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Duke Blue Devils Vs. Kansas State Wildcats: Vegas Says 5.5 Point Edge To Duke

The Kansas State Wildcats enter Tuesday's game against the Duke Blue Devils as a 5.5 point underdog (depending where you look). K-State is coming off of an impressive victory over Gonzaga on Monday night and they went deep on the bench so it's hard to see how this game gets out of hand. Kansas State is just a very solid team overall.

Duke is in familiar territory as the favorite coming off of a five-point victory over Marquette on Monday night. Duke hasn't used the bench quite like Kansas State has so it'll be interesting to see if that affects them.

If there were an x-factor in this game, it'd go to Kansas State. They're playing at the Sprint Center in Kansas City where the crowd will be pro-Kansas State. Duke always travels well but not like K-State at the Sprint Center tongiht.

5.5 points seems slightly high because I can see this game coming down to the last minute. Both like to run the court and both are solid on defense so it should be close.