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Mizzou Enters Texas Tech Game As Four Point Road Favorites

The Missouri Tigers look to get back on track against the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Saturday evening. The game will be in Lubbock, Texas, and it is at 7:00 p.m. on ABC. Apparently the nation likes Mizzou as they are once again on national TV.

If you're to believe the oddsmakers, this is a four-point game in favor of Mizzou. Mizzou is 7-1 on the season, 3-1 in the Big 12 and ranked No. 12

Mizzou and QB Blaine Gabbert come marching into the game with the 23rd passing offense in the country. Gabbert has been efficient and effective and stayed clean this year...well, he's done that outside of last week's Nebraska game.

"They do a bunch of different things," Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert said. "They pretty much do a week-to-week thing, they kind of change it up for each team they face so we just have to go out there and make adjustments."

Entering the game Gabbert had been sacked seven times all year. The Huskers sacked him six times. Texas Tech is third in the Big 12 in creating sacks so this will most certainly be a point of emphasis for Mizzou and their offensive line. A repeat of the Nebraska performance and Mizzou may as well not even make the trip down. Texas Tech's pass defense isn't very good, to say the least, at 119th in the country in yardage allowed.

Offensively the Texas Tech offense wants to pass. A lot. Mizzou's pass defense will get a big test against the country's 7th best passing offense. Mizzou sits at 62nd in the country at stopping the pass but if you've actually watched this Mizzou team then you know they're better than that. They've been in a few blow outs so that number is slightly inflated on their end because the defense has been playing very well (save Nebraska week).

Tech represents the first of four final games for Mizzou that they're expected to win. After this, they'll face Kansas State, Iowa State and then Kansas.