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NFL Picks Week 10: Kansas City Chiefs Over Denver Broncos?

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos will meet at Invesco Field on Sunday for the 100th regular season meeting between the two teams. The Chiefs enter the game favored to win at 5-3 while the Broncos have lost four in a row sitting at 2-6.

So who's picking the Chiefs? A good amount of people in the early goings.

Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk is taking the Chiefs, 24-10.

The Broncos are falling apart, and the Chiefs are holding together. Sure, Kansas City snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at Oakland, but the Chiefs have more talent and they have been able to beat the teams they should beat. The Mile High advantage continues its disintegration toward a molehill.

Meanwhile Gregg Rosenthall takes the Chiefs but in a much closer game, 26-24.

The Broncos are healthier, coming off a bye week, and playing at home against a division rival. That should mean Denver gives great effort. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they still manage to lose home games where they play well (Colts, Jets), partly because they are so easy to run against.

I'm guessing, I'll say the latter is closer to the predicted score. Somehow these Chiefs and Broncos games always seem to be close so I imagine it will be again.