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Big 12 Power Rankings: Mizzou Continues To Climb; Oklahoma Stays On Top

The Big 12 Conference had quite the weekend.

  • Nebraska, the highest ranked Big 12 team last week, lost to Texas.
  • Oklahoma is No. 1 in the initial BCS rankings.
  • Mizzou is now No. 11 in the BCS rankings.

Each week, SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk releases their own Big 12 power rankings. Here's a sneak peek at No. 1 and No. 2. Mizzou made a believer out of our KU community. Strange how things work out.

Make sure you check out the entire set of Big 12 power rankings from Rock Chalk Talk.

Oklahoma Sooners

On top of the BCS, on top of the Big 12.  This team has played a tough non conference, they are starting to run through the conference.  Could big game Bob be in line for another title shot?  HUGE test this week against the Tigers in Columbia.  A win against the Tigers certainly solidifies this spot and the Sooners spot atop the BCS standings.

Missouri Tigers

The Tigers made a believer out of me on Saturday.

This is as big a game as Mizzou has hosted on as big a stage as you can ask for.  A win and the Tigers could be on their way to a 2007 type season and it's definitely a year where college football as a whole is wide open.