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NFL Picks, Week 5: Oddsmakers Say 3-0 Kansas Chiefs Are Biggest Long Shot

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 and hold first place in the AFC West by more than a game. They've beaten two teams -- San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers -- who plenty of folks picked to win their division.

Now, against one of the few elite teams in the NFL, Indianapolis Colts, they are eight point underdogs (or 7.5, depending on where you look).

That number marks the biggest line in the early goings of Week 5 in the NFL.

The Ravens are seven point favorites over the Broncos. Even the Chargers are just six point favorites over the Oakland Raiders (granted, on the road). Still, I find it interesting that an unbeaten team represents the biggest long shot heading into the 5th week of the NFL season.

The Colts are 2-2 and coming off of a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They also lost to the Houston Texans.

Here's why I don't think this game will be a blowout:

The Chiefs have one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL (if experience and past performance matters) and they've had two weeks to prepare for Peyton Manning. I'm not going to predict the Chiefs will win but I do feel confident this won't be a blowout. Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel knows Peyton Manning well and has had some success against him so I think we'll see a tighter game than the Week 4 NFL odds would suggest.