The Plot Thickens: Former Missouri QB Tyler Gabbert Not Headed To Louisville After All

Former Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert apparently would like to return to Columbia, but according to reports, Gary Pinkel and stuff have declined the opportunity.

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The Plot Thickens: Former Missouri QB Tyler Gabbert Not Headed To Louisville After All

From the Card Chronicle, reports are now surfacing that former Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert has left the University of Louisville and return home to his family in Missouri in an apparent change of heart. Gabbert, who had left Mizzou after spring practice, recently had decided to continue his college football career at Louisville under the direction of coach Charlie Strong and notably new quarterback coach Shawn Watson.

Though nothing has been confirmed, it appears Blaine Gabbert's little brother would like to rejoin the Missouri football team, however Gary Pinkel's staff has let the Gabbert family know that there is no room left in the inn. The Missouri football program obtained a commitment on Thursday from Ohio high school quarterback Maty Mauk to come to Columbia in 2012. In addition, heralded local recruit Corbin Berkstresser joins the Tigers this summer as well.

Odd things are afoot for Gabbert, as he appeared to be signed, sealed, and deliever to Louisville based on the Gabbert family history with Watson. Both Blaine and Tyler were committed at separate times to Nebraska to play for the Cornhuskers when Watson was offensive coordinator, however both ended up in Columbia eventually.



Former Missouri Quarterback Tyler Gabbert Headed To Louisville

On Wednesday evening, Dave Matter at the Columbia Tribune wrote that former Tigers Quarterback appears head to Louisville and on Thursday morning Yahoo's Tom Dienhart appeared on board with the speculation as being true.

As we mentioned last month, it appeared likely that Gabbert would take a hard look at Lousville, to be reunited with new quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson, whom both of the Gabbert brothers got to know very well when they were being courted in the recruiting process by Nebraska, where Watson was previously offensive coordinator.

Tyler Gabbert will be sitting out the 2011 season because of NCAA transfer rules, but is expected to battle for the starting posistion the following year. Meanwhile, with the graduation of Blaine Gabbert, Mizzou will likely hand the reigns to James Franklin for the upcoming season. Ashton Glaser and Jimmy Costello will likely compete for the number two spot, while incoming freshman Corbin Berkstresser will push for playing time as well.


Tyler Gabbert's Wishes Could Have Come True At Missouri

A recent mailbag column from Dave Matter (always essential reading) at the Columbia Daily Tribune displays everything that’s wrong with the recent decision of Tyler Gabbert to transfer from Missouri. It’s not wrong for head coach Gary Pinkel and his squad, since they will move on offensively with the best man for the job — Gabbert or not. Instead, it’s about a highly-regarded recruit with a popular last name wanting a starting job at a FBS program — the very thing he left at Missouri.

Matter argues that it makes no sense for Pinkel to have committed to Franklin so early in the spring when there’s several months before the college season commences. In that time, there’s plenty of moments for Gabbert in practices, scrimmages, workouts and film studies to make the case to start over Franklin. Instead, he gave Franklin a free pass and lost his best chance to make something happen:

It would be absolutely against everything Gary Pinkel and his program stand for if he told the Gabberts that Tyler had no chance to win the starting job this fall. First of all, I don’t believe he’d say that because Franklin hasn’t won the competition — he merely finished the spring as No. 1. Anyone who knows Pinkel or has covered his time at Missouri knows how he operates. Pinkel and his staff want competition. They want someone to push Franklin for the job. They don’t want him to become the starter by default. They cannot be thrilled to enter the season with only three scholarship quarterbacks.

Franklin was at his best during the spring after Gabbert had pulled even for the top job and started taking most of the first-team reps. If the same thing would happen in August, if Gabbert would be the more productive QB, make better decisions, make fewer reckless throws and show a better command of the offense — and do it for the length of preseason camp, not just a week or two — then what choice could Pinkel have but to go with the better option? No way Pinkel paints himself in a corner by deciding in April or May that Franklin is definitively his QB. And even if he has a hunch that Franklin is his guy, he’s not telling the players.

It’s that last line that rings true — that Pinkel knows enough to hold his cards close to the vest. Even if Gabbert had a feeling he wouldn’t start, where else does he expect to compete? If Gabbert is good enough to start at a high-profile program, then he would have a home at Mizzou. Instead, a rough spring led him to quit and believe a fresh start is in order — yet when he finds programs already stocked with starters, back-ups and recruits, how will he feel then?

If anything, the Gabbert situation feels like an emotional decision that spun out of control in a hurry. Perhaps there’s a program that will give Gabbert the starting spot he craves, but I can’t imagine any head coach worth their weight giving a transfer coming in such a guarantee. Such a move would ruin morale and look silly given Gabbert’s poor spring showing. It will be interesting to see where he lands and, in the end, if he got what he hoped for.


Where Will Former Missouri Quarterback Tyler Gabbert Transfer To?

One day after Tyler Gabbert’s father, Chuck, released a list of potential destinations for his son, one of those colleges has already backed out. Clemson was originally listed among other schools as a possible landing spot for the former Missouri Tiger, but sources close to the university are now saying that’s not true at all.

The complete list was originally posted by Sporting News’ Steve Greenberg and consisted of Arizona, Arizona State, Clemson, Iowa, Louisville, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and Arkansas State. Now Clemson is distancing themselves from Gabbert. According to the Charleston Post & Courier:

Clemson does not have an interest in Gabbert in part because he is not an elite prospect and also because he could dissuade a higher rated quarterback recruit from joining the program in the next several recruiting cycles. Tajh Boyd is set to replace Kyle Parker as the Clemson starting quarterback this fall, and Clemson signed three quarterbacks in its 2011 signing class.

To further muddy the waters, SB Nation’s Card Chronicle also has a condensed list for Gabbert, although they fail to mention any sources, saying, “The word on Missouri quarterback Tyler Gabbert is that his potential transfer list is set at four: Louisville, Arizona, Wake Forest, and Iowa.” It’s impossible to tell what’s fact from rumor at this point with so many “sources” being quoted, yet it’s probable that one of those four will emerge the victor.

Ultimately, Gabbert has a long hill to climb to ingratiate himself in a new environment with a new scheme and coaches surrounding him. A blank slate can be a beautiful thing, but major programs already have their plans set when it comes to depth charts, recruiting and the like. Here’s hoping Gabbert knew what he was doing when transferring in the first place.


ESPN's Ivan Maisel Questions Tyler Gabbert's Thought Process For Transferring

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel has a few thoughts on the recent news that Blaine Gabbert’s younger brother, Tyler Gabbert, is transferring from Missouri after not cementing the starting quarterback spot from James Franklin after spring practices and workouts. It’s predictable behavior for someone who simply wants the same thing every athlete wants — the chance to play on a regular basis.

The question, then, is who can fault him? Apparently Maisel can, because his quick musings on the topic linger on those concerns:

Redshirt freshman Tyler Gabbert didn’t win the job to replace his brother Blaine at Missouri, so Tyler Gabbert decided to transfer. Three things: a) Tyler committed to Nebraska out of high school, then changed his mind. Now he’s committed to Mizzou and changed his mind. B) Backups these days who refuse to recognize that they are “one play away” are shortsighted and immature. C) Coach Gary Pinkel thanked Tyler for his efforts. A previous generation of coaches wouldn’t have let him leave.

The high road in football is a hard one, because you’re constantly under the microscope and any moves like this are instantly labeled “selfish”. Whether it’s a high profile quarterback like Eli Manning petitioning to get out of San Diego on draft day or Gabbert’s scenario, any complaining or posturing of any type is frowned upon. Those same people expect Gabbert to “man up” and just outplay Franklin for the position. There’s certainly merit to that line of thought.

However, what every fan or pundit doesn’t realize are the inner workings of the situation. No one knows the shadow of an older brother that looms. No one knows what Gabbert was previously told or promised. No one knows the thought process that Tyler Gabbert has went through to come to the decision to transfer. As easy as it is to throw stones from a distance, it’s also easy to forget these athletes are college kids just trying to play a game that they love.


Former Mizzou QB Tyler Gabbert Reveals Official Interest List Of New Schools

After announcing his intentions to transfer from Missouri, quarterback Tyler Gabbert has apparently narrowed down his list of schools and are now listed in a new report from The Sporting News.

Gabbert announced his transfer after falling to No. 2 on the QB spring depth chart behind James Franklin. His 8 of 22 performance in the recent spring game didn’t help while Franklin solidified his hold on the starting spot. Gabbert’s father, Chuck, said his reps were already going down and was also the source for the list of schools:

Chuck Gabbert, the player’s father, said Tyler already is in contact with the following programs: Arizona, Arizona State, Clemson, Iowa, Louisville, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and Arkansas State.

What’s missing from that list is Nebraska, the very school that some assumed Gabbert would head to after announcing his intention to transfer. As Steve Greenberg notes, “Any talk of Gabbert, who was a redshirt freshman last season, zig-zagging back to Lincoln, Neb., is premature at best.”


Tyler Gabbert's Transfer Possibly Good For Missouri Tigers

It’s easy to look at the Tyler Gabbert transfer situation as a frustrating move for the Missouri Tigers. After all, competition is a good thing during spring practices, and Gabbert’s namesake certainly doesn’t hurt when thinking of the potential. Yet ESPN’s David Ubben holds a different take on the Missouri quarterback situation and believes that simplifying the situation is best for all parties involved:

For Missouri, the quarterback situation gets simplified. [James] Franklin might have to hold off incoming freshman Corbin Berkstresser this fall, but he’ll begin preseason camp with a huge lead, and I’d expect him to ingrain himself as the team’s offensive leader during voluntary workouts this summer.

Most coaches want a player to “ingrain himself” by way of beating everyone else out, not inheriting it by default. In an ideal scenario, James Franklin would play so well that the coaches have no choice but to give him the starting opportunity. He clearly outplayed Gabbert in the recent spring game, where Blaine’s brother went a brutal 8 of 22 for only 48 yards and an interception, yet Franklin’s spring performance is hardly enough to claim a spot outright at this point.

Then again, when working with a young quarterback, perhaps the lack of noise will become a positive thing and allow Franklin to settle into the position quickly. At this point, it seems there’s no choice. Gabbert has already made his, so all parties must move on.

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