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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Kansas City Chiefs Are A Top 10 Team

The Kansas City Chiefs are now 5-2 and in control of the AFC West over the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. Various NFL power rankings for Week 9 will be coming out on Tuesday and the Chiefs need to be a top 10 team. Their victory over the Buffalo Bills wasn't impressive but somehow, someway they found a way to get it done.

They've been doing that all season. Sure, they haven't beat a top team losing to the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans but they've beat the teams that they should. Have you seen the Chiefs schedule? Beating the teams that they should beat will get them to 11 wins this year. That's a top 10 team.

Let's figure out where the Chiefs are ranked 

Better record than the Chiefs: New England Patriots 

Same record as the Chiefs: New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans/Indianapolis Colts (whoever wins on Monday Night Football), New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I can live with every team on that list being ranked ahead of the Chiefs except for the Buccaneers. I strongly feel the Chiefs should be ranked high than them.

Other teams that could possibly be ranked ahead of the Chiefs despite a worse record: New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers.

That's nine teams that could be ranked ahead of the Chiefs. That would put them at No. 10 in the NFL. We'll see where the consensus is on Tuesday when power rankings start to come in.