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College Basketball Rankings: Kansas State Drops In AP Poll; Kansas, Mizzou Rise

The Kansas State Wildcats dropped in NCAA basketball rankings this week, USA Today Coaches' poll and the AP poll this week. K-State opened the year at No. 3 but dropped last week after a victory over then-No. 24 Virginia Tech and Presbyterian. In both polls, Kansas State was replaced by Ohio State and dropped to No. 4.

Kansas State beat No. 12 Gonzaga on Monday night and they'll face No. 1 Duke on Tuesday. The top five of the rankings will be blown up after that game.

The Kansas Jayhawks jump up to No. 6 in the AP poll after starting the season at No. 7. The big news in KU this week is that Josh Selby is returning on Dec. 18 so think of how good KU is now -- and add Selby to that. If possible, this team might be underrated.

The Missouri Tigers started the season at No. 15 in the AP poll but now stand at No. 11 jumping a few spots. The Tigers had a close call with Western Illinois this week in a five-point victory but destroyed North Florida by 38 points.

No. 4, No. 7 and No. 11...You think Kansas City is excited for basketball this year?