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Duke Blue Devils Vs. Kansas State Wildcats: Matchup Of Two Preseason All-Americans

When the Duke Blue Devils come to Kansas City to face the Kansas State Wildcats on Tuesday night at the Sprint Center, they'll be bringing an All-American in Kyle Singler. He's had a couple of solid outings in a row so handling him will be one of the keys for Kansas State.

Meanwhile the Wildcats bring their own All-American in Jacob Pullen. He's averaging 16 points and four assists per game this year and clearly one of the biggest reasons for K-State's success.

They won't be guarding each other head to head but it'll be interesting to see which one of the team's stars steps it up. They both have solid supporting casts, which obviously helps them, but each also have elite skills at this point.

I can see Pullen heating up and really driving the Wildcats, especially if the Kansas City crowd gets into it. K-State feeds off of fast and intense play so the crowd could help make things difficult for Duke.