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College Football Rankings: Mizzou Jumps Up To No. 8 In USA Today/Coaches Poll

Helloooo Mizzou!

The Tigers, ranked 16th in the USA Today/Coaches poll last week, jumped up eight spots to hang onto No. 8 in the USA Today/Coaches poll.

The Tigers beat Oklahoma on Saturday night. The hype for that game was unbelievable and Mizzou lived up to it beating the Sooners 36-27 in Columbia, MO.

It probably helps the Tigers that the game was on national TV and they looked very, very good. Mizzou has now dominated their start to the Big 12.

They beat Colorado 26-0, Texas A&M 30-9 and now Oklahoma 36-27. That defense is so, so impressive and, as Kirk Herbtstreit said on ESPN's College GameDay, it isn't a fluke: The MIzzou defense has been doing it all year long.