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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: How Far Will The Kansas City Chiefs Fall?

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NFL power rankings in Week 6 thought the Kansas City Chiefs were the 10-15th best team in the NFL. Heading into Week 7, NFL power rankings across the web will likely drop the Chiefs.

But how far will they drop?

Some said the Chiefs loss to the Indianapolis Colts wasn't a bad loss. In fact, we didn't see much of a drop off in various NFL power rankings when the Chiefs lost to the Colts. Most kept them right around the same area.

If the Chiefs looked good in a 10-point loss to the Colts then I think they looked OK in a four-point loss to the Houston Texans.

I think the Chiefs shouldn't be hurt too much after the Texans game. The Chiefs defense struggled mightily and the offense looked great. Moving forward I think it's more likely that the defense plays very well. I'd rather look at four games of data to suggest the Chiefs defense will be very good than just one game.

The offense on the other hand has looked very good for the second time in five tries this season. Maybe some consistency is starting to build but I liked what the Chiefs did on offense.

So, yeah, it's a loss for the Chiefs but in the long run I don't think this is a really bad loss.