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Kansas Jayhawks May Be Looking At Third Different Starting QB This Year

It's not a great time to be a Kansas Jayhawks football fan. I was out at the Jayhawks game on Saturday and while you saw your normal diehards there were also many folks I talked to who have just about given up on KU football this season. Those people probably don't want to read that it appears the Jayhawks are on track to start their third different starting QB this season.

Yeah, QB isn't a position you want to screw up. At this point third string QB Quin Mecham is expected to start on Saturday against Iowa State. Mecham is a 6'2", 207 pound JUCO transfer who saw his first minutes this year at the end of the Texas A&M blowout.

This isn't about performance issues (although you could see how it would be) because starter Jordan Webb and backup Kale Pick both went down with injuries last week against the Aggies.

Webb left the game in the second quarter with a shoulder injury. We're not sure the specifics of it but the early out of KU is that it'll cause him to miss Saturday's game. We'll see how it turns out but of all places for a QB to have an injury the shoulder isn't a good one.

Pick, KU's first starting QB this season, suffered a concussion in the second half last week. He's already been ruled out for Saturday which is the smart move. Concussions are not only very serious they're also the topic of conversation in the NFL this year so playing him wouldn't look good.

KU's depth chart currently lists Mecham as No. 1 and Webb as No. 2. If Webb can go, it sounds like he'll play. The only problem is that it doesn't sound like Webb will be able to go.