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NFL Picks, Week 10: KC Chiefs Heavy Favorites Over Arizona Cardinals

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The Kansas City Chiefs have lost two in a row including last week's 49-29 embarrassment to the Denver Broncos. Both losses were in the division and the Chiefs once strong hold on the AFC West has disappeared as they now sit tied with the Oakland Raiders, who own the division tiebreaker at this point.

So there are problems in KC. But don't tell that to Vegas. They've got the Chiefs as eight point favorites over the Arizona Cardinals at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 11. That seems like a high line until you look at the Cardinals.

Their starting QB would be a backup in most places -- Derek Anderson. Their offense is ranked 30th passing the ball and 29th rushing it. Their defense is ranked 32nd in points scored, and 27th against the pass and 28th against the run. Statistically, not much is going right in Arizona. The Cardinals have also lost four consecutive games so they're reeling more than the Chiefs at this point.

The game is at Arrowhead where the Chiefs are 4-0. They've been playing very well there so you have to think that continues.

Look for the Chiefs to end their slide and continue the Cards drop into oblivion. The line is pretty big -- eight points -- so I'm not sure they cover but KC is the better team and should walk away with a victory.