks. And, because Gabbert hasn't thrown for scouts yet, we'll have more than usual here. Also, I've heard plenty of media folks making their way up there.

Gabbert will be throwing from under center. He's coming from a spread offense and the question folks always have about those types of QBs is whether they can handle snaps from under center. Mizzou was like most spread offenses where Gabbert rarely took a snap from under center. Gabbert's QB coach, Terry Shea, confirmed he would take every snap from under center.

For more on Gabbert and Mizzou, check out Rock M Nation.


Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day At Missouri Will Be From Under Center

Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will conduct his pro day on Thursday in Columbia, Mo. and he'l have plenty of attention on him. Because he didn't throw at the NFL Combine, this is the first time scouts will see him in person (other than at Mizzou games last year).

One question NFL folks have about quarterbacks like Gabbert who come from a spread offense is whether they can handle taking a snap from center and the footwork that goes along with that. To prove that isn't an issue, Gabbert will take all of his snaps from under center, quarterbacks coach Terry Shea tells Don Banks of SI.com.

To help prove that point, Shea said Gabbert will conduct his entire pro day workout from under center, with ex-Tigers center Tim Barnes on hand to snap the ball to his former quarterback. Every play will hopefully re-enforce that Gabbert's footwork is NFL ready, and no Tim Tebow-like transition away from the shotgun formation will be necessary.

Interesting stuff. That, along with his accuracy, will be the questions. Gabbert has the NFL body and he's believed to have the mental make-up necessary so those will be the big questions.

Check out Banks' full story on Gabbert.


Daniel Thomas' Pro Day Rescheduled For April 4 At Kansas State

Kansas State Wildcats RB Daniel Thomas is expected to be picked in the first 3-4 rounds of the 2011 NFL draft but he hasn't yet gotten the opportunity to work out for NFL teams. He missed the 2011 Senior Bowl and NFL Combine with a nagging hamstring injury and was also unable to work out at Kansas State's pro day on Tuesday.

He will, though, have a chance to work out for scouts before the April 28 draft. 

According to Rob Rang of CBSSports.com, Thomas will work out for scouts on April 4 at the Kansas State facility. There he'll be able to run and get some updated numbers of other workouts.

Thomas' 40-yard dash isn't the most important thing in the world for him because he's a bigger back and not someone whose talent is predicated on speed. 

Other than game tape, the medical portion of the NFL draft process is among the most important. Teams will need to be sure Thomas is healthy following his hamstring injury.

Check out Bring On The Cats for more on K-State.


K-State Pro Day: RB Daniel Thomas' Injury Will Keep Him From Running

The Kansas State football pro day will come on Tuesday and far and away the biggest name involved is RB Daniel Thomas who should be one of the first few running backs off the board. Thomas is one of the draft's bigger running backs at 6'0" and 230 pounds so he wasn't expected to be a burner in the 40-yard dash.

Unfortunately, we won't get to see his 40-yard dash at all, according to SB Nation's Mocking The Draft.

A continued hamstring injury won't allow Kansas State's Daniel Thomas to run today. Mike Mayock has Thomas as his No. 2 running back, and it's hard to see how. He shouldn't have been that high in the first place and probably won't be unless he works out before the draft. To my knowledge, Thomas hasn't set up a personal workout date yet.

Thomas is a very interesting prospect because a lot of teams are finding bigger backs to pair with smaller backs in a tandem backfield. Thomas fits the profile of a bigger back very well. Via KC Star before the Combine:

"I was asked to pass protect and catch the ball as well,'' Thomas said of his time at K-State. "I'm a guy that can carry the load the whole year if you need me to. I can do whatever you need me to back there.''

A comparison, the KC Star points out, is former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson. Let's hope he doesn't compare to LJ off the field.

For more on K-State, check out Bring On The Cats


NFL Scouts Eager To See Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day At Missouri

There's a belief in some league circles that QB Blaine Gabbert's Missouri pro day on March 17 can wrap up the No. 1 pick for him with an excellent performance. I'm not sure that I'd go that far but that's the chatter around the league. The reason folks are so excited for this pro day is because he didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine so there are quite a few scouts and NFL folks that haven't seen him throw in person. 

That will all change on Thursday when he takes the field in Columbia to be picked and prodded by NFL scouts for his performance. They'll have a chance to talk to him and get an up-close look.

Gabbert's agent, Tom Condon, is well-versed in having quarterbacks picked high in the draft. He's one of the best agents in the business and routinely has his quarterbacks prepared so I wouldn't expect anything but a solid performance from Gabbert on Thursday.

Scouts will also get to see DE Aldon Smith work out but at this point he's the backup story (even though he'll be a first round pick, too). This show is all about Gabbert.

For more on Mizzou, check out Rock M Nation.


Arizona Cardinals Expected To Check Out QB Blaine Gabbert Missouri Tigers Pro Day

The Arizona Cardinals are prepping for the 2011 NFL draft and part of that process will include attending the Missouri Tigers pro day on March 17. The main attraction of course is QB Blaine Gabbert. He didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine so this will be a chance for pro scouts to check him out in action.

I'd imagine most if not all quarterback-needy teams in the top half of the first round will want to come see what he has to offer. One of those teams will be the Cardinals and the Bidwill family, who own the team, according to Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune.

Hearing that Arizona will have the full-court press on Gabbert's pro day next Thurs in Columbia. The Bidwills expected to be in the house.

Interesting stuff. The Cardinals pick fifth in the draft so they are absolutely in contention to draft Gabbert. Other teams ahead of the Cardinals who could select him include the Carolina Panthers with the first pick, Buffalo Bills with the third pick and Cincinnati Bengals with the fourth pick. All three of those teams could conceivably take a quarterback. 

If the owners are stopping by, there's some interest there. We've heard of smoke screens but I don't think the Cardinals would be fooling anyone if they said Gabbert wasn't one of their potential picks.


Kansas State Wildcats Pro Day Will Be On March 15th

The Kansas State will hold a pro day on March 15th as several Wildcats prepare for the 2011 NFL draft. The pro day will be a chance for scouts to come out and watch the draft prospect perform drills in their own hometown. The logistical purpose of it is so that NFL folks can gather in one spot to see that school's pro prospects.

The big name at the Kansas State pro day will be RB Daniel Thomas. We're not quite sure exactly where Thomas will be selected but he's an interesting to see where he does go. He's been productive and has good size at 6'2" and 228 pounds. Thomas is the biggest name that on K-State that could be drafted. 

In other Big 12 pro day news, Nebraska will hold their pro day on March 10 and Missouri on March 17.

Check out Bring On The Cats for more on what K-State fans are saying.


Missouri Tigers Pro Day Will Be On March 17th

The Missouri Tigers will host a pro day on March 17th to showcase a few of their athletes for the 2011 NFL draft. Mizzou football should be an exciting topic during this year's draft as it appears two players will go in the first round and one as high as the top three. 

First is QB Blaine Gabbert who is expected to be one of the top two quarterbacks taken along with QB Cam Newton. Gabbert will be especially popular at the pro day because it's the first time we'll see him throw since the season ended. Gabbert is not throwing at the NFL Combine in February so his first big throwing session will be at the March 17th pro day.

Second is DE Aldon Smith who also figures to be popular on March 17th. He's been projected to go in the top half of the draft and there will be some teams figuring out who versatile and athletic he is if they're thinking of moving him to outside linebacker.

Among other draft hopefuls are CB Kevin Rutland and C Tim Barnes. I imagine some folks will want to see Barnes because he has the potential to be a solid center prospect and will not be at the NFL Combine.

Check out Rock M Nation for more on Mizzou's pro day.

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