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NFL Picks Week 8: Most Picking Heavily Favored Chiefs To Win

NFL picks for Week 8 are coming in and the Kansas City Chiefs are favored by most to beat the Buffalo Bills. The line on the game is seven points and the game is in Arrowhead Stadium. While seven points is a big line I think the game will be closer than that.

The 2010 Buffalo Bills remind me an awful lot of the 2008 Kansas City Chiefs. They're definitely beatable but they're going to be a pesky opponent. Gregg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk talks about the Bills offense and the transformation of Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

I'm not sure people have really wrapped their mind around the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick's Bills racked up 514 yards on the Ravens.  514! The Harvard product is a joy to watch, with decisive, difficult throws often into tight windows.  He's a great runner and seems to like contact.  And he has a red beard.  The Bills will keep losing most weeks because their defense is an embarrassment, but at least they'll be fun to watch.

He picks a 34-31 KC win. His partner, Mike Florio, takes the Chiefs 31-14. But I think Rosenthal has the right idea. The Chiefs should win -- and probably will -- but the Bills are a team that could stick around for a while in this game.