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Kansas State Wildcats Basketball Dominating Sprint Center Crowd At CBE Classic

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If you wanted to see a ridiculous number of purple-wearing Kansas State Wildcats fans then head on down to the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. Wildcats fans are taking control of the CBE Classic at the Sprint Center this week. Their team, as you know, is doing pretty darn well. No. 4 Kansas State is playing No. 1 Duke on Tuesday night in the finale.

It's no surprise that K-State is dominating the crowd but had to mention it during the Gonzaga game anyway.

The proximity of Manhattan, Kan. to Kansas City -- not to mention the sizable swath of K-State grads living in and around the metropolitan area -- makes this practically a home event for the Wildcats. Each of the four schools on hand here travel relatively well, but none of them come remotely close to the presence K-State fans have on the ground thus far. Again, this isn't Dewey defeats Truman. It will not shock you to your core. But the breadth of the home-court advantage on hand here is worth mentioning.

This shows how great this year will be in Kansas City because I'd say K-State isn't even the team most people cheer for in Kansas City. Sure, they're the highest ranked but everyone in KC knows this town is about KU first. This year it appears KSU is going about changing that.