Missouri Realignment: SEC Still Likely Destination, Web Site Announcement Leaks

Missouri's still wavering on the fence between the Big 12 and the SEC.

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SEC Expansion: Commish Mike Slive Admits Exploring Expanded Schedules For Conference (Read: Missouri)

The commissioner of the SEC, Mike Slive, admitted today that the SEC is exploring expanded schedules for the conference — ones that include both 13 and 14 teams. The 13th team, Texas A&M, is already in and the Aggies will join conference play in 2012-13. However, the SEC has held to this point the possibility that they are fine where they are and allowed the Big 12 to do most of the public speaking about when and where Missouri might go. Not so anymore.

Now with the admission that a 14th team is being explored, that greases the wheel for Missouri to officially apply to be that very team. It’s likely been in the works all along and simply a formality to go through all of the right — and painful — steps along the way to save any legal issues. But it’s finally seeming like this whole ordeal can be put behind everyone once the SEC opens its doors and Missouri publicly declares its intentions. That’s good news for all involved.


West Virginia In 'Holding Pattern' With Big 12 Realignment

Put those frequent flyer miles to Morgantown on hold for just a minute, seems like nothing is officially set in stone as of yet. After news began to circulate yesterday that West Virginia's ticket was stamped to the Big 12, along with the news of Missouri "officially" asking out of the Big 12...it seems that the Big 12 has yet to make their mind up as to who will join them moving forward.

: Just filed to NYT: After being told it was accepted to Big12, WVU in holding pattern. Its "50-50" and "too close to call" with Lville.

Louisville definitely seems like a more realistic choice for the Big 12 from a geographical perspective, but what Louisville provides from a travel convenience the Mountaineers have proven to be a legit commodity performing on the football field.

The Louisville Cardinals are 22-27 over the last four seasons, while the West Virginia Mountaineers are 38-14.

Big 12 Realignment: Hold The Phone With West Virginia As Louisville Pushes Hard For Invite

Just when it appeared that West Virginia to the Big 12 Conference was a done deal, it appears that has been a snag in talks. At first, many wondered if West Virginia being added to the conference was contingent on Missouri leaving for the SEC. It was found that West Virginia had an invitation to join the conference independently of how the Missouri situation plays out. Then things rapidly changed overnight.

Apparently West Virginia is now in a standstill and waiting to be told when and where they will be landing. Louisville, lead by U.S. Senator Mitch McConnel is lobbying hard with persons within the Big 12 to have their name thrown into the mix. According to a report from the New York Times (via ESPN)-

"I think it's 50-50 right now between West Virginia and Louisville."

So what we thought we knew about Big 12 expansion through yesterday, may not be exactly be the case. The sticking point still seems to be Missouri. Once their intentions are announced, it seemingly makes it easier for the chips to fall into place.


As Big 12 Rumors Fly Surrounding Missouri To The SEC, Who Exactly Is West Virginia?

Apparently the writing is on the wall with local school Missouri who appears headed to the SEC. With that, the Big 12 appears to be on the verge of adding West Virginia from the Big East Conference. While West Virginia isn't exactly a local school by any means, it would be a major coup for the Big 12's stability and brand recognition. In today's football driven world of college athletics, the fact that West Virginia's closest Big 12 opponent is Iowa State at 870 miles away, becomes just an afterthought.

So who exactly is West Virginia for those in the Midwest who may not be familiar with their university and/or their athletic programs? Founded in 1867 as a public land-grand institution (ISU, Kansas State, Oklahoma State are current Big 12 land-grant school), West Virginia has an enrollment of just over 29,000 students. Iowa State and Oklahoma both have similar enrollments.

At $406 million, West Virginia's endowment would be near the lower end of the conference with only Kansas State trailing.

Most of you didn't come here to read up on academics however and are more interested in the Mountaineer athletic program. If you need reminded, the current head coaches of their two high profiles sports both have ties with the current Big 12 Conference.

Football coach Dana Holgerson is in his first season with West Virginia and previously served stints as offensive coordinator at both Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. It should be no surprise that Holgerson's teams strongly resemble the same attributes offensively as his mentor, Mike Leach.

Coaching the men's basketball team is WVU alum, Bob Huggins. Prior to coming back to Morgantown, Huggins spent a year at the helm of Kansas State, leading the Wildcats to a 23-12 record in 2006-07. He can be credited with helping bring an assistant coach named Frank Martin to Manhattan and the KSU program hasn't looked back since.

Known for a rabid fanbase that will potentially fit in well with the Big 12, Mountaineer Field has a capacity of 60,000 which is bigger than five Big 12 schools (counting future member TCU), and roughly the same size as the football stadiums at both Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. WVU Coliseum holds 14,000 fans and would be in the middle of the Big 12 as well.

Moving onto success rate, the basketball team was Big East Conference Champions as recently as 2010, a year in which they won 31 games and advanced to the program's second Final Four all-time. 23 times the men's program has reached the NCAA tournament.

The woman's basketball team has also posted recent success, winning 29 games in 2010 and qualifying for the 2011 NCAA tournament, the sixth overall.

On the football field, the Mountaineers have won 14 conference championships for a program that dates back to 1891. Over that time, West Virginia has won 60% of games played and is 13-15 overall in 28 all-time bowl appearances.  To cap off the 2007 season, West Virginia beat Oklahoma 48-28 in the Fiesta Bowl. West Virginia is 2-0 in BCS games, having also defeated Georgia in the 2006 Sugar Bowl.

The most noted tradition that Big 12 fans may already be aware of is John Denver's  "Take Me Home, Country Roads" being played after many contents.

Notable athletic alumni of West Virginia University include Tommy Bowen, Marc Bugler, Jeff Hostetler, Sam Huff, Bob Huggins, Rich Rodriguez, Steve Slaton, Darryl Talley, Jerry West, and Pat White.


Missouri To SEC?: Brady Deaton Says Patience Is Required For Big 12 Decision

Brady Deaton appeared on the radio this morning at KOMU and told the listening audience that patience was going to be required in any decision that the University of Missouri makes.

“Let me say, I’m very sympathetic,” said Deaton, “but what I hope they will understand is that it’s not a set of issues that one can press a button and be done with.”

The choice between the Big 12 and the SEC is a major one for a school that cannot just make the move for money alone. It’s about putting the school in the best position over the long haul by also analyzing its current and future relationships, traditions and business possibilities over the next several years or more. That’s not something that happens quickly.

That said, most believe that Missouri is already out the door as West Virginia is reportedly waiting for them to leave to replace them in 2013 as they leave the Big East. Still nothing is certain yet so stay tuned for more details.


Could Big 12 Move To 16 Teams? Reports Focus On BYU, Cincinnati, Boise State And Louisville

One New York Post article this morning dropped a major bomb on most college football fans with the notice that West Virginia was reportedly leaving to join the Big 12 to replace Missouri as it likely heads to the SEC. But within that article was another statement from a source saying that the Big 12 has bigger plans than anyone might have realized.

The Post’s Lenn Robbins writes, “A source said the Big 12, by holding Missouri, might hold at 10 teams for next season and then consider a jump to 16 teams. Louisville and Cincinnati are under consideration as well as Boise State and BYU.”

Brigham Young has been a hot name back and forth for Big 12 conference consideration and Louisville has often been a part of that equation as well. This is, however, the first real link for Cincinnati and Boise State both for the conference. Moving to a 16 team division makes sense, only because the Big 12 has been seen as a weaker force subject to the whims of other conferences. Such a power move would place them alongside other national heavyweights for the BCS title.

The move to all schools would also give the conference a national brand. From Boise State to West Virginia, the conference would feature powerful schools in every single time zone. The ability to maintain that hold, however, would be difficult given that it might just water down the rivalries and prove too much for travel.

Rumors like this have been swirling all along so it’s hard to pay much attention to them at this point. Just know that a few new schools are now on the list and some of them might shake out into the reality of the Big 12 soon enough.


Big East Exit: West Virginia Is 'Most Damaging' Departure For Conference

The New York Post is reporting this morning that the West Virginia University Mountaineers are indeed leaving the Big East for the Big 12 after rumors circulated yesterday that something was officially happening. And now it’s also clear that the Big East is in more trouble than some might have realized. That’s because, according to one source, losing West Virginia hurts more than any other.

“Of all the schools the league has lost, from a football standpoint losing West Virginia would be the most damaging,” a source told The Post. “Despite what anyone says, that’s the program the league has hung its hat on.”

The Big 12 might not be finished grabbing pieces from the Big East since West Virginia is geographically isolated away from the rest of the Big 12. It makes sense to add some more counterparts in the region, including Louisville as a real possibility. For now, West Virginia helps anchor the conference after the loss of Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC.


Big 12 Bound: West Virginia Reportedly Set To Replace Missouri's Exit To SEC, Will Leave Big East

While everything at this point remains unofficial, it’s clear that the rumors are true and everything is falling into place as conferences shift and new relationships form. The New York Post is reporting this morning that West Virginia is as good as gone in the Big East and their new home is the Big 12. It’s a step that brings a Top 25 football school into the Big 12, adding another prominent power to the mix of Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and others.

The Post reports that the move will come after one more full year of Missouri. Lenn Robbins writes, “The Big 12 held a board of directors meeting yesterday, and a source said the league’s plan is to hold on to Missouri, which wants to leave for the SEC, for one more year and then replace it with West Virginia.”

It’s clear that Big 12 teams will have to prep their travel budgets. That’s going to be one long ride.


Missouri To SEC: Tigers Reportedly Withdrawing From Big 12 Today

Could the long anticipated decision of the Missouri Tigers to join the SEC be finally resolved tonight? Per Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou.com, he seems to think so:

Have received more info confirming what I wrote yesterday that #Mizzou will withdraw from Big 12 today. Only ? is when/how news comes out. @GabeDeArmond via Twitter

If Missouri withdraws from the Big 12, that will leave the turn-key conference back with nine schools available for the 2012-13 football season. However, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione said the Big 12 has a "Plan A" and "Plan 1A" but wouldn't speak on specific teams outside of BYU. For what its worth, Castiglione has always been supportive of Missouri and hoping that the Tigers would stay in the Big 12.

Along with BYU, other rumored teams to come in and join the Big 12 conference are West Virginia, Tulane, Cincinnati, Louisville, Air Force and Memphis.


Are Missouri Tigers Hopes For Kansas City Basketball Tournament Unrealistic?

If the Missouri Tigers make the move that everyone expects them to — that is, to become the 14th member of the SEC and make the transition from the Big 12 along with Texas A&M, then there’s going to be a definite gap in the Kansas City area for alumni and fans of Missouri and the Big 12. That’s certainly part of the reasoning behind Missouri’s overtures at last week’s press conference after the Board of Curators meeting toward keeping some kind of sustained connection with the KC area.

But one of the propositions on the table — the scheduling of a college basketball tournament at the Sprint Center — might not be realistic, according to ESPN’s Andy Katz. The reason is that tournaments of that type have gone by the wayside in recent years.

Katz writes, “Missouri’s promise of putting on a college basketball tournament in December in Kansas City if it were to leave for the SEC won’t be such an easy outcome. Team-oriented invitational tournaments are dying in the sport. Few power-six schools play in these non-exempt two-game tournaments anymore. According to a tournament organizer, Missouri’s best option would be to play a semi-neutral series at the Sprint Center, like facing Gonzaga in year one and then playing the Zags in Seattle in year two. Play Connecticut in Boston in year one and UConn in KC in year two. Most non-elite tournaments have shut down because of the difficulty of scheduling these games.”

The point of the tournament is to keep the Missouri basketball brand in front of the Kansas City area crowd, yet why would the crowd want to come and watch Missouri trump a lackluster opponent year after year as they’ve already left to a conference that has no regional ties? Perhaps the audience would be there, but Katz makes it clear that it’s doubtful that they could create a power structure. Maybe so, if their former conference mates were to get involved. But it’s interesting to note that even the overtures might not work after all.


Big 12 Realignment: West Virginia Mountaineers Reportedly Top Target To Replace Missouri Tigers

With the assumption that the Missouri Tigers are all but gone to the SEC, the question now turns to the Big 12: What now? It’s a good question raised in wondering what the conference should do at this point as it tries to stay together and remain a power conference behind the performance and presence of Oklahoma and Texas and it’s clear some choices are possibly on the horizon.

One name that’s sticking out is the West Virginia University Mountaineers who Kirk Bohls, writer for the American-Statesman in Austin, is hearing is the top target above anyone else. He writes:

“I think that’s accurate,” one school official told the American-Statesman. “I’d say West Virginia is the leader in the clubhouse. I think we’ll come out better than before. I’d rather be with someone who wants to be with our conference than anybody who doesn’t.”

Asked why the Big 12 would be upgraded, the official said, “West Virginia has better football than Missouri, better basketball than Missouri, a better budget than Missouri and more passion among its fans than Missouri. They’re better, anyway you turn ‘em. The travel’s not good (to Morgantown, W. Va) but that’s it.”

West Virginia certainly has a strong brand in the two major sports, but that travel is going to be brutal on so many Big 12 teams, especially those coming from Texas. The brand is nice but is it so nice that it’s worth that far of a geographic move? I’m not quite sure. Louisville and BYU also stick out and it’s possible the conference adds all three.

West Virginia could be a good addition if the Big 12 also expands with two other teams that far eastward. Then those teams could be grouped together along with a few others to create divisions that make more sense. Until then, this is a stretch.


Big 12 Realignment: Missouri Expected To Leave According To Conference Officials

If you believe the rumors coming out of the Big 12, it’s clear that the popular belief is that the Missouri Tigers are already positioning themselves to leave for the SEC. That majority of fans already seem to believe that idea as well, but all parties involved have been giving a strong public face that the Tigers remaining in the Big 12 is possible. That said, at this point it seems a given that the Tigers will actually be leaving along with Texas A&M in a newly expanded Southeastern Conference.

Kirk Bohls reports that he spoke with two “high-ranking” Big 12 officials and it’s clear they’re already making plans to replace Missouri. That means that the posturing during this week’s Mizzou press conference after the Board of Curators meeting was to solidify some kind of long-term foothold in the Kansas City area with a football game and basketball tournament.


Big 12 Realignment: Conference Reportedly No Longer Interested In Brigham Young University

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman is reporting that the Big 12 Conference is no longer interested in Brigham Young University as a possible entrant into the conference. That report stands in contrast to popular opinion just a few weeks ago that the BYU Cougars would bring a good football/basketball identity to help replace the departing schools like Texas A&M and now possibly Missouri.

Specifically Bohls wrote via Twitter, "Hear the Big 12 backed off BYU, spoke of BYU’s “different culture,” whatever that means." That different culture could speak to the obvious religious differences of the Mormon school, but BYU has also vied for its own independence and definitely brings a different flavor to the conference. That’s part of the allure in some eyes, but perhaps it’s not enough.

Certainly one report doesn’t make or break a tie, but BYU is one of the most intriguing options being looked at. We’ll keep you posted when more information comes in.


Missouri To SEC?: Will Kansas City Be Happy No Matter What Mizzou Decides About Big 12?

The overtures have been made: Missouri wants to make the city of Kansas City (and the Missouri fans and alum inside of it) very happy. If they stay in the Big 12, everything remains rosy and rivalries remain intact. If they leave to the SEC, however, feathers are bound to get ruffled and that’s what the university seemed to want to avoid in yesterday’s press conference after the Board of Curators met to give Brady Deaton, the Chancellor of Missouri, the power to make any conference move he desires.

If the Tigers move to the Southeastern Conference, then some provisions were made yesterday for the Tigers to stay local, so to speak. They said they were committed to playing a longtime rival at Arrowhead Stadium with their football program and that they also desire a basketball tournament around the holidays. In other words,“I’m in love with someone else, but you still matter to me.”

If Kansas City can decide they can still be friends with the University of Missouri, does that mean that there’s no ill will. Or does it mean that things will at least blow over? While the University of Kansas has been a bit more neutral in its expressions toward Missouri (i.e. Bill Self saying he could basically care less about Missouri if they decide to go), the city itself has made several dramatic overtures. Local politicians and business leaders have made it known they desire Missouri to stay in the Big 12. How will they take it if they leave?

It will be interesting to see whether or not KC is apathetic toward the move if and when it’s taken. It’s easy to look at this as “what happens in college athletics today” and leave it at that. However, it’s also easy to see how loyalty and emotions come into play in these matters and how fans might be charged about the affair. Either way, Missouri will know exactly where they stand if they’re able to leave at least one foot in the door like they desire to.


Big 12 Realignment: Interim Commish Chuck Neinas Still Publicly Speaks Of Keeping Missouri Away From SEC

The gut feeling of mostly everyone surrounding the Missouri Tigers and their conference plans are that they’ll head for the SEC and the profile it brings, especially on the football field. But some, at least publicly, are still hoping there’s a chance the Tigers stick with their longtime home in the Big 12.

Interim Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas gave some public remarks today about the results of the Missouri Board of Curators meeting concerning the university’s possible move to the SEC and Neinas insisted he was still hoping to speak to the sense of tradition and history in the league to keep Mizzou in the Big 12. He noted that the team has been around this same conference in some way or another since 1907 and that he hopes to speak to them soon.

However, Neinas has been active enough that you know the university is bound to have a well thought out contingency plan if and when Missouri does bolt for greener pastures. Several names have been circulated and there’s simply too much money involved not to have an excellent gameplan. That said, Neinas is doing everything he can to at least posture the conference toward some kind of resolution and understanding for Missouri to stay.


Missouri To SEC?: If Tigers Leave, MIzzou Still Wants Kansas Rivalry Intact

Bill Self earlier said he could care less to keep a rivalry going with Missouri just in case the Kansas Jayhawks lose their Big 12 rivals to the SEC. Apparently the Tigers do not feel the same. At least one party is interesting continuing the relationship after conference affiliations might be over as Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton spoke today at the press conference following the Board of Curators meeting.

Deaton said, “Absolutely we want to continue our rivalry with Kansas.” It’s the exact opposite of what Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self said earlier, but if one party wants to dance, it’s always a possibility. And Self certainly doesn’t speak for KU officially on this matter.

Then again, Self also says he feels that KU fans could feel the same way. If so, then a nice rivalry has ended in the name of conference realignment. It’s no surprise really given that the last two years in college athletics have done this to a number of schools. Yet here’s hoping the two can work things out and keep some kind of competitive relationship.


Kansas City Media Guessing That Missouri Is Gone To SEC Given Language At Press Conference

Local Kansas City area sportswriters are reading the tea leaves from today’s press conference scheduled after the Board of Curators meeting for the University of Missouri that the Tigers are likely gone to the SEC after all. This comes in response to other actions announced that are likely to serve as public relations moves to continue to buoy the fan base in the Kansas City area.

Doug Stewart immediately said via Twitter, “Hard to think Mizzou would host a basketball tourney and fb game in KC if they were staying in the Big 12.” Matt Tait agreed, “MU’s gone. Language hiding it but you don’t explore a tourney in KC and a football game at Arrowhead if you’re staying… #justsayitalready.”

Pete Thamel of the New York Times writes, “My take: The loss of the Big 12 Tournament and title game would be a huge financial hit to KC. They are finding a way to replace those.”

This is going to be complicated moving forward, but the move is starting to become clearer at this point.


Missouri Board Of Curators Gives Power To Brady Deaton To Decide On SEC Or Big 12

The University of Missouri’s Board of Curators met today in a meeting that many Big 12 and SEC fans are waiting on (not to mention the sportswriters who cover the same areas) and the results are finally in. At a press conference set immediately after the 90-minute Curators’ meeting, it was announced that Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton can make all decisions on realignment. That means that one person has the power to change the Big 12 and the SEC at this point.

After opening with remarks that they’ve taken special action this morning, the meeting turned to other university business for some time. Yet the moment everyone waited for finally came through when the decision to back Deaton was announced. It’s still not the final step, but Deaton says he’s going to do the proper research and diligence to figure out the best step for Missouri at this time.


No Word On Missouri To SEC Yet, Board Of Curators Meeting Running Late

All eyes in the Big 12 and the SEC are likely watching the clock wondering when any signs of life will emerge from today’s scheduled meeting from the Missouri Board of Curators. The subjects are many today, but one of which is expected to be their take on the possible switch of conferences from the Big 12 to the SEC for the Missouri Tigers. Yet apparently people are going to have to wait longer since the meeting is already running behind. We’ll keep you posted here once word of anything leaks.


Possible Missouri To SEC Move Could Kill Kansas-Mizzou Rivalry According To Bill Self

Bill Self is ready to move on. He’s also keen to believe that Kansas Jayhawk fans are ready to do the same thing. With the news that Missouri could possibly bolt soon — today, even? — for the SEC, it’s clear that some things will change in terms of the long held rivalries that fans of the Big 12 are used to. Apparently the KU-Mizzou rivalry is one of them.

“The Missouri fans want us to play, but I’m not sure Kansas fans care,” Self said at a recent media day. “If they’re not in our league then we should do what’s best for us. If it’s to play them in the Sprint Center, then so be it. But I’m not sure that will be the case.”

It’s a cold shoulder toward Missouri and that might be the general feeling of the Big 12 toward Missouri overall at this point. They’re ready to move on if they need to and the soap opera surrounding the Tigers has lasted long enough for the others involved. It’ll be interesting to see whether fans back up Coach Self or not when everything is said and done.


No Decision Yet On Whether Missouri Is SEC-Bound Or Not

No news is not necessarily good news, but the Missouri Board of Curators apparently did not reach a formal decision or make any comment concerning Missouri's conference realignment status following a full-day business session today.


Big 12 Realignment: New York Times Reports Missouri To SEC Is 'Inevitable And Imminent'

The question of will they or won’t they will soon be answered if a report from the New York Times is accurate. Specifically, Pete Thamel is reporting that a close source to Missouri is describing a move to the SEC as a future certainty and the only real question that remains is the timing of the affair.

Thamel writes, “The person said that Missouri’s decision to apply for membership to the SEC was “inevitable and imminent,” although a specific timeframe has yet to be set…After Missouri applies, the person said that it expects “no problems” with gathering enough votes among SEC presidents to become a member.”

Recently, many officials have been publicly pushing Missouri to stay with the Big 12, but the lure of the megaconference has kept analysts wondering whether the carrot danging will be too tempting to not jump for. Now at the very least, the Big 12 can start to move forward with plans of its own.


Missouri Football: Would There Be a Prestige Boost By Joining The SEC?

If Missouri's priorities are not financial, the Tigers should stay in the Big 12. Mizzou is simply not ready for the caliber of competition in an area that's not their home turf.


The Big 12's Newest Member Will Be TCU

The Big 12 finally made the news official Monday evening as the TCU Horned Frogs are now the 10th member of the reformed football conference.

"The Big 12 Presidents and Chancellors are pleased to welcome TCU to the Big 12," noted Burns Hargis, Chair of the Big 12 Board of Directors and president of Oklahoma State University. "The addition of TCU gives us a prestigious institution with great academics, strong financial support, outstanding athletic tradition, and a perfect geographic fit. We have been working tirelessly to build an even stronger Conference and think this is an extremely positive step."

Big 12 Interim Commissioner Chuck Neinas on TCU:

"We are excited to add TCU to our lineup of prestigious members, not only do they bring an excellent football program to our Conference, but numerous other programs that have been successful on a national level as well."

TCU is the first new member to join the Big 12 since its creation back in 1996. The Horned Frogs, who were supposed to begin competing in the Big East in all sports in the 2012-13 season, will now begin in the Big 12 in the same year.

For more on TCU, check out SB Nation Horned Frogs Blog Frogs O' War.


SEC Statement On Presidents And Chancellors Meeting: No Mention of Missouri Tigers

The Southeastern Conference recently released a statement following the Presidents and Chancellors meeting that was held earlier today. Per the SEC Digital Network:

"The Presidents and Chancellors of the Southeastern Conference met on Monday for its regularly-scheduled fall meeting. While they discussed a wide range of issues dealing with the changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics, no actions were taken with regards to expansion."

No actions means another day for the Missouri Tigers to ponder their fate amongst the college football landscape. Earlier reports have stated that Missouri would like to join the SEC, even though they were rebuffed by the Big Ten last year who chose Nebraska instead. Former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has come out and said that Missouri should stay in the conference that has been their home since 1996.

"My gut is that they stay, they should stay,'' Beebe said. "I was born in Missouri. I have tons of relatives there. Both sides of my family were there prior to the Civil War and fought on both sides. I'm well connected. They have a right to look but I think they'll come back to what their primary connection is. My strong feeling is that they need to be connected to the Midwest and I agree with (Big 12 interim commissioner) Chuck Neinas that they're a Midwest institution, not a Southeastern institution,'' Beebe said.

The Missouri Tigers take on the Iowa State Cyclones at home this Saturday at Faurot Field.

For more insights on the Tigers check out SB Nation Missouri Tigers blog Rock M Nation.


Big 12 Realignment: TCU Officials Meeting This Morning To Discuss Move From Big East

For now, they reside in the Mountain West Conference. They were supposed to catch a plane to the Big East. Instead, they’re apparently going to re-route their journey to the familiar turf of the Big 12. Officials at Texas Christian University this morning are gathering to discuss their decision related to the Big 12. The ever-shifting conference extended TCU an official invitation on Thursday and the board of trustees is expected to accept the offer in their morning meeting.

That means a decision could be coming as soon as this afternoon that the Big 12 will officially be up to 10 members. In addition, TCU further entrenches the Big 12 on Texas soil after losing A&M. The possible additions of Southern Methodist and Houston could also maintain the regional roots while other conferences stretch their reach further and further.

Currently the Horned Frogs are 4-2 after Saturday’s win over San Diego State 27-14.


Big 12 Realignment: Missouri Mystery Makes Life Difficult For Brigham Young, TCU

The replacements have already been put on notice. The rumors are definitely out there as to which teams the Big 12 would be interested in if the conference were to survive the current bout with exits and entrances. Brigham Young, West Virginia, TCU and SMU have all been mentioned as new possibilities for Big 12 Conference play in a couple of seasons. That said, it might not matter if Missouri isn’t sticking around.

That’s what makes it tough for a team like the BYU Cougars, who certainly would be less interested in a Big 12 conference without the Tigers. Mizzou has a solid basketball and football program, and they’ve experienced success against even the teams atop the Big 12 standings in recent seasons (i.e. Mizzou’s toppling of the No. 1 Sooners in football last year). While the Big 12 has already lost teams like Nebraska and Texas A&M, there’s enough firepower left in both basketball and football to warrant the desire of other teams to join.

Yet Missouri also has to think about its own interests and it’s hard to ignore the current power and draw of the SEC when it comes to the largest money pool in all of college athletics. The SEC rules contemporary college football and Missouri could become a part of that pie. That’s hard to ignore and is likely the reason that Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton gave the okay to explore new options.

For now that means the Cougars of BYU or the Cardinals of Louisville are going to have to sit and wait if they are still interested in the Big 12. Missouri is in the driver’s seat and other teams are feeling the frustration as well.


Missouri Out?: SEC Discussing 13-Team Football Schedules For 2012-13 Season

Meetings schedule today between the SEC’s athletic directors failed to reveal any greater plot to add the Missouri Tigers as the 14th member of the SEC. In fact, it pushes back a bit against the rumors circulating that Mizzou will join Texas A&M in the power conference. Instead, the ADs were said to have met together to discuss the addition of the Aggies alone and how a 13-team conference will look when scheduling.

The official release came from Charles Bloom, the Associate Commissioner for Communications and Public Relations. It reads as follows:

Today’s meeting of the SEC athletic directors was planned immediately following the announcement of Texas A&M joining the league. The purpose of the meeting was to integrate Texas A&M into the Southeastern Conference and plan for a 13-team schedule for all sports in 2012-13. The transition team from the SEC office made its initial report in this meeting to the athletics directors with the focus on scheduling and championship formats. The SEC is excited to have Texas A&M in the league and looks forward to having the Aggies compete in the SEC next year.

That said, this certainly doesn’t preclude Missouri from joining the SEC and instead looks like the right kind of legal posturing the SEC must do given the steps that still need to be taken before openly discussing the addition of the Tigers. It’s not a given the Tigers are gone at all, but don’t take today’s announcement as a death sentence for Missouri’s possibilities of joining the SEC.


SEC Will Not Comment On Missouri Tigers Situation Today With Big 12

Will they or won’t they? That’s the big question today and for the immediate future facing the Missouri Tigers as everyone connected to either the SEC or the Big 12 is more than curious about what the Tigers will end up choosing. Yesterday, Mizzou Chancellor Brady Deaton gave the university permission to explore the possibility of a new home for the MU athletics program. That said, there’s only one real destination in mind for the Tigers: the SEC.

So everyone is waiting today for some kind of word out of Missouri’s camp or even from the SEC. But for their part, the SEC says nothing is forthcoming. It’s up to the school, in other words, to make the first move or declaration — at least today. Mike DeArmond of the KC Star sent a message on Twitter today that “Charles Bloom of the SEC just emailed that there will be no statement today out of the Southeastern Conference on the Missouri situation.”

For now it’s a chess game wondering where Mizzou will end up going. There’s so much smoke that it’s hard to believe they’ll end up staying, but it’s been a fuzzy picture from the beginning in terms of Missouri’s future. Chuck Neinas, interim commish of the Big 12, has been wooing Missouri to stay with hopes of adding other teams like Brigham Young. As for now, it seems mum’s the word.


Texas Concession: Big 12 Releases Official Report Concerning Expansion, Revenue Sharing

For those wondering when the Big 12 would finally get down to business and come to some sense of an agreement on how to conduct business, well, wonder no more. The Big 12 Board of Directors came together to form an agreement to solve the woes that plague the conference, including the great disparity in conference finances (ahem, Longhorns).

The official statement of the Big 12 reads as follows:

The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors announced adoption of a position to equally distribute all conference related distributable revenue to include Tier I and II football television, men’s basketball television and NCAA men’s basketball tournament revenues. This action becomes effective after each member institution commits a grant of rights to the Conference for its Tier I and II television rights for at least six years.

It is recognized by the Board that each member is directed by institutional policy relative to pursuing its grant of rights and that process will commence expeditiously at the institutional level.

The Board is encouraged by the number of institutions indicating interest in the Big 12, which reflects positively on the standing of the Conference within intercollegiate athletics. The Board also looks forward to considering the recommendation of the expansion committee regarding future membership options.

More commentary will be forthcoming as press appearances will help answer any questions coming from this, but this report is a great step in a direction to stabilize the conference and show Big 12 fans and supporters that the conference is likely here to stay after all.


SEC Or Big 12: Missouri Tigers Reportedly 'On Ledge' Between Two Conferences

One day, the Missouri Tigers are reportedly the next logical addition to the SEC to even out the conference at 14 teams. The next day, they’re staying with a retooling Big 12. At this point, it’s impossible to know exactly what to believe about Mizzou and where they will be playing two seasons from now.

That’s what makes a recent Twitter post from Dave Sittler at the Tulsa World so timely and an apt comparison. He writes, "Source: Neinas “working hard at re-recruiting Mizzou and talking them down off the ledge” and away from jumping to SEC." The Neinas in the comment is Chuck Neinas, interim commissioner of the Big 12 and the guy who can supposedly save the conference from totally disbanding in the wake of recent exits by Texas A&M, Colorado and Nebraska.

If Neinas is indeed having to re-recruit them, then the assumption is that Missouri was already heading out the door to some place, and that place would have to be the SEC or the Big Ten. Using the term “ledge” is an apt descriptor for how everyone perceives the Tigers’ scenario at this point, and they have the ultimate leverage for the Big 12 to give them the farm in order to stay. If MIssouri leaves, after all, why would any team like Brigham Young decide to join?

The future of the Big 12 likely falls in Missouri’s lap and so it’s likely the Tigers will get some concessions if they were hoping for some leverage. It remains to be seen if Neinas can make good on his hopes for Big 12 stability but at least he’s aware it begins and ends with Missouri.


Hope For Big 12: Brigham Young University Reportedly Confirms Decision To Join

It’s impossible to tell just who is responsible for what in the middle of so many rumors, but it’s clear the Big 12 has life after Dan Beebe after all. In fact, Chuck Neinas might be the best thing to hit the Big 12 in a long time. With rumors of Missouri staying put in the Big 12 despite some reported overtures or interest from the SEC, now even bigger news comes with the addition of Brigham Young University that some sportswriters wondered about from the beginning.

Rumors are swirling that a late night decision was made yesterday for BYU to officially say yes to the Big 12 and bring in a potent football and basketball member as well as a solid academic institution into the once failing conference. Instead of falling apart, it seems the conference is retooling, and while BYU doesn’t offset completely the loss of Texas A&M to the SEC, it does reverse the momentum by the team’s exit.

Nothing is set in stone at this point, but there’s a lot of smoke around the decision — the same as when Texas A&M wasn’t officially with the SEC and then backed off for about a week to avoid any legal ramifications. While some of the rumors are conference realignment and switching turn into nothing of substance, this is one that many have already called and will likely soon confirm. We will keep you posted when any official word is made on either side.

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