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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: QB Matt Cassel vs. Texans Pass Defense

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans

Need a quick fantasy football waiver wire this week? I'm not sure Matt Cassel's matchup is the best.

The Texans have the worst pass defense in the NFL right now so logic would suggest Matt Cassel would blow up, right?

I'm not sure that's the case. I just don't see the Chiefs as being a team right now that's going to rely on the quarterback to throw for 300 yards.

Passing the ball a lot falls into the risky category. The Chiefs are against risk right now. They want to protect the football, run it and let their defense stop you.

For Chiefs fans, that's good news. For Matt Cassel fantasy football owners, it's not.

QB Matt Cassel prediction: 210 yards, 1 TD