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Virginia Tech Leaves Impressed With Kansas State's Defense

The Kansas State Wildcats, ranked No. 3, held off the No. 22 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies, 73-57, on Tuesday night at Bramlage Coliseum. As usual, K-State had contributions from the entire team. In a game that saw no Curtis Kelly and only 14 minutes of Jacob Pullen, the Wildcats beat a ranked team by 16 points. That's impressive.

Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg says he walks away remembering the defense -- even saying it reminds him of Duke's defense.

"Their defense impresses me the most. I think that they still develop offensively even without (Denis) Clemente. I think that they are going to live off of their defense because they make it hard to run an offense. You have to spread it out and use ball screens unless you run a Princeton-esque offense where it is so spread out. You have to be able to move the ball and then make a play. Defensively they remind me a little bit of Duke and that would be the one thing that stands out in my mind."

K-State's going to be able to go on a pretty good run at some point in every game because that defense is so stellar. They're energetic and very sound when it comes to running the defense.

Greenberg also had another good line, mentioning New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, when asked what makes Kansas State's defense so good.

"Effort is a good place to start. They have good technique as well. There are so many ways that you can guard. Some people guard up the line and some people guard on the line. They (K-State) guard on the line and up the line. They have good enough on-ball defenders to keep you in front. In any sport you can be brilliant, you can be Bill Belichick, but if you do not get effort you will not stop anyone."

That's some high praise for the K-State defense, especially coming from an ACC school.

Recently Frank Martin said KSU wasn't a very good team yet. If they're not a good team now, I don't know what they are.