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Big 12 Media Days: Mizzou Teammates Call Ricardo Ratliffe A 'Beast'

Big 12 Media Days are upon us and Mizzou Tigers head coach Mike Anderson took to the podium to talk about his impressive class of recruits. Perhaps the top recruit out of that group is JUCO transfer 6'8" Ricardo Ratliffe.

The young man that everyone probably is aware of is Ricardo Ratliffe, considered one of the best junior college players in the country. He hasn't disappointed me at all. He's come in with a tremendous work ethic which really kind of surprises me, especially a guy that heralded.

Anderson says there will be a transition with him and, while that's true, it won't be as steep as some of the other freshman.

6' 8", 240, if you are going to guard him, you will feel it, too. Our guys describe him as an ox, a beast. He can give us the guy that can give us a low post presence.

Mizzou needs that dominating presence underneath and it appears the early results would say Ratliffe can handle that. He's got quite the class joining him as well.