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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Waiting On Dexter McCluster's Return

As we've said before Kansas City Chiefs WR/RB Dexter McCluster isn't quite a reliable fantasy football player you should be plucking off the waiver wire right now. He's been hit or miss on scoring TDs and putting up any significant yards. There was some thought though that the Chiefs were going to be trying to get him the ball more often moving forward.

That came to a quick stop last week when McCluster was out with an ankle injury. We're not sure if he's expected to play this week so there's no definitive update on his status.

If he is able to come back he would be a consideration on the waiver wire. I know some of the Chiefs players want to see him with the ball more because he can be explosive and, well, he's just fun to watch.

It's been reported that the ankle injury is a high ankle sprain. Though there are varying degrees that injury would typically limit a player at least two weeks, if not more. That would be a reason the Chiefs would sit him against the Raiders this weekend.

It'd be nice to see a healthy McCluster against the Raiders but we may have to wait until Jan. 2 at Arrowhead Stadium for that.