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Kansas City Chiefs Defense Vs. Denver Broncos Offense

The Kansas City Chiefs will head to Denver this weekend to take on the Broncos in the divisional rivals' first matchup of the year. There are some very clear strengths and weaknesses of each team so this should be an interesting game to see how each side exploits their strengths and combats their weaknesses.

Here's what the stats say about the Broncos offense vs. Chiefs defense.

Points: The Chiefs defense has been very good all year while the Broncos offense has struggled at times getting into the end zone. They were on fire it seemed early in the season but things have cooled down as they've lost four consecutive games. Still, though, this is a good offense and can put up points.

Chiefs defense: 18.1 (8th)

Broncos offense: 19.2 (24th)

Total yards: The Broncos put up a ton of yards, most of them passing. The Chiefs are about average in yards and have done a good job in the red zone this year.

Chiefs defense: 331.2 (15th)

Broncos offense: 363.5 (8th)

Pass yards: This is the Broncos strength and the best thing they do. They've got a great passing game and WR Brandon Lloyd leads the league in receiving yards. Clearly the Broncos like to pass the ball and they do it well. This is a major test for the Chiefs young secondary.

Chiefs defense: 232.9 (21st)

Broncos offense: 296.2 (3rd)

Rush yards: The Broncos don't run the ball hardly at all relative to the rest of the teams in the league. The Chiefs shouldn't have a problem stopping the run.

Chiefs defense: 98.4 (9th)

Broncos offense: 67.2 (32nd)

Analysis: The Chiefs do a good job against opponents that are one-dimensional and that's the case with the Broncos. Kyle Orton and the Broncos will get their yards but expect the Chiefs to approach them in a similar manner to the one in which they faced Peyton Manning. They played the pass almost the entire game, didn't blitz much and kept everything in front of them. They'll hope Orton makes a mistake. Romeo Crennel will have something in store for them. I'm fairly confident in the Chiefs defense against this offense.