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NFL Trade Rumors Picking Up As Deadline Date Nears

Expect plenty of rumors over the next week and a half as the NFL trade deadline date nears.

The NFL trade deadline comes on Tuesday, Oct. 19.

Generally we'll see some activity heating up around those days. As with all trade deadlines, the rumors far outweigh the actual deals.

I can't imagine the Chiefs looking at any trades. It's just hard to see at this point. Their team is currently 3-1 and will be 4-1 or 3-2 come Tuesday, Oct. 19.

The defense doesn't need any changes. Everyone there seems to be playing together very well as a unit.

Offense deserves some looks on the trade market in Kansas City. Quarterback isn't a position that you'll see traded in season very often, at least not a starting quarterback. The Chiefs are content at running back. The receivers could certainly use some upgrades but top ones are generally expensive. The offensive line has been OK to this point despite RT Ryan O'Callaghan's absence.