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Kansas Already Thinking About Thursday Night Kansas State Game

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I've called the Kansas Jayhawks consistently inconsistent. After their win-loss-win-loss rollercoaster over the past month, you can see why.

The Jayhawks are preparing for their next game: Thursday, Oct. 14 against Kansas State. Since this is sort of an off-week for KU, they'll be practicing Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

So what's KU doing over the bye week?

"We’re going to do a little bit of (everything)," head coach Turner Gill said. "The first thing is we’re going to rest some guys that need to get rested who have been playing hurt to try to get them as healthy as possible. And then (we’ll) also be preparing for Kansas State."

Being consistent will be a priority, I'd imagine.

If KU's win-loss-win-loss trend continues, they're due for a victory over K-State.