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Missouri Tigers Vs. Iowa State Cyclones: Mizzou's Next Step To 10-2

The Missouri Tigers are 8-2 and entering the final two games of the season against the Iowa State Cyclones and Kansas Jayhawks. It appears Mizzou is likely to end up 10-2 when the regular season ends but, of course, anything can happen.

On Saturday, the Tigers head to Ames to face Iowa State. On paper, the Tigers should take care of business as they're clearly the better team. But a closer look at Iowa State's season and I'm just not sure you know what you're going to get from them.

This is a team that has taken Nebraska to overtime, beaten Texas and Texas Tech -- the same Texas Tech team that already beat Mizzou. That makes you think this game will be worrisome. However, there are also reasons to think Mizzou will blow these guys out. Last week, Iowa State lost to Colorado -- the same Colorado team Mizzou shutout earlier in the season -- and also lost to Kansas State earlier in the season -- the same Kansas State team Mizzou beat last week.

So we're not quite sure which Iowa State team will show up. For Mizzou, it's always about the offense and continuing the type of performance they had against Kansas State, where they looked sharp.

The Tigers' quest for 10 wins continues....