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Mizzou Football Player Cited For Drinking Open Beer While Driving

Mizzou football isn't having the best year. An assistant coach has been arrested for driving while under the influence as have a pair of players. And then there's Derrick Washington's suspension and the most recent Jasper Simmons suspension for breaking some sort of team rule.

Here's the latest transgression, via Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune:

Mizzou DT Jimmy Burge was cited Saturday night for drinking an open beer while driving. BAC was below legal limit.

He wasn't legally drunk but you can imagine how this scene looks in light of all the DWI arrests surrounding the Mizzou football team. It's almost worse that he wasn't drunk and that he consciously drank an open beer while driving after everything that has transpired around Columbia, MO this season. OK, maybe that's not worse but you know what I mean in regards to his decision making.

We'll wait to see if there's a suspension for Burge.

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