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Kansas Football Takes Another Hit: D.J. Beshears Suspended

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Last week Kansas' starting QB, Jordan Webb, suffered a shoulder injury in the first half of KU's loss to Texas A&M. Later in that same game former starter and current backup QB Kale PIck suffered a concussion. D.J. Beshears came into the game running some wildcat for KU.

KU will hopefully figure out their quarterback situation next week because it will be without Beshears. Turner Gill announced Beshears would be suspended for one game for violating team rules.


"I don't look at it being an issue (from here on). We've just got to keep the student-athletes accountable, and that's what we're here to do as coaches and as men to make sure we prepare these young men for society and obviously preparing for a football game. He'll learn from it, and he'll move on."

Gill also announced RB Deshaun Sands would be suspended. He was arrested last week for failing to appear in court.

Losing Beshears hurts but, honestly, the season is already lost. KU's going in a tailspin and losing Beshears will only help speed up that process.

An incident like this highlights some of the flaws in the KU football program. After word came out that Beshears was suspended, Twitter lit up with jokes like "I wonder if he got laid" or "He probably talked to a girl at 10:33 p.m.". Those of course are nods to the much talked about team rules at KU that do not allow the players to be with girls after 10:00 p.m. Other recruits across the country may see KU's name in the news and all those jokes pop up. Would you want to be part of that?