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QB Carson Coffman Responsible For Five TDs As Kansas State Cruises Over Kansas, 59-7

Carson Coffman and Kansas State took care of business against Kansas, 59-7. Check out Rock Chalk Talk to see what KU fans are saying about the game and Bring On The Cats to see what KSU fans have to say.

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Are you kidding me, Carson Coffman?

The Kansas State QB was questionable to even start Thursday night's game against Kansas. Bill Snyder was pretty quiet about it all week but indicated that Coffman was "likely" to start.

The fact that it was even a question should tell you where he stood as the Wildcats quarterback -- very shaky ground, whatever it was.

So anyway, the Carson Coffman story takes a weird turn when he comes up with a very pleasing game against Kansas. He was responsible for five total touchdowns -- two by air and three by ground -- and 184 yards passing in a 59-7 KSU blowout of KU.

"The important thing was that we played more consistently over a longer period of time," Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder said after the game on the FSN telecast.

Consistency would be completing 15-of-16 passes, which Coffman did tonight.

He had the best game of his career in a game where Kansas State had the most to lose. In other words, the pressure was on to win.

"Kind of  like we hope everyone will do, he gets a little better each week. He made some improvements," Snyder said.

Improvements are an understatement. Last week he completed 14-of-22 passes for 91 yards. He had one touchdown. On Sunday he had three rushing and two passing touchdowns.

"This was a good ball game for him," Snyder continued. "I wouldn't say it's a coming out ball game but he did things the way you'd like for him to do. I was pleased with the way he performed."

It was a pretty good performance from Coffman at a good time. There's no better time to step up your game than in a rivalry game.

Kansas State fans probably won't be letting Kansas fans forget this 59-7 drubbing.