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Big 12 Media Days: Kansas State's Frank Martin Talks About Wildcats High Expectations

Kansas State is the preseason champ in the Big 12 and they also have Jacob Pullen the preseason Big 12 player of the year. Those are some high expectations but, head coach Frank Martin says, it's a compliment to his team that they're picked to finish so well.

However, Martin went on to say at Big 12 Media Days in Kansas City on Thursday, their work doesn't end in the preseason.

I mean, all the preseason stuff is great, especially when it comes from the coaches that you compete against. That means that the people that you have to go beat respect your players and the way they play where they vote you number 1.

Martin says he doesn't like to work so hard only to go behind closed doors so he's ready for the challenge.

As for Pullen, Martin describes him as "unbelievable", which is something the rest of the Big 12 would probably agree with.

And Jacob has been unbelievable in the commitment he has made to grow as a human being, as a player, to lead our program. He's embraced that -- a lot of players won't embrace those responsibilities. They don't want to work to take a chance to be special because you can't guarantee people that you are going to succeed if you work. But Jacob was willing to take that chance. And he has worked, understanding that there is no guarantee for a reward at the end of the day.

It's strange to be writing about K-State as a preseason favorite but here they are. With Mizzou and KU looking solid as well, it could be a big year for basketball around Kansas City.