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Oklahoma vs. Mizzou: Please Welcome ESPN's College Gameday

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It's official.

ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Columbia, MO.

The Missouri Tigers will face the Oklahoma Sooners next week at 7:00 p.m. and ESPN's College Gameday will be there for it all.

SB Nation's Rock M Nation found the news via an ESPN producer.

The other possibility for Gameday was Oklahoma State and Nebraska. However, the Huskers lost on Saturday meaning they won't be a top 5 team anymore.

The college football rankings will be out sometime on Sunday but the matchup should be something in the neighborhood of a 15th ranked Mizzou team vs. a top 5 Oklahoma team.

If this sounds familiar, then it should. In 2007, sixth ranked Oklahoma me 11th ranked Mizzou and ESPN's College Gameday made the tip to Norman, Oklahoma for the game.

Gameday in Columbia. This Mizzou season is getting special very quickly.